A Romantic, Thrilling And Unexpected Sexual Encounter

Hi friends, I am Kunal, 24 years old with an athletic built, normal looks and height. It has been a pretty long time I am reading n8story contents, but never penned down my own experiences. I am writing here for the first time. Please be kind enough to bear with my mistakes. This is first ever encounter of my life and the story is bit long. 
Like every guys of my age, I do have my own sexual dreams and fantasies. This incident is around 3 years old when I was 21. Before that, I never had any remote form of sexual encounter with any member of opposite sex. I was travelling with my dad. After getting down from bus, we went to one hotel and booked one room since we had to catch the train next morning. It was almost 9 pm and I was feeling hungry. Dad was having bowel problems so I went to the dining room alone.
While adjusting my chair, my eyes fell on one lady sitting next to my table. She was not that strikingly beautiful, but appeared charming. She turned towards me & I looked at another direction. After a while, she was joined by her husband and son.
After finishing my dinner, I went to wash basin and that’s from where all started. After washing my hands, I turned around so quickly that I rammed on to her. She almost lost her balance by that impact. I immediately apologized but soon realized that I injured her. Her husband told me he would manage it & I left.
We had our room on 4th floor, just below the roof top. Dad was tired and when I came back to my room, I could hear him snoring. I was not at all feeling sleepy and went towards the roof. I heard some sounds and found that same couple I met in dining room was chatting enjoying the cool moonlight. I approached the lady and said, “How are you now Ma’am”? She smiled and replied, “I am much better now”. Saying this she introduced me to her husband, “Meet him, he is Rakesh, my husband and this is our son Ritesh”. This was for the first time, I looked at her properly. She must be around 40, at least I guessed so.
Soon we three started chatting. Ritesh, the 10 year old kid was feeling sleepy and Rakesh took him downstairs. The lady, oh! I forgot to tell her name, she was Neerja. Rakesh did not bother to call his wife down, something that surprised me. He asked me to keep the conversation going with Neerja and told her that he would not be locking the door from inside. Maybe he did not think anything foul that could happen between his 40 year old wife and a 21 year old polite guy.
I threw a glance on my cell phone. It was almost 11 p.m. I asked her, “Ma’am, aren’t you sleepy”?
Neerja: No I am not. Are you?
Me: Nope.
Neerja: Are you staying alone in this hotel?
Me: No, I am with my dad.
Neerja: OK!
Me: Ma’am, I am sorry once again.
Neerja gave out a loud laughter and said, “Don’t worry Kiddo, I am perfectly alright now”.
I didn’t like her calling me Kiddo and asked her not to call me that.
Neerja: What’s the problem boy? You are half of my age; I am old enough to be your mother, ha ha ha!
Me: Ma’am, I am 21, not a kiddo anymore.
Neerja: So what, I am 44.
Alright, so she was 44, in fact 4 years older than what I assumed.
Me: Really Ma’am? You don’t look that old.
Neerja(in a heavy tone): What do you mean? You mean to say I am an old lady or what?
Me: No Ma’am, I meant the way you carry yourself out, you don’t even look 35!
Neerja (with a smile): Really you mean that? How?
Now I got the drift. She wants me to appreciate her beauty, say some good words, compliment her. Women are so very same in this matter. All they want is compliment, compliments and more compliments. Nothing bad played in my mind though until my eyes fell on her deep neck salwar. She didn’t care to wrap the dupatta properly and I clearly saw her cleavage. Do I need to mention, the sight was amazing?
Me: Ma’am, you know you are beautiful. Why do you want me to say that again? Will that make you more beautiful? I might be faking compliments as well, just to make you smile or whatever else.
My reply certainly did surprise her. She looked at my face with a blank expression. For a moment, it seemed I sounded rude.
Me: Ma’am, look I didn’t mean anything else. I just……
She didn’t let me finish my sentence and interrupted.
Neerja: You don’t need to explain anything Kunal.
Note that guys! From kiddo to Kunal….phew, the journey was short and fast.
“You know this is not for the first time someone told me that I look younger than my age”, she continued. “But this was followed by flow of compliments and most of those were constructed to flatter me. But you are different Kunal. How you could be so practical”?
Me: I am like that only. I can’t flatter anyone beyond a certain point. In fact, I fall short of words.
She was looking at me again, this time as if she was trying to read my face. The next moment she bent down a little to adjust her payal. Her cleavage became more visible. Was that deliberate or did she really had to do her payal then only? I stared at her cleavage for good 10-15 seconds and needless to say, I was feeling stiffer inside my pants.
Neerja: This stupid payal, got stuck with the trouser.
Me: That could be pretty irritating.
Neerja: Yeah, right.
Saying this she bent down a bit more and now her cleavage was in full view and she never bothered to cover that. I understood that she was teasing me now. But I on my part was alert. Firstly, I never got into these stuffs before and secondly, I did not even harbor any dream of doing anything stupid with a married woman. One wrong step and my reputation would flow down the drain. On the other hand, my erection was at its peak but I somewhat tried to hide it.
Me: This moonlight and cool breeze is so soothing. I wish I could sleep here itself.
Neerja: Guess what, even I feel like the same. But sadly can’t do that.
Me: You hubby might just skin you down.
Unknowingly, I threw in the ice breaker and things took a big U turn.
Neerja: What made you say that? My hubby is not that stupid to do anything like that. Ha Ha Ha!
Me: Yet, he would not like you ‘sleeping with a guy on rooftop’.
She burst into a huge laughter. While laughing, her breasts were bouncing up and down. A sight that can make even a 70 year old man’s pant’s tight. Unfortunately or fortunately, she caught me staring at her breasts.
Neerja: Kunal, you are not supposed to stare like that.
Her words shocked me like hell. A cold chill went down my spine and I almost froze.
Me: Ma’am, sorry, I am sorry. It’s too late already. I think I should leave now.
Neerja: Hey..hey…hold on! I just told you it’s not OK to stare like that and that does not mean you should leave in haste.
All right, so she was not offended. I breathed a sigh of relief. But alas! Since I stood up, my erection came into full display for her. Now it was she who could not keep her eyes away from my tent. Strangely, her eyes got glued to my boner till I spoke.
Me: Ma’am, you should not be staring like that.
She definitely did not expect that. In a jiffy, she got up to leave. Now it was my turn to make her taste her own medicine.
“Hold on Ma’am, I just told you not to stare like that. Why are you leaving?”, I said.
“Kunal, I really think we should leave now. It’s too late. I really had a nice time talking to you. I guess you got to catch your train at 7 am and its already 1 am. Take some rest”, she said.
Was the game over? I cursed myself for trying to act over smart. Whatever was going on, I was having fun for sure. Damn ! all got ruined. But no guys! Wait, the game was actually about to begin. While approaching stairs, she stopped again and asked me, “Will you stay here whole night”?
Me: The night is beautiful, got more beautiful by your beautiful company. Let me stay here. You can leave.
She pulled her steps back and came closer to me, in fact, much closer to me.
Neerja: What do you think you would do here all night alone?
Me: Why don’t you just stay back and give me company. I can tell this from your eyes, you are not at all sleepy. You are just scared of the situation. Relax Ma’am; don’t let your imaginations go over drive. It’s my fault. Honestly, I should not have stared at your cleavage nor should I have offended by my stupid witty comment. I am sorry Ma’am. I just want to let you know that I am not going to take any mileage out of the situation. You are a married woman, I respect you. I can’t even think of doing anything stupid with you. That’s all I had to say. Now you may leave if you wish. I don’t think there is anything else to left to talk anymore.
I disappointed and elated her at the same time. She was left dumbfounded.
“It’s all right”, she said, leaned forward and hugged me. That was quite unexpected. While hugging me, her breasts crushed against my chest. I could not take it anymore and my penis stared growing again and went on to poke her stomach. She felt it and released me from the hug immediately.
It was silent all around. No words were spoken anymore between us. I got lost in another world and slowly wrapped my hands around her waist. She released a deep breath and pushed herself closer towards me. My shaky hands were moving up towards her breast. I was scared but equally excited. I forgot by then that I was feeling up a married woman. She did not resist me and finally I rested my hands on her breasts. For the first time, I touched a woman’s breasts! The feeling was awesome and I buried my erection on her ass.
I took out my penis and placed her palm on my hard on. She shivered the moment she caught hold of my erected member. Meanwhile I put my hands inside her salwar, took out her soft boobs and started pressing those. She left out a moan.
I sucked her breasts like a hungry fellow and her moans were just getting louder. The heat was building inside my balls and I felt like exploding any moment. She was continuously squeezing my dick and I finally came in her hands. That cum explosion was different; I just came and came and came and came. I collapsed on her naked breasts. We both were breathing heavily. She looked deep into my eyes
Suddenly, we heard some footsteps approaching towards the roof. She pushed me away from her and pulled her boobs inside. I went a few inches away, covered my dick and pretended to be asleep. Gosh, it was her husband! I got shit scared.
Rakesh (Neerja’s husband): What you two are doing here? It’s almost 2 am.
Neerja: He felt asleep here only. I was not getting sleep, so standing all alone.
Rakesh: That’s too bad. Wake him up and send him to his room. And you come inside room soon. I am waiting.
Neerja: OK, give me 2 minutes.
She carefully handled the situation. After her husband left, she came near me and hugged me again. I grabbed her breasts again to which she smiled and said, “It’s enough for tonight”.
Me: I will remember you forever. You are first woman whom I touched.
Neerja: Pleasure was all mine. You are a nice guy. I enjoyed every moment spent with you.
This time, I got up and kissed her straight away in her lips. She didn’t expect that but didn’t resist me as well. We got turned on while kissing and I took out her boobs again.
Neerja: This is getting irresistible. But we will have to stop here. If my husband comes out looking for me again, I am sure this time we both would be screwed.
Me: I can’t stop. Please do something.
Neerja: Kunal, please try to understand. This can turn fatal. I might be on road next day. I have a child. Please dear, we already crossed our limits. Now let’s stop here.
I left her and sat there with a disappointed face. She understood my situation and gave me warm hug.
“Now get up, come on”, she was pulling me by my arm. And at that very moment, we heard someone approaching again. It was Rakesh.
“What’s going on here Neerja? Why you are pulling him up? If he doesn’t want to get back to his room, let him stay here”, he sounded furious.
Neerja gave me a hopeless look and left the place.
I sat there holding my head. Now I was not in a mood to get back to my room anymore. The writing was clear on the wall. The game is over. But things don’t go that easily as you would like to have them going. My cell started vibrating and it was my dad calling. I climbed down the stairs and found him standing on the door.
“Where the hell you have been”? He asked me angrily.
Me: On roof top.
Dad: You moron, did you ever care to look at the watch? It’s more than 3 am. What were you doing on roof top?
Me: Sorry Dad, I just did not get any sleep.
Dad: Do whatever you want. If you don’t want to sleep, don’t sleep.
Me: I……
Dad: No more discussions. I am going back to sleep. Stay wherever you want, just don’t run away from here.
Saying this dad closed the door. Since I was not feeling sleepy and Dad was already mad at me, I went back to rooftop. Thoughts of Neerja were making rounds in my mind. Since no one was there, I took out my penis and started masturbating. By then, I was feeling sleepy. It was 3.30 am. I just closed my eyes and laid down there only to be woken by a cute voice after 30 minutes.
“Are you sleeping”, someone whispered in my ears.
What the fuck! I could not believe my eyes, it was Neerja. My head took a spin and I thought I was dreaming. She caught my shoulders and said, “Don’t be so surprised, I did not close my eyes for past one and half hour”.
“But Ma’am”…… she interrupted again and said, “Call me Neerja, no Ma’am  Wa’am”!
I looked into her eyes. It said, come, get me, I am all yours.
Without wasting a second, I literally pounced on her and started kissing her but suddenly stopped.
Neerja: What happened?
Me: What if your husband appears again?
Neerja: Fool, I know my husband. He is snoring like hell again.
Me: That’s OK, but now if he wakes up and finds you with me, hell will break loose for sure.
Neerja: Even I got scared when this thought crossed my mind. But guess what? I could not stop myself. I know, I am cheating on my husband but then I am a woman, I do have certain carving. My conscience told me to stay back at room but my heart overpowered my conscience. He is almost 50, so you can understand how good he can be at bed now. You simply swept me off my feet. The most thrilling part is that you are a total stranger. We both don’t know each other. And in all probabilities, we will never meet again. Let it be a no strings attached affair. I might call myself a Slut after a few days, but I really don’t care.
Me: Gosh! You have turned me on just by your words.
Neerja: Stop talking and show me how much you are turned on.
Saying this, she started rubbing my cock over trouser. Shit, she was truly experienced and it showed it in every move she made. Within seconds I ejaculated in my trouser.
“You are truly turned on baby”, she winked at me.
I grabbed her neck and started biting all over. She hugged me tightly and almost tore off my tee shirt. This time she was just wearing a pull over with no bra and panty inside. I undid the knot and she became all nude.
That body really did not appear like a 44 year old woman’s body. Though a bit on flabbier side, her fuller breasts, a voluptuous tummy with little fats, deep navel and trimmed pussy made me stop and take a look at her body for a while.
She suggested moving inside water pump room. We went there and she made me fully naked. She threw me on the floor, got over me and started licking my nipples. It was a fucking amazing feeling. Till that day, I never knew a man’s nipple can be so sensitive. She dug her tongue inside my navel and rubbed her boobs on my steel hard penis. Within second, she was doing my cock.
The moment she kissed my penis, I felt a super powerful wave of electricity passing through my body. Though I already came twice I felt like exploding again. This mistress of sex was sucking my penis like a vacuum cleaner as if she wants to uproot my rod. It was barely couple minutes I enjoyed the blowjob, I cummed inside her mouth. She immediately took out her mouth and spitted the cum. May be she does not like the taste or prefers to gulp it down.
“Your balls are always loaded baby. You already came thrice”, she said.
Me: Your lips simply stuck to my cock. No one can stand for more than a minute.
Neerja: I want you to fuck me now. Do it fast and finish off the honors.
I kissed her lips and bit her tongue. She was responding beautifully. I moved down and sucked her breasts, encircled my tongue around her nipples and bit them. She was moaning like hell now. All these gave me a rock solid erection again. I asked her to guide my penis into her vagina since it was my first time.
She pulled my cock towards her hole and asked me to apply pressure. I tried several times but failed and eventually went on to ejaculate again. I felt deeply embarrassed.
She got up , smiled at me and lovingly said, “Nothing to worry darling. It happens with everyone on their debut. You can’t start hitting boundaries and sixes from the very first day”.
We laughed off and once again she bent down and took my penis in her mouth. I got an erection immediately. She asked me to lie down and came over me.
She pushed my dick inside her pussy with ease and started fucking very slowly. While my dick was entering, she gave out a mild aaahhhh sound.
“Are you comfortable now baby”? She asked me.
I squeezed her boobs and said, “Yes sweetheart”.
Neerja: Now get over me and try putting your penis inside my pussy.
This time I was confident and entered her pussy. I fucked her in missionary position for almost 10 minutes. I felt like ejaculating. She told me to hold it. I pulled out my penis and she caught hold of it. I exploded immediately. It was altogether a whole new and different feeling.
Neerja: You have great potential baby.
Me: Oh ha ha ha! Thanks darling.
I kissed her again and pressed her boobs. We looked outside, it was already dawn. We never could realize how an hour passed off so fast. She got up and adjusted her night robe.
“Good bye baby, I will never ever forget you. You are the best thing to have happened in my life of late”, she said.
I hugged her and said, “I will miss you”.
She kissed my forehead and left. Luckily, her hubby was still sleeping. But when I went down, I found my dad has woken up.
We left the hotel within an hour. While we went towards the reception I got another shock of my life. Neerja was sitting there, dressed in a fresh yellow sari. Dad was busy with the reception desk guy and requested him to call one taxi. I excused myself from there and went towards Neerja.
I dragged her to one corner and without saying anything planted my lips on hers. It was an intense deep kiss. We both knew this was happening for the very last time. She unzipped my jeans, took out my cock and gosh, one more superb blowjob. I dropped all my juices inside her mouth. She spitted out the cum on floor and kissed me again with her cum smeared lips. I sucked her boobs for last time. I saw her eyes were moist but she didn’t speak a word. My dad called me out. I hugged her and said, “Good bye sweetheart”. She sat down against the wall and broke down into tears. I never looked back, just kept on walking till I got into the taxi.
That one night changed my entire life. For me it’s more than just one night stand. Neerja, the charming 44 yeouar old married lady, mother of a 10 year old son romanced a guy half of her age right under her husband’s nose. We never exchanged e-mail id or phone numbers. Overall, it was a great night.
Waiting for your feedback. Take care and I would be back very soon with more stories of my life.