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Susan Morley crept through the bushes, searching for the hockey ball that the keeper had let slip through her fingers. The grass was long and wet here and soaked her legs above her navy-blue knee-length socks and below her short, pleated sports skirt. It was an impossible task, and she found herself beyond the bushes and against the tall chain-link fence that surrounded the school playing fields, well hidden from the hockey game continuing behind her. Finding the ball wasn’t the only reason she had volunteered for this fruitless task.
With her ass pressed tightly to the fence and her navy- blue panties around her knees, Sharon Butler was heaving herself onto the cock of the man in the brown trench-coat who was thrusting furiously into her from the other side of the fence.
Sharon had disappeared a lot during sports lessons, and Susan was determined to find out why. Her eyes met the glassy-eyed, slack-jawed expression of the man as he emptied himself into Sharon’s clasping cunt. He was old and emaciated with thin, bony legs visible through the folds of his coat. He smiled at her through gritted teeth as his passion slowly ebbed.
Susan felt a chill run down her spine.
‘Like what you see, cunt?’ He grinned.
‘Susan! You bloody little whore!’ Screamed Sharon lunging for her.
Too shocked to move, Susan was seized and dragged towards the fence.
‘We can’t let her leave Tom; she’ll tell on us for sure.’
‘Not if we bring her into our little fun club. We could do with a new member. Show me her tits.’
Sharon grinned as she realised Tom’s plan. ‘Come on bitch, get that top off.’
Susan screamed and fought, but felt the much stronger girl grab the hem of her top, and pull it quickly over her head. The bra came next, exposing her huge breasts to the man’s gaze, and she looked on in horror as he began taking photos. ‘Just a little insurance.’
Susan was defeated. She stood topless as the man took endless photos of her heavy pale tits.
‘Now show me your cunt.’ He commanded.
There was already enough evidence to get her expelled, so she reluctantly unhooked her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor and wriggled out of her panties stepping out of them as they puddled at her feet.
The man whistled in appreciation. ‘What a stunning bald pussy. A nice high-slung slit and fat lips, just as I like them. You a virgin girl?
Susan could only nod.
‘Over eighteen?’
She nodded again.
‘You gonna fuck her Tom?’ Said Sharon as he took more pictures.
‘Yes, but not today. I think tomorrow at 5.15 would be a good time. Come in your school uniform but leave your bra and panties at home. Here is my address, and don’t be late. If you don’t come, I’ve a feeling your headmistress is going to get a special delivery, as will the playground.’
Susan accepted the offered business card and collected her things as the man walked away, stuffing his cock into his pants.
The following day passed in a blur, and Susan found herself standing outside the man’s apartment. She had never intended to come, of course, but she felt like she had little choice. He had her where he wanted her, and she was sunk, but there was more to it than that. Despite her shame, she had found the whole experience of standing naked before him intensely erotic, and wanted to expose herself to him again. Whatever was about to happen, she was determined to see it through. She rang the bell.
The door was answered by an equally old man who introduced himself as Tom’s brother Edward, and he ushered her inside. A gentle push between her shoulder blades propelled her into the living room where Tom was lounging in his dressing gown. It was untied, and the expanse of flesh on show told her he was naked beneath it.
‘Susan! I wasn’t sure you would come. You really are a cock-hungry slut, aren’t you?’
‘I had no choice,’ she replied meekly, ‘You have the photos.’
‘Indeed I do, and if you’re a good girl, I will delete them. But we both know that’s only part of the reason why you’re here. You want to get fucked don’t you Susan? You want to feel my cock ploughing your furrow like I did with your friend Sharon, don’t you?’
Susan nodded. ‘Yes. It turned me on when you stared at me and took the photos. Nobody has ever stared at me like that before.’
‘Very well then, this is how it is. You are not, nor ever will be, my girlfriend. I don’t love, or even particularly like you. You are nothing more to me than a fuck-toy. Nothing more than a warm wet hole to dump my load into. I will never use protection and if I knock you up so much the better. Any child bourne of our fucking will be yours to deal with. Do you agree?’
‘I agree.’ Replied Susan, sullenly.
‘Good, Then strip, and dance while you do it. Seduce me Susan, and I might forget all about the photos. But leave your school socks on, I like that.’
Susan did her best to move her hips in time to the music coming from the radio and unbuttoned her school blazer, casting it aside. Her unfettered breasts swayed in time to the music, clearly visible beneath her school blouse. Tom’s dressing gown slid aside, exposing his thick cock and heavy balls. They looked entirely out of proportion to the rest of his hairy, scrawny body and Susan shivered both in fear and excitement.
She fumbled nervously with the buttons on her blouse, but it eventually came free, and she slid it from her shoulders, exposing her huge breasts to his lustful gaze. Hairy arms came around her waist, and she gasped in surprise as large hands cupped her tits, squeezing them and testing their resiliency. Edward. She could feel his hairy chest pressing into her naked back and a stiff pole pushing against her gyrating bottom. He was naked.
Tom laughed, ‘Patience Edward; fetch the bench, would you? This hot little cunt needs to be mounted.’
Edward disappeared, and Susan continued to move, unclasping her short, pleated skirt and letting it fall to the floor. She was now naked save for her white, knee-length socks.
‘Stunning.’ Observed Tom, whose cock was visibly lengthening and thickening, rising from his groin and appearing to reach for her, as it continued its pulsing progress to full erection.
Edward reappeared similarly erect and carrying a narrow, padded bench that he placed in the room’s centre. Tom rose, shucking off his dressing gown and lay down upon it, his legs falling on either side and his monstrous organ pointing skywards, its fat mushroom head now fully exposed and leaking a clear fluid. It was an impressive shaft, veiny and gnarled, clearly a veteran of many such battles, and now it was about to win another. Susan knew there would be no reprieve for her; her fate was sealed.
‘Shuffle up the bench and sit on my face. I need to taste that sweet virgin cunt.’
Taking a deep breath, Susan did as she was told, opening her legs as she made her way up his body, then stopping abruptly as the fat lips of her pussy made contact with Tom’s blood-engorged meatus. She froze as electric jolts of pleasure surged through her body, and she rocked herself upon it on trembling legs.
‘I can’t do it, Tom,’ she gasped, ‘I can’t get passed this. I need to do something.’ With her legs spread uncomfortably wide, Susan began to lower herself upon the cock, delighting as her labia slicked over the swollen head and then she jammed it tight in her fuckhole. She pushed harder and felt it enter, forcing apart the walls of her cunt for the first time in her life. The sudden stretching made her gasp in pain, and she stopped, holding herself on her weakening legs.
‘Just a little further sweet Susan,’ grinned Tom, ‘Push harder you horny little bitch, I can feel your hymen, Just one more shove. Help her Edward, will you?’
Edward did just that and kicked the back of a knee causing Susan to twist and plunge full length onto the solid flesh-pole. Susan screamed long and hard as her virginity was torn away, and a flash of agony filled her loins. In all of her first-fuck fantasies, she never imagined it would hurt like this. She felt stuffed, and a deep ache was radiating from her abused hole and down her legs and lower back. She breathed through the pain as Tom mauled her tits, pulling them towards his toothless maw. She allowed herself to fall forward grimacing, as the movement dragged the cock partially out of her vagina, before sliding home once more. Susan felt a frisson of pleasure as he mouthed her sensitive nipples, tugging on them and trying to cram even more tit-flesh into his gaping mouth. The pain seemed to be abating with a warm feeling of pleasure taking its place.
Even so, she couldn’t bring herself to move even when a stiff finger was thrust into her bottom. She groaned in pleasure despite the stinging pain as Edward massaged the walls of her ass with his digit, fucking her with it and rotating it, enlarging the orifice as much as he was able. A second finger joined it, and Susan experienced the first real pain in her ass. She could feel the cool lube being pushed up inside her and knew what that meant, and knowing that she could do nothing about it with her legs spread and her pussy impaled upon the vicious spike of Tom’s cock.
And then she felt it, Edwards hot knob sliding in the greased crack of her ass, seeking her hole. Held by the hips, she could do nothing to prevent the slow ingress of Edward’s cock, and she felt his hot breath close to her ear.
‘Shit me out bitch. Go on, pretend my cock’s a giant turd, it’ll be easier for you that way.’
With every fibre of her screaming no, Susan managed to relax her ass enough for Edward to make ground. Sensing his opportunity, he rammed fully home. Susan didn’t scream because she couldn’t, as the air was forced out of her lungs in a rush, and she slumped across Tom’s body, completely limp.
Edward held himself deep inside, allowing her stretched ass to get used to the invader and gently rotated his hips, widening her hole and feeling his skinned prick caressing the hot walls of her ass. He could feel Tom’s cock across the thin divide, and the two bothers grinned at each other as Edward began a slow fucking of the constricting sheath, feeling Tom’s balls touching his own and forcing Susan to fuck herself on Tom’s prick with every thrust.
Susan was immobile, unable to even flinch from the increasingly brutal fucking she was receiving. Her tits rolled on Tom’s skinny chest, her nipples rubbed raw by the coarse hair, as Edward now barrelled into her flowering ass. The pain from the initial penetration had gone now and been replaced by a deep fullness, and her pussy rolled around the deep-seated cock, as Tom moved his hips ensuring every part of Susan’s cunt tasted his prick and that no part remained virgin.
Her pleasure increased in time with the frantic fucking. She felt Tom stiffen beneath her, his cock jerking spasmodically as he filled her cunt with his sperm; she could feel the pulsing spasms and the hot spattering of cum as he coated her walls with his creamy essence.
She willed Edward to keep going as she was so near to her own orgasm and groaned in frustration as she felt him give one final thrust, burying himself to the hilt and lifting her free of Tom’s softening prick, which slopped wetly out of her sopping hole.
She was so close.
The jerking cock pulsed great gobs of scalding cock-juice into her spasming ass as Susan hovered on the edge of orgasm, feeling the spreading heat soothing her abused hole, and then Edward was gone.
Edward pulled free, watching her pink hole snap shut capturing its pearly prize and noticing that it wasn’t quite as tight as it was only a few moments ago. It would never be the same again.
Susan’s greatest triumph came a few seconds later as Tom scooped up the spunk dripping from her cunt and forced it into her mouth. Every moment of her moaning groaning and finally screaming was witnessed by her abusers, and the hidden video camera, as she was brought off by the spunk sliding down her throat and the hot cum oozing out of her freshly-fucked ass.
The End