A Sexual Journey

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Their pursuit would be intense, and at moments awe-inspiring, with a conclusion that could obliterate or magnify any relationship. Many sexual fantasies couples consider are never fulfilled out of fear, or the emotional challenges that could arise from an act so risky, and lovers commonly lack the foundations of honesty, reassurance and open communication to make their fantasy into a reality. As a married couple, if they were going to succeed, they would need to find an inner comfort level that could eased the uncertainties that come with this sort of fantasy. To prepare, her and her husband attempted to develop and implement experiments, aiming to foresee all possible outcomes and feelings of one potentially amazing night! Prior to this journey, neither of them had ever experienced a threesome, a ménage á trois, with the pleasures and excitement it could bring, but that was all about to change.
The process of becoming comfortable, willing, and without fear or shame, began with a simple kiss. Something minimal to see if their journey would be worth undertaking. They were attracted to the idea and unlimited possibilities of this intense bonding experience, but both were afraid of how it could make them feel during and after, and if their relationship was strong enough to handle such an endeavor.
For this journey, a decision was made to attempt a Male-Female-Male (MFM) encounter, believing this was the most comfortable initial experience to explore. To provide reassurance that their journey had the possibility to progress smoothly, it was suggested that she kiss another man while he watched. An act undemanding of either of them but passionate enough to feel. She agreed it was a good place to start, to test if both could proceed toward their fantasy. He reassured her in recognizing that jealousy was not a part of this kiss, and whatever happened during the experiment was okay with him.
Further conveying, that if during the kiss she felt comfortable and at ease, and wanted to push the boundaries to expand the test, it was okay to touch. Nothing overly sexual, but maybe a hot clench of his firm ass in her hands to pull him closer, or a simple stroke and massage over the swell of his jeans to see what things were and what could be. Anything to bolster her comfort level, allowing her the freedom and security of feeling lusts temptations and give way to the naughty desires of her and her husband. But both came to the conclusion, that is where is should stop until another test was developed and executed. A second step in confirming what it would take to further their relationship to the next level.
While it appeared as though she was onboard with this new and exciting love adventure, she felt it was essential to test her role in this ménage á trois, and if she herself could handle the sensations that could arise from something as immense as another man entering her husband's love box, all while he watched, caressed, and contributed.
As a couple they began the selection process. They decided that a man with blondish hair and blue eyes would be best suited for their first time, as this is what she was attracted to. A man who took care of himself, enjoyed the company of others and didn't appear timid about his genitalia. While her husband was not a "large" man, approximately 5 ½ inches erect, what he had totally satisfied her in every way possible. Their goal was to find someone whose range was similar, maybe 6 inches or less so not to overwhelm her. A comfortable size that would indulge her inner tigress. Likewise, they wanted someone who understood how to use his dick and was willing to push the limits of her sexual appetite.
She couldn't help but visualize both her husband and this man embracing and satisfying her naked brown-sugar body. Her skin burning with the aspiration of both of them at the same time, equally staring deeply into her sparkling chocolate eyes with their blue gaze. Imagining the pale white skin of each man covering her ebony body with kisses of enjoyment, touches of indulgence, and total sexual gratification. Even though she was bursting with reservations, she was excited to begin this journey with her husband.
They sought after a man they both were comfortable around. Someone they could hang with for a number of engagements before anything moved forward. An individual whose company they enjoyed and looked forward to seeing. This was going to be a person who would become very intimate with each of them and they needed to be perfect. To them this was more than just sex!
Their marriage was terrifically strong and solid, nevertheless they wanted to experience a new sexual encounter for the excitement and gratification it could bring. It was their opportunity to raise the bar, reach far outside the box and open the door to a pleasure neither had ever endured. It was decided that they would locate an old friend of hers. Someone she never had sex with but was always attracted to. A man that she definitely would have explored in the naughtiest ways possible if the moment had ever presented itself. They needed somebody that made her feel secure and gave her the confidence to go all the way, and they knew it couldn't be anyone who was currently in their lives for fear of destroying the foundation of friendship. After some thought, she had the perfect man in mind! Now they just needed to know if he were willing to voyage this journey with them.
They made contact with her old acquaintance and met him at a secluded bar. They awkwardly described their fantasy, expressing the nervousness and fears that come with inviting someone new into any solid relationship. She specified what she would be willing to do and everything she wouldn't. The man, initially overwhelmed, understood what was being asked of him and admitted he would need some time to think it over, and would get back to them. Her and her husband empathized with the tall order that was being placed on his shoulders, and told him that they would be awaiting his response.
He was a very attractive man, around six-feet tall with dirty blonde hair and intense blue eyes. While chatting he described his penis at around six-inches erect. This was exactly what she envisioned! Slightly larger than her husbands but just the right size for her pussy to accept with ease. A slender man with a stocky build and abdominal definition that water could gently roll down, slowing at every ridge in his chiseled physique. Well dressed and groomed with a tidy goatee and short fashionable hair, he presented himself like a man that knew what he wanted. If he delivered, she knew she was going to have fun kissing and touching every inch of his body!
A few days passed and her friend reached out, agreeing to pursue their ménage á trois dream, reassuring them both that he would be respectful and willing to fulfill their fantasy. He conveyed bashfully that this was also his own fantasy and it would be regretful if he passed on this prime opportunity.
Being completely transparent, he admitted that he always thought she was extremely attractive but never had the courage to ask her out back in the day, expressing how gratifying and mind-blowing it would be to ravish a beautiful and exotic goddess such as herself.
Her and her husband described their testing process and articulated their need for these forms of validation. It would start with a kissing assessment, and possibly one of love-making without penetration to ensure this was a suitable match. But first he would need to "date" them and become familiar with who they were, and if he felt they were the right couple to fulfill his own fantasy. He understood the arrangement and agreed it was a solid course of action, comprehending that anyone could withdraw at any time.
A safe-word of "pineapples" was created to be used to stop all actions and allow everyone to regroup as a precaution. The particulars of everyone's "wants and wishes" during that crucial night was also negotiated and agreed upon. Everyone knew what they desired to gain out of this experience and the restrictions that came with compromise.
After several dates and interactions with this man, their first experiment was ready to be introduced; a kissing test. Isolated in a crowded club with herself and the guy of their choosing, her husband stood close and observed with anticipation, visualizing the fantasy of seeing his wife with another man and the possibility that it could become a reality.
Slightly tipsy from a night of fun and drinking, the moment had come for them to kiss, to see if chemistry between them existed. She and her friendly-stranger turned and looked deeply in each other's eyes, both anxious as if it were the kiss of a first date. Nerves stirred in her mind and butterflies circled her stomach.
She moved in closer and tilted her head ever so slightly, with her lips wet with curiosity and eagerness. Her cherry began to dampen with the tingle of the unknown, thinking "I am a married woman… is this really happening? Is this okay?" For reassurance and comfort, she glanced over at her husband watching intensely and saw his inspirational smile and signs of outward encouragement. Accepting she was safe and he was okay with what was about to happen, she began to move her lips toward his.
He advanced in sync and halted ever so closely, barely touching her lips and hesitating only for a brief moment to feel the electricity between them. He grabbed her gently on each side of her jawline, just below the ears and pulled them together, locking his lips with hers. Their union overwhelmed her with excitement, fear, and curiosity. Their tongues intertwined with an aching for more. With his hands holding her in place and their heads turned tenderly into the kiss, it became evident how comfortable she was becoming and how obvious it was she was enjoying herself.
As her husband stared with a glow of horniness, and both her arms wrapped breathlessly around this man's waist, she reached down and clutched his firm ass with two handfuls and pulled him closer, grinding her pelvis into his. She could feel his semi-hard shaft through her own clothes pressing against her moist muff. Slowly moving one hand from his ass, she placed it on his rock-hard chest, sliding it unhindered past his rippled stomach and gripping his partially erect penis bulging through his faded blue jeans. Cupping his swell and feeling the hardness of what could be, she vividly envisioned what it would be like to have him inside her while her husband caressed her body.
Breaking away, they stood motionless and stared into each other's eyes, with no reactions of discomfort or regret. It was then she realized this was the right man to embrace their fantasy. The night was a triumph as far as first steps to a threesome go. She felt she was ready to move forward and continue their journey, picturing her husband and this man pleasing her without pause! Confident that she could handle them both, and lingering on the thought of how amazing their journey would be to ultimate gratification.
The next day she talked to her husband about the kiss. She confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about his hard dick pulsating through his jeans, and how stimulating it would be to have his dick and her husband's pleasing every inch of her body, sending her entireness into an orgasmic bliss. He agreed that it was extremely erotic to watch her kiss and caress another man, and how hard he became when she squeezed his cock. He couldn't wait to share her with this special someone.
The thought of both men thirsting to please her and make certain she was the focus of the entire experience made her body tingle with enthusiasm. She was ready for the next test, but it had to be something to push the boundaries and prove everyone was comfortable completely naked and exposed. Kissing another man is one thing, but actually grasping his erect penis and masturbating his large member in front of her husband is another. They had to be prepared for it all!
Their relationship trupple continued to grow and their regular date nights continued, everyone getting to know each other a little more. Dinner, drinks and dancing were their form of enjoyment and these dance outings were her opportunity to show off what they each were craving. Her husband wasn't much for dancing, but she and her new slice were! He loved to watch them as her ass moved to the rhythm and beat, and her hips gyrated like she was making love to the music.
She was surprisingly at ease dancing with him, taking her new "boy-toy" onto the dance floor and grinding her ass up and down his junk, getting his cock to grow just slightly before she would stop. Provocatively causing a charge of sexual tension in his rocks, teasing the man playfully, while sending those "I want you to fuck me hard" vibes through her eyes toward her husband. Every action to inspire a yearning for her and her alone!
After each meeting with the trio, her and her husband would come home with a build of sexual tension so tremendously thick, they almost couldn't make it through the front door before ripping each other's clothes off.
Once inside, he would fuck her like she'd never been fucked before! Slamming his swelled cock deep inside her bald pussy with an uncontrollable urge, envisioning her being ravished by another man. This intense lustful intercourse would send her body into an apex of pleasure.
The passion between them was indescribable, flaming hot, and vastly erotic. When she would cum darkness would cloud her vision and sparkles of light would pop throughout. She described her orgasmic events as though she were leaving the planet and venturing outward toward the unknown abyss. While they had always had a remarkable sex life, these "set of three" after encounters were the most incredible display of passion either had ever shared.
While the thought of performing a threesome was still very overwhelming and neither of them were ready for actual copulation, they both knew they needed to test something close to the real thing. This occurrence needed to involve physical touch and the ability for both men to please her, or for her to please both of them, all without penetration! To have someone else enter her sacred marriage gem was a huge deal for her, and she wanted to be positive it was going to be acceptable to her and her husband. Massaging, kissing, petting, rubbing, licking, sucking, or whatever else that could bring pleasure without intercourse could strengthen that confidence, and furthermore it screamed excitement and eroticism.
Her husband, their guest and her, agreed that she should only achieve orgasm through touch, fingers, tongue, toys, or anything that did not require either of their manhood's to enter her sugar spot. And if she felt willing, handjobs and blowjobs were welcomed. She understood a mans need for a solid release after the heat rose in his loins, and recognized those urges would need satisfied.
She also knew that once she achieved orgasm herself, it would be difficult for her to not want one of their massive pricks buried deep inside her steaming hot pussy. She acknowledged it would take strength, a great consideration of what they were trying to achieve, and her husbands will to stop her from going overboard. As she sat and thought about each of them, she pondered if she could jack them off collectively in each hand, striving to climax them both at the same time. Her mind was on fire and her pink rosebud began to saturate with wonder.
A date was set and each of them knew that this final test would be the last practice run of their journey. Its outcome would either be a disaster or would open the door to the trio of their dreams. The day came and during that afternoon she prepared herself mentally and physically. She shopped for sexy lingerie, got her hair, nails, and make-up done, and selected a provocatively cute outfit that would set the mood and hopefully give direction to both her "men's" cravings. Even though she was already gorgeous and glowing with sexiness, she primped and pampered herself for what the night would bring.
The plan would begin with dinner, drinks and maybe some dancing, then to a classy hotel to fulfill the last assessment of their kinky desires. She dressed in a sexy white corset with a front lace up design that rendered her tits plump and mind-blowing, and fastened to black stockings with a pair of crotchless but tasteful thong lace panties that matched. The corset was intentionally designed to expose her nipples through a concealed hinged flap in the stitching for an extra naughty look.
To convey the reward of what was waiting for them underneath, she dressed in a beautiful gray top, cut low to show off her fantastic breasts, a leather skirt just short enough to allow a light breeze to sweep the lips of her pussy through her crotchless expression, and high black leather boots that made the ensemble complete. Looking ravishing and sensational, she was ready for a good time! From her chosen attire, her glowing figure, and her longing of a new sexual experience, she was fully primed with confidence to run her lips down each of their sexy bodies, and couldn't wait for them to caress, stroke, and fondle her every desire.
After a romantic dinner, a few drinks and some dancing, they arrived at the hotel room. A corner space that would hypothetically quiet the noises that may occur. Each of them held a drink in hand; liquid courage to take the edge off and relax them for the anticipated enjoyment. The lights were off and candles glowed to give the room a sexy ambiance. Music played softly in the background as they sat on the couch and talked about the events of the evening.
She instructed each of them of the rules. A condom MUST be worn and NO penetration with this initial get-together was allowed! Seated between them in silence, she waited patiently for one of them to make the first move. Nervous and filled with anticipation, she envisioned her husband kissing her lips and stroking her soft skin.
Just then, her husband tenderly touched her chin, pulling her into his view. He leaned in and kissed her abundantly on the lips. A fiery but sensual kiss that spoke volumes of how he felt about her. While they were both lost in each other's embrace, she felt the warmth of a stranger's lips caressing her neck, kissing her softly where her collarbone met her neckline, causing a tingle of exhilaration that raced through her body!
Her husbands hand began to cup her full-figured breast over her gray top while the other man's hand stroked gently between her inner thigh over her stockings, coming close to her "spot" but never touching. Gradually she reached down with both her hands and grasped each man's shaft, stroking tenderly to see how "excited" they were. The newly welcomed man was in full salute, just as her husband was. Her mind raced with the fact that they both wanted her, and neither of them could keep their hands off of her!
They all three rose from the couch, and both men began to remove an article of clothing from her body, exposing the sexy surprise she acquired earlier that day, each unhinging the corsets hidden coverings to reveal her perky nipples. They continued to kiss and caress her, touching every inch of her body, grasping her ass, squeezing her breasts, sucking her nipples, and making her feel a sensation she had never experienced before! She felt her lotus start to blossom, and wetness began to develop from this erotic love triangle.
Facing her husband, she aggressively removed all his clothes, and in the glow of the candles gazed at his entire manliness as he stood totally naked and erect, toned and rigid from the continual workouts in preparation for this journey. His dick was immaculate and solid with a large circumference, leaning slightly to the left, with his pelvic area and balls clean shaved and smooth just as she liked it. His testicles were big, dangling low and heavy. Everything she needed to be a satisfied woman, perfect for her petite figure!

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