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Hi, Friends, I am raj, age28 height 5’7 weight 65 and built average. Thanks for choosing my story. This is my second story to iss. I got a good response from all of you and this inspired me to write again. I don’t like to read a fictional sex story and also I don’t like to write or tell unreal incidents. So here again I am telling you a true story of my life.

This is all started when I shifted to Bombay (Mumbai). After completing my studies in Bhopal I joined a garments manufacturing co. In Mumbai. That time I was 24. Here first I appointed as an assistant of purchase officer. Payment is more or less good for a fresher. I am staying with my cousin brother and bhabi till I didn’t get other accommodation he also helps me in finding a job. He is a senior official in a mnc, and transferred to u.s, he don’t want to rent his house as he is not sure how ling will he stay there, coz it’s a 9month posting and can be extended. In these condition whether he has to lock the house or given it to someone till his coming back. Luckily he given me the responsibility of his house, its really a heaven for me. I am very happy to get this house in such a less amount. It’s a well-furnished 2bhk flat in a posh colony in vashi. I insisted him to take 3000 monthly as rent in our building there’s 3flats on each floor one 1bhk and two 2bhk. Our flat is on 5floor. It’s a well-designed building with proper light and lot of air. My brother has to leave within a week. He is also taken bhabi with him so after their going I am alone in that house.

I didn’t see many people in that building, as so many flats were empty. In my floor there is two other flats 1 is empty and other 1 is occupied though I don’t know who lives there. I came to know the persons of that flat when one day a courier person called me about arrival of my post (my friend sends me an exam form and its very important and the last date were very close). As I have to go office, so I requested him to deliver it to my office, but he said its not possible and he will deliver only at this address. Now I became tensed and thinking what to do I cant miss office also and that day is Saturday if I didn’t receive it today then only on Monday. So I thought to go in that flat. I thought if someone is there to help me. I rang the bell, within minute’s door open (locked with safety chain) a lady asked me in her melodious voice, yes? I replied- hello madam I am your neighbor and my name is raj. I told her about my post and my problem and asked her if she could help me.

She said oh ok and opened the door. Now I can see her clearly she is tall and not a lady she is looking very young and its not easy to count her age, though she wearing sindoor that means she is married. Her home is more luxurious then ours. She is wearing jeans and top and looking awesome.

I called that courier man and told him to leave my post to that flat with Mrs. Priya.

I thanked her and leave for my office. That day I came back bit early and 1st gone to my home and get fresh and then I go to collect my post. I rang the bell and this time she opened the door fully and said — please come. She and, I gone in said — sit, what you like to have some tea or coffee. I said – no thank you madam please don’t bother

She replied– no have something you came first time in my house and my name is priya so call me by name, and gone in. I was looking her house it’s very well maintained and any one can make out that her husband income is very good. In few minutes she came with coffee and my post and given it to me. Now we started talking while having coffee, I am curious about her.

After talking for 30-40 minutes and getting a lot of information about her I taken leave.

They also purchased that flat before 2 months and new to this locality like me. Her husband is a private construction advisor and has 3 offices in Mumbai and a very busy person. Her only son is studying in panchgani boarding school. She is alone there all the time. She doesn’t like to go out much though she has her own car. She invited me to her house when I am free. As the next day is Sunday so I thought that her husband will be in home only and I didn’t think to go to her house. But in evening when I am going out to buy some vegetables I saw priya is parking her car its maruti zen. I was surprised that on Sunday she is alone and when I am crossing by her car we exchanged smile and hello.

She asked me “where are you going” I told her near by market. She said, “oh I also have to buy some grocery”. I asked him to join me she said ok. On the way I asked her from where she coming she replied that she gone to meet her friend, then I asked about her husband she said “he had some important work at site”. I said he is a busy man, she laughed and said “yes very busy working all 7 days “. I can notice by her style of saying that she is not at all happy and there is something. After purchasing I asked for an ice cream first she said no but finally she agrees I asked which one you like priya ji. She said in a funny voice what is this priya ji, call me priya only. Am I looking like older? I took my favorite butterscotch and priya taken black current. I looked at her face while she having that cone her juicy lips and the way she sucking it. I started thinking of her as my bed partner. While coming back we discussed about so many things and at the door of her flat I gave her packets and she said a big thanks and invited me I see the time and said no thanks I have to cook. Then I said that if you are free then why you don’t come to my home for a cup of coffee. She replied ok just let me check when my husband coming back and she call him. The way she talking with her husband her tone was very different I thought may she is angry with him. After cutting the phone she said ok I am coming in just 10minutes I asked about her husband she replied busy man, and gone in her flat. I said my door is open. It’s almost 6:30.

When she came I was in kitchen. I heard the noise and turned back and said welcome, and I looked at her she changed the dress now she is wearing a red top and light blue jeans and looking so sexy with red top which is making her fair color more fairer. I asked her tea or coffee? She said what you make good? I said you have to promise you will drink without having taste. She laughed and said then I will not take risk and make coffee ok? I said it’s my pleasure you make very tasty coffee. She said thanks, I gave her coffee, and sugar and utensil and I started cleaning chicken lollypop. We had coffee and lot of talking. I asked her when your husband comes back. For few seconds she didn’t replied and then in a very slow voice said he will come till 10-11. Anyone can make out by her voice that there is pain her voice. I didn’t said anything and change the topic as I get more time with her. She helped in making dinner and at 8 she said now I go. I thought for dinner and asked her you need any help in making dinner. She replied again in same voice no I don’t have to make coz he will have out and I have no mood to eat, ok goodnight, and proceed to go out.

I stopped her and said “priya I don’t want to interfere in your personnel issue but if you accept my invitation for dinner then I will feel honored. She said ok I don’t want to hurt you and came back in. Then she brings some rice and dough for chapatis and we had dinner together. She stayed in my flat till 9:30 and then she said now I have to go. We exchanged goodnight and I said thanks for dinner. At night I was thinking about her, about her perfect body 32-26-34 (app) height may be 5’7 or 8. She is taller then me and I imagine the scene when I will kiss her. I was not very sure but there are a lot of chances of getting her as a bed partner. She is very frank in talking and open. I am dying for sex, as it’s almost a year I didn’t get anybody and getting satisfied by myself. That night also I had masturbated by thinking of priya. After that day we meet only 2-3 times and this is very short meeting. I am very busy in office and going early and coming late around 9 because one of my colleagues was on leave and I have to his work, usually I come till 6-7. When I leave for office in the morning her husband was in home and when come back its too late. Actually I am waiting for Sunday.

On Sunday I get ready early and gone down at 9 to confirm about her husband, I was waiting till 9:45 but he didn’t comes. I get upset I thought to call her and confirm. I called its priya on the line I asked how are you and said what she doing she replied “nothing just watching TV., u?” her voice was very relaxed. I replied nothing getting bored, she said “y don’t you come here”? I asked her are you alone? She got my point and replied in funny voice “kyun mere husband se dar lagta hai kya?” I felt awkward and replied no-no just asking. She replied “don’t worry aa jao who poona gaye hain”. It was great news for me without wasting a second I ran to her home and rang the bell. She opened the door and said you are very fast. That day she was looking great, in that light purple nighty with a deep neck and buttons in front and her bra strap length hairs were open. For a moment I couldn’t say anything and only looking at her. She waived her hand in front of me and said, “where are you”? I said, “you are looking very beautiful”. She laughed and said, “oh thanks, what would you like to have tea”? She gave me a different look from her eyes. I said coffee. In few minutes she came with coffee and toast, and said please have I didn’t had breakfast. She started taking my interview asking about my office and why I didn’t came whole week to meet her. I told her about my problem. I asked about her husband when he will be back? She told “may be in 2-3days”. (that means I can have lot of time with her, it makes me happy.)

Suddenly she asked about my girl friends. I said don’t have any here. She is too clever and caught my words and asked “that means somewhere else hai”. I said no it’s over and after her long inquiry I told her about my friend in Bhopal. Hearing her age and ask how we come to make a relation in such an age gap surprised her. I told her it was emotional. Then I asked her do you have? She said no way. I asked before marriage? She said I will not tell lie but don’t ask much about it ok? I said ok she replied yes but now it doesn’t matter not emotional not nothing its over. We talked for long while watching TV and then she saw the watch and shouts “my god it’s going to be 12 I have to bath. You wait here it will take 20-30 minutes ok”? I said ok, and she gone in her room. After 5-6 minutes I get up and gone in her room and opened the door it wasn’t locked.

I gone in and heard the voice of water I proceed towards bathroom and bent down on keyhole. I can only see her legs because she is in tub and her head was on other side but only her bare legs which sometime comes out from tub giving me a sensation. I was waiting her to come out of tub. When she came she moved other side so again I could not see her and I couldn’t stay there also. I want to have only one glance so I stuck there and when she came she was putting her bath gown I can only see her half naked body and I ran from there. In hurry I forgot to close the door of her bedroom and its late now to close it coz she is in room. I am mesmerizing that view of few seconds of her long legs, firm back and red bra. Suddenly her doorbell rang and it interrupted me. I looked towards her room she came on door and said don’t open just go in that room. I got up and gone may be she doesn’t want to show to any one that she is alone with a guy. After few minutes she came in room and said in very low voice “go in bathroom fast.” then after 20-30 minutes she called me. She was looking beautiful in that deep necked purple and white gown and those red flowers printed on it making her more fresh, her nice cleavage and open back and open curly hairs making her a sex goddess. I also imagined her red bra and panty. I asked who came?, She replied maid, Gone? Yes, and sorry for keeping you in bathroom, I don’t want to give her bad impression. That’s why you hide me. Yes. Please don’t mind. No-no it’s ok. Then asked her about lunch she said, “today have in my house”. I said ok. Then she proceed towards kitchen and I followed her she took out palak paneer and dough from fridge and asked me you like it or not? I said it’s my favorite and I don’t need anything if I get palak paneer she laughed and took out some raw dal. I said really I will not have anything else and don’t make for me. Then she put it back and took out rice and asked me rice? I said yes little bit. She was washing rice and I started rolling chapati she said leave it. But I said madam bande ke hath chapati khaogi to yaad rakhogi.

She laughed and said “kisko bande ko ya chapati ko?” Dono ko. Then she didn’t stopped me I see she is very different kind of person. She is very open and I am feeling that we know each other from long time, and I told her this. She replied even you are very good-natured person. Then I said and you are very beautiful too. She said thanks and gave me a big smile.

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By her way of talking I thought that she also wants same thing from me and waiting for my action only. But I am feeling some hesitation and confusion from where and when should I take step. If she gave any clue then it’s easy for me. After having lunch, I asked her you must be have some work to do and I already wasted your lot of time, so I take leave now. She said no-no I don’t and you are not wasting my time in-fact I am enjoying with you and you are filling new meanings in my lonely life. I said why you feel yourself alone? Why you left your son there in boarding? There is silence in room for sometime and her face became pale and it seems that her eyes were struck on the ceiling. Then she said see “raj this is my life’s truth and very few people know this. I don’t know why I am saying all this to you but I want to tell and share this with you, as I look a good and understanding friend in you. Hope you will not broke my trust anytime.”

“he is not my son. He is from my husband’s previous wife, and my husband thinks that I will not give love and affection to him. Though I never think this ever and tried to convince him but he did not have trust on me and may be he does not love me also. It’s going to be 1 and half years of our marriage. I am just a thing to show in society for him. He never wants to marry after her first wife died but because of his father he did. My father works under his father and he thought that I will get all luxuries and happiness all the life in a big rich family. But my luck was not that great. But one day I will change his heart.”

And 1 tear rolled from her eyes leaving me stunned. I could not say anything for few minutes and again there is silence in room, I looking at her face tears coming out slowly and she looking at ceiling like before. Then I getup and moved towards her and wiped her tears from face and said “you are a fighter of life and a fighter doesn’t cry.” and for the first time I kissed on her forehead. A short smile came on her lips and she is looking relaxed as a person looks after throwing her inner feelings out. I asked her for coffee. She said no coffee in her kitchen. I said let’s go in my flat. She said ok, and came in my flat. After having coffee I asked her for market and park near by market, as I purchase vegetables and other things for whole week. She said ok, give me some time. When she came back she is looking more beautiful she is wearing green saree with a deep neck and low cut blouse on back and looking awesome. Her body is very well maintained and her breasts were looking more bigger then ever. I complemented her about her beauty and said why don’t you try in serials? She laughed and said “stop buttering and go first and wait for me on that first turning.” I asked are you taking car. We can go by walking.

She replied I have to go somewhere else also so just start going. I said ok. After purchasing the things we went in park and sit there on a bench, there were so many couples sitting with hands in hands. She said let’s go that side and I followed her.

Her round butts were looking nice as she walking. We sited on grass near by small pond type pool. Then she told me that this is her favorite place, sometimes she comes here and sits. We were talking about the hardness and toughness of life. In between talking she told me her age. She was of 30 that time.

While sitting there our shoulders were touching and I kept my hand over her hand and then I taken my hand to her shoulder. She didn’t say anything and comes more closer and I make my grip tighter and made her head to lye on my shoulder. She did so but not for long and getup and said let’s go. Then she drove car in different direction, I asked about her husband car, she said he leaves it at airport. Then she stopped in front of a hotel and said today a party from me for our friendship and you don’t say no. I said ok. She takes me on table to poolside, then she asked me that I drink or not? I said occasionally. She said what you have?

I chosen a large peg of vodka and she took a sherry wine. We had 2pegs and dinner then we came back. She is very health conscious and chooses her food very carefully and this is the secret of her beautiful and well-maintained figure. Before entering the car is she all right and can drive? She said don’t worry will take you safely home. Her driving was perfect. She again dropped me on that turning and taken other way. I walked fast and reached before her. When she came I was waiting for her. I said thanks for party and I cant give you a party in a big hotel but will take you to some good place. She said don’t talk rubbish and its not the matter of big or small. Then she said “now you must wanted to sleep its almost 9. I also feeling tired so goodnight dear and moved towards her door.”

It broke my plan I was thinking that now we sit for sometime and I can take a chance on her. But I cant say anything as she already entered in her flat and again said “goodnight and meet me before going office.” I moved in my flat had bath and thinking about her. The way she responds in park and all. I am dying to have sex with her. Then I moved out locked my flat and rang her doorbell. She opened the door and “asked what happened?”

I said I forgot something. She asked what? I said close your eyes first. She did so.

And then I tried my luck and kept my lips on her and rubbed, and started sucking them.

She moved back towards the wall and I took her hands and continued sucking her juicy lips and forced my tongue with pressure. As I had good luck slowly she parted her lips and given path to my tongue. I started rolling my tongue inside her mouth I reached as deep as I can go. Our saliva met and my lust which is unfulfilled from over a year making me very aggressive. I was pressing her very hard towards the wall and kissing her desperately. She also started kissing me and inserted her tongue in my mouth. Now both of us kissing each other very hard and specially my movements were faster then hers. I wanted to go deep in her mouth and I am pressing her hard. She feels uncomfortable and pushed me little which I understand and lessen my pressure. I taken her tongue in my mouths grip and started licking it, I sucked her tongue till she tried to release it. Then I sucked her juicy lips first upper and then lower I sucked them hard. We kissed almost 4-5minutes. My penis is already erected till this time and definitely she can feel it on her clit. She responded nicely and taken my lips between hers and sucked them hard. I started taking of her nightgown and I opened her strap and she raised her arms then in one move I take it out and drooped on floor. Wow she is not wearing anything inside no bra no panty. Now she is naked and I kissed her again all over her face. She pulled my t-shirt and I take it out then she tried to lower down my half-pant. I helped her and dropped it; I also not wearing underwear (I never wear it an night). So now both of us fully naked.

I pressed her nice shaped big boobs by my bare chest and we kissed again. Her breasts were really big and well shaped they are fully round which I had saw only in x rated movies. Then I moved down to suck them I kissed every where on her neck and shoulders and upper breasts. She pushed me back and by holding my hand she directed me towards her room. It’s a nice room with big mirrors on wall. She stopped in front of mirror and hugged me tightly. I can feel her bare body on mine and both of us seen in mirror. I grasped her butts and pulled her hips close to mine, she gasped as my hardness brushed against her soft thighs and then over her nice wet clit. I kissed her collarbones took her on bed and laid priya down and kissed down her right breast. She closed her eyes as I began to tease her nipple. Her brown nipples were already swollen and as I taken it in my mouth it gets harder. I sucked it passionately.

Now she taken my 7″ rod in her hand and started giving me jerks. I sucked her left nipple and moved down to her navel I kissed it and then I given her 100 off kisses on her abdominal area. I was desperate to eat her pussy, am dying for that smell. Without wasting a second I parted her thighs and kissed on her pussy lips, and inserted my tongue inside to have that taste. It’s all wet and delicious. I licked it slowly so many times. She started moaning and tightens her thighs over my head.

I taken her clitoris in my mouth and started sucking them. Really it’s very tasty and especially when you tasting it after a long time. Her moans getting louder she saying yessss raj suck it suck it faster more. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I increased my speed and put my one finger then second one in her pussy hole and started putting it in and out and licked her very deep. Her moans getting more louder ahhhhhhhhhhhh rajjjj yesssssssssssssssssssss please I am about to cum put ur penisssss put it in put it and she pressed her thighs on my head with her full power.

I said her yes let me taste your cumm, and increased speed of my fingers. She didn’t said anything, her moans were continue ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh am cumminng take it take it. Her thigh pressure was increasing on my head. I fasten speed of my tongue and fingers.

In few seconds her juice came on my tongue and I started drinking it. She released a lot of juice. After drinking her all I kept little bit in my mouth and gone up to kiss her. She cleaned my lips by her tongue and then I kissed her and left her juice in her mouth. She tasted it and smiled. Then she asked how you know I liked it. And kissed me. Again I started sucking her breasts. She taken my penis in her hand and started rubbing it. Then she started kissing my chest and bites on my nipple and sucked them. She then pulled me on the corner of bed and herself gone down on floor and bent her knees and started rubbing penis. Then she stopped and gave a nice look to me and then on mirror, showing both of us. She spitted heavily on my penis and kissed on head and then taken it all in her mouth to roll her spit every where. It’s electrifying for me and I am enjoying it like anything. She is sucking my penis and looking on me sometimes at mirror.

Then she rolled her tongue from the head of penis till my testes and started sucking them. And rubbing penis by her hand. She is doing it like an expert. My previous lover never gave me this kind of pleasure. Then she stopped sucking and came bit up by holding her both breasts in her hands and pressed my penis in between her nice breasts.

God she is really a horny women. She started rubbing my penis up and down. And kissing it every time when it reaches to her mouth. Again she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it hard this time very faster and taking the whole thing deep inside. I could feel her throat. My fingers in her hair were moving and I am enjoying it lot and I am moaning Yesssssssssss priya Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Suck it all in your mouth. You are a lovely cocksucker. Yeaahhhhhhhhh she got the signal that I am about to come by my moaning and she stopped sucking and came up and kissed me and said I want your thing in my pussy. And kissed me again and rubbed her boobs on my chest I hold her tight and pressed my chest on her boobs. In 1-2 minutes I cam in normal position and laid her down on bed. I started sucking her nipples and rolled my tongue all over her breasts.

She taken my hand to her pusy and rubbed it there. This is to show me she is ready again.

I started rubbing her pussy again and after 2-3 minutes I gone down and I rubbed my penis on the mouth of her pussy. She stretched her legs more and gave me the full space. I inserted my head inside her pusssy slowly and then in one push I inserted it in. She screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhh slowly. But u wanted to make her cry and scream again and again so I taken it out and pushed it again hard and She shouted ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh then I started fucking her I kept her legs on my shoulders and started jumping and this makes sound of phat phat and her screams getting louder awh hhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss yessssss I jumped many times on her and she increased pressures of her legs on me and after 10-15 strokes I asked her where to put? I am cuming She replied put it in I increased my speed and in few strokes I came out in her pussy. She screamed yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ride on me faster and again I started giving her strokes and she also came out and released her body I feel her hotness over my penis.

I laid down on her and we kissed and she hugged me tightly. Then I came on hr side and take out my limp penis. I told her that she is very hot and sexy. She replied thanks and you are a nice sex partner. I enjoyed your sucking and fucking. Then she placed her hand on my chest and said “but I don’t like these hairs and these too” and put hand on my penis. And shouted “hey where it is?” She means my limp cock, and I laughed, and asked, “you want me to shave my hairs?” She replied I would do it tomorrow. After this we had two more rounds and then we slept. So friends this is priya. And what happened next with her friend, I will tell you in my nest story, if I get good response for this. So if you like it please do reply me with your views and suggestions.

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