A Simple Pleasure

<font size="2">You’ve been laying on the soft silk sheets of the bed for a few minutes now.&nbsp; You haven’t seen anything for a half hour.&nbsp; I’ve already taken the liberty of having you take your clothes off so the silk caresses your skin, and a cold breeze from a vent tickles your skin. &nbsp;<br /><br />You lay on your stomach, wondering what I’m up to. Suddenly, you feel a tickle on your thigh.&nbsp; You go to swat it away, only to find my head in place between your legs.&nbsp; And my moist lips, working their way upwards, towards your very own wet lips.&nbsp; Your thick aroma already envelopes my every sense, imploring me to hurry up and fuck you.&nbsp; But you know that it won’t come that swiftly. &nbsp;<br /><br />My smooth palms, already wet as my body senses the acts about to be committed, caress your breasts, sliding over them, beneath them, tickling your skin and sending goosebumps over your entire body.&nbsp; I gently pull on your nipples, sending a minor spasm through your body, your smooth hips lifting a bit off the bed. &nbsp;<br /><br />I tell myself to take my time and my fingers rhythmically follow their course in circles around your stiffening nipples, as if they cry out for more attention.&nbsp; I can feel the heat emitting from your pussy on my face, as my lips continue to suck on the creamy skin of your thighs, and I can sense the flow of your juices as they drip onto the bed, a waste when all that delicious nectar could be working its way over my tongue, and down my throat.&nbsp; I waste no time in moving my mouth over your mound, lapping the sweetness up into my mouth, my smooth tongue running its course from your dripping hole to your quivering bud, running my tongue several times around it, just to hear you moan and feel you squirm beneath me. &nbsp;<br /><br /></font><br /><font size="2">I retrace my path and plunge my tongue into you, at the same time sucking on anything i can get my mouth around, milking you for every sweet drop that you put out.&nbsp; I give my hands a break from your aching peaks and focus one hand around your clit and the other on keeping you from bucking me off.&nbsp; As you hit your peak, you spurt into my mouth, and I make sure that I clean up every little part of your now sensitive cunny.</font><br /><font size="2"><br />I quickly finish cleaning you up, and then move up to stare into your beautiful face.&nbsp; While you come down from the past moment of ecstasy, I enter you.&nbsp; Still sensitive from the attention i just gave you, you buck up into me, forcing me to enter you fully, driving you insane, as you go crazy and start pumping upwards, trying to keep me inside of you.&nbsp; I meet your thrusts and with each push upwards, I push downwards meeting you and causing me to rub every imaginable sensitive spot and me to jump inside of you, making you squirm all over the bed. <br />I pound into you like there’s no tomorrow, and as we both hit our peaks, you push as hard as you can against me, forcing me deep inside of you, as we both explode and you dig your nails into my back, wanting to feel the pressure as we spurt all over each other.&nbsp; We collapse onto the bed in a tangled mess, sweating and gasping for breath.</font>