A Son’s Birthday Gift

tagIncest/TabooA Son's Birthday Gift

This story includes no extravagant super muscelous wonderhuman, enormous siliconboobs or unnatural megacocks. It is, however, a story of a mother's relationship to her son, as she gives him the greatest gift he could have ever hoped for. I should also warn that this story is written by a boob- lover. Enjoy!
Tom lay in his bed on reading a book on the cold Monday. He had been at work all day and was exhausted. The book was the last gift he had got from his dad before he passed away. Tom was 7 when his father got ALS. He died after only 5 months leaving his mother to have to raise her son alone. At times things had been difficult, his mother was great and although she had had to work a lot to secure income, she was still taking the time to take care of her son.
His mother Ada got pregnant with Tim's father as a teenager, leading to the two parents having to raise him before they were really adults. Today Ada was a beautiful 34-year-old woman. Being a young mother, she was keeping herself fit and healthy, and had a slender, but formed figure with a nice body and two D-sized impressive boobs. Her natural red hair hung in waves to her lower shoulder. Her blue eyes were right above her cute mouth which has formed in sweet full lips.
Tim himself was an average teenager. He could have moved a bit more, as he had gained some kilos the last year. His hair was brown, and he had interestingly hazel eyes which fit his height of 178 cm. Tomorrow he turned 20 and was dreading his birthday. He wasn't particularly liked in his school, much because of having been bullied just to rat, which made the bullying even more intense. At the end he had gathered the courage to stand up to his bullies and beat three of them up. After that he wasn't bullied any more, and today he was simply lonely and disliked. He had had a girlfriend last schoolyear, but that relationship had ended when he found out the two of them were too unlike.
Ada's dating life was surprisingly boring. Although she was very attractive and still a relatively young woman, she didn't find much time for dating, and the last men with whom she had dated turned out to be boring and uninteresting. Still, she was putting on makeup every day she would go to work, always using her expensive wine-red lipstick. At the end she felt somewhat lonely, and really wished she could meet the right man.
Tim rose up from bed and exited his room to go downstairs. After a minute he was sitting in the sofa watching tv. After a few episodes of some animal documentary, his mother went passed him to shower. After fifteen minutes she came out in her Japanese Kimono that she bought on her last trip to Asia.
"What are you watching" said she. "Our Planet, I think. Kind of tired so I just put this on."
She went and sat next to him, her wet hair hanging visibly from her newly showered head. "Today was really stressful at work – my new Boss gave me tons of paper to clear until Friday. But I finished everything today, so that I could spend tomorrow with you". "Oh, that's awesome mom" Tim said. "I was dreading tomorrow so badly. Let us do something fun!"
She turned to him and gave him a warm hug. "Yes. Tim, you know I was thinking about what to you for tomorrow. You have been so good to me. I couldn't have asked for a better son. Every time I am sad, I feel like I can talk to you and I love you soo much. This year I want to give you something special, but I didn't know what. But then it suddenly came to me. I will give you a wish. You can wish for anything and then I will see what I get do to make it happen. But please don't ask for something too expensive. You know how it is with the bills right now."
"Oh mom, thank you sooo much! I love you soo much. What can I wish for then? Are there any rules?"- "Tim, I really want to be the greatest mom I can be. I love you soo much and you mean so us much to me. If it is us going on a holyday, or just us going to a rollercoaster park. I am in! this is a golden ticket."
Tim was really excited. But in his situation right now he didn't really want rollercoaster parks or adventures. Tim didn't know why, but he had always been attracted to his mother. He knew it was wrong, but he just couldn't stop himself from thinking about her. It didn't help that he had accidently seen her a couple of times naked. One time they went to a lake, where she suddenly stripped and jumped in. Tim couldn't get the image of his mom's soft boobs that he got to see, out of his head. Another time he had come home to see her in the shower as she had exited. Her nice round ass being clearly exposed.
Tim also thought his mother knew about his attraction to her. One a years ago he had found his mom sleepingwalking in the house. She would oftentimes do this, but this time she was just wearing her kimono. Tim had led her back to her bed and laid next to her, hoping keeping company would help her get to sleep. The next morning, he had woken up spooning with her, his dick hard as a rock. He couldn't help turning horny lying next to her, having his hard on next to her panties. He remembers how his hands had glided to the kimono opening, gliding inside where he found one of her delicious breasts. He had slowly started squeezing it with his whole hand. He slowly started discovering her chest, moving his hand to the other tit, finding the nipple, and cupping it. The only tits Ted had touched before was that of his ex-girlfriend, and they were both smaller and flatter.
This went on for at least five minutes until he started hearing his mother's breathing fasten, realizing that the was starting to wake up. He quickly slid his hand out of her kimono opening. Hoping that she for god's sake hadn't been awake he slowly rose to his feet and left the room. After that evening Ted couldn't forget the feel of her breasts, and how elasticity reacted to his squeeze pressure. Ted didn't know much about boobs, but he knew his mother's were natural as well as perky.
Ada remembered back to the day she had woken up in her bed when her son had started fondling her boobs. He had thought she was asleep, but she had been awake during the whole event. She remembers being frozen in her position feeling the weirdness of her own son playing with her tits, but she tried not to think too much of that day. Knowing that her son was sexually attracted to her made it somewhat harder living with Tim, but after a few weeks she remembered how much she loved her son, and that making him happy made her feel fantastic. She forgave her son for it in her head, and only focused on the positives of their relationship. But now he had changed from a lazy gamer to someone who helped her a lot, made her food several days a week and listened to her when she needed a shoulder. Thinking about her son made her feel weird. It would be wrong to satisfy his attraction to her, but she also loved him, and she knew that he wasn't very happy at the time.
While they both sat in the sofa Ada softly asked Tim if he had any idea of what he wished himself for his birthday. "I don't know, I will have to think about it". Tim knew what he wanted, he was just too ashamed to say it. But then a bolt of energy awoke in his body. He was extremely horny, and his masturbation wasn't a great way of sexual relief. He knew he wanted his mom, and this might be that one time chance of enjoying her sexy body.
"Mom- "he started.
"Yes" she answered
"Please- forgive me for asking this, but I really want you, if only for a day. I really need to feel your boobs, and kiss you." Hearing Tim's request Ada was shocked. But at the same time she knew he had fantasized about her. She wasn't as surprised as she should have been. But she also didn't know if she would do that with her son. She loved him, but let him fuck her? That was something completely different. She couldn't help tho, the feeling she got of wanting to give something good. She knew her son was lonely and didn't have many friends. He wasn't very well trained for his age, and would seldom dress more nicely than he had to. She, on the other hand was very attractive to her age and wanted by both her colleagues as well as her friends. She knew when men were looking at her cleavage and felt mostly uncomfortable with this. Nevertheless, did she still work out and dress attractively to work as well as at home. For his son to get to have sex and fun with her, although he was her son which made it very weird, was still something she knew would make his son happier than anything she could come up with. Still undecided she said: "Oh, Tim. I am your mother, this will be wrong. But I will still think about it, ok?"
"You promise?" Tim asked, sad that she didn't say yes, but still hopeful since she hadn't dismissed it. What was he doing asking this? But he was also so horny for her.
"Yes mom. You are the most attractive and sexy woman I know. I know it sounds wrong, but I cant get you out of my head."
She muttered slowly "Yes ok I promise I will think about it. But I don't know. I shouldn't".
With that she stod up and kissed him goodnight before she turned to him again.
"I think its fair, since I will probably deny your wish that you get to do something you have done before. We both know that you caressed my boobs a year ago, and I know that you constantly look at them. Here, I will let you touch me. But only for a little bit. I hope at least that can make you happy. "
"Oh mom, I love you, thank you!"
With that Tim moved next to his mom, where they stood in silence for a few seconds. Then Tim started feeling his mom up, stopping at her chest. After loosening her belt, Tim opened the kimono, revealing her still full and youthful boobs, with two distinct pink nipples. He cupped them, and started playing with them, enjoying the softness. Then he went on his knees, grabbed a boob and led its nipple to his mouth. Then he proceeded to suck Ada's boobs, softly switching from one boob to the other. After about five minutes Ada stopped Tim and told him that she hoped that had made him happy, but felt weird having her own son sucking and playing with her tits.
After that Tim and Ada gave each other a hug before they both went to brush their teeth. After that they both went to bed, she going to sleep while Tim lay awaken. He was hornier than he had ever been. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it, thinking of his mom's body, and how much he wanted to fuck her. He knew he his chances of getting his wish fulfilled were nothing. When his mother became insecure about something, she would always say no. he knew his chances, and tried to sleep.
The next morning Tim woke up to "Happy Birthday" from downstairs, slowly moving closer and closer towards his room. The door burst open and his mother came in with a cake and a few cups of fresh tea. "Oh happy birthday my Tim! Who would have thought you were 20! I am so glad you are my son! I love you soo much!" She was wearing her sports gear. But today she was only wearing her panties instead of her trainer shorts. Tim was used to this, as his mom was very comfortable around him, but seeing her so lightly clad still made him horny.
"Blow the candles out Tim!"
Tim blew all the candles in one try, and they both of smiled warmly to one another.
"I have thought about your wish, and don't know if I want to do that."
Tim shook his head softly, sadness becoming present in his face.
"Oh baby don't be sad" she said and went to give him a hug.
He shook his head. "I am sorry mom. I know its wrong, but I am still soo attracted to you. But I understand if you don't want to do it. "
Ada and Tim stood there long, looking at one another. Tim said "Oh man, now I am horny. But I don't know what to do. But I guess I should masturbate it away.
Ada continued to look at her son. That poor guy had been bullied and she hadn't been able to protect him as she should have. And now he was sitting there depressed, with feelings he shouldn't have, but still couldn't deny.
After a few more seconds Ada finally took the word: "Tim, I am your mother and you know I love you. I really want you to feel good. "she said. Her face now sadder and more determined.
"Do you really want have me sexually? "
Tim looked up, now sad, but beginning to be hopeful. "Yes Mom, I really wany you. I know its much to ask for but it would really make my day. I mean, my year or life!!"
She looked behind her, and then returned to his face. She loved her son and she was going to show him just how much.
"Oh what the hell! Lets say you may do what you want with me for 24 hours. I know its wrong, but Tim… Oh I love you!"
With that she turned to him, smiling. He looked up with hope, happier than she had ever seen him.
Tim sat back in his chair, eying his mother. His head filled with excitement. This was it.
Smiling, gliding her hands along her body she finally asked.
"So my boy, what can your mother do to make you happy?"
"Mom, can I see your boobs?"
She smiled "Of course Tim", before walking over Tim and slowly dragging her trainer shirt over her head, exposing her sports bra. Hummering with excitement, Tim's hands moved to his mother's slender waist, before creeping upwards. His hands stopped right underneath her tits. Tim slowly lifted one of his hands to her boob, cupping it and slowly starting to squeeze it. Her boob, although under a sportsbra, was soft against his hand as his other hand quickly grabbed the other boob. He slowly moved his hands towards the edge of the sportsbra, lifting it up, exposing her pink nipples. Ada then helped him, taking her bra completely off, leaving her naked from the waist up in front of her only son. He didn't spare any time and started playing with Ada's soft, delicious boobs. Tim moved his mouth to her boob and started sucking on her nipples. He took as much boob as he could in his mouth and sucked her hard. Minutes went by before Ada notice the bulge in his pants. The thought that he was going to put that thing in her was a strange sensation for her. But she had said she would let him have her for a day, so she was going to accept what he asked of her.
Tim's hands started gliding to her ass, feeling out the round natural figure of her buttocks. He slapped her ass, making it jiggle, sending shockwaves through it. Then he started moving his hands towards her vagina, where he put his hand. He then started feeling her pussy, which she had shaved newly.
Ada suddenly felt Tim's hand slowly starting to pull her head towards hers. She watched as their lips met. They made out while one of Tim's hands caressed her boobs and the other slowly stroke her vagina. After making out with her for a few minutes leaned back before he slowly started speaking. "Mom, can you give me a blowjob?"
The thought of sucking Tim's penis was not something Ada had really prepared herself for. She didn't like to perform oral on men, so stood froze for two seconds. There was just something about putting penises in her mouth. She didn't like it. Her shock was very visible on her cute face. Ada then though to herself. "I promised my son, and I love him to death."
"Yes Tim, of course I will, she said as she smiled to him. She then went on her knees. Tim couldn't believe this; he was screaming in his head of excitement. When she slowly pulled off his pyjamapants, his hard dick popped up, ready for her, standing there intimidatingly. It was an average dick, maybe 16 cm. She stood still, just looking at her little man's shaft. He was trimmed, and his penis still had his foreskin. She suddenly felt a bolt of energy as she felt her son's hands continued fondling one of her breasts. She leaned forward and started by taking his testicles in her hand while she used her tongue to lick up the shaft.
While Tim's dick didn't stink, Ada could still smell that he hadn't washed his dick that day. She was contemplating how she was going to suck him.
If he wasn't clean, she was going to wash him with her mouth, she decided. But that didn't help with her disliking blowjobs. It took a lot of willpower and it was especially going to be difficult knowing that it was her son. But she manned up and slowly closed her eyes, with her lips only a few centimetres from Tim's penis head. She could feel her head move, then 2 seconds of nothing until…There it was, the tip of the penis was in her mouth. She slowly slid more of his cock in her mouth.
The taste wasn't very good. For a few seconds Tim and Ada were standing in position they were in. Her head swallowing her sons penis, while his hand moved from one round boob to another, playing with her nipples, sending shocks through Ada's body. Tim's dick didn't taste particuralily good, but she started sliding in and out, slowly slicking the smell of his cock. After taking his dick out of her mouth she swallowed her tasteful spit before continuing. She went up and down on Tim and started going deeper and deeper. She then took one breath, put her arms around his legs, before she started pulling herself, making his dick get ever further into her mouth. She started choking before she suddenly felt Tim's hand pushing her head even closer, and his dick even further in. Oh god, her son's penis was in her throat, going in and out. Ada's eyes were wide open, as she tried to gasp for air. But she only ended up getting his penis even further down her throat. Suddenly she felt it quickly pull out of her, and she could finally gasp for air.
"Oh mom that's soo good. I want to memorize this, so that I will have something to fap to for later."
Tim took one of his hands reached for his phone. "Wait, Tim what are you doing?"
He smiled to her and replied. "I want to save this for later, don't mind me. He then proceeded to photograph her breasts as he fondled then. Then she felt is other hand press her head towards his dick again and before she knew it , she was blowing him again. She would admit she wasn't fond of the idea of her son filming her pleasing him with her mouth. Then she felt him take a solid grip of her head with both of his hands. He had put his phone on the chair in a standing position, only capturing Ada and her body. Ada didn't like giving blowjobs, yet here she was. Her son was pushing her head up and down, using her mouth as his personal fleshlight. The penis coming in and out of her mouth. She thought this would only happen quickly, but Tim ended up fucking her mouth for well over 10 minutes, occasionally slowing down to feel her tits.
He slided in and out and her saliva was puring from her mouth.
"Oh I am feeling it! Im coming! Oh im coming".
Suddenly her mouth was filled with warm cum. She continued to suck as more and more semen entered her throat. She slowed down and let the last of the cum get ejected, before finally pulling back her head. She had never ever let another man use her head like that. But then again she didn't love anyone else like she loved Tim. As her eyes met his gaze, she saw what he wanted her to do. She slowly swallowed every drop of semen she had in her mouth. Tim slowly lifter his phone, and started playing the video. It showed Ada's head sliding up and down on his dick. "Perfect, Thanks mom".
"I love you son. That was very exhausting for mommy, but I know how good it made you feel."
Tim kissed her on her lips and smiled. Ada was about to put her sports bra back on when Tim stopped her. "No, mom you have no idea how good your boobs look. I want to see them when you walk around the house. I want you to go around topless today. She sighed but accepted. After all, her body was his today. She felt him pulling her to sit on his lap, before he again started to feel her boobs up and down. The feeling of her son sucking her breasts was just something she was going to have to get used to she.
After having fondled Ada's boobs for a quarter, Tim finally let her go, and went to take a shower. Ada was just standing there, trying to contemplate what had happened.

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