A story about a hike I took a few months ago and the hairy friend I met

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I live in Rhode Island, but take trips to Seattle about
once a month. The following happened on one of my
trips last September.

It was cool and raining lightly, perfect weather for a
nude hike. I doubt there will be many people (if any)
on the trail, so I can be bare and play with myself as
needed in nature.

I drove to my work and parked my car near where the
trail starts. I got out of the car and stripped
everything off and locked my clothes in the car, then
headed off onto the trail. It’s a little cool out and
damp making my nipples really hard, but it stopped
raining. As soon as I stripped, I started getting very
horny, so I headed for a spot where I could get
comfortable. I sat down on a big rock by a pond and put
my feet into the water. It was cool, but felt good.

I began rubbing my pussy, spreading myself open to get
at my clit. Before long I had three fingers in while my
other hand worked my clit and my nipples alternately. I
was quite a sight, lying back naked playing with
myself. I got off a couple of times like that, and then
got up on my knees and one hand and used my free hand
to finger my ass. God I love anal sex. I came again,
and decided it was time to hike some more, so I
splashed myself with a little water to freshen up a
bit, and got back on the trail.

I had been hiking for a while. The trail has been empty
except for a group of teens I stumbled across that were
partying. If they had not been minors, I certainly
would have joined them. They sure seemed to enjoy
seeing me. 😉 I found a spot where I was fairly sure
nobody could see me and laid down spread out on the
grass. The breeze felt great on my breasts, so I played
with them for a bit, pinching and twisting my nipples
hard. That got me wet again and I started rubbing my
clit roughly, then I put a couple fingers in me. I
worked myself into quite a frenzy and was having a
great time.

Suddenly I heard some rustling in the brush and figured
it was the teens again. I am pretty vocal when getting
off, so it wouldn’t be hard to find me if looking, so I
decided to give them a show. I got on my hands and
knees doggy style with my legs spread wide and my ass
towards the noise and I started fingering myself again.
I was cumming good knowing I was being watched.

Suddenly I felt this big wet tongue on my pussy and
asshole. Shocked, I open my eyes to see a big mutt dog
with his nose in my crotch. I rolled onto my back, he
continued licking me. It felt good, so I let him. He
worked me over with his tongue for a long time. It felt
so good on my breasts and nipples. He even nipped my
nipples a bit. I couldn’t believe how far he was able
to get his tongue in me, and it felt heavenly. He was
even able to get his tongue inside my ass when I spread
my butt wide for him. He got me off so many times that
I lost count.

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Since his tongue can make me feel this good, I just had
to find out for myself what his cock felt like, so I
assumed the doggy position to let him know I was his
bitch. It only took him a moment to get on top of me. I
figured he knew how to fuck in that position better
than I did and let him poke away at me, but his aim was
off and he kept hitting my anus. I love anal sex, but
at this moment, I wanted to feel him in my pussy, so I
reached between my legs and guided his rather large
cock into me.

Oh my God, it was so warm I felt like I was on fire and
he thrust in and out of me with a speed and power like
I had never felt before. I came almost instantly and
constantly while he was riding me and continued while
he was shooting his hot cum inside of me. I was careful
not to let him knot me, and he licked me clean after
climbing off. I was in ecstasy. Then he jumped on me
again. Before I could stop him, he buried that big cock
in my ass.

I screamed at the sudden pain, but it quickly turned to
lust filled pleasure, and I even thrust back, which was
probably a mistake. In my lust and thrusting, I aided
him in pushing his knot into me. It felt really good at
first, but got bigger and we were stuck together. It
felt great, and his hot sperm filled my bowels and gave
me a sensation like I had never felt before. I guess
you could call it a hot sperm enema. When he finished
shooting in me, he tried to get off.

So there we were, butt to butt, stuck together. I must
have looked very foolish. We were stuck that way for 20
or 30 minutes. He dragged me around a little bit. When
he was shrunk enough, he pulled out and I swear there
was a loud pop when he did, and cum ran down both my
legs as I collapsed flat on the grass. Thankfully he
did me the courtesy of cleaning me up again. I just
laid there while he licked my thighs and ass clean with
that magic tongue of his, and dozed off a bit.

I woke to him licking my face. I couldn’t have been out
for more than a few minutes. I rolled onto my back and
let my hairy friend lick my front side clean too. I
just laid there with my legs spread enjoying the
sunshine on my bare body and his tongue lapping away at
my crotch.

When he finished, I stood up as best as I could, and
headed to my car with legs that felt quite rubbery. He
followed me back to the car, where I put my coat on,
and sat in the open door on the edge of the car seat
with my legs spread. He didn’t waste any time finding
my crotch again, so I let him have his farewell licks,
getting me off a couple more times in the process. He
even licked my ass good when I spread my cheeks for

I will have to find myself a nice dog of my own. Today
was my first time having doggy sex, but will not be my