A Strict and Sadistic Mother!

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tagIncest/TabooA Strict and Sadistic Mother!

To be honest, I should have expected it. Mother had always been very strict with me. I was an only child and her expectations were very, very high for me.
"Take them off!" She demanded.
There was no way I could possibly deny her. Never in my life had I failed to follow any order my mother had given me. My father was far too busy to have any care for me, or her for that matter. So my upbringing was entirely my mothers' duty.
Without even I word, I slowly pulled down my pants and stood before her in nothing more than my socks, t-shirt and boxers.
"And the rest!" She demanded. "Take it all off."
I knew what was coming of course. Mother was a very strict disciplinarian. She had spanked me before. Now that I was eighteen her expectations for me seemed to be even greater than ever.
Slipping off, first my socks, then my t-shirt, I finally, slowly, slid down my boxers for her, fearing what was about to come.
"You know I had a call from the headmaster today don't you Simon," she said.
"It wasn't my fault mother. I…" I attempted to explain. But as always, she cut me off sharply.
"I don't want to hear any apologies." She snapped back. "Bend over." She demanded, her eyes looking at the desk in the corner of the room. Her desk, where she did all her work, and the place where I was always punished.
Naked, I bent over the desk as ordered, waiting for her anger to reign down on me. As she lashed out with the palm of her smooth, delicate hand, the pain inside me, was unleashed. Then, she lashed out again and again, counting every time she struck my naked white ass, until, within seconds, it slowly turned a darker shade of red. Now that I was eighteen, she spanked me eighteen times for every year of my life, one extra thrashing for every birthday.
"Now stand up, you naughty little boy," she ordered. The searing pain of the final, eighteenth smack registering in my red ass.
Standing up and turning to face her, a total sense of shock took over her face. Realising what she was looking at, I looked down to where, I too, saw the shocking, embarrassing sight of my always flaccid cock, now hung high and bobbing fully erect in front of my own mother.
"What is that you dirty boy?" She demanded.
"I…I…" I attempted to explain.
Yet before I could muster any words, she had grabbed me by my cock and dragged me back over to the table. Pushing me backwards, she forced me to sit on the edge of the cold, wooden desk. Now, the pain that seared through my ass roasted me even more, the stinging intensifying as I sat down on the hard wooden surface.
Now sitting on the desk, my thick hard, cock still grasped in her hand, I could see the anger in her eyes as she realised what I had done.
"How dare you." She said in shock.
"How could you be so disgusting you horrible little boy. Making yourself hard like this. Hard for me, your own mother. How shameful." She spat, her smooth hand squeezing tighter and tighter on my fully erect member.
As she held me, I couldn't help, but feel an even deeper sense of sexual arousal. Why I had found myself in this predicament I couldn't understand. Mother had spanked me hundreds of times before, yet never, could I ever have imagined that I would have been caught in such an embarrassing situation as this.
"How could you do such a dirty thing to your own mother," she demanded. "Have you no sense of paternity you disgusting little creature. How could you allow yourself to think such terrible things about me? How could you possibly allow yourself such urges?" She demanded in shock, her hand unmoving from around my thick cock.
"I…I…" I attempted again, to say something, but again, no words came out.
Now, her soft, tender hand slid up the shaft of my cock to its tip, where she now clutched on to the head of my cock, yet now, with much less force than before.
"Do you like this?" She demanded. "Do you find some kind of pleasure when your own mother holds the head of your thick, hard member in her hands like this."
"No, I…" I quickly replied, attempting an apology.
"Then why, if you do not like your mother's hand around your cock head are you so aroused by me? Why isn't your cock as flaccid as it always is when I deal out your punishment? Why isn't it as flaccid as your fathers cock always is…" Mother demanded, before realising she had said far more than she should have.
Now, it was clear that she was embarrassed to have revealed the fact that fathers cock was now always flaccid for her! Clearly shocked and embarrassed by what she had revealed, her hold on my cock tip weakened even more. Now I noticed something even more shocking, something I would never, possibly have imagined.
There, beneath her pretty red blouse, and underneath her dark black brassiere, were the unmistakable outlines of mothers' enlarged, clearly aroused nipples, poking out strikingly. It was then, that I realised, not only was I aroused by my mother, but my mother was clearly aroused by the sight or the feel of my erect cock! It was then that I realised she had loosened her grip on my cock, because she too, realised I now knew, that she was aroused by me, or perhaps not me, but the thick hard cock in her hand. A thick hard cock that clearly father had never aroused for her in years.
Mothers eyes now dropping in embarrassment, her hand clutching the end of my cock, the realisation that she was sexually aroused by me, a red hot sensation shot through my body and it it released itself in the clear-fluid of pre-cum from the tip of my cock, depositing itself in the palm of my mothers hand.
Looking down at the pre-cum, now in her hand, it was clear she was at odds with herself as to what to do. Knowing she could no longer chastise me, now that I knew that she too was sexually aroused, we simple stood in silence, a new ball of pre-cum growing, temptingly from the tip of my cock.
The moment seemed to last for an eternity as we both contemplated the reality of what was happening and what we should do next. Then, mesmerised by my cock, she snapped herself out of it, and her usual stern, strictness returned.
"You dirty, disgusting little boy," she said, looking down at the pre-cum that had leaked onto her hand. "How could you possibly allow this to happen. Allowing your senses to get the better of you and releasing this vile liquid onto me. I, your own mother."
Releasing my cock from her grasp, she lifted up her hand and held it close to my face, showing me the wet pre-cum I had deposited there.
"Look at it, you dirty boy. Look what you've done to your mother. Spilling your dirty semen on me. How could you do such a thing you dirty little creature?" She demanded
"Now bend over again, you filthy little boy. I'll spank those perverted thoughts out of that juvenile head of yours."
Pulling me off of the desk, she quickly twisted m around and bent me back over the desk, ready to meat out more of her punishment. Dealing out the first five of her punishments, she then twisted me around to inspect my cock, checking if it had finally become flaccid again, proving that my audacity was just a one-off accident. Yet as she saw my cock again, there was no change. It still hung between my legs, huge and thick and now dripping with even more pre-cum.
Grabbing a hold of my cock again, she thumbed the pre-cum into the head of my cock, clearly angry that I was not only still hard for her, but even more wanton.
"You disgust me, you dirty little boy." She said thumbing the pre-cum into the head of my cock. My cock now alight with stimulation, my knees buckling to the sensations created as my mother massaged my cock head with her thumb on its sensitive skin.
"Are you enjoying this?" She snapped at me, her hand so wet with my pre-cum that she was able to use it as a lubricant allowing her to run her hand down its shaft from top to bottom and back again. Now clearly masturbating me as if it were some kind of punishment, my body was lost in erotic sensations.
The clear pre-cum seeping our the top of cock, ceaselessly, she continued to jerk me off, her son, eagerly. Now it was clear to me, that she would only be satisfied when I had cum all over the delicate soft skin of her hand.
Sitting on the table, my mother giving me the most amazing handjob imaginable, I knew I was close to cumming all over her. Soon her hand would be covered with my hot white cum.
"You like this don't you?" She demanded, rapidly shafting my cock. I couldn't help but timidly nod in agreement.
"I knew it, you filthy little beast. And from you own mother. How could you enjoy something so disgusting and taboo, so incestuous. What if the boys at school found out that you enjoyed your own mother doing this to you? Wouldn't that be the most shameful thing in the world?" She goaded me.
Then, her hand pumping me as hard and fast as she could, greased by the pre-cum eagerly leaking out of my cock. I finally shot my load into her hand. Shooting upwards into the air, before falling back and covering her hand. As the cum landed on her hand she jumped a little at the immense power behind the eruption.
"Happy now?" She asked angrily.
"Yes," I nodded timidly.
"Looking at the cum covering her hand, she brought it up to face level, inspecting it.
"I suppose, now you want to see it in my mouth don't you? You wicked boy. Wanting to see your own mother with your dirty cum in her pure, honest, good mouth." She snapped.
Not knowing what to do or say, I simply remained as still as possible. Yet no sooner had she reprimanded me, than she cleaned the cum off of her hand, licking and sucking on it, until it was all in her mouth. Her mouth full of my cum, she opened it wide for me, allowing me to see the white liquid on her pretty pink tongue. Seeing my semen inside her mouth was the most erotic image I could ever imagine. And, then she dropped her head down to my cock, opened her mouth and dribbled the cum back out again, all over my stiff cock.
"Satisfied?" She demanded, the entire cum content of her mouth, now covering my erect shaft.
"Yes," I nodded, still unable to voice any words.
Then, without another word, she dropped back down, this time much further, opened her mouth, and took the entire length of my cock inside her warm wet mouth and sucked all the cum back off my shaft and back inside her mouth. Returning to head height she opened up her mouth, one last time. Looking at the cum in her mouth again, she closed her mouth, gulped, and swallowed the entire load down. Opening her mouth again she showed me the empty contents inside.
"Now you'd better get dressed, and if I have to punish you so severely again, I will go to even greater extremes than I have today. and don't think I won't" She threatened.

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