A Study in Fragrance Pt. 04

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Author's Note: If you're just arriving, a brief synopsis. Emily, a bright, overly confident, North American, white 18 year old, has decided to enlist the help of one of the contractors doing a remodel in her home. She's discovered a secret room, The Study, that has been walled up since forever. In exchange for his help, not only in opening the room, but in teaching her construction and training her in sex, she's agreed to offer her body to him. She's just started and is already concerned by what she's committed to.
She woke up refreshed, oddly, and excited about the combo—it was the first time Coach would put all three legs together, even if they weren't properly back to back. She felt ready in spite of the recent distractions in her sex life. Sex life! It was the first time she even thought she might have one. Her buns were sensitive and she worried she'd be uncomfortable sitting on the bike, but the irritation was only skin deep, still like a slight sunburn. It was distracting, but after the first few minutes it drifted into the background of aches and pains. At the start of the practice the images from the day before had popped in and out, but by the end she had focused her attention on the race.
Like the day before, the weather started out cool and humid, the air heavy but fresh. At the end of the third leg she was drenched in sweat, her clothes felt like they added 10 lbs. At least it won't be like this on race day. At least she hoped it wouldn't. Coach kept telling them that it was better to train in these conditions, and even though she hated how bad her times were, she knew it was mostly because of the weather. Mostly but not completely. She cursed herself on the way back home. Coach had pulled her aside and pointed out her crappy times in the third leg, a segment she should have nailed. It was because of what she was doing with Cos, but she couldn't tell him that. He knew something was up, though. He asked her if she had her priorities straight. Fuck!
Back at the house she raced upstairs again, her clothes cold and uncomfortable. The crew was already hard at it and she wanted to see if there was anything Cos needed her to do before she made plans.
"Hey," she greeted him in the kitchen. Showered, dressed and still riding the high from her practice, she pulled down a pan to fry up eggs. "I'm heading out for a few hours. Do you need me to pick up any supplies or materials or?"
He looked up from the stairwell. "Did you do your homework?"
She looked around wildly, wondering how he could have known about all of her research, until she realized she was being an idiot.
He looked at her strangely. "It wasn't a life-or-death thing. I just thought you wanted to…."
"No, that's not it. I did it. Yeah. It was a trick question." She pulled out the eggs and butter. Cheese. She'd have cheese today.
He grunted. "Not so much, but okay. What'd you figure out?"
She'd calculated the square footage of the closet wall and, just because, she went online to see what sort of paneling was available. That's when she realized it only came in certain widths and heights. Furniture plywood came in 4'x8' sheets, but the more specialty paneling came in strips of varying lengths. She assumed he wasn't going to go custom on her, so she took the total area and assuming 4×8 figured out how many panels he would need. But there was another problem: the ceiling height. It was 9'. She wasn't sure what he was going to do about that.
"Okay," he stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "That's good. That's about right. The ceiling is one problem, but I'll tell you how we'll deal with that. The problem is waste. Did you figure that in? If you want the door hidden, you'll have to figure in how much coverage you're going to get for each panel."
She studied the eggs and thought about it, picturing the closet wall with a door coming out of it. "How wide is the door?"
"3 feet."
Would it matter where the door went? She quickly decided it didn't, but that was an interesting question. Where did she want the door? 3 feet. So, now she had to figure the length of the wall, divide it by three rather than four, if she wanted the door to look like any other panel. She'd need an extra panel than what she'd calculated.
"Yep. We could try and find specialty panels that are longer than 8' but they will be costly and probably not in stock, so forget about that. Three 4x8s should do us with a foot of waste on each. That tell you anything?"
She knew what he was suggesting, but she couldn't figure out what he was going to do to make it look nice. "We'll take the waste and run it across the top foot. But there'll be seams."
He nodded. "That's true. We'll have vertical and horizontal seams we'll want to cover. For the verticals we'll find some interesting molding. I got a book you can look through and pick whatever you think looks best. For the horizontal, we'll run picture molding, or whatever you want. And that's what we're going to use to hide the door. And the fact the place is out of square." He saw she didn't understand. "You'll see. First things first, we need the plywood. Add two more sheets for the other door, so pickup five in all. We'll figure out the inside paneling next week after we've got everything roughed in. I have a list over there. I called it in along with the hardware; you were in luck, the Sugatsune was available. I assumed a right inswing, full swing. You good with that?"
She had no idea what he was talking about. After he explained it, she thought about it. It wasn't what she had had in mind, but it was probably better his way.
"You can pick it up. It should fit in your SUV."
She plated her eggs, popped the toast and moved to the table, looking over his list. She smiled at how easy they were talking; it gave anyone listening the impression that she was just helping out on a little project of her own. The fact that she was juicing up and imagining him naked, the feeling of his hair in her fingers, none of that was even visible to Cos, let alone anyone else. Did he feel the same way? She couldn't tell by his voice, and she couldn't see his face, so she didn't know. She focused on her food, checking her phone and seeing if anyone wanted to join her at the Humane Society to hold puppies. But the feeling of his arms around her, his hands cupping her breasts, the heat between them kept distracting her. She tried to get back to the feeling of peace she'd had just after the practice.
Caroline responded with a thumbs up. She quickly let her know the start time. Shit it was almost time to leave! She needed to get going.
"They're not really puppies," she confided to Caroline when she picked her up. "They don't have a lot of puppies at the Humane Society very often. Mostly abandoned youngish animals. And some older ones. They're so sweet though. Thanks for coming. Don't you have work?"
Caroline shook her head. "Well, yeah but not until later. I take the evening shift. It's not as busy so I can concentrate."
They chatted about their summer plans and their expectations for college. Caroline was a legacy, following in her mother's footsteps at Mt. Holyoke. Smart. Wicked smart. And artistic. She was always on stage at school. She carried herself with grace and bearing. She remembered her mother's compliments after seeing a performance.
They spent a few hours at the facility, helping where they could, watching families choose a dog, or a cat. It was a little depressing, but Emily knew it was helpful to hold them and make them feel loved. She had almost forgotten about Cos until she saw a young couple, not more than a few years older than her deciding on a dog. When they'd made the decision he held her tight, their lips planted in a kiss, his hands on her bottom, pulling her against him. Emily closed her eyes and flashed on what she had done yesterday: stroking him, his smell coming back, the feeling of his coarse hair in her fingers, being naked, being spanked, exposed and the way he had grabbed her, his reminder that she was his.
"You ready?" Caroline's voice pulled her back and she nodded.
"Hey," she said as they got in the car. "Do you have to be back right away? I have an errand to run on the way home if it's okay?"
"Sure. Where?
"Lumber yard." She turned and nodded when her friend wasn't sure she'd heard correctly. "My folks are remodeling and I've asked the contractor to do a side job for me." She blushed at the image that came up of her stroking Cos, of her spanking and the marathon masturbation session she had.
"You okay?" Caroline looked amused. "Something funny about that?"
"Oh….fuck." She couldn't tell anyone about this. She couldn't. "I…I guess I have a crush on one of the workmen." She giggled and stared at the road.
"Oooh. Does he know? Is there any chance?" Caroline had pledged to be a virgin until she was married. At least that's the last thing Em and she had discussed on the topic of sex. But that was a while ago.
Em shook her head. "Not a gnat's ass chance in hell," she mumbled. "But he's a hunk." She turned to face Caroline. "Coach would kill me. I'm in training. No time for extra-curriculars." She smiled thinly and turned back to the road. She thought she had seen something in Caroline's face but didn't pursue it.
"Hey," Caroline said as she got out at her house. "That was fun! We should hang out more often, yeah?"
Emily smiled. "I'd like that. Really. Maybe this weekend?"
Back in her driveway she parked and practically ran into the house. "I've got the stuff in the car. Should I bring it upstairs?" She grabbed a water from the fridge.
"If you think you can carry it by yourself, sure."
She could tell he was being a prick. "Okay. Sure. I just so happened to carry it from the yard and put it in the truck, so fuck you wise guy. I'll take that as a yes."
"Whooo hoo, such a mouth on that one." Slim gave Cos a look.
"Go for it tiger. Just be careful. It's my workman's comp."
The boards weren't heavy so much as unwieldy. She was able to slide them out and stand them up next to the back stair, but getting them up was a different matter. She dragged them to the first landing; she was soaked from the exertion and the heat. They were okay where she had them, but she didn't want to leave them for too long. Fuck. But she wasn't a quitter, and damn if she was going to let him be right. She ran down to get the hardware and slip on a pair of gloves she'd bought.
With the gloves she felt more confident, and one piece at a time she wrestled them up the rest of the way, laying them down on the floor of The Study next to a pile of lumber Cos must have brought up earlier.
It was almost 3:00 by the time she finished. She was hot, dirty, sweaty and tired, and the part of the day she had been waiting for was just about to start.
"Hunh. Didn't think you had it in you."
His voice startled her and she jumped. "Yeah. Don't underestimate me. What's next." She knew she was tired when she didn't jump on the play on words.
"I gave the guys the okay to go. We can focus on our project. Since you've done the heavy lifting for the day, go ahead and strip out of those clothes." His eyes looked like he'd eat her alive. "I think I forgot what you look like."
She shivered and hesitated for only a moment, thinking of the effect she had on him. It was so hot in the room, she would have already stripped; she just hadn't been sure what he'd have thought. But his expression made her think again.
"Would it help you focus if I could…" She left it up to him to finish the sentence as she pulled her shirt and bra off. "That plywood calculation wasn't the only homework I did last night." She slipped out of her jeans and walked past him, pulling her underwear off as she turned the corner toward her bedroom.
"Oh yeah?" He looked at The Study and then back at her naked ass disappearing into her room. Fuck she's horny.
"Umm hmm," she said, peeking around the corner. "It'll be a lot cooler in that bedroom." She pointed somewhere off to his right on the east side. "Want to see what I learned?"
She walked past him again and went down the hall, not waiting to see if he was following. He'd be a fool. Why wouldn't he? Her heart was pounding in her ears, and self-doubt almost made her look back, when his hands grabbed her. She squealed in shock and fear. She hadn't heard him. She jerked when his hands pulled her back, the pressure on her breasts almost painful.
"FUCK! Cos! You scared the shit out of me!" And before she could say another word he pulled her over to the bed and fell backward, pulling her down on top of him.
"You did a little studying last night, eh?" His voice growled in her ear, his fingers rough against her nipples and breasts. She could feel a lump against her butt-crack and she gasped.
"Yessss, fuck, that hurts. That hurts, Cos!" But he only let up a little and she tried to squirm away. He wrapped his legs around hers, pulling her open. She tried to wrestle herself away but he was too strong. Finally she elbowed him in the ribs and he let her go. "That's just wrong, Cos! That's…" and again, before she could get a thought out, he twisted her around and kissed her. Hard. His tongue pushing through her lips, her mouth open and vulnerable. She couldn't catch her breath, inhaling through her nose, his smell hitting her again and she pushed back into him, her juices flowing.
He finally let her up for air and she rolled off him, panting. "Fuck fuck fuckkk," she exhaled. "God that feels so good." She looked at him, his face flushed, his eyes tracking her like she was prey. "You scared, me Cos. This is scaring me a little." She backed away off the bed, and sat on the floor, watching him watching her.
"Show me," he said. "Show me what you learned."
She just shook her head and collected her wits. She hoped if he came he'd be more rational. She rolled up to standing and walked to the foot of the bed. "It looked like you enjoyed yourself yesterday," she said softly, "but I think I can do a lot better."
She leaned over and unbuckled his jeans, sliding them down past his knees. Already she could smell the sweat and musk coming off of him. His cock was resting to the side, hidden by his boxers, but she could tell it was stiffening. She looked down to see her breasts hanging, her pubic hair matted. She smiled at him, as wickedly as she could, and slowly peeled his briefs down to get another look at his member.
"Hold on," she said. "I forgot something. I'll be right back. Don't move a muscle." She ran to the doorway stealing a glance at his face before racing to the bathroom. He had been smiling, his eyes closed, his cock poking up off to the side.
She needed to get washcloths from the linen closet, as much to clean up afterwards as to make him more approachable beforehand. He smelled too strong; it wasn't enjoyable when she got that close to him.
When she got back he was still lying down, his pants and boxers around the tops of his boots, his penis lying sideways. He was doing something on his phone.
"Looking at porn to pass the time?" She came up between his legs. His eyes darted to her triangle and then to her breasts. It was as if he'd stroked her, the feeling of being exposed and of capturing his attention shot like electricity through her. She smiled, kneeling. "I thought you might enjoy a little bath. Good boys deserve to be clean." She didn't look up when he grunted. It was a thing she'd seen the night before: a naked woman talking down to her boyfriend. In the video his cock had jumped as his girlfriend had talked.
"Actually," he said, putting his phone down, "I was looking at ways I could tie you down. Keep you still while I tormented you."
She looked up in alarm and saw he was serious. The tendril leaping into her throat. "Fuck no, Cos," shaking her head. But she was saying no to her own feelings, her abs clenched slightly at what he might do if she were tied up, shame and embarrassment, powerlessness.
She turned her attention back to her task, still hoping if he came he'd be less intense. She carefully wiped the water soaked rag along his abs, from his navel to the top of the joint where his shaft emerged from the thicket of hair. He moved his hips away at first, cursing slightly at the coolness of the water, but as she rubbed between his thighs he opened his legs for her. "Your balls are hanging down so low today," she noticed, carefully lifting them with one hand while she wiped the rag underneath his scrotum. His moan pushed her further.
She couldn't shake what he'd said, though. The tingling in her buns from the spanking. The idea he might tie her up. FUCK! She breathed and kept her focus on him, on what she was doing to him. She rubbed along the skin and muscle leading down to his asshole, but she stopped short of wiping him there. Not yet. She only had one rag; she'd end her washing down there. Coming back up along the inside of his other thigh she wrapped the rag around his stiffening member, squeezing it a little before gently dragging it toward the head. He was swelling, his cock stood at 45 degrees and swayed when she let it go.
"I bet you jacked off last night," she teased him, rubbing along his pubic hair again. "Tell me the truth. You came at least once after you left." She looked straight at his face, her eyes open, eyebrows raised. She had to keep this about him.
"More than once," he agreed, smiling slightly. "Who wouldn't?"
She nodded and looked back down, inhaling to see if she'd done any good. He smelled wonderful, his sweat and musk making her clench.
"I bet you've been thinking about how slick and tight my channel is going to be when you slide this monster into me." She brought the towel under his balls with one hand, gripping his erection with the other. His skin was tight, her fingers couldn't slide as easily as before. "All I could think about last night was how you had grabbed me, the roughness of your fingers on my breasts." She moved the towel further down and pressed her fingers in between his ass cheeks.
He said something unintelligible as she pushed her finger against the towel until she thought she could feel his asshole. Rubbing it against his sphincter she felt his cock harden and swell, his head growing and darkening. "And how you spanked me," she continued quietly, not sure if she was ready to reveal how much she enjoyed it. "How hot that made me. How hard I came when you fingered me.
"You know how wet I am right now?" She couldn't pump her hand on his shaft. She needed a lubricant. Pulling her hands away she stood up and brought her knees outside his thighs. "Let me show you how wet I am, Cos."
She saw his eyes widen and she knew he thought she was going to fuck him, but she wasn't ready for that. "Unnnh unn, not what you're thinking. We have work to do. No fucky-fucky today."
She didn't know where that came from but he laughed. She lowered her lips until she could feel the head and maneuvered to press her vagina against his shaft. Slowly lowering and raising, using her knees and thigh muscles, she pushed his shaft against her opening enough to cover it with her juices. Rubbing up further, she shivered when his head, hot and firm, pushed against her clit. She could so easily just let him in, and his noises almost made her do it. But she pulled away, sighing, coming down to the floor, her hands back at his cock.
Her juices were all over him and she inhaled to smell their two scents mixed together. "That feels better doesn't it, Cos?" Her fingers lightly painted the liquid up and down the shaft, curling around it until she started stroking in earnest. He was totally erect now, pushing up at 30 degrees, his hole open and extended, his sac drooping down but his balls moving in rhythm to her strokes. "How long do you think you can last?" She teased him again, increasing her movements, squeezing just below the crown while she gently fondled his balls. He was cursing, his hips moving opposite to her strokes, encouraging her to keep going.

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