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tagFirst TimeA Substitute Soldier – A Weekend Pass

I had turned 18 in May and graduated from high school in June. I debated about enlisting in the army right out of high school so my enlistment would end three years later at the beginning of that summer. I had two other options. I could spend this summer having fun and then join the army in the fall. But that would mean that it would be fall when I got out. Or, I could wait for the army to draft me. That would be for only two years but the army would most likely make me an infantryman and send me to Vietnam. To encourage me to enlist for three years the army was willing to guarantee I would receive truck driver training and guarantee I would be sent to Germany as a driver. I would most likely be assigned to a transportation company. I chose to enlist right out of high school. There was no way I could go to college and get a student deferment. I went to the recruiting office in town and signed up. I had just four days to sell my car, tell my family and friends goodbye and use the bus ticket I had been given by the recruiter.
The greyhound bus ticket was to Los Angeles where I would be met by someone from the induction center for swearing in and processing. That included a physical, some forms asking a lot of questions and be issued all my personal army gear. That was all my clothing, 2 pairs of boots, some hygiene items. All stuffed in a duffle bag except the fatigues I would be wearing when a large group of us would leave there for an escorted train ride to Salinas. Then a bus ride to Fort Ord where we would all go thru more processing and then 8 weeks of army basic training. Then we would each go to whichever advanced 8 weeks we had chosen or the army had chosen for us. After our training was complete we would be sent to whatever duty station the army chose. I knew mine would be somewhere in Germany. I won't bore you with a description of what 16 weeks of army training is like. Not much free time for fun but this true story is about a three day weekend over Labor Day in 1959 between my basic training and driver's school.
I was going to hitch-hike the 300 miles home to surprise my family. Back then if you were hitch-hiking in uniform you never stood anywhere for very long before someone stopped to pick you up. It was faster than the Greyhound bus and free.
My first ride picked me up in less than 5 minutes after I walked out the main gate.
It was a lady that I guessed to be about 25. She was only going to Salinas, about 20 miles, but that would get me to Highway 101 where I hoped to catch a long ride south. She was an army wife so I wasn't surprised that she had stopped.
We were visiting as she drove. "Where are you going?"
I told her, "Home for the weekend to see my family."
She went on, "I wish I had family that was close enough to visit. My husband and I are from Kansas. We married right after high school. We've been in the army for about three and a half years. He's always had stateside duty, the last year here at Fort Ord. About six months ago he re-uped for three more years. Less than a month after he re-enlisted he was shipped to Germany. He's been gone for five months. I really miss my soldier!
I asked, "When are you going to go over there so you can be together and live off base?"
She sighed, "I don't know. The army won't move me until he makes E-5. He's E-4 now, but it's hard to make rank in transportation. It's pretty easy if you are infantry or armor."
I was feeling sorry for her. I was also disappointed to hear that it was hard to move up in rank as a driver. Next Tuesday I start truck driver school. I didn't mention that to her.
I asked, "Don't you have other army wives to talk to?"
She replied, "We couldn't find an apartment where most of the other military couples live. The only place we could find is a small house a ways out of town near some farm fields. I don't have any close neighbors. That's why I took a job in Monterey, to have some social contact and keep me from going crazy."
To show my sympathy I said, "That's one of the rough things about being married and in the army before your husband makes NCO."
She took a deep breath and paused. "Let me finish. There are some young military couples who haven't had kids yet realize that there may be times of separation that are just too much. My husband and I agree that sometimes there is an itch that has to be scratched. If either one of us is feeling that, we are OK with that as long it is just getting the itch scratched. If we are very careful and make sure it doesn't turn into an affair we can deal with it. Call me crazy if you want to… Will you be my substitute soldier for the weekend?"
I was dumbstruck! Was she really saying what I thought I heard? She was a nice, young lady and not that much older than me.
It was my turn to take that deep breath before I answered. "My family is not expecting me. I was going to surprise them. What you have just asked is a more important surprise. I think we can be 'family' to each other for one weekend. I'm so glad that you stopped to give me a ride. I'm Bob."
She had a look on her face I couldn't read. Surprised… scared… unsure of herself?
I think she was as surprised as I was that she had actually asked her question and at my response.
Her expression turned into a smile. "Call me Annie."
And so began our weekend. When we arrived at her small farm house I realized that she was being truthful. I grabbed my travel bag and we got out of her car. She led me into her home.
It was a small one bedroom house that used to be occupied by a hired hand for the farm. It was simple but clean. The front room had a couch, a big chair, a cabinet in one corner, and a bookcase. There was a floor lamp in the corner between the couch and chair. The table and chair set was in the kitchen. The bathroom was small. I didn't know what the bedroom looked like.
She sat down on the chair in the front room. I sat down on the couch.
She started, "The only time we have been apart for any length of time before now was when my husband was taking basic and second eight. I stayed in Kansas with my family while he was gone for about three months. His first duty station was Fort Hood in Texas. I moved there as soon as he found an apartment for us.
We moved here to Salinas about a year ago. We detoured thru Kansas while traveling from Texas to here. I haven't seen my family in Kansas for a year. Now I'm here alone with him thousands of miles away. I really miss my soldier!
I'm not sure why I did it… But I stood up, held my hand out to her, and she stood up. I put my arms around her, holding her tight for at least a minute. As I held her I could feel her let out a big sigh. She was about five foot seven, a little shorter than me. The hug felt good. She needed it. I enjoyed it.
Finally I removed my arms from around her and stepped back.
She whispered, "Thank you. Let's go to the kitchen where we can talk while I fix us some supper." She was from Kansas. If she was from some big city back East she would have called it dinner.
We talked while she was preparing dinner. I was sitting at the dinette. When supper was ready she dished up two plates and poured some iced tea. She sat down across the small table from me. It was simple meal but quite tasty.
I said, "Let me rinse these dishes while you put stuff away." She seemed surprised. When the kitchen was cleaned up she took my hand and led me to the front room.
She offered, "Have a seat on the couch. I'll be right back," as she headed for the bathroom. She was back in a couple of minutes. I was surprised when she sat down on the couch. She was a little ways from me. She turned to face me as she pulled her feet up under her as girls do. I turned a little to face her. I could tell she was trying to figure something out in her mind before she spoke.
"I've never done anything like this before. But he's been gone so long and I'm so lonely. You seemed like a nice guy and I just asked you in the car. I didn't have any idea what your reaction would be. Thank you for accepting… and thank you for helping in the kitchen."
I replied, "Doing things together makes everything easier."
She shyly went on. "I don't want to rush. We have all weekend. I'm afraid for us to even go out to eat because there are other military couples here in Salinas that I sometimes see at the market or maybe on base at the commissary. It would be an uncomfortable situation to try to explain who you are."
I assured her, "Don't worry. I understand your position. Let's just spend the evening getting acquainted. We'll figure the rest out later. How about you stretch out on the couch with your head in my lap. We'll be able to talk and watch each other's expressions. Sometimes body language says more than words."
She hesitated. I wondered if I would regret my suggestion. She smiled, turned around and laid her head in my lap. I had worried for nothing. We both seemed comfortable with it. I was holding her right hand in my right just resting on her stomach. My left hand was gently teasing her hair. Her left hand was just resting by her side. We stayed this way, just getting acquainted, for a couple of hours. I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. When I came back she had scooted over to my end of the couch and was sitting up. She said nothing, just patted her lap.
I took my shoes and socks off. I lay down on the couch with my head in her lap. Now she was looking down at me. My view up at her showed that her breasts were probably a full B cup or maybe a C. Her face was looking relaxed. We talked for another hour.
She finally said, "I haven't been sleeping well with my husband gone. I'm going to stop by the bathroom and then get in bed. I'll leave a small light on so you can come join me."
I was happy that she had said join her, but wondered if she would be in a nightgown, pajamas, or possibly nothing. I said OK. I'll give you a few minutes."
I picked my head up out of her lap and sat up. She got up and headed for the bathroom. I sat there wondering what was next.
After I figured she was in bed I went to the bathroom, then into the bedroom.
There was just a small lamp on the dresser. I saw a picture frame turned face down on the dresser. I assumed it was a picture of them or her husband.
She spoke, "You can just leave your uniform, t-shirt and boxers on the chair."
I was hoping that her comments meant that she was also completely undressed.
I undressed and placed my clothes on the chair. It was a standard size double bed. When I looked around after my eyes adjusted from the bright light in the bathroom I could see that she was on the far side of the bed with the sheet and light blanket pulled up to her chin. The covers were turned down a ways on my side of the bed. I lifted the covers and slid in behind her, pulling the covers just halfway up. We were both flat on our backs. There was some space between us.
The silence was intense.
She spoke softly, "Is it OK if we just maybe cuddle a little for now?"
I assured her. "How could I object? A pretty young lady picks me up at the front gate and engages me in good conversation as she drives. Asks me a question that surprised me but to which I readily agreed to, and brings me to her home. Then she cooks and we enjoy a nice supper. I am lying in your bed. Just try to relax."
She spoke again, "I'm just nervous. I don't know what you expected when you responded to my question."
I scooted down just a bit on the bed so that our faces were on the same level. I had a plan if I could pull it off. I scooted over a little away from her. I said, "Annie, turn your head towards me and watch what I do. Then I want you to do the same thing except onto your right side so you are facing me."
She turned just her head to look at me. I rolled over onto my left side, put my left arm up over my head and let my head rest on my arm with my hand up over my head. She watched. I could tell she was trying to process what I wanted and where she would end up if she did as I asked. She put her right arm up over her head and rolled towards me. My calculations in my mind were correct. She was tight against me with our faces very close together. I reached up with my right hand letting it slide across her cheek until my hand was behind her head. Our thighs were touching and I felt no temperature difference. Her breasts were pressing into my chest and she was noticeably warmer than I was. My hand had slid across her cheek and her cheek was hot. It felt like a person's forehead when they have a temperature of 105 degrees. I softly pressed my lips to hers. They were as hot as her cheek. She was extremely flushed. I couldn't see how red her breasts and cheeks were but I certainly could feel how hot they were. I had my hand behind her head so I gently held her in the kiss for 30 seconds. She put her left hand behind my back and pulled us tightly together.
"Hold me, please." We stayed locked together for probably 3 or 4 minutes. Finally she said, "We will scratch that itch tomorrow."
I asked, "Do you want to stay cuddled face to face or in spoon fashion with me behind you?"
She whispered, "Hold me just like this for a little while and then I'll turn over."
She placed her lips on mine for a very slow, sensuous kiss. It was just lips, no tongue, but it felt wonderful. We shared several of those kisses in the next few minutes. Finally she said, I'm going to turn over and I want to fall asleep with you holding me tight."
We let go of each other and she turned over on her left side. I curled up tight behind her, reached around with my right hand and cupped her right C cup breast and gave it a little squeeze.
I said, "Good night, Annie. Sleep tight."
She answered, "I will. Good night my soldier."
We were asleep in minutes. We slept late in the morning. The sun was casting soft streaks of light thru the sheer curtain on the bedroom window. She had no neighbors so sheer curtains were fine. We had shifted slightly during the night. She was now on her back, still tightly against me. Since I was still in a curled up position she had her legs draped over my thighs, still sitting in my lap. I now had her left breast in my hand when I woke up. I gave it a gentle squeeze. She woke up sort of startled, then realized where she was and that it was my hand holding her breast. I raised up just enough to lean down to kiss her good morning.
I asked her, "Good morning. How did you sleep?"
Her answer, "Like a log! Good morning to you, my soldier."
She knew my name was Bob. I wondered why she kept referring to me as 'my soldier'. Maybe she didn't want to say my name a lot of times over three days and have my name, Bob, stuck in her mind. If she were to be missing me after our weekend was over, she could still simply say, "I miss my soldier." I wasn't sure that her name was really Annie. She had said, "Call me Annie." She did not say I'm Annie or my name is Annie. It didn't matter. She was Annie to me and I was being 'my soldier' to her.
I excused myself to get up and go to the bathroom. I was only in the bathroom for maybe five minutes. While I was walking back to the bedroom I figured she would be up and dressed. As I started thru the bedroom door I had to stop and stare. Annie was standing in front of the tall mirror on the low dresser brushing her shoulder length light brown hair. She was naked. She was at about a 45 degree angle to my left. My direct view of her was her back, the dip at her waist, the slight flare of her hips and her long, shapely legs. My view of her in the mirror was an angled frontal view from her sparse bush, over her flat tummy and up to her breasts as she had her arms above her shoulders brushing her hair. There was of course her pretty smile. I just stood quietly for a couple of minutes, letting the picture before me soak into my mind. I did not have a camera to record her beauty. She finally realized I was watching her. She leaned forward to reach down for a hair band on the dresser. She turned about 45 degrees to her left and turned her head a little more to look back at me smiling. Now my mirror view was full frontal and my direct view was a perfect profile. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail and wrapped the hair band around it to hold it on the back of her head.
She spoke softly, "I don't want to get dressed. I want to feel skin to skin everytime we touch today."
I quickly agreed. "That's absolutely fine with me."
We both started walking toward each other. We met in the middle sharing a really tight hug and shared another one of those sensuous kisses. We walked hand in hand to the kitchen where she fixed a pancake breakfast for us, served with orange juice. We continued talking as we ate. When we finished our breakfast I rinsed the plates and glasses while she wiped her skillet out. We walked back to her comfortable couch. She sat down at the end by the lamp.
I said, "Give me 10 minutes to shave. I don't want any stubble scratching you."
I laughed. She gave me a puzzled look. "That's not the kind of scratching we want to do today." It was her turn to laugh. I picked my travel bag up from where I had dropped it at the end of the couch yesterday. I went to the bathroom and made sure my face was smooth. When I came out I walked to the couch and
lay down on the couch with my head in her lap as I had last night.
I said, "Just relax. I want to do something special."
I rolled over onto my right side. My face was right against her bush. Her eyes were open wide. I started lightly kissing her mound and sneaking my tongue into her slit where I knew her clit was hiding. It was easy to find because her labia were starting to puff out which gave me perfect access to tease her clit. She spread her knees a little to give me more access. My teasing got serious.
Annie was totally surprised. She was biting her bottom lip to try to be quiet.
In less than five minutes she lost control. UUNNGG! OOOH! DAMN! Her orgasm had hit her hard. She gently pushed my head back about six inches.
"You don't play fair! That was intense! And I certainly was not expecting that.
But, trust me… I am not complaining."
I smiled, "I just thought I would jump start the day." I rolled onto my back and slid way out on her lap till I was at her knees. "Lean way down to me. I want to wake your nipples up next." She followed my instructions. I put one hand on each breast and gently squeezed to make her nipples poke out. I was just moving my head back and forth, sucking and nibbling on one hard nipple and then the other.
Her breathing was deep but slow, trying to just enjoy what was going on.
She finally spoke, "OH! That feels wonderful. Thank you for shaving."
I continued to play with her breasts and nipples for a little while. We had time.
She said, "Don't make me too sensitive, I've never played like this."
She leaned back against the couch. I sat up and said, "Move over to the big chair, scoot out to the edge of the seat, lean back and open your knees for me." She stood up and moved to the chair, scooted out to the front edge as I had instructed her, and spread her knees just a little bit. She wasn't sure where this was going. I kneeled down in front of her. I picked up one leg, lifting it high enough to drape it over the padded arm of the chair. Then did the same with her other leg. Now she was WIDE open for me to share some pleasure with her. She was looking down at me in disbelief at her position. I placed a washcloth under her, covering the chair cushion. I had brought the washcloth back after I had shaved, and just dropped it on the floor by the chair without her seeing it.
I spoke softly, "Now I'm going to thoroughly enjoy myself. Just relax if you can… and enjoy."
I started spreading light kisses up and down her inner thighs. I placed my hands on the insides of her thighs up near her knees. I slowly ran my hands up a down her thighs a couple of times. She was starting to squirm. Finally I used my fingers to open her outer lips. Then I used my thumbs to push the hood up off of her clit. I leaned in and started gently licking from the bottom to the top several times. She was now gasping for breath. I slipped my middle finger into her tunnel, pushing it all the way in. DAMN, she was tight! So I pulled my finger back slowly and added my index finger. She was WET! My two fingers went knuckles deep into her. My thumb was resting directly on her clit. I started rubbing small circles, one direction and then reversing to rub the other way. She was grabbing at her knees to hold on.

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