A Tale From The Far East Part 2

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By Courtney “My Dearest Richard,

I’m writing you from the harbor in Perth, Australia. The children and I have been at sea for four months now and they grow restless to see you, as do I. The sun here is far more intense than I could have imagined from our home in London. Our ship is in port here for a day and then we make the final leg of our journey to you in Singapore, less than a month left until I can feel you in my arms again. I miss our old home, and my family, but I know once I see you I’ll forget my worries and we can be together. All our love a kisses.

Your loving wife,

P.S. After so many months apart, the night we’re reunited shall be quite memorable indeed.”

I sent my husband one final letter from our hotel before our final stretch would bring us together again. We’ve been traveling on a civilian cruise liner which has made many stops in ports across the world. Although my children and I have enjoyed the opportunity to see the world, it makes us grow anxious to see my husband and their father. We made our way from London to the port of Rio in Brazil. The children loved the soaring mountains contrasting against the white stone building below. Then we sailed to Cape Town in South Africa where we spent a few days as the ship was unloaded and reloaded with cargo. We were taken on a brief trip inland and the children got to see an Elephant, quite amusing. Now here we are in Perth, Australia and there’s only one more destination left, the port of Singapore. Although my husband is a sailor, I myself prefer the feel of land under my feet and will be most happy when this journey is finished.

What has made the trip easier for me is the accompaniment of my dear friend Ida whose husband serves along side mine. She’s a few years younger than myself, at 26 she’s been married for a decade and has two children, I myself am 29 and have been with my husband for 13 years with three wonderful children. We both stand at equal heights, about 5’2″, and have slender figures. My husband will tell you how much he loves my bust, and I fully expect to be taken by him within the first hour of our meeting. Ida however isn’t so endowed as I am, but she has certainly made due, nevertheless. I have long wavy blonde hair, a sort of dark blonde/brownish color that looks fabulous with my favorite dress. The white floral lace bodice with my corset underneath highlights my slimmed waist as it attaches to my long emerald green dress. A pair of black heels lifts me higher in the air giving me a tall, slender appearance. On top of it al is my long silver necklace that I received as a wedding gift from my parents.

Ida, while the same height as me, has shorter brunette hair. She has blue eyes like myself, but a thinner figure. She often wears her favorite long blue dress with a tight corset, and a low cut bust which gives the appearance of larger breasts. I must admit her dress is quite lovely with the gold and silver accents and the white lace frills underneath. The two of us have turned many heads both onboard the ship and in port. Ida, despite her marriage, is very flirtatious and has found it most entertaining to swoon over the many men onboard. She introduced me to a man from Prussia, Walter Schneider, whose traveling with us on his way to Tsingtau, a Prussian colony. He’s told me all about his home in Konigsberg, and how he wanted to raise a family there. He was only 21 years but he was very mature for his age. He wore a grey flannel-wool suit with a double-breasted jacket and had a clean shaven face, which was not as common amongst the Germans I’ve met, usually with long mutton-chops and a mustache. His long golden blonde hair was combed back and his deep blue eyes were set in his firm strong face. He spoke English well but I still could hear his accent. My German was not quite as good as my French or Latin. Ida introduced us shortly after leaving Rio and we’ve spent most of our free time together. He’s treated me like a true gentleman and has helped ease the loneliness without my husband.

“I think he’s in love, the way he looks at you, always talking about a family with you. I see it.” Ida said as we sat on the deck of the ship eating lunch.

“He is not, he knows I’m married and I’d never be unfaithful with my husband, you know that.” I replied.

“Oh come on Catherine, don’t be naive. Men are drawn to women like us even against all logic and reasoning. He doesn’t care if you’re married, you’re husband isn’t here to intervene.” she told me.

“That may be, but I’m a loyal wife. I don’t think it’s right to do what you do with men, flirting and leading them on so. We’re married ladies, we can’t be seen with other men in such positions.” I said to her.

“Oh don’t be so silly, what’s a one time fling going to hurt? You really think our husbands have stayed as loyal to us? You know what they say about sailors right? There’s a reason they build the brothels so close to port.” Ida said.

“That might be true of some, but not my Richard. He’s not some low class, enlisted man. He’s an officer, and officers don’t go around entertaining… whores.” I whispered so not to be overheard.

“Catherine, you’re my best friend, but really you must see that our husbands, like all men, have been satisfying their urges with less than reputable women, so what’s the harm in doing the same with such high status men? A German aristocrat would make a lovely partner, considering you’ll never see him again once we reach our port.” Ida said, trying her best to convince me she was right.

“But what should happen if I give in to temptation and go to bed with him and end up with child? How will my husband feel knowing his wife left London with three children and arrived with a forth? I’m not the Virgin Mary, it’s hard to explain away a child like that.” I told her, hoping she’d drop it.

“You won’t end up with his child, remember how long you said it took to conceive your daughter? Ten months, longer than the time it took to carry her, and yet one simple night of passion will somehow put you in danger?” Ida said. I knew she was a flirt with the gentlemen but I didn’t think she was like this. What might her husband think, his wife finding company with so many strange men? Her husband was a Lieutenant and mine a Captain, but even still, and officer doesn’t let his wife let other men “into the home” like that. Despite my vocal objections, in private I found the idea far more tempting than I let on. After all, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve been with my husband, and our last night together is all but a distant memory. In the days following, Walter would become ever more persuasive and I knew sooner or later I would break. For my marriage I hoped I could hold out until we arrived but we still had several weeks to go.

My daily routine on the ship had me retire to my quarters for the night around 10:00pm. With my children in their own room adjacent to mine. After dinner and drinks in the evening, I was invited more than once back to the private rooms of many gentlemen, even those with wives on their arms, but I always declined. However on this night, seven months to the day since my husband departed, I couldn’t hold on any longer. After I saw Ida leaving the lounge with a respectable looking man I went to talk with Walter. We spoke for several minutes before he offered to walk me to my room. I held his arm as we walked back, once in private I asked him were he was staying and asked if he would show me. We walked up a flight of stairs one level and rounded the corner. He held the small of my back as I walked into his room, a spacious cabin and a good sized bed. He was very well-off indeed if he can afford such luxuries as this.

“You look very lovely tonight Catherine, I’d love for you to stay but I know you’ll want to return to your room. I can walk you back down, if you’ll let me.” Walter said.

“You’re a wonderful gentleman, Walter, and I’ve enjoyed our time together, but I think we both know why I’m here.” I said looking in his eyes with my right hand on his chest.

“I’ve thought about this moment, are you sure we should. I won’t feel any different towards you if you back out.” He said looking down to me as he held me in his arms.

“It’s ok.” I said before kissing him in his room. His lips tasted wonderful, I was so lustful after so long without a partner. Part of me couldn’t believe what I was doing. A lady should behave herself, but I just couldn’t stand another minute without a man next to me in bed. I hoped and prayed my husband wouldn’t find out, and that he’d forgive me if he did. I thought about my children asleep in their room downstairs as I removed my long dress. We kissed and kissed and kissed as we stripped off our clothing. Soon I was left standing in my white lace undergarments, the last line between my body and him. His muscular body was entirely unclothed, and his erect penis standing straight up towards my hips. He came and tore my brassiere off with his teeth, the excitement of an English lady sleeping with a German man was palpable. Soon enough my womanhood was on full display for this masculine gentleman standing before me.

“You’re breasts are divine, and your body is a work of art. God did his best work creating women like you.” he said as I fell with him on top his bed.

“I can’t believe how good it feels to have a man like you making me feel like a woman again. I want you to be with me as if you were my husband.” I told him as my legs spread wide as I laid on my back for him.

His clock read 10:47pm as the head of his penis entered my pussy. A married woman in bed with a younger German bachelor, the scandal this would cause if my friends found out. All I had on was my silver necklace, wedding ring and my pair of black stockings covering my legs up to my hips. My supple boobs embracing the nighttime air as they swayed freely under Walter’s strong body. The boobs that fed my beautiful children now underneath this man as he takes me in his bed. As I found myself with him deep inside me, I became ever more lustful, wanting to things with him that I had never done for my husband. After some time spent in a desperate missionary position, he pulled out. Wondering if I had done something wrong, he told me to flip over. Confused I did as ordered, and got on my stomach. He pulled me up on my hands and knees by my breasts, and while continuing to hold them, reentered my married pussy. This position felt amazing, and the sounds we made just made me even more lustful. I was a faithful woman an hour ago, now here I am being used like a farm animal. I wondered what Ida might be getting herself into right now, and if she would find out about this.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, oh yes! I’m so in love, Walter! I love what you’re doing to me!” I moaned.

“AAAAARGH! AAAAARGH! AAAAARGH! God you’re the tightest woman I’ve ever been with!” he said back as he fucked me. Suddenly he pulled out of my vagina again but this time pressed the tip of his penis against my asshole.

“No, no, please not like this! I’m a respectable lady, not some lower class whore! That’s not a place for you to enter!” I tried shouting, but he just covered my mouth and began thrusting deep inside me. My asshole was in so much pain as his penis stretched me open. I had never had anal sex before but I know it’s a thing in some circles. He wasn’t going easy on me either, just like Ida told me, all men are lustful animals and I’m nothing more to him than a body. I felt like such a whore, how could I be so stupid as to let some random man take me like this when I’m only weeks away from seeing my loving husband? What kind of image was I setting for my 10 year old daughter and my sons? That mother is a common whore and all it takes for my infidelity is enough time from their father? What if my daughter grows up to be like me, a cheat and a slut? Or my sons, growing up knowing that every woman they encounter is just the right set of circumstances away from being a whore? I felt disgusting, yet the more he ravaged my asshole, the more I grew to love it.

It was in this moment I thought about a woman I hadn’t thought of in a long time, Lady Margot Flemming. She was the “leader” of my old social circle in London until she traveled to South Africa with her husband. She was always the most stuck-up, rule following, bully of a woman. Every minor “infraction” any of us ladies made she would share with the group. Every scandal uncovered, except her own. That is until she returned from her trip, a year later with a mulatto child in her arms, despite her and her husband being blonde and pale as can be. Her husband divorced her within a week of their return, and she’s fallen to the streets like a poor beggar. It turns out she went with her husband on Safari and slept with a tribal man without her husband’s knowledge, she gave birth on the ship back and now lives as a whore in a brothel in London. The point you might ask? At least if I should fall pregnant with Walter’s child, at least he looks enough like my husband and I that no one will suspect a thing.

“Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Walter! Are you going to give me your child? I’m already a mother! Think of my children! Please don’t do it!” I moaned as he was back inside my motherly pussy. I was never much of a screamer, but I knew the people in the surrounding cabins could hear us.

“Mrs. Catherine, where I come from, if a woman is unfaithful, then it’s all but assured she’ll bear her lovers child. Your husband is a lucky man to have you but, you’ll have my child in your womb when you reunite.” he said so matter of fact.

I was begging for one thing, but was positioned for another. On my back, legs spread high with his penis collapsing into my pussy like my husband’s did when we conceived our children. Begging him not to release in me. I was no better than Lady Flemming was, with all the gossiping I did about her, and now I’m about to be with child from a man not my husband. What might she have thought, underneath that Negro? I didn’t have time to think as the air was filled with desperate grunting as my pussy stretched to it’s core. My moans of “Please no!” turned to “Please!” as he held himself down, emptying himself into me. I considered leaving but decided to stay the night with him. The clock now read 12:17pm. No respectable lady is out at this hour. As I laid there next to him, in love with him but disgusted in myself, I asked, “How many of these other high society ladies do you think have affairs like this?” as he fondled my boobs.

“The older they get, the more commonplace I hear from some of the older men onboard. The ladies all take men from the lower decks to be treated like a whore in a brothel for the night while the men impregnate the lower class wives. Most older men go for the youngest of women, my father married my mother when he was 37 and she was only 14. In fact if what they say about sailors is true, you’re husband has probably been with several other women by now. Don’t feel hurt, it’s only natural to desire sex, I hope to find love like you and your husband’s someday, but having an affair is nothing out of the ordinary for people like us.” Walter told me as he caressed my boobs softly.

He helped me dress the next morning early before my children woke up, ensuring they never found out. At lunch the next day I spoke with Ida about her night. She told me in confidence how she joined a married couple in their cabin. She told me the husband had the most incredible sex but the wife simply sat by watching. I couldn’t believe what I heard, but we giggled to ourselves like schoolgirls as we shared the details of our nights of infidelity. Out of guilt I couldn’t bring myself to cheat after that night, and to my delight I didn’t end up pregnant. In just one more week, I’ll be with my husband again. Oh how I can’t wait to be with him…


I hope part 2 is as enjoyable as part 1, I’m going to take my time to ensure part 3 is as good as I want it, so leave a comment on what you think could make it great! Attached are pictures of Ida and Walter, see part 1 for pictures of Catherine and Jing Yi, Catherine’s husband’s lover.

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