A Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 12

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tagIncest/TabooA Tale of Twin Tails Ch. 12

*** This chapter begins the day after last night's events.***
– Please call me back. I haven't stopped crying since you left. PLEASE
Becky reread Jessie's latest text. Becky had seriously considered leaving her hanging for the entire weekend, but Jessie's pleas had not stopped and grew more incessant by the hour. Becky had fled her lover's house the night before feeling great, but now, as the lunch hour approached, she was feeling a bit of remorse. Not enough to spoil her lunch, but still, she supposed she had to end her Jessie's suffering sooner or later, and she admitted that she did love her in her own way. Yet she needed Jessie to break away from her parents and a little forced suffering was the only way that was ever going to happen. Becky needed to strike a balance between making Jessie want to move in with her without being too obvious about her machinations. All in all, now seemed just about the right time to cast the dye, she decided.
She texted: – I'm sorry for bailing and avoiding you, but I got freaked out.
– Please don't be mad at me. I love you.
Becky took that opening to put Jessie on the defensive: – Why would I be mad at you? Did you put your dad up to it or something?
– NO! I just thought you were mad because you didn't take me with you.
– I am mad, but not at you, babe. I feel bad for leaving you there. Are you OK?
– Yeah, mom actually kicked him out right on the spot. She still blames me in her backhanded comments though. Basically saying we were asking for it by flaunting ourselves in our PJs.
– Flannel PJs? OMG That's fucked up.
– Yeah. Crazy how when your dad was doing his thing, it didn't seem creepy, but when my dad it, it was just gross. Not joking.
-Um, probably because we were awake?! And we agreed to it. Plus he's super hot… and you loved it BTW.
– I guess you noticed that, huh?
– Yes. I like that you liked it too. Watching you get banged gets me off.
– Seriously?
– Hell yes.
Becky was doing everything she could to get Jessie to ask the question. She wanted it to be Jessie's idea so she added: – Dad asked me why I came home last night but I have been blowing him off.
– Literally? 😉
– Ha, no. He asked about you though.
– Oh yeah?
– Yup. He thinks you're cute.
– OMG. Don't you think it would be weird though?
– What?
– Me living there. With all that stuff going on.
– What stuff? Fucking? You like it. I know from personal experience.
– But like everyone is doing it with each other, right?
– Only if they want to. From the way Katie has been walking this morning, I think she really wanted to last night!
– With your dad? And nobody is weirded out by that?
– And my mom. And not weird one bit.
– So if you walked in and I was going down on Katie…
– I would join her.
– You wouldn't be mad?
– Nope.
There was a long pause, meaning Jessie was probably thinking about what to say next. After a few minutes and no response, Becky headed to the kitchen to make some lunch. Jessie was at least considering it and that was good enough for now.
Jessie saw that Katie had limped her way to the couch. She called out and asked Becky to make her something because she was too sore to get up. Becky put two sandwiches together, grabbed a couple of sodas and settled in beside her sister to eat. Katie told her all about last night and how incredible it was. Becky had no desire to have two dicks in her ass, but openly admired her sister's apparently ever-expanding sexual appetites. Still, she could not resist making fun of Katie's inability to walk straight. Katie laughed it off and said that it was well worth it. She would definitely be into doing it again…maybe with Becky.
By the time they were finishing up with their lunch, Becky's phone began to buzz. It was Jessie again, but this time she was calling. Becky answered and walked back to her room.
Jessie was clearly crying and opened up with, "I officially hate my mom."
"I thought you already did," said Becky.
"Yeah, but she stormed into my room while we were texting and demanded to search my room. She tried to read all my texts too, saying my dad insisted that you and I put him up to doing what he did. That's why I had to go so fast."
Oh shit, thought Becky. "So what did you do?"
Jessie let out a slightly hysterical giggle. "I didn't let her do shit. Instead, I slapped her and called her a bitch."
"No fucking way!"
"Yeah. She slapped me right back of course," sobbed Jessie. "But I finally stood up to her. I told her I was leaving."
"Wow. I'm proud of you. So what are you doing now?"
Jessie was still sniffling but had control of herself. "Well, I was going to go to my girlfriend's house, but I could stop by to see you first I guess."
Becky laughed. "Look at you. You're a big girl for all of two minutes and suddenly you're fucking with me."
Jessie laughed a little. "Maybe. So… can I come over? If not, it's cool. I'll just go to the shelter." Sadly, Becky could tell that Jessie was only half joking.
"Alright, alright. Let's not be too dramatic shall we?" mocked Becky. Just get your little ass over. My parents went out for lunch but I'll text them to make sure it's OK. If not, you can live in my closet in secret, like E.T."
"Anywhere is better than back home."
"Yeah, they suck. I am really sorry about that," lied Becky. "See you in a few."
Becky texted her dad to let him know what was up. He texted her a thumbs up emoji but also reminded her to make it clear to Jessie that anything that she and Brent had done previously had better never come up. To take some of the sting off, he added that she should also tell Jessie that she would never have to do anything she did not want to while she was there. When Brent asked Becky how she had worked this out so quickly, she told him he would have to ask her later.
Becky headed back to the living room still undecided about telling her dad the whole story. If Jessie ever found out the truth about what Becky did, to say that things would not go well would be the understatement of the year. On the other hand, if she told Brent the version that Jessie believed, he might go kill Mr. Radcliffe for molesting Becky. Becky decided that she would risk a lie with Brent, her first in a long time. After telling him her version of events, she would insist that the cops not be involved because of the potential risk to their own lifestyle. If that didn't work, she could always confess and take her punishment, which she was sure would involve her dad's dick and her ass. She told herself that was gross, but the tingle in her pussy told her otherwise.
Jessie arrived before too long with just a handful of her belongings in tow. She said that she had to leave abruptly, so she focused on getting a handful of her clothes and her photography and art supplies. Jessie looked flustered, disheveled, and like she was about to break down and cry right there on the doorstep. Becky wrapped her lover in a fierce hug before pulling her inside and shutting the door. Outside of the prying eyes of any neighbors, Jessie planted a long kiss onto her friend's trembling lips.
"It's gonna be OK," she whispered quietly. "Dad said you can stay here, no strings attached. I didn't tell him anything except that you went through a rough patch with your folks."
Jessie melted slightly in her friend's arms. "Thank you, Becky. I definitely need a place to stay and being with you is about the best thing in the world. I might need some time though for the, uh, other stuff."
"Don't worry about it. No one is going to mess with you if you don't want it," she kissed Jessie again. "But you have to keep mum about what me, you, and my dad did. Like forever. That was before all of this stuff happened here and I don't want mom to think dad was cheating on her or anything."
"Even though he was?"
"Look, it's crazy complicated. She was cheating too. Anyway, just promise, OK."
"I promise," said Jessie before kissing her lover again.
"Good. Let's grab your stuff from the porch and get you set up in the backyard," Becky said deadpan.
"Yeah, doghouse, bitch," snorted Becky.
"Very funny. Fuck me like yesterday though, and I'll be your bitch anytime."
"Deal! No take backs."
The ice broken, Jessie smiled and shed her coat. They grabbed her stuff and took it to the spare bedroom in the basement. The room was pretty bland, but had a queen sized bed, dresser, and side table with a lamp. Brent had also wired it up with cameras just in case. There was only a half bath on the floor, but Jessie didn't mind showering in the twins' bathroom. She had never thought about Katie sexually, but somehow the image of the three of them showering together suddenly popped into her mind. Becky's mom was hot too, thought Jessie. She was hotter than any of the lesbian MILF moms she had watched in her occasional porn video search sessions when her parents were not home. What had started out as a half hearted acceptance into the Johnson household, was quickly turning into a horny teenage lesbian's fantasy come true. Jessie caught herself smiling as she unpacked her meager belongings.
When Brent got home, Jessie and the twins were watching TV in the living room. Brent's dick twinged at the sight of three teenaged girls lounging around with each other. One day soon, he hoped they would be doing it with far fewer clothes on.
Better go slow, he chided himself. In fact, he decided to let Kat "help" Jessie adjust to the new living conditions before he made any advances. He vowed to remain true to his word about not forcing himself on her… if he could help it.
He left Kat and Katie alone to chat with Jessie while he asked Becky to help him bring in some groceries. Once outside, he had her fill him in.
"So what happened last night? he asked.
Jessie stuck to her plan. "Well, this is totally crazy, but her dad is apparently a major perv, just like you. I saw him ogling me earlier last night and didn't think much of it. Then, last night out of nowhere, I wake up and he's jacking off while standing over me. I screamed, Jessie's mom ran in, and I got out of there."
Surprisingly, Brent did not react with any rage. He just stood there listening. She could tell he wasn't buying it. When Becky stopped to take a breath, he said, "So what happened next? Let me guess. You left and Jessie followed you home like a stray dog?" He shook his head. "That sounds pretty convenient. especially considering that the whole reason you were there was to bring her home."
Sticking to her guns, she said, "No, you sent me there to get a read on the situation. I thought we would try to get her to move like a month or so from now, not today. Besides, are you saying I would let some wrinkly old man jack off on me?" Becky was suddenly mad that Brent wasn't trying to rush to her rescue. "He came on my tits, daddy!"
Brent was moved by her sudden flash of anger, but he still had his doubts. "So he shoots his wad on you and you race home distraught, but you didn't wake me up or mention anything this morning when you were wolfing down breakfast? When I came home, you guys were laughing it up just now."
"You don't believe your own daughter?"
"You mean the one who was robbing me blind a few months ago? No." Brent sighed and said, "Listen Becky, just be honest with me now and your punishment will be less than if you stick to this B.S." He could see her wavering enough to know for sure that she had lied. So he added, "I'll even give you a free lesson. If you want to tell a convincing lie, you better lay the groundwork first, pumpkin. You should have moped around all morning or came in crying last night. Lies like this can't happen in a vacuum."
Fuck! Sometimes she hated having a dad who caught people lying for a living. She bowed her head.
"Sorry, daddy. I just didn't want you to think that I would do something that low. I really did let him jizz all over me."
Brent put a conciliatory hand on Becky's shoulder. To anyone watching from a distance, this looked like a true father-daughter bonding moment. "So you could do what your daddy asked you to do." Brent was actually pretty impressed by how committed Becky was to the cause. "That was actually very brave of you, Becky. Now tell me everything."
So she did. From strapping her lover to helping Mr. Radcliffe shoot his load on her, she told him everything. Telling her daddy that last part was humiliating, which for some reason got her very wet, but Brent nodded approvingly while she spoke.
"And how did it feel?" he asked.
Becky shrugged. "It was hot and sticky, I guess." She dropped her head. "But I liked it, daddy."
Brent chuckled. "No, not him cumming on you. How did it feel to manipulate that whole family like that? You know you ruined his life, right?"
"He fucking deserved it," she said, suddenly angry again. "They have been crushing Jessie's spirit since she could walk and I just got them back for it. I hope they're miserable."
"Becky, that was probably one of the riskiest things you've ever done. It could have went really bad, and it still could. Now you've got a guy out there with no daughter or wife anymore and he knows you set him up." Brent ran his fingers through his hair. "But damn, girl, you did all that for me and for your friend. That was pretty bold. Not the smartest, but damn bold."
She had really done it for herself, but she was glad Brent thought otherwise. "Aw, he's too big of a pussy to do anything, and it felt great by the way," she said with a shrug.
"Don't be so sure. Now he's got nothing to lose."
"I hadn't thought that far ahead, daddy."
"I know, kiddo." Brent hugged her close. "That's because you're a dumb teenager who was thinking more about pussy than consequences. I've been there myself." Brent squeezed Becky tightly once more. "You got the job done kid, but you left a hell of a mess. Daddy will take care of it."
"Thanks dad. Don't tell Jessie."
"We won't tell anyone. Ever. Stick to your story if it ever comes up."
"Yes, daddy."
Brent gave her butt a little slap as he turned her toward the car to grab the groceries. "Good girl. Oh, and don't think you're getting out of this without a punishment either. No sex for a week."
"Seriously?" Becky actually looked distraught.
Brent chuckled. "Not a chance. I'm too horny."

That night after dinner, Brent pulled Jessie aside to assure her that he would not force himself on her in light of what had happened last night. He assured her that Becky had told him everything, but both he and her were very discrete. The rest of the family need not know. He even offered to call the police, but Jessie refused as he suspected she would. She was a self professed lesbian now living in a house with three hot women. Once she got a taste of what Katie and Kat could do, Jessie would never leave even if Brent bagged her every night himself. Now it was just a matter of setting things in motion.
With that in mind, when Kat and Brent were in bed that night, he mentioned that Jessie did not bring much in the way of clothing.
"Oh?" said Kat. "I could take her shopping this week after school."
"And of course, you should help her try some things on to make sure they fit," Brent offered.
"Brent, not every girl wants to fuck me."
"Yes they do, and so do I."
"You're just horny."
Oh, you don't know do you?" Brent said coyly.
"Jessie is Becky's girlfriend now. Like lover girlfriend. Been going on for a while I hear."
"Are you serious? When were going to tell me all this?"
"I am telling you. Becky just came clean this afternoon," lied Brent. "Jessie's parents are stiffs so they had to keep it secret. Becky just decided to keep it from everyone to be safe. I think that had something to do with why she's our new housemate and why the secret is now out, but I'm just guessing."
"So she's…"
"A full on box muncher. That's right. Have a talk with Becky tomorrow and make sure she's OK with it, but if she is going to be living here, you will need to get her on board with what's going on. That is unless you are done with fucking your daughters for a while."
"Hell no," Kat purred. "Last night was the dirtiest thing I have ever done…so far."
"Well if you want more of that, I guess you better get into somebody's panties. Katie too, but don't force it. Take your time and enjoy yourself."
"Yes, dear," cooed Kat.

So the family spent the first couple of days and nights walking on eggshells. The new guest was quiet and timid despite everyone being overtly courteous to her. Jessie went to school, did her homework, and secluded herself in her room for the most part. Becky slipped down from time to time, but Jessie would only make out for a few minutes before breaking things up. She said it still felt too weird and her head was a little messed up from what had happened at home. She insisted that she just needed some time to adjust.
Becky had no intention of telling Jessie the truth about that. Better to have her slightly distraught than totally insane with rage at being manipulated the way she was. In time Jessie would get over her dad's alleged transgression. If he had been hotter or not such a dick, Becky might have played things differently. As it was, she was still glad Jessie was here and that the Radcliffe family was thoroughly broken, because they deserved it. She felt confident that Jessie's legs would be spread soon enough. Getting them that way would be half the fun. With that in mind, she went to find her mother.
Becky walked into Kat's room just as she was finishing up in the bathroom after work. "Hi, mom. I have a task for you."
It had been a while, but Kat fell back into her assigned role immediately. "I'm ready, Ms. Johnson," she said with her head slightly bowed.
"My friend Jessie is pretty sad. She also needs some new clothes. I think you should take her on a date."
Kat smiled, "Gladly, Ms. Johnson. Your dad had actually asked me to do that already, but it's been so busy. Oh, dad told me you and her were dating. I think she's cute. It's OK if you just want to call her your girlfriend around the house. We don't need secrets anymore. I'll take her to get some things tonight."
"That's fine, but when I said date, I really meant a date." Becky stepped a little closer to her mother. She added, "Specifically, a date that involves you making her cum before we get home."
"We? Tonight? But she's so shy and we don't really know each other. I can't just do that tonight. It's too fast. Brent said we should take it slow."
"Don't sell yourself short, mom," Becky said sweetly. She walked up to her mom and undid Kat's belt. "You're the sexiest woman I've ever known." She pulled Kat's belt free from her loops and undid her mom's pants. "You could get anyone to fuck if you wanted them to. Just like you got daddy and Katie. Oh, and let's not forget Mr. Hardinger." She pushed her mom's pants down. "Remember that I still own your ass. Now unless you want me to tell daddy what you did, turn the fuck around and face the wall," Becky commanded suddenly.
"What?" started Kat.
Whap! Becky flicked the belt across Kat's tits, making her mom cry out softly.
"I said turn around. You told me no, mom. You've forgotten your place. I fucking own you, not daddy. You're not taking shit slow. Now turn the fuck around."
"Yes, Ms. Johnson," Kat whimpered. She quickly stepped out of her pants and turned to face the wall. She pressed her face against the cool plaster, feeling both ashamed and aroused at the same time. "I'm sorry, Ms. Johnson." She arched her butt out. Definitely aroused, she admitted to herself. "Punish me, Ms. Johnson."
At about the same time, Brent, who had been coming home early every day, had just about finished getting dinner ready. Admittedly, he cared less and less about work and was looking forward to being totally free of it in the near future. Katie and Jessie were seated at the dinner table nearby, finishing up their homework. Brent had been routinely checking his video and getting updates from everyone, but so far, nobody had broken the ice with Jessie. She and Katie had started talking a bit more, and seeing them doing homework together was surely a good sign. Jessie was even stealing occasional glances at Katie, Brent noted. He also realized that Katie had a couple extra buttons undone on her top. Interesting.

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