A teenage girl finally gives in to her sexually precocious younger cousin

Finally I have actually let him do it. I know, I know.
Its perverted, its sick, and I am old enough to know
better. But he is so sweet, so persistent, and my God
was he grateful!

Bradley is my nephew by my older stepbrother. He is 18
and gods gift to boy lovers. I don’t know what the gay
men who see him in the street think, but I know he has
the face of a cheeky angel, long soft brown hair, soft
pink lips and smooth coffee brown skin. His smile is
white and somehow faintly knowing. He is slim and quite
short for his age and also has an endearing lisp, which
is getting fainter as he gets older, but still adds to
the ‘come and fuck me’ air he carries around with him.

His mother caught him last year, innocently standing
with his trousers round his ankles in a country park
men’s convenience, being masturbated by a man in his
40’s. She is quite laid back, his mum, and although
obviously not prepared to see him tossed off by a man
of that age, just shouted at the guy, pulled up her
son’s trousers and left with him trailing behind her.

She told me Bradley had an amused, dreamy look on his
face whilst the man was fondling him, and although not
an active participant, was not in the least bothered by
his adult molester.

Anyway, back to my own contribution to his education…

We (that’s me and my little sister Lizzie, who is 22)
have been acting as Bradley’s unofficial babysitters
since we were old enough to be left alone, and we have
gone through the usual “show me yours, and I’ll show
you mine” bit several times. The first time was
probably when I was 21 and Lizzie 20. It only consisted
of she and I dropping our pyjama bottoms and showing
off our fannies, and him proudly sticking his little
stiff cock out from the fly of his pj’s.

We did that a few times, and a couple of years ago,
when Lizzie was 18 and I was 19, we did strip off
completely and let him have a good feel of our breasts,
although mine have never been more than apple sized,
and although two years later Lizzie has a nice bouncy
pair, she was a late developer, and then was only
sporting two small bumps. His cool fingers were the
first apart from my own to touch my nipples…

We paid him back by making him walk around nude for the
rest of the evening, but I swear his hard on never went
down! We realised that it was no punishment, so stopped
short of anything more sexual.

But this week, all those barriers have been broken down
and shattered. It started like any other routine
Saturday night in with Bradley. My parents are in
Greece for a winter break; Brads are in America doing
some Christmas shopping. Lizzie was supposed to be
there to keep me company, and fight off Bradley’s
lecherous advances, but her new boyfriend (who is 10
years older than her, and she will be hung, drawn and
quartered if my dad finds out) wanted to take her to
his flat ‘to watch TV’ Yeah right, I guess by 8pm,
Lizzie had probably already been fucked at least once,
and was getting him up for the second course, so that
did not improve my mood…

Well, we watched TV, and I made him get ready for bed,
showered etc. Then I went up and, carefully locking the
bathroom door (bitter experience!) did the same.

Both of us sat on the big 4-seater couch and watched a
film. Unfortunately the film turned out to be a little
hotter than I had bargained for. It was called ‘Night
Hair Child’ and was on an old cable channel which
specialised in B movies from the 70’s. Now I thought we
didn’t have sexy movies then (now I am much wiser) and
I had never heard of Britt Ekland (who apparently was
an ex girlfriend of Rod Stewart, that wrinkly old rock
star my mum still likes.

She was playing a step mum, babysitting this kid, who
was about 13 I guess. But in a scene where she was
giving him a bath (at 13? God forbid I had to bathe
Bradley, he would have been all over me!)

But the kid, who was quite cute I have to say, made a
move on her. While she was getting a towel, he reached
out from the bath with both hands under her arms and
cupped her breasts. You would have expected her to go
crazy, but I guess there was history of this here, and
she allowed him to do it for about a minute, circling
her nipples, and generally turning her to mush.

It had a predictable effect on Bradley, and he
immediately started coming on to me, laying across my
lap and trying to squeeze my boobs. Normally, I would
have given him a sharp slap, and he would have
retreated wounded, but I allowed myself to be wheedled
into letting him have a good old feel.

That was mistake number one. My second was to have
omitted to put on clean knickers when I had a shower.
After a few seconds of Bradley’s fondling, I lost the
plot a bit, and you know that feeling when time gets
elastic, and you find minutes have passed when you are
out of it? – Well, my young nephew took full advantage
of my stupid, lazy inaction.

I felt a cool rush of air on my thighs, and began to
close them, but he was too quick for me. One small hand
was trapped right up between my legs, the fingertip
just touching my pussy. We struggled for a minute, one
of his hands still kneading my breast, trying to break
down my defences. It was warm, I had had two glasses of
cold wine from the fridge, and ok, fuck it, I was horny
as hell ok?

So young Bradley got his way, I opened my thighs laid
back and let him explore. I give him his due, he had
obviously spent time on the Internet, checking out
techniques, cos unlike some of the boys I had allowed
this particular privilege, his fingers were gentle, not
rough, and he seemed to know what bit to concentrate

I found myself relaxing back even more, my legs were
now spread obscenely wide, and his hand was diddling me
very nicely. I dreamily looked into his eyes, and saw
him looking back at my face, watching my expression as
the sensations grew. Looking down, I could see that the
tent in his pj’s was impressive, and, wanting to give
him some reciprocal pleasure, I squeezed the bulge
firmly. Big mistake number 3. His eyes flew open wide,
and he hissed a desperate protest

“Too much, I wont…”

But it was too late, I felt hot wetness fill my palm as
I held him, and he jerked and writhed as he came.

I went to get a towel, and he lay obediently back on
the couch as I mopped the considerable volume of milky
sperm off his flat brown stomach. I took longer than
was absolutely necessary, because, unlike my other
boyfriends, his cock was not shrivelling into a cute
but vaguely ridiculous pink tube. Instead 5″ of stiff
juvenile cock was still purple hard and quivering.

Now he was clean again, and clearly still up for more
experiences, I had lost any will to stop what we were
doing. I stripped the pyjamas from his body and made
him lay along the sofa. I could now see, at eye level,
as I knelt on the carpet, his erect cock. Again, I
wondered how such a prodigious weapon fitted such a
small and undeveloped boy. Bradley was going to make
lots of girls very happy with that thing. But they
weren’t here now, I was, and I was determined to make
his first time memorable.

He lay quite unabashed, as I explored every inch of
him. Licking his small pink nipples until they stood
proud of his chest, I kept his hard cock in my left
hand. I kissed his mouth, cupping his chin in my hand,
and using my best open mouth, tonguey kisses, to keep
him that way. Finally I kissed down his soft belly
until that quivering boy cock was right under my lips.
I blew on it gently, and his belly rippled as his whole
bottom half jerked up. The tip of his circumcised cock
brushed my lips, and he groaned as if in pain.

I couldn’t wait any longer, this was the first time I
was completely in control of a blowjob, and I wanted it
to be hot for both of us. Slowly I licked its length,
tracing the long blue vein on the underside until my
mouth was over the red tip. I close my mouth over him,
and he groaned again, louder still. I hummed slightly
as I started to work him. Up and down I went, sucking
strongly on the up stroke as I had been taught, and
using my tongue to circle the head as I dipped down,
taking the whole length in.

Obviously, although he had cum only minutes ago, he was
not going to last long, and I had a couple of seconds
to react when he warned me through gritted teeth that
he was about to blow. Did I take it in my mouth? Or did
I let him cum on my face? Both options appealed, but as
I had just cleared up what looked like a cupful of
semen, I decided to take it in my mouth, despite my
previous less than pleasant experiences of a man
ejaculating in there.

I am so glad I did, the difference between swallowing a
hot mouthful of teenage cum, when the owner had spent
the night downing bottles of lager and/or curry, was a
world away from this sweet, milky brew. Bradley
squealed like a girl as he came, each spurt accompanied
by a heave of his whole torso, trying to bury that
sturdy spear of flesh deeper into my throat. I
swallowed, and swallowed again. My lips were touching
his belly, no pubic hair at all, just a boy having the
orgasm of his life.

He did take a little while to recover from the second
climax, but I spent the time showing him how girls make
themselves come, and enjoyed the look on his face as he
watched me get off. I came very hard, in spasms
intensified by his wide-eyed interest.

After that, we followed up the hors douvres with the
main course. After two orgasms for him and one massive
one for me, we could now take our time, and I
manoeuvred him into every position I had heard of.
Missionary, doggy, cowboy, you name it; we slipped
around that couch in a sexual stupor, drunk with each
other’s bodies.

Finally, back in the good old missionary, my legs drawn
up over his frantically working buttocks, my finger
penetrating his tight virgin bum (Now he knows what its
like to have something hard inserted in HIM), I let him
come inside a girl for the first time. His orgasm
preceded mine by about a minute, so while he was still
inside me, kneeling over my sweat-slicked stomach, I
fingered myself off as he watched.

Exhausted, we slept on the couch until 3 in the
morning, until we wearily walked upstairs to our
bedrooms. Don’t ask me why we didn’t share a bed that
night. It just seemed that the adventure was over. He
was again a 12-year-old boy, tired and sleepy, and I
was his 18-year-old cousin, wracked with guilt over the
things we had done, just anxious to get into my own
bed, and ease my conscience with oblivion.