A tiny black indian girl’s encounter in Texas Part 1 (True Story)

My name is Shashti and I am from Bihar India. I am 27 years olds, 5 ft and 73 lbs. I am a tiny little blacky with skin black like coal and very dark and exotic. I have nose piercing on my nose where I put gold stopper in it. In my family, we are all very poor peoples. I have over 6 other sibblings all younger than me so I am the oldest and I have to also take care of them and see about them. I am unemployed but I help out around house and I was now working as a cashier at local grocery store. I wanted to write this story because I have never told anyone about it and it has occurred last year in the August 2016 which is the hottest time in india and the texas, the texas is where this true story tooks place.
Before I tell story, I would just like to let you know that black indians like myself are referred to as black indian skum in the indias for our dark black skins. I am referred often as a tiny black indian skum slut. I have made my family ashamed because I have had sex with all of my indian uncles in the india already and my family got to finds out. So i am regarded as a tiny black indian skum slut. Now, in the indias computer technology is exist but it is not that well. We have old computer at home and we have very slow internet but my ma and my dad and me use it sometimes. Now I am more aware of the internet and I can understand it better. There was a site in which you can meet people from around the world through a penpal site and I met this white lady who was from the Texas. We started to talk about our lives and we realized how different life was. We talked and become good friends over a couple months. She tolds me that she wanted to come to the indias for a visit since she never been there. I told her where to go to stay because the white poeple normally do not stay in areas where I am from such as Bihar. They stay in the capital most of times. in Bihar I have nevea seen a white person and when I went to the Texas that was my first time in my life seeing a white person in real life. The white lady her name was Betty and she was 45 years old, she was a blonde fat white lady and she was in the police service in the Texas. There she told me she had met her husband who they are now married for the past 20 years. He is a big white man police officer as well, 47 years old and they have three children together. They have three white boy children aged 5, 7 and 16 years old. She had tolds me that she wanted to come to the Indias and visit where I live but I told her no because for one it is a poor area and the other because I did not tell my parents or my family I was talking with white people. In the indias, there is a caste system and black indian skums are not allowed to talk to fair indian people, and especially outside of our race such as white people. That is why I had never encountered white people also before talking on the internet. She told me that she was planning to come to the indias but there was one problem, someone had to see about her three white children and cook and clean for her husband. She wanted to come for two weeks and she told me if I was interested to come and babysit in the Texas while she was there in the Indias. She said that because they are cops they get discounts sometimes and she can arrange a plane ticket for me to come to the Texas. I had never been on a plane before and I was scared and also I did not know what to tell my parents but I told her yes. I had told my ma and pa and they had said ok and they wanted to know what for; I lied and told them it was a friend from school when i used to go to school who lives in the USA i was going to visit. They said ok. My ma said not to disgrace the family any more and do anything nasty. I told her ok. I will write part two now. Look out for part two of this true story.

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