A tiny black indian girl’s encounter in Texas Part 2 (True Story)

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Continuing from part 1, I had packed my one suitcase and the white lady had sent me all of my plane ticket stuff online and she had sent a picture of her self so i can see who she was when i reached in the airport in the Texas. She was a very heavyset white woman blonde platinum hair. I packed all of my clothes and I was so weak I could not even lift my suitcase, when i reached in the airport someone had to helps me. I was so scared when I went on plane and before I went, my ma was like Shashti do not embarrass this family again and I said no ma. The flight was long and I was very scared but I survived and I reached in the Texas. it was very sunny outside and it was also first time seeing white people for the first time. My ma and pa warned me about interacting and talking to white people because they said it is our caste system and we cannot interact with them because they are white. I said ok ma and dad. They did not know that I was going to be staying with a white man dad with three white children for the next two weeks. They thought that I was going to stay with indian people in the USA. When I cleared customs, I gave my parents a quick call on a pay phone and then that was it. I was clear with talking to them for two weeks.
Outside, it had alot of white people waiting for persons and alot of other indian people fairier than me waiting for people from my plane flights and other flights. I was pulling my one luggage and struggling and then this man took it and put it on a throllly for me and i said thank you. I then pushed it and there i saw a sign that a fat white blonde woman was holding up and it read Shashti Manahandi and I went towards her. She was standing there with her three white children and her white man husband. She was like you must be Shashti and I said yes and we hugged briefly. She introduced me to her husband, he was Buck he told me call him Buck and their three children and the three children all stared wide eyed at me. I felt bad because I was so black and they were so white and blonde. The white man husband shook my hand too and he was the biggest man I had ever seen. He was big and stocky, beefy and was around 240- 250 lbs very heavy set and stocky, blonde and had his hair short cut. His arms were so big and I could see the freckley skin on his face and on his forearms and a bit on his arms because he had on a short sleeve grey plaid shirt with a jeans on. He was like “nice to meet ya Shashti!” and that was the first time I smelled it. The white man’s musky scent. In my mind i was like omg. It was this deep musky very very manly scent and i had never smelled anything like it. When I had sex with the indian men in the indias, they did not really haver any scent and this white man had this musky manly scent and I was like omg. When his wife was talking to me he stared blankly in my face and I stared back at him. I was wondering what he was thinking when he stared blankly at me.

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