A tiny black indian girl’s encounter in Texas Part 3 (True Story)

There in the texas now, the white man carried my luggage to the car and the white lady led her children to the car and i walked in front of them. I was walking behind the white man father and I noticed how big and strong he was and I was noticing the white itself. The skin contrast to my dark tiny body was amazing. I had never seen anything like it and my heart started to beat fast. I remembered what my ma told me not to disgrace the family but all i was thinking about in my head was vice, sex with this big hunky freckly sweaty white man. I sat i the back seat of their van and i sat right behind him, he was so big that when he sat down his seat rocked back and i noticed that. During the drive down the entire van was smelling like him this musky sweaty white man scent I think it was because of the heat outside. I got a direct whiff of his scent since I was sitting in the back of him. We all mades small talk during the drive down to their house. Their house was an average size but definitely bigger than ours back in Indias. I was ashamed to tell them I had never seen a bed or so because we sleep on small mattresses in the indias.

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