A tiny black indian girl’s encounter in Texas Part 4 (True Story)- Sex

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When the white man came back from the airport dropping his wife off, he was wearing the same plaid short sleeve shirt from the previous day that he wore to pick me up from airport. He was again very smelly and I could smell the white man musk. I had changed over into a short silky red dress very short and I had wear it on becausae I wanted to advertise for the white man let me see if I could have trapped a white man. Part of my curiousity was that I had never had sex with a white man before. He would be the biggest man I had ever had sex with because I am 73 lbs and he is around 240 to 250 lbs. He was not fat nor pure muscled but he was a mix of the two; muscled and heavyset with some fat jiggling. His eyebrows were platinum blonde, his eyes were blue and his hair was platinum blonde very freckled white man. His chest was very white and freckled too. When he came back and he saw me dressed like that he was like darn little girl you’re not easy. If my wife was here you would be on the next plane back to the indias and he laughed. I laughed too. I was a bit nervous but i wanted the sex. I remembered my ma telling me not to shame my family but I was so curious to have the sex with a white man.

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