A tiny black indian girl’s encounter in Texas (True Story) The Whitewash Begins

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So I was in a sitting position on the bed with a red thong on, my tiny black body just sitting there. The white man had on a short pants and was bareback with his freckled white skin next to mines. It was amazing to see the skin contrast and comparisons. He was like ok girl now you hold onto me and both of us were now holdinog onto eachother in a hugging position on the bed. we were facing eachother and then he opened his mouth and was facing me with his eyes closed so then i put my mouth there too and we locked lips and sucked tongue for a bit. I opened my eyes and saw his eyes open and they were staring at me while our tongues were sucking and we were lip sucking. We sucked tongue for around five to ten minutes straight. Very nasty.
When I was looking at him I was like omg look at what I am doing and I thought of the white lady in the airport and look at what I am doing and then I thought of my parents and look at what I am doing. I am here about to have sex with a big hefty white man who is old enough to be my father. We then stopped and we were rubbing up against eachother. You could see the comparison between our skins and the size comparison as well. This big musky white man supremist against this tiny black indian little slut body. I was like oh god in my head. He then told me to stay still and he put his entire mouth around my breasts and I felt the sensation in my nipples. He was suckling and licking at my black nipples. My breasts are very tiny but I have pointy black nipples and he was suckling on them alot. I just stood there sitting both of us in a seated position on the bed while he fed on my black nipples and breasts. I was like omg and i rocked back my head.
He was like ok girl get ready for a white man pounding. You going to have sex with a white man now girl.

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