A Trip to the Mexican Riviera

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tagIncest/TabooA Trip to the Mexican Riviera

Laurie and I originally met at the school where we were both teaching. She was anything but a schoolmarm. She was 10+ years younger than me and had a body to back it up. I taught in the classroom next to hers and saw her everyday. There wasn't a pair of pants that she didn't fill out perfectly or a blouse that presented her tits magnificently. To say that I was overwhelmed with her looks was an understatement.
She was a sports fanatic and that appealed to me on a whole other level. There was the local college team that she followed. The cats were successful on the football field and the basketball court. Bearcat mania ruled in our city. The local professional football team focussed her attention every Sunday. I knew if I texted her about her tigers, I was sure to get a response. We talked frequently about all kinds of sports. I went into her room to engage in a discussion but was really only in there to gawk at her body. I don't know if I was able to pull off the charade but she never let on that she knew.
We spent several years in the basement of that building and then we were separated by changes to our school. I found her again on FB but she had changed her name. I was pleased to reconnect with her and messaged her to personalize our relationship. She welcomed me warmly and we have become very close since.
I believe we both shared a secret passion for each other and I was eager to rekindle that magic. As an added bonus, her 18 year old daughter, May, had now become a "friend" of mine. So now I was engaged with both of them. May was a beautiful brunette like her mother and had a body to mirror her.
Laurie and I texted back and forth often enough for me to know there was something between us. When I arrived for May's graduation party, I could feel the tension between us. Laurie and I took pictures in the living room and I got to take pictures with May on the steps to the house. I have looked at both sets of pictures and have climaxed several times from the thoughts in my head.
As a retired teacher, I have plenty of time to do as I please. When Laurie asked if I would accompany her and May to the Mexican riviera on vacation, I jumped at the chance. My wife was still in school and did not think twice about my relationship with Laurie and her daughter. Had she seen how beautiful they both were, she might have objected. Laurie's husband could not leave his job at that time and that left a perfect opportunity for me to spend time with both of these beautiful women.
I met Laurie and May at the airport and we flew to the western coast of Mexico. We arrived in balmy, sun filled skies and took a cab right to the resort. Laurie had reserved us adjoining rooms and we settled in quickly. I opened my side of the doors that joined the rooms and knocked on their door. May answered the door in a halter top that did little to hide her supple breasts and a pair of shorts that hugged her ass and left the bottom of those glorious globes fully exposed.
Laurie walked across the room with a beer in her hand and offered it to me. She said, "I'm sure you're thirsty and need one of these. Take it back to your room and put on your bathing suit. We're going to the pool."
"Yes Ma'am." and I turned around, walked to my room and proceeded to shed my clothes. I looked around for my suitcase, turned back to the adjoining door and saw Laurie looking at me with a smile. I had lost all of my clothes except my underwear.
"Very nice! Just wanted to let you know, it will probably take twenty minutes to decide what we are wearing and then put it on. So, I was going to tell you don't rush. I see I'm already too late for that. However, I'm glad I came to tell you. Without this venture over here, I wouldn't be getting this nice striptease. By the way, sexy underwear." She departed with a wink and a smile.
I looked at myself in the mirror knowing full well that I was wearing a sheer pair of briefs. My cock had started to fill with blood and filled the shorts quite nicely. Although, only endowed with an average length and girth penis, I had never been told I disappointed anyone when I had used it. From the look on Laurie's face and her constant ogling of my cock as we spoke, I'm sure she was like many other women with whom I have spent time.
Twenty minutes passed quickly and a voice from beside the door asked, "are you decent?"
"Come on in.", I replied.
Both of my "dates" were clad in their bathing suits. Laurie wore a one piece halter top and was covered on her lower half with a somewhat see through scarf wrapped as a skirt. The halter top cut very deep into her chest and showed a delicious amount of cleavage. When my eyes came up from her decolletage, she had a wide smile on her face and asked, "See anything you like?"
With an amusing smile and a slight giggle I said, "Lunch?"
Laurie rolled her eyes, laughed and said, "Let's go."
I followed behind these two beautiful creatures and took note of May's clothing. Or should I say the lack thereof. She wore a Wicked Weasel top that barely contained her 34C tits. The material resembled a marquise shaped diamond and struggled to cover her tight, brown nipples. To say they were covering her nipples was a misnomer. The material itself was sheer and did little if anything to hide the sensitive buds that she carried. Her lower half was also covered in a scarf wrapped as a skirt. I could only imagine what her bikini bottoms looked like. I know I was anxious to find out.
An elevator was waiting for us as we pushed the down button. I had removed the lining from my bathing suit before we had left home. I found the inner piece of cloth to be a nuisance since I shaved my pubic hair from around my genitalia. The down side of this adjustment to my clothing was very evident as my penis pushed against the cloth. It was more evident as people joined us on our trip down and both May and Laurie slid in front of me. One of them brushed the front of my suit with their hand several times. For all I knew, it could have been both of them.
As the elevator car settled on the ground floor and the passengers disembarked, Laurie turned to me, looked at the front of my suit and said, "Lunch seems to be ready." She laughed and pulled the towel from my shoulders and draped it in front of me. May looked at my crotch and a big smile came across her lips.
We walked to the pool and selected three lounges on the side of the pool with the advancing shade. None of us wanted to get burned on the first day of vacation. We spread our towels on the chaise and proceeded to put sunscreen on our bodies. The girls took their scarves off and began to put lotion on each other. They talked as they did this and never noticed how every other male on the pool deck was watching them. Their hands slid over every part of their bodies. Laurie coated May's chest and rubbed the lotion from side to side and top to bottom. Because of the sheer nature of her top, Laurie made sure to coat May's nipples liberally. As an added bonus, she pinched each nipple when she was finished. I don't know about the other guys on the deck, but the blood was draining from my head.
May in the meantime had lathered up Laurie's chest and made sure to coat underneath the halter straps. As she did this, she slowly dragged her hand down the front of Laurie's tits and pinched her nipples also. They both looked at me and asked, "What's taking you so long?"
"Just enjoying the view actually. " was all I could say.
Both girls told me to hurry up. They were getting in the pool and would save me a seat at the swim up bar. I along with all the other hound dogs watched both of my girls meander over to the steps. The bottom of Laurie's suit was cut high on her legs and arched over her hip bones and plunged as a thong in the back. That beautiful bottom that had been hidden by pants all those years was now truly revealed to me. My heart skipped a beat when she turned her head to see if I was staring at her. She smiled demurely and waved at me to join them.
May's bikini bottom made little attempt to hide her assets. The front triangular panel was as sheer as her top and caressed her nether lips for presentation. It was held up by a string that wrapped over her hips and was held to the front with a line of cloth that disappeared into her astounding ass. She too, looked back and giggled when she saw I was looking. My cock was straining in my bathing suit and I no longer cared who saw it.
We spent a couple hours at the bar and enjoyed the company of all sitting there. My seat was in between Laurie's and May's. As we talked with the bartender and crowd, both girls casually ran their hands up my legs and underneath the shorts. I was hard and I didn't care. At one point they both had their hands in my suit and their hands touched as they felt my now very stiff penis. They looked at each other and said, "Hey, I was here first!"
I suggested we take the argument back to the room. Both ladies agreed. We swam to the steps, walked to our lounges and got our towels. May's suit was translucent and everyone knew what she looked like in the nude. I watched guys and girls alike follow her with their eyes across the pool deck. Laurie put her arm around my waste and said that she was trying to hide my erection from the crowd. I told her they had all seen it earlier and it didn't matter to me. She was glad to hear that and we walked to the elevator.
We were the only ones on the car taking us back to the eighteenth floor and I decided to push my excitement . I pulled Laurie to me and kissed her passionately. As I did this, I pulled May into us and turned to kiss her in the same manner. I pulled back and looked at the two of them aa they engaged in a tongue twisting kiss that made me harder, if that was possible. I leaned down and pulled the top of Laurie's suit to the side and proceeded to lick and suck her nipple. When we reached our floor, the door opened and we were still engaged in our passion. A young couple got on and we realized we needed to get out. They smiled at us and wished us well. I turned to them and said thanks. My cock pushed against the front of my suit and the girl stared at it with a smile.
May and Laurie had made it to the room already and had left the door open for me. I walked in and dropped my suit. The girls did likewise and the three of us made for the shower. I lathered Laurie and May with tropical soap and rubbed my body against them. My rigid tumescence slid against each of them. At first, I passed my penis through the glorious back end of May. She leaned against the wall and bent at the waste. My cock slid against her rear passage and she moaned with enthusiasm. Turning to Laurie, I slid my engorged member between her thighs. She clamped them together and I fucked my way up to her vaginal lips. I kissed Laurie with the passion of a longtime lover. She returned my kisses and positioned her pussy so that I may penetrate her love canal. I thrust into her and watched her eyes close over. I reached back for May to join us. We kissed amorously and she broke it to suckle at her mothers breast. At that moment, Laurie shook and trembled with the waves of an orgasm. She clung to both of us and moaned loudly. I repeatedly thrust into her to join in on her orgasmic high.
The three of us departed the shower and dried ourselves as we walked to the bed. May crawled up to the pillows, spread her legs and said, "My turn."
I knelt between her thighs and planted tender kisses there as I made my way to her pussy. I nuzzled her lips with my nose and lips and darted my tongue out to touch her clitoris. She arched her back as I contacted her pleasure spot. I inserted my fore finger and middle finger into my mouth to moisten them and then buried them inside her vagina. She moaned and said, "Fuck, yes. Finger fuck me!! God that feels sooo good!"
Laurie sat at the end of the bed and watched the two of us and played with her cum filled pussy. I began to strum my fingers over the padded tissue under May's pubic bone and she stretched her legs out further. I continued to let my tongue dance over her clit and she announced that she was going to cum. "Cum for us, baby. Let me see how good it feels." said Laurie.
May took both her hands, placed them on the back of my head and pushed her pelvis into my face and moaned loudly. I was greeted with wave after wave of cum emanating from her pussy. My fingers left her vagina and the deluge continued. I tried to drink up as much of her fluids as I could. She bucked her hips up and down and I leaned back to enjoy the show. She flopped down on the bed breathing heavily and curled into a ball. Laurie let out a moan just as May finished and I watched as she plunged her fingers into her pusy and came. I crawled over to her, kissed her lips and trailed my tongue down to her tits.
She recovered from her orgasm faster than May and said, "Wow! That was erotic as hell. And your lips taste like her pussy. And that's a good thing."
"In that case, taste these." I said. I offered her my fingers that had produced such a demonstration. She engulfed them with her mouth and ran her tongue all over my fingers. I took them out of her mouth and kissed her deeply. We both could taste May's orgasm.
All three of us fell asleep and did not wake until later that night. Laurie and I decided we should sleep and start tomorrow rested and ready for an energetic day. She kissed me tenderly and said, "Thanks for a great day."
We cuddled in each other's arms and slept the night away.

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