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Why is uncle (mama) sleeping my mother’s (amma’s) bedroom? An introduction.

Notes: this is purely a work of fiction. No person(s) depicted in this writing are based on any true known person(s). About the tale: “a twisted tale”, is account of 20 year old amitabhe learning about the secrets of his family. The tale is told as chapters, the focus is not graphical sexual content, the only the thing guaranteed is the originality of these accounts. These are extracts from the diaries of amitabhe.

“it is the family’s customs, something that has been from before you and me and your mother” she said, her family has been working for family for over 4 generations. I took her word for it, and in my innocence I took them for words coming out of my own mother.

Back up a minute, what are we talking about, ohh yea, forgot the introductions. I am amitabhe, a 20 year old male, confused, horny and wanting mommy, like most adolescent boys I grew up with. I am from a small town in karnataka, although I spent my childhood years in madurai, a city in the neighboring Tamil nadu, my dad’s birthplace. Well “dad” may not be entirely true, I called him that and he was married to my mom. Well I am already getting into too many unwanted details. Let’s start with what interests most people. My family and its chronicles span far too wide to be talked about in an introduction so let’s introduce as we move along.

The “she” in line 1, that was our cook pankajam, at 44 years, she has a 44dd breasts 40 waist and 46 hips. Yes, she “is slightly on heavy side. Wears cotton saris from as long as I could remember pankajam mami. I was 14 when the conversation took place. I was moving out of my mother’s and my room into my own room upstairs. The reason for which was not so clear to me until mami explained it to me. It was my introduction to the ways of my family. My family is my grandfather, grandmother, 4 uncles and their wives, my mom (divorced) 4 cousin sisters (1 married) and 1 cousin brother younger than me. Well that is my family living at my grandfather’s home. My grandpa had a hotel business which my uncle’s handle now. It is profitable and has been for many generations. My dad was my grandpa’s 2 oldest sons, who don’t live with the family anymore, because my grandpa asked him to leave the family and wrote him out of the family’s will. The reason for which would also be part of this tale’s introduction.

My mother and I came to live with grandpa about 4 months back, leaving our flat in Bangalore where my dad was working at that time. The reason as I was informed was because dad had decided to leave my mother for another woman. I didn’t know at that time this was only story to be told to the outsiders. The real reason I came to know from pankajam mami about 4 months later. It was September and normal day at my grandpa’s home. I woke up early as instructed by my mother and started to pack my books and clothes to move to my new room upstairs which pankajam mami had cleaned for early that day.

I was happy get a new room that I didn’t object to the suggestion. This change living situation came about 2 days after a minor incident involving me, my mother and my eldest uncle. At about 11:00 o clock right before I went to sleep, uncle came into me and my mother’s room and called mother to discuss something. They left to my grandpa’s reading room. Most family meetings happened there. To elaborate a bit more about our then living situation; my mother and I lived in a single room at our grandpa’s house. It was okay because she often used the room only in the mornings, she sleeps late, mostly after I had gone to sleep. She often helped my uncle’s out with the hotel management just like the other 4 wives did. I always thought she just worked odd hours and that why I never see her come in at night, but that day she came from the meeting and told me that I can have room of my won upstairs like my other cousins within the next 2-3 days. After she spoke to me, she told me that she is leaving to the hotel and that she might be back until early morning. Around 4:30 I woke up to get some water and notices voices from my uncle’s room. I heard my mother asking my uncle to turn off the light and that she can walk back to her room. My uncle’s said “it will be easier after amit moves out of your room”. I didn’t understand the conversation and was wondering what he meant.

The day I moved out of my mother’s room. I decided I wanted to know what was going on. I stayed up late till mom came back from the hotel. My mother (vaanisri), my uncle (shekar) and his wife, my oldest aunt (nirmala), came back together. My aunt went into her room, but uncle told her something and stayed outside the room talking to my mother, then my uncle went along with my mother to her room. I waited a while and was trying to hear the voices but they closed the door, it was all dark and nothing to be heard. I went back to my room and peacefully went about my usual routine of masturbating thinking about one of the women in the house. Today I couldn’t stop thinking about my mother. The suspense of what’s going on the last few days kept my mind all the more fixated on her. My mother was a typical Tamil aunty as I have come to realize much later. She is about 5′ 8”, very fair, dark hair, full breasts 42d, large ass 44, she weighs 80 – 90 kgs I think, but she is beautiful and heavy woman. I even moaned by calling out “ammmaaa” while I masturbated. I had a devious plan to wake early the next day before my uncle got ready and left work. I set my alarm and woke another 5 hours later around 6:30am. I found that my mothers room and uncle’s room was still closed. I did hear noises in the kitchen and knew our maids and servants must be working. I came down and waited at the dining table. I was at peeping distance from my mother’s room and was waiting for some noise either from her room or my uncle’s. About 20 minutes later. I heard voices. The lights were on in my mother rooms and heard more than one voices. I saw the door open and my uncle came out in his lungi and was wearing no shirt. My mother was talking to him as from inside the room. He left her room and went to his room. I remember seeing inside his room as he entered and turned the light on. The bed was empty. I didn’t see my aunty inside the room and she was to be seen anywhere else in the house. Well something more to wonder. I had half a mind to go to my mom’s room to see what she would say, but something inside me, partly lust because for some reason I had a hard on, made me stand quiet in amazement.

This is when pankajam mami came into the dining room, she asked me if something was wrong, and I fumbled for while and told her something about being thirsty and not being able find any water in the fridge, well, I tried my best to lie, but she had already seen me peeping intently into my uncle’s room as she came in. So after a while I just kept quiet. She asked me again what was wrong. Pankajam mami has always been close to me since from before I started living at my grandpa’s home. She always had a special place in my heart. Someone in my mother’s place perhaps, not mention how much watching her worked turned me on. Even during the day watching her makes me go to my room and lock up and masturbate. She was sexiest thing walking in my 14 year old world.

She sat next to me, took a deep breath and seemed like was waiting for me to say something. The air was intense and I was feeling way too embarrassed about having a hard-on to walk away. So I decided to confess and asked her “why is mama (uncle) sleeping in amma’s (mother’s) room?”.

That is when she told me, listen amit, every family has their own set of traditions and customs. And you have to know about your family’s ways sooner or later. She said our family is different from most others I knew from Bangalore. They are much closer to each other and everyone shares a part of each others problem and pleasures in a family like this. And as my mother now living under my grandpa’s home, she lives by the same customs and any other women in the family.

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She told me that women who get married to this family were married to the family and not just the man of this family. Well 6 years later hearing that statement gives me an instant hard on, but at that time I was just more confused. Either way everything she said that day rings in my mind, so here it goes. She told me that when a woman gets married into our family, she is someone who knows about the traditions of the family, which was the case with our entire family’s women, including all my aunties, except in the case of my mother. When my father wanted to marry my mother, my grandpa didn’t agree to it because of how it was unusual for a man in our family to marry outside our community, but after having met her my grandpa came to know that my mother was an orphan., she met my father’s family for a traditional meeting and my grandpa explained to her some of the deeper secrets of our family. He warned my dad that she might not think the same about the marriage after she knows the family better.

In the words of my grandpa to my mother as told to me by pankajam mami,

“in our family, we are all really a part of each other’s lives. We take care of each other and share the sorrows and pleasures of one another. So, when a new member enters our family she must be someone who is willing to live by our customs and traditions. When you get married to rajiv (my dad) you are a part of this family, everyone in this family takes pleasure in welcoming you into their home. I am going to tell some of the traditions of this family starting from your wedding, and specially your wedding night. It’s customary for the bride to share her wedding bed with the eldest man of the family, who is considered the head of the family during the time. Don’t be alarmed as it sounds uncommon. These are customs passed on from generations and your being part of the family would only be accepted by completing them. Not only does this build the trust within the family, every married man woman knowing each other intimately is seen as a bond between the members. A newly wed bride shares her bed with the older men of the family, one by one till she has shared herself with married men of the family who are older than her husband. She then starts her wedded life with her husband. Her involvement with the married members of the family from then onwards is purely a matter of their desires for the most part. Your life within the family remains within the confines of the family and the closer community of friends who are part of the family too. Now, having said all these, I adore you and I have nothing against you marrying my son, it is not petty difference of color, caste or creed that I a have against you, but someone who has lived out side this community may not be accustomed and may never be accustomed to our family’s traditions and it will probably result in a disrupted union between rajiv and yourself. I want you to think about it before giving me an answer”

What happened next was obvious considering they did get married and I am the fruit of her womb, but pankajam told me that my mother had lived a hard life , having not known a family for herself and she was yearning to accepted as a part of one. After meeting the people of my father family didn’t surprisingly upset her as my grandpa expected. She had always known the problems of life without a family and she was grateful to be part of such a close family. If there were a family of happy people living by the customs, why couldn’t she be one of them? She made her wishes known and she was married to father and living in grandpa’s home for 6 years, the year in which I turned 4 was the year things began to change in my mother’s life. My father had been offered a work in Bangalore and he wanted to leave home. My grandpa was adamant about not having his sons living outside the family. Nevertheless he agreed to his wished as my father has always had less interest in the family’s business. My father, my mom and the 1 yr old I moved to Bangalore. Life in Bangalore was uneventful from the current context; we were still close to the family. We attended every single family event and the unions between family members were even more frequent. If I were to put it in my own words, the family met often, and nothing like my grandpa feared had happened. Everybody was close as always. My uncles visited us often with their wives and kids, they stayed in Bangalore for weeks at times, so did my grandfather and grandmother. By now as most of you might have guessed or have been painfully made aware of in a very lengthy confession from perverse mind, men in my father family seldom slept in the same bed for more than couple of consecutive days. The lines within our family are thin; everyone knew what everyone did and it was rare that the later is not a part of what the former did.

I did not know these, or understand the significance of the closeness until much later into my teens; I didn’t come to know all this sitting on the dining table the morning pankajam mami gave me the shock of the life. These were things I learned as days went on since that day. I have to know that, my mother has been fucked many times by grandfather since her marriage into the family, and so has every other married man in the family, apparently when my grandpa explained that “her (a new bride) involvement with the married members of the family from then onwards is purely a matter of their desires for the most part”, the was a missing bit, like any other rule in human history it was a loophole I suppose. Most of family events involving married members ended with a family union where married men and women of the family reignited their sexual relationship with the other married members of them family. To be short and sweet they fucked, every man and woman fucked at least one other family member who they are not married to. Almost every time a family member visited us in Bangalore or we went down to our family home, my mother was invariable spending her night with another man of the family. I know I make it sound very abnormal so it maybe for many of the readers, but it feels different when you are in the middle of it. When people all around you see it different, it’s hard not to acknowledge.

As years passed by things changed, or to be precisely my dad changed, even with all its sexual deviance my family was against adultery, well adultery in my family terms is defined to sexual relationship with someone outside the married men and women of the family and its close community of friends. Well staying away from family might have changed him but nevertheless dad broke few of these cardinal rules. My father coaxed my mother into doing favors for his friends in exchange for money or other favors to move ahead in his career, to be plain. He was pimping out my mother. I have even known her to have traveled with some of my dad’s bosses. All the while my dad was having many affairs outside the family. My mother had understood and learned the value of being part of this family but she could understand my dad’s disrespectful and unruly attitude towards her and his family. That time my mom hated to sleep with anyone outside the family, she always slept with uncles, grandpas but hated outside family strangers but was unwilling to bring this to my grandpa’s attention. My father went against family rules and allowed many office employees to fuck my mother for money and other favors like promotion in his work. Finally, my grandfather found out about this, his reaction was simple and quick. She asked my dad to file for a divorce and asked my mother to do the same. He asked me and mother to come stay with him. He told father that he cannot enter the family anymore. That brings to the day in September 4 months since we left Bangalore and 2 months till my mother was divorced.

Since that day, I have seen her with many men, mostly with family members like uncles or grandpa or sometimes with their friends , and she also goes with people staying in uncle’s hotel, but only if they are friends of our family. These are often people of the same community with similar family customs. The days, months and years after that fateful day has been a rock n roll ride. As it stands today, I am an unmarried male in my family deprived of any the pleasure of a married man or woman in the family. So, I want to fuck with my mother but I don’t get the chance so I jus fantasize and talk about it for now, till when I get married and then I can get a chance to fuck her.

I hereby conclude my family’s introduction, the 1st chapter in this twisted tale of my family.

With love,


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I would also like some comments on if I should even write a chapter 2.or was I just kidding myself that anyone except me would be in interested in knowing the depths of my deviant mind.