A Very Hallow’s Eve

tagIncest/TabooA Very Hallow's Eve

Cars crowded the driveway and street in front of the house for mom's eleventh annual Halloween party. But this year, she invited me. She'd always sent me to a friend's or my grandmother's before, worried about some of the sexual activity that went on. At twenty, she'd finally deemed me old enough.
It wasn't like an orgy or anything, she said. But the combination of alcohol and costumes sometimes made things happen. I didn't mind either way. I just needed to avoid the French maid, mom's yearly costume.
I walked into a house full of people flying high. Beer bottles and plastic cups littered every flat surface, and a variety of ghosts, goblins, fairy tale characters, etc., danced and made merry. But not a French maid among them.
Mom probably manned the kitchen, filling plates with snacks to soak up all the alcohol partygoers drank. She loved playing the hostess.
I started that way, but the devil stopped me. Knee-high boots gave way to a tan stretch of thigh that ended at a mid-thigh skirt. A sheer red top covered grapefruit-sized breasts held in place by a dark bra. A full devil mask and short black cape rounded out the costume.
The devil led me into the bathroom halfway down the hall and closed the door. She left the light off but made her intentions obvious when she bent over the sink and used my hand to lift her skirt.
I liked to see a woman's eyes when I made love, but what we were about to do didn't qualify. And right now, I didn't care. I lowered my stretchy musketeer pants and eased inside her.
Her wet pussy wrapped me tight and squeezed my cock like nothing I'd ever experienced. It took a few minutes to loosen her up and find a rhythm.
Neither of us spoke or made much in the way of noises. My sudden sex partner whispered moans, and the crack under the door illuminated the bathroom just enough to see that she had a hand between her legs.
Quickly, she gave a tiny squeal and squeezed around me. That set me off, and I filled her with hot cum while we orgasmed together.
I stroked myself soft, and my little devil stood up, smoothed her skirt, and left the bathroom without a word. I gave it several minutes before following.
I found mom in the kitchen, arranging finger food on plates just like I'd expected. "Hi, mom."
The woman's head snapped up. "Billy?"
I didn't recognize the voice.
"It's Caroline. Robert's mom."
Huh? "I thought mom always came as the French maid."
"She wanted a change this year, and I've always wanted to try this outfit," Caroline said. "How does it look?"
Feeling confident from my initial encounter, I decided to tell her what I thought. "I can only imagine you looking better out of it."
"Thank you," she said simply.
I went for broke. "You've fueled more than one of my fantasies, and now I have another."
"Billy! Have you been drinking?"
"Not a drop."
"Well, things happen at these parties," she told me. She looked me up and down. "And I have always liked Cyrano de Bergerac."
"Have you seen mom?"
"She's dressed as a devil."
"Which one?" I'd seen a devil in a onsey with little horns, another in a red catsuit, and my devil.
"The one in the red skirt."
An icy fist landed in the pit of my stomach. "See-through top? Short cape?"
"That's her. Go say hello, and I'll find you later, stud."
"Awesome," I said numbly. Butterflies roiled in my stomach. I'd just fucked my mother. Without a condom. And ejaculated inside her.
"Billy? Are you okay?"
"Oh. Yeah," I said. "Just thinking about getting you naked."
"Bad boy," she said.
I needed a drink. I found a bottle and downed a couple of shots of Scotch. I avoided my devil but watched her closely. She didn't flirt or anything remotely sexual for the rest of the evening. Could she know?
The memory of our coupling forced itself into my mind. I never knew a woman that age could have such a tight pussy. And those tits, they looked like a college girl's. Now I wanted to see her naked. What would slow lovemaking instead of a quick fuck feel like?
I went to the bathroom and washed my dick in the sink. Not because of mom's dried juice. That kind of turned me on. But filling Caroline seemed like the perfect way to get over this shock. Maybe I could make it a regular thing?
Caroline waited outside the bathroom when I finished. She pushed me in and locked the door. She hiked her dress, exposing a beautiful full bush, and took a seat. "Were you serious in the kitchen?" she asked while she urinated.
"Yeah. But I'd rather take my time than wham-bam," I said.
"If you're staying the weekend, you can take as many times as you can handle," she said with a wink. She washed her hands, raised our masks, and kissed me.
"Do you ever, you know, at these things?"
"I never have," she said. "I've thought about it, but always chicken out."
"What about mom?"
"I shouldn't tell you, but she said she wanted to go a little crazy this year," she said. "But I doubt she will."
If only she knew. "Good to know."
"Let's get out there," she said. "Unmasking at midnight."
We gathered in the living room, hands-on masks, waiting for the twelfth stroke of the grandfather clock. My devil of mother watched me, obviously eager to see who she'd given herself to. I watched her, both dreading and curious about her reaction.
We whipped our masks off on the twelfth gong of the clock, and mom's eyes went wide. Her face blanched, and her knees turned weak.
Mr. Jackson caught her elbow. "Are you okay?"
"One too many," she said, giving him a weak smile.
I walked over and gave her a peck on the lips. "Great party, mom."
"I'm glad you enjoyed it, honey."
"Every bit of it," I told her. "I love the costume, by the way."
"Let's catch up after everyone leaves," she said. "We have a lot to talk about."
We didn't talk much, but I now knew what my mother felt like, smelled like, and tasted like. I stared into her eyes when I came. It took a lot of willpower, but if I was going to fuck my mom, I wanted the full effect.
We started dating after that, me, mom, and Caroline. It turns out mom had a wild side, and so did Caroline. They wanted to bring Robert into the mix. I told them to have fun if they wanted, but I had no interest in getting naked with another guy.
But I did wonder how my aunt felt about incest.

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