A very happy new year for me

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I rescued a 12 year old girl from drowning and decided to have sex with her on the beach.

It was new years day and the night before I hadn’t had a lot to drink because I told myself I was going to get fit, it was the start of a whole new year and my resolution was to get off my lazy fat ass, get fit and lose some weight.

So at 5:00am on new years day, I rolled my fat ass out of bed, put on some running shorts, a t-shirt, and some trainers, and I headed out for a run.

I was lucky enough to live near a beach so I thought I’d go for a run on the sand as it would be more forgiving on my feet than the hard pavement, so there I was running along the beach and in the distance I could see a solitary towel spread out on the sand, not another soul to be seen, I guess everyone was sleeping off a hangover.

As I got the towel it was pink and had a picture of Barbie on it, there was a water bottle, trainers, and some white shorts piled up beside it, I ran by it thinking someone must have just left it there the day before, but then I stopped after hearing faint cries for help, I looked around but couldn’t see anyone, “Help.”

I looked out in to the water and saw someone splashing around frantically, then two arms went up in the air before slowly vanishing in to the water, I realised someone was in distress, so I kicked off my trainers and ran in to the water, I swan as fast as I could trying to get to them, when I got the spot I thought they were at I couldn’t see anyone.

I dove under the water several times to try and locate the person, eventually finding a hand to grab on to, I pulled them up to the surface, I swam back to shore pulling them along with me.

When we got back on the beach I pulled her up the sand and laid her down on the towel, it was only then I realised it was a young girl aged about 12 years old, and during her struggle to swim and me dragging her out of the water, her bikini bottoms had come off, and her bikini top was loose, I could see her exposed right breast and her young bald pussy.

After I regained focus I set about checking that she was breathing, placing my ear to her mouth and placing my hand on her chest, her small breast was lovely and soft, but I couldn’t feel any air coming out of her mouth but she did have a faint heartbeat, so I pinched her button nose, opened her mouth and placed my open mouth over hers and I breathed in to her mouth a couple of times.

Then she began coughing and she spat out a lot of water, she turned on to her side for a moment and then appeared to pass out and roll on to her back again.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and rocked her, “Hey – Hello – Can you hear me? – Are you okay? – Little girl! – Hey.”

She didn’t respond, but she was breathing and her heartbeat was stronger.

I stood up and looked around panicking, I couldn’t see anyone around, I had no phone, and I didn’t know what to do next and I didn’t want to leave her there alone, as I span around frantic I looked at her again laying there naked on the towel, looking so small and beautiful and I figured I should at least try to warm her up.

So I laid on my side next to her and rubbed my hands all over her upper body, just to warm her up of course, but the more I touched her, the more I felt her soft young skin and her soft breasts and nipples, which had got hard from the cold, my body reacted and I got an immediate erection in my shorts.

My hands began to move down her body, up and down her legs, I stared at her young pussy for a while, thinking about it, drooling over it, I was hard for it, I touched it and rubbed it, it was so smooth and soft and the warmest part of her body.

She was breathing, she was alive, that was the main thing right, maybe I could just fuck her, no one was around to see, she was unconscious, I did after all save her life, technically she owes me one, and I wanted to give her one.

I spread her legs open and pushed my shorts down to my ankles and I rubbed my cock against her leg for a while whilst massaging her breast.

Then I rolled on top of her, positioning myself between her soft thighs, and I gently thrust my hips, rubbing my cock along the slit of her pussy until it wedge inside, then I pushed it in, “Ug-Ooh – Oooaah.”

She was a virgin, I remember how a girls hymen felt form when I was younger, but it wasn’t going to stop me, I pushed hard and split her hymen open and pushed my cock inside of her, her virgin hole stretched open around my girth and my foreskin was being pulled back as I entered her insanely tight pussy, amazingly she didn’t react to it.

When I was a few inches inside her I began thrusting in and out, her pussy opened up more and more and my cock went deeper with every second that went by, I penetrated her deep until I felt my balls slapping against her soft ass cheeks.

After a few minutes she started to moan lightly, “Umg – Uh.” With her eyes still closed her head began to move side to side and she was grasping at the towel under her hands, then suddenly she arched her back with a louder moan, “Uuuuuh.” The inside of her pussy compressed around my cock.

I realised she was having an orgasm, so I started pumping her pussy faster, she threw her arms and legs up and clung on to me, with her legs wrapped around me I was able to thrust in to her deeper and faster, her whole body vibrated as I powered through her orgasm and made her soaking wet inside.

“Uh – Uuuuuuugh!!” she moaned loudly, finally surrendering her body to pleasure.

I kept going and fucking her now very wet pussy until my cock swelled inside and I nutted hard, “Ooooah fuck – Ooah – Ug – Mmm.” I groaned, shooting my seed in to her young body.

She went completely limp and her arms and legs slowly fell from around me, falling back on to the towel, and she laid there, still with her eyes closed, her chest and small breasts heaving up and down as she regained her breathing and her young body recovered from the intense pleasurable orgasm she had experienced.

I pulled out of her and rubbed her pussy with my hand, it felt very hot and had turned a little red from the pounding I gave it.

Off in the distance I heard a dog barking, someone was coming, I quickly stood and pulled up my shorts, I picked up her bikini top and put it on her, her bikini bottoms were long gone, probably washed away in the sea, so I picked up the white shorts that were beside the towel and I put them on her.

Just as I finished putting her shorts on her, she opened her eyes and woke up, she looked a bit groggy, then she saw me towering over her and she jump with fright, “Argh!” she yelped as she sat up, scurried away a little and held her knees up to her chest with her arms around her legs defensively.

“It’s okay – It’s alright – I’m not going to hurt you.” I said, being non-threatening.

She looked around confused, “Where – What am I doing here?” she asked.

“You were out there swimming and you got in to some difficulty, and I had to pull you out of the water. Don’t you remember?” I explained.

She shuck her head, “No.” she said, she didn’t remember what happened to her and she was very scared and confused, then she started to cry, “I want my mom.” She sobbed.

I calmed her down a little and asked her where she lived, then we gathered up her things and walked up the beach with her wrapped up warm in her Barbie towel, I then got us a taxi and I took her home.

When we got to her house her mom saw the taxi pull up and she came out to meet us, “Jessie, where have you been, you should have been home ages ago.” Her mom asked her.

So that was her name, Jessie, beautiful name.

Jessie then burst in to tears and ran in to her mother’s arms who comforted her, “She had a bit of a scare.” I said to her and she invited me in.

She made us a hot drink and after Jessie finished hers she took her upstairs and put her in to her bed where she went to sleep.

Her mom came back down and I explained to her what had happened and that I’d saved her daughter from drowning, she thanked me for saving her daughters life, she was so grateful.

Turns out Jessie loves to swim and has dreams of being in the Olympics and she goes to the beach early every couple of days to train.

Her mom and I became good friends after that and I was at their house quite often, Jessie had recovered from her traumatic ordeal and was such a lovely bubbly girl, but to this day she doesn’t remember what happened, she still has no idea that I fucked her tight little pussy on the beach that day.

I always smile when I see her, having the lovely memory of fucking her just to myself, it’s a great feeling.

She calls me Uncle Mark now.

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