A Virgins Dream

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A Virgins Dream.
The day had been very hot and humid, as I lay in bed. I kicked the duvet off with my feet, yanking my nightie over my shoulders I threw it on the floor. As I lay naked, I began caressing my body. I fell into a deep restless sleep. I immediately started to dream of meeting a very handsome man at some grand ball, that was again being held at the home of some good friends of my parents. Licking my lips as I saw him enter the room. He was very tall and very handsome.
His clothes were very well made, the quality of the material was very good indeed. He had tight black breeches on with a golden buckle on the outside of each knee, with white socks. His black jacket had golden brocade round the edges that seemed to be enhanced by the white shirt he had on, which had ruffles down the front and at the cuffs. All were edged in golden brocade. Everything seemed to heighten his stature and the golden bronze of his skin. His deep blue eyes seemed to penetrate whoever he was looking at, as though he was searching for all their hidden secrets; secrets that were locked away hidden in the depths of their minds. Was he looking for something he had yet to find? Only he could say.
As I stood there watching him, I could see him scanning the room, my fingers automatically pressed on my pussy, my legs turning to jelly. I could barely keep myself upright and had to lean my back against the wall when I heard someone say, 'That man over there who has just walked in is, Captain Adam Laverne. He is one of the finest men here. He is very much a ladies' man.'
Our eyes instantly met across the room. Not once did he take his eyes from mine as he made his way across the room, heading my way, totally ignoring everyone who tried to speak with him. He stopped with only a hair's breadth between us as he introduced himself, in a whisper that only I could hear, 'Good day to you, my beautiful young lady. My name is Adam Laverne.' Stepping back, he bent from the waist to kiss my hand, leaving a trail of tingling sensations running through to my very soul. Never once did he take his eyes from mine. 'Would you give me the pleasure of the next dance?'
Nodding my head as my body quivered, my heart began to race, and my breath very erratic, he placed his open hand on the small of my back, guiding me, making me shiver from the inside out. Gliding me round the room, I could smell the aroma of his body, the strength of his arms holding
me tight, my nipples pressing into his chest, I could feel his breath on my cheek, my panties were getting wet and if I wasn't careful, my legs would give way on me.
The ladies were all envious, trying to cool their faces with their fans as they watched us dancing round the floor. A smile crossing his lips that penetrated into my very being.
Hearing the odd huff and puff, knowing he preferred my company to any of the other ladies. I wallowed in it. I enjoyed the touch of his hand in mine and the way he held the small of my back, pulling me close to him as he guided me to where he wanted me to go. The closeness of him, skin touching skin. My hands burned with him touching me. I could feel myself glowing as he held me in his arms. My heart racing, beating so hard and fast, I thought it might burst. My cheeks were rosy, my eyes shone brightly like priceless gems; sparkling so brightly, I dazzled everyone who looked at me as we danced around the floor. I felt as though I was the queen of the ball. I was very happy.
When the music came to an end, Adam suggested a stroll in the garden. All eyes seemed to be on us as we left the room, his hand on my back, while the other held fast to my hand. Some people were smiling at us while others, their eyes dark and hateful as if they were saying how dare she.
I felt my breath escape me as I felt a warm breeze on my face, gently caressing my hair and filling my nostrils with perfume. The fragrant smell of roses all around us, it was magical. We wandered through the gardens till we came to a giant old oak tree. I needed to rest and leaned my back against a gnarled trunk of the tree, my hands on either side of me for support. Taking a deep breath of air as I did so.
Adam placed my hands in his and held them above my head, holding me tight in place, making me gasp. Our eyes met; sparks flew all around us. His lips came softly, ever so softly onto mine, caressing me, loving me, tasting me with his tongue; the feeling felt like fine feathers, tingling, flicking and floating over my skin. My heart raced along at great speed, a shudder going down my spine, filling my whole body with strange sensations. I didn't know or understand what they were. Even so, I enjoyed this feeling I was getting. I also knew, he was enjoying it as well. I felt a stirring in his breeches, which made me hold my stomach in.
Adam had to pull away from me, trying to restrain his growing pulsating
cock and even his breathing. Looking down into my eyes, I was unknowingly giving him the same look as I was getting from him. He couldn't help himself, he was kissing me again and again, each time with more urgency; caressing and licking my throat, my earlobe, down my neck; his warm soft lips and tongue leaving hot sensations wherever he touched. I could hear myself whisper his name, Adam, Adam. I wanted him in a way that I had never wanted any other man before. I could feel my knees trembling; I could feel myself giving into him. Feeling his hands wandering all over my body, leaving burning imprints, wherever he touched me. More, I wanted more; but not fully understanding what more I wanted, I just knew what I was feeling, and enjoying it immensely.
Picking me up in his arms he carried me, my body held tight to his, where he was taking me, I did not know, nor did I care. All I knew and wanted at this point in time was the man I was with. This tall handsome Captain, whose hands were like pure magic; making my pulse rise so high, I wouldn't have been able to stand on my own two feet if he had put me down.
We came to an old building which was in the midst of some trees; no-one would know we were there, as the building from the looks of it hadn't been used for years.
Gently laying me down, he brushed my cheek with the back of his hand as he knelt down beside me. 'Now, my little virgin, let me help you to heights you have never been to before.' His hands were quick and adept. In no time at all, I lay there, totally naked. His hands moved tantalizingly down the curves of my body.
'Beautiful,' he whispered, 'beautiful.' He drank in my beauty, his eyes deep and penetrating, having to breathe deeply through gritted teeth. Never in all his days had he seen a woman as beautiful as this one, for he had had many.
He was just as quick in removing his own clothing; he couldn't keep his hands or eyes from mine. He kissed and touched me everywhere. His hands slid up and down the length of my body, stopping to caress my nipples with his fingers and thumbs, making them hard and erect, then flicking them each in turn with the tip of his tongue. This made me gasp, causing goosebumps all over my naked body at the way he was tugging and flicking them. Then gently squeezing them; first one then the other, till they stood up like two mountain peaks, hard and firm, then finding other places. The
way his kisses felt on the side of my waist sent more thrills through my body. That made me squirm and groan with pleasure, begging him for more.
He was teasing and tantalizing me with his fingers until every nerve, curve and bump in my body felt electrified. Wherever his fingers went so did his mouth, kissing every inch of me; his hard, pulsating cock pressing firmly into my thigh. His hips automatically moving backwards and forwards against my clit, making me squirm and buck my pussy against him. His mouth found my pussy, making me tremble with feelings I had never felt before. I could feel moisture leak from me even more. But not once did I try to stop him, although I knew I should; but I couldn't even if I tried. I was totally under his spell.
He came to the forbidden territory, the secret garden of life that had never been touched. He had found yet another place which excited me; more so than before. His long fingers moving up and down from my clit to my pussy then my ass, pressing his thumb on my star, and back again. Enticing my clit, teasing it, making it stand proud. Placing himself between my thighs, he opened me wide with his fingers. His tongue, moving faster and faster; flicking, licking, circling and gently nipping me every time he did this, my hips moved involuntarily towards his mouth. I was moaning and moving to the rhythm of his tongue, I couldn't help it. Then his tongue slid down into my pussy, finding me more than moist with my juices. His tongue darting in and out of me, first pressing and circling my clit, then moving down slowly to my slit where he could lap all my juices, back and forth he went, making me grip his head with my fingers, moving my body in time with what he was doing.
Grunting and licking his lips, he circled his fingers round my pussy again, then putting his fingers into my mouth, telling me to taste myself. Positioning himself against me, his hard throbbing cock needing to be inside me, but he had to make sure I was ready for him. Grabbing hold of his cock, he circled the outside of my pussy then slid the tip up and down, from my clit passed my pussy to my star. As he was doing this, he pulled and played with my nipples, which sent jolts of electricity right through me.
I was tight, very tight; but I was more than ready, he knew it and I knew it too. Moving his wet fingers up and down his length, he rubbed himself
with my juices then thrust his hard, throbbing cock inside my soaking wet pussy. I wasn't acting in the way that I had ever before I had sex. I was begging me for more, but a barrier stopped me from going any further. 'Fuck,' he thought to himself and stilled immediately. I didn't want him to stop and told him so, 'Please I want you, don't stop, please, don't stop.'
Looking deep into my eyes, he had to be sure, again I pleaded with him. 'Please, please, don't stop,' I begged. Placing my arms round his neck, I wrapped my legs round his waist pulling him closer still. His fingers wet with my juices, rubbing my nipples; first one then the other. He kissed me gently but firmly, his tongue sliding gently and gracefully against mine and at the same time he thrust his length deep into me and the barrier had been broken as he pressed his thumb into my ass.
My scream was a scream no-one heard, only the two of us. Again, he stilled himself till the pain that rode through my body ebbed away and I began moving with the sensations he was filling me with, not only in my pussy, but my ass too.
Putting his hands on my hips, he held me still. 'Hush now,' he said as he pulled me up into a near sitting position, so I was practically sitting astride him; while at the same time nuzzling me from my ear, down my throat and onto my breasts. I put my hands on his strong shoulders gripping on to him for dear life.
He was taking me to the highest clouds I had never ever been to. His fingers were still wet with my juices. He pushed them into my mouth and ordered me to suck and lick them clean. Oh my, I could taste myself as I sucked greedily. Shaking my ass as I sat on him, making him groan and hold me tighter.
My thoughts were all over the place, the tantalizing, tingling feelings he was forcing through my body. I was about to explode like a volcano as he whispered in my ear, 'Cum for me, baby. Let go and cum for me,' and I did, my body shattering into a million little pieces all around him. I felt him inside me, but not moving. He lay me on my side as he lay down beside me whispering to me, 'I'm not finished with you yet.' His body was spooning mine, he began moving again, this time pushing into my pussy from behind as he grasped my hard nipples pulling and tugging at them. He felt the
tightness of my pussy squeezing and pulling him further into me, he could feel me building again.
'My god,' he said, as I again shuddered and shook as the feelings took over
my body. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer and with another couple of thrusts, he spent everything he had deep inside me.
Through his teeth, he whispered, 'Never have I known an angel like you.'
I was spent, exhausted. So was he, as we lay there. He turned me over and carried on gently thrusting into me, our arms wrapped round each other. Never had I known such ecstasy; and never had I seen a naked man, let alone touched one. But, at this precise moment in time, I didn't care, as I felt the hot moisture flowing from my body. As we looked into each other's eyes, we both knew that this moment would never leave us and we would forever be together, knowing we would never ever part.
'Now you are mine and no one will ever touch you but me.'
My reply was a simple 'Yes, Sir.'

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