A visit to the Doctor

A while back my wife and I attended a cocktail party function given by a business associate. After mingling and having a few well deserved cocktails we happen to meet this very engaging woman and the three of us were engaged in some really great conversation, mainly on how boring these things are etc.  She was hysterical with her off the cuff observation f different people and had us both in stitches. So I said what do you do for a living stand up comedy? She replied no I am a doctor. We both said oh how interest. My wife asked what type of medicine does you practiced. And she replied I am a sex therapist. Well the look on both our faces must have been priceless because she bust out laughing. I thought it was one of those gotcha moments and she said no I really am licensed sex therapist and she handed both of us her card. I didn’t know weather to shit or wind my watch and neither did my wife. She went to hand her the card back but Dr. Keli said no keep it please you never know everyone could use a little help some time. I’ll give you two a special discount because you’re so much fun. We both laughed and said ok sure thanks we’ll be in to see you soon. I am thinking to myself I wonder if she can help thaw out the ice queen aka my wife. Who after ten years of marriage has surpassed boring.  So a few weeks later I came across her card and decided what the fuck do I have to loose and gave her a call. She agrees with me that I have a problem and she can help me with it and we make an appointment I go to Dr. Keli the sex therapist and she agrees to help me with my boring sex life at home by performing some experiments on me She has me strip naked straps me to the bed with Velcro straps which just so happen to be hanging from one of the bed post in our bedroom ha ha     Nurse Mandy who was actually her sister is dressed in one of those slutty nurse customs and Dr. Keli is wearing a white lab coat with black heels and stockings     Both are BBW     so after being strapped down nurse Mandy starts manipulating my cock giving me a handjob getting me heard for dr. Keli she snaps on the rubber gloves     After getting me hard enough for Dr. Keli she calls her into the room and she climbs on the bed and opens her lab coat she first puts my cock in her mouth and sucks me for a while getting me even ore hard     Then she mounts me and starts fucking me till I cum     after she gets off she has nurse Mandy clean my cock and prepare me     they now slip on the penis pump and then blind fold me and put a ball gag in my mouth After about a half-hour to 45 min I can feel my cock straining against the sides and top of the 10″ tube ready to burst     They stop the pump and remove the cylinder and my cock is throbbing like a base drum     it has never felt this hard in my life!     I can feel someone get on the bed and Dr. Keli is giving direction so I think it’s nurse Mandy     I feel a warm wet pussy slide down on my cock and feel it tense up as she swallows my manhood     I and feel her start to pump up and down     I have earbuds in but think I can hear her moan and say Oh my fucking god it’s so big     I feel lips pressing on my mouth slipping tongue in my mouth and playing with my nipples so I figure it’s Dr. Keli I feel someone playing with my balls and slipping a gloved finger into my asshole messaging my prostate so now I am wondering what the hell? all the while I am getting fucked and loving how my super rock hard cock is feeling inside this wet pussy     next thing I know is my earbuds come out and my blindfold is lifter but the ball gag is still firmly in place I open my eyes to see my normally vanilla missionary sex wife dressed in a red corset and black nylons wearing a blindfold furiously riding my cock     she is wearing a pair of leg straps with wrist cuffs on so she can’t remove her blindfold I hear her moaning and groaning saying oh God I love this cock I have never fucked like this before Oh so I start thrusting my pelvis up into her pussy making her moan and yell oh yes fuck me fuck me with your big hard cock I can see nurse Mandy standing next to her and she leans over and fold down the top of her corset to reveal her massive 38DD tits which now are bouncing wildly with her thrusts. I want so bad to squeeze them and have her big nipples in my mouth but I am helpless and at the mercy of Dr. Keli and nurse Mandy she is now fucking me harder and faster and I can feel her pussy tighten up and she is screaming oh my god I am gonna cum I am gonna cum I have never been fucked like this before oh god yes I have been doing my best to keep from cumming but she has me so fucking hot now I can hold back and explode filling her cunt full of hit giz she gasps and loudly says oh my that feels fucking good so fucking good yes fill my pussy with your cum we are both obviously exhausted now and she slumps forward but nurse Mandy has her hand on her chest and keeps her from collapsing on top of me. I am sweating bullets and am totally spent. The whole session lasted over an hour. I they both help her off my cock and over it a chase lounge in the corner of the room. Dr. Keli eleviated my bed so I can see what going to happen next. Dr. Keli asks her so how was it. She responds fantastic Dr. fucking fantastic.     I am both excited and perplexed as we have NEVER had sex like this all the time we have been married and for her to come fuck a stranger and say it’s fantastic has me strangely excited.     Dr. Keli say so was it everything I promised you it would be? she says most definitely and more Dr. Keli say well ok then now it’s time for payment she says ok definitely worth it. The next thing I know is nurse Mandy has just finished up cleaning my cum form her pussy with baby wipes and a soft towel and now Dr. Keli is going down on my wife. I can see the back of her head between her thighs and she is squirming like a virgin getting fingered for the firs time. My wife with a woman! this is absurd this isn’t happening it can’t be happening! even when joking around about us having a threesome and her being with another woman she shuts the idea right down and says there isn’t enough alcohol in the world bla bla bla     but her she is getting her pussy licked by this bbw who has swallowed my cock and fucked me silly more then once or twice. next thing I know is nurse Mandy is messaging her tits and my wife is moaning and saying how good it feels     Nurse Mandy starts sucking on her nipples and pinching them between her finger     my wife is in heaven and starts moaning and before long she is breathing heavy and says oh oh oh my god I am going to cum     She now screams like she never has before I’m cumming I’m cumming! after her orgasm subsides she almost goes limp Dr. Keli is rubbing her tits and speaking to her softly saying there you see I know you had it in you, but thats only half payment. She laughs and says yes I know and I pay my debts. The tow of them help her up with her blindfold still in place but her writs removed from the restraints and Dr. Keli takes her place on the chaise lounge and I can’t believe what I am seeing with nurse Mandy’s help she is positioned in between Dr. Keli’s thighs and she is going down on her pussy! My cock is now throbbing like a base drum and I have no way of doing anything about it. O moaned loud enough that my wife hear me and Dr. Keli said pay no mind to him he is finished and can’t see you he is just experiencing some after shocks from that fucking you gave him/ She laughed and said well if he wants more I’ll be glad to fuck that cock no problem. She has her hands messaging Dr. Keli’s massive melons and Dr, Keli is moaning say oh you’re very good I knew you had it in you Nurse Mandy held her wrist when she moved toward her blindfold and said you know the rules My wife said of course and kept going down on Dr. Keli until she finally had a tremendous orgasm     before I knew what was going on nurse Mandy brought over a double dong and had my wife stand up and slipped it into her pussy and guided her back to the chase lounge and was taking the head and slipping it into Dr. Keli’s wet gaping pussy.     Nurse Mandy came over to me and grabbed my rock hard cock and said shows over for you and proceeded to wheel me out of the room. I protested as best I could but it didn’t stop her she wheeled me out of the room but I could still hear the tow of them fucking in the next room and both my wife and Dr. Keli moaning and groaning like a couple of bitches about to cum when nurse Mandy got me to the other room she said well at least you deserve this compliments form Dr. Keli on your wife. and she gave me a handjob and made me shoot my load like a volcano. When she finished she undid my restraints and left the room. When I got up off the bed my cloths were there and I tried the door form where we came but it was locked. I tried the other door which lead to a parking lot and it was open so I got dressed and figured oh what the fuck not knowing what else to do I drove home and as son as I started thinking about what had happened I started to get a hard on. I got home and sat down in the living room and poured myself a cocktail.     A couple of hours later my wife pulled in the driveway and came into the house. I was about to say something but remembered nurse Mandy’s word she had whispered in my ear just before I came speak nothing of this to no one or you’ll be very sorry remember Dr. Patient confidentiality So I just said to her how was your day, she said oh fine what did you do oh I went shopping and met a friend for lunch.     I was like yeah you had some lunch baby….     Hey be a dear and make me a drink will you. I said a drink you? she said yes a drink I want to try new things is that ok with you? I said to trying new things and poured her a drink.