A Walk in the Park

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By Anon Girl An argument with my boyfriend leads to a life changing experience.

My boyfriend and I were walking back to campus late at night from a bar. We were having a drunken argument about a guy he caught trying to flirt with me.

He unfairly blamed me because I was wearing a boob tube and short skirt with high heels. I argued back that I would never cheat on him and that he should trust me.

It only made matters worse, so we left early and continued arguing on our way back to campus.
We took a short cut through a dark, deserted park. I’d usually be fearful of such places, but my blood was boiling in anger.

I was a loyal girlfriend. Guys hit on me because I was eighteen, 5ft 5 inches with long blonde hair and big boobs, but I wasn’t a cheat or a slut.

My feet began to hurt in the heels, so when we reached a bench, I sat down to rest. My boyfriend moaned when I said I needed a break and lit a cigarette. I was a social smoker, but my boyfriend hated that too, so he walked off, leaving me in the dark all by myself.

“David!” I called after him, don’t leave me here on my own!”

“You’re doing my head in, Emma! I’ll meet you back on campus. I need to cool off.”

“David!” I called out again, but he was gone.

I stood up and walked in pain while I smoked the cigarette, then suddenly, a large shadow came out from behind a tree and grabbed me. I was so agonisingly close to exiting the park. I screamed but the shadowy figure put a gloved hand over my mouth, muffling my cry for help.

“Be quiet and I won’t hurt you, bitch!” the shadow of brute strength warned me. “If your boyfriend doesn’t want, then I’ll take you.”

His voice was deep, terrifying and that of a mature man. I tried to kick him but his grip on me was too strong and suffocating as he dragged me into a bush.

“What do you want!” I shouted, again muffled by his hand covering my mouth.

“Do as I say, and I won’t cut you open,” he warned me again, dragging me to the floor. “Don’t say another word unless I tell you to, got it?”

I nodded in fear as he laid me down on my back and spread my thighs, kneeling between them. I was about to scream, now his hand was gone from my mouth, but I saw he was holding a long blade, and I froze.

“Yeah, that’s it, bitch. You keep quiet and I won’t have to use this on you.”

He was dressed all in black with a balaclava covering his face. Even his eyes were dark and void of anything I could call human.

“Do exactly as I say and when I say it, understand?” I nodded obediently. “Good. You went out dressed like a slut, teasing all the guys, I bet, so show me those tits.”

I closed my eyes, full of shame and embarrassment, then pulled my boob tube down. My 32D breasts bounced free from the top while I heard my attacker taking off his gloves.

“Open your eyes, slut. I want you looking at me the entire time we’re together.”

I opened my eyes, knowing I was about to be raped or killed, maybe both. A sinking feeling took over. I rested my hands by my sides as tears quietly trickled out the corner of my eyes.

“Mmm, that’s quite a set you have on you,” he groaned.

His large, cold hands grabbed my breasts, groping them roughly until he decided to pull and squeeze my nipples. I gasped in pain, before I felt tingles travelling up my spine. Then he got down low and took turns on my nipples, sucking hungrily.

My breasts began to swell as they became tender. His hands were pushing them together, jutting out the nipples for easy sucking.

“Mmm, great tits, slut,” he groaned.

As the fear faded away, I experienced confusion. I was being molested by a sex attacker, only minutes after my boyfriend abandoned me during an argument, yet I had became easily aroused.

I hated how my body was betraying me. My breasts had responded to the unwanted, forced attention they were receiving, while warm moisture flowed into my panties.

“Mmm, good girl, Emma. That’s your name, isn’t it?” I nodded. “Keep obeying me and it’ll all be over soon enough,” he said, licking my breasts and sucking my nipples.

As he feasted on my abundance of soft flesh, my attacker moved a hand downwards. I grimaced, closing my eyes and biting my bottom lip. The short skirt hid nothing because I was lying down.

He continued sucking my nipple as he slipped his hand inside my panties. “Mmm, you’re wet, Emma.”

I hated the fact I was wet. I hated the fact he knew my name, but I couldn’t deny his hand felt nice inside my panties, his fingers rubbing my pussy and clit.

A soft sigh escaped my lips before I moaned. I couldn’t halt it. My attacker chuckled before he thrusted two fingers inside my body. I gasped and arched my back as he began to finger-fuck me and suck a love-bite into my left breast.

My breathing grew ragged as he marked and pleasured my body. The two different sensations became more intense the deeper he pushed his fingers, and the harder he sucked on my breast.

I released a strangled moan when he removed his fingers and rubbed my clit. I was going to cum. This disgusting animal was going to make me cum against my will.

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“Not yet, Emma. I want you begging me to make you cum.”

I was left in a haze of confusion once more, panting for breath as I looked around. All I could see was darkness above, as the trees shielded us from the moonlight.

Fear gripped me once more, when he put the knife at the side of my thigh and sliced through the waistband of my panties.

I gasped as he put the knife back down and ripped my panties away, exposing the area between my legs that he had forced to become swollen and tender.

“Mmm, I love a young, tight, shaven cunt, Emma. You really are a slut.”

My attacker pulled down his pants and showed me his cock. My eyes bulged in more fear at the size of it. Long and thick, rock hard, the tip already glistening with pre-cum.

“I guess we’re about to find out. Are you on the pill?” he smirked through the balaclava, his eyes menacing through the slits as he stroked his cock.

I didn’t know how to answer. I thought if I told him the truth, he might not ejaculate inside me. I shock my head, letting him know my womb wasn’t protected. It was fertile.

“Mmm.” He began to stroke his cock while he spread my legs wider, eyeing up my pussy.

There was nothing I could do to stop him. All I could do was hope and pray he wouldn’t cum inside me.

“Emma! Emma! Where are you?” It was my boyfriend David, coming back to rescue me. “Emmm-ma!”

But my attacker was too quick. He grabbed my throat and put the knife to my face. It was terrifying. My boyfriend was so near but I had a psycho rapist between my splayed legs, threatening to kill me.

“Make a noise and I’ll kill you both. Nod if you agree.” I nodded frantically. “Good girl. Now take my cock in your hand.” I reached for his cock, curling my fingers around his thick shaft.

“Emma! I’m sorry! Emma! Where are you?” My heart was breaking listening to my boyfriend.

“You know what to do. Put my cock inside you.” He tightened his grip around my neck as a warning.

I closed my eyes, holding back the tears as I rubbed the head of his cock along my opening. He grunted while my boyfriend shouted my name.

“Mmm, that’s it,” my attacker moaned, pushing his cock into my slit. “Whisper for me to rape you.”

I hesitated, unable to speak the god-awful words. Was this not traumatic enough for him. He put the blade to my nipple, threatening to slice it off.

“Rape me,” I whispered, my voice shaking.

“Say please,” he whispered back.

“Please… rrr… rape me.” I could still hear David calling out my name.

My attacker put the knife to my neck, grabbed my right breast and then thrust his big cock into my body. We groaned together as he stretched my pussy. I was too wet to offer any resistance.

He was able to thrust in and out of my slippery warmth, which only grew slipperier and warmer with each stroke.

“Emma!” David was so close to the bush I thought he was bound to hear us and save me. “For fucks sake, she must be on campus.”

My heart shattered when I heard him give up, my boyfriend was abandoning me again.

“Mmm, your lover has gone, Emma,” my attacker revelled in my torture.

He put the knife down and raised my legs onto his shoulders. I gave up all hope and turned my head to the side, staring into the darkness while a stranger carried on raping me.

“Mmm, tight little slut,” he grunted, grabbing my breasts and abusing them.

He began to move his hips again, raping me hard and deep. Soon he was pounding into me, using all of his strength for each thrust. It was involuntary, but I began to moan as my eyes closed.

“Mmm, a true slut!” he hissed, bending me in half, driving his cock into my cervix.

The pain and pleasure kept on building and building until I could no longer hold it. I felt so ashamed that my body could do this to me.

“Ohhh! I can feel your tight cunt gripping my cock! Ohhhh! Slut!”

As a rogue orgasm rushed through my body, my attacker began to cum. I felt him swell inside me before warm liquid gushed inside my pussy, flooding and violating my womb with unwanted sperm.

He kept pounding away with my legs on his shoulders, mauling my breasts until his sick gratification was completed.

“Ahhh,” he sighed, finally releasing me.
As he stood up, holding his soft cock. my attacker stood over me for one final insult.

“Thank me.”

I looked up, broken. “What?” I muttered.

“Thank me for raping you.”

I couldn’t believe it, but he was holding a knife and he’d already done his worst, so I thanked him.

“Thank you… for raping me,” I murmured.

Then warm liquid rained down on my body. I recoiled on the floor with no panties on, my boob tube below my breasts, my skirt around my waist, and with one heel on my foot, my attacker urinated all over me.

In my hair, on my face, breasts and thighs, he emptied his bladder after emptying his balls. I was completely used before he left.

Nine months later, I gave birth to a baby girl. Just like me, she’ll never know her father.

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