A Walk in the Winter?? Pt. 03

tagGroup SexA Walk in the Winter?? Pt. 03

Hazel's question had both Chrissie and I looking at each other. I guess, it was a question of "Ok, what now?"
I moved over to Hazel and cupped her boobs in my hands feeling the metal piercings that made her nipples even more prominent. She grabbed hold of my erect cock and started to once again, slowly wank it, staring into my eyes as she did so. This though was not how I wanted to cum, if the truth be told I wanted her bent over the end of the bed frame while I fucked her long and deep from behind. Chrissie walked up behind me and was playing with my ball bag, squeezing and teasing the contents while Hazel continued with her hand strokes on my cock. I was now in some sort of sandwich between two women, one of whom I'd fucked many times before and one who I wanted to fuck. I certainly wasn't complaining.
Hazel then suddenly stopped and moved away as she then stood with one leg propped up on the side of the bed frame. This allowed her easy access to her pussy which she started to finger fuck, firstly quite slowly, then faster and faster so that both Chrissie and I could hear her juices as her fingers pushed in and out of her swollen lips. her new position also gave Chrissie and I a better view of her swollen mound.
"I want you two to fuck while I watch, come on, I want to cum while you fuck."
There was a distinct eagerness in her voice and I never needed a second invitation to fuck Chrissie and she held on to the end of the bed and bent over so that I could slide my cock into her nice, tight wet pussy. Standing behind her I pushed the tip of my erect cock into her waiting hole before I started to slowly thrust my hips backwards and forwards and I could hear my balls slapping on Chrissies skin. I built up a rhythm that seemed to have Hazel entranced as she continued to finger fuck her pussy.
"I want to cum, fuck her harder Pete, fuck her harder."
This was a new one on me, the act of having sex being dictated by a third party. I started to thrust faster and harder which made Chrissie gasp and moan and I could hear her boobs as they slapped together. I pushed harder and harder feeling my balls get tighter and I knew that a load of my hot, sticky cum would soon be jetted into Chrissies pussy.
Hazel suddenly arched her back and Chrissie and I both looked as she jetted a stream of liquid onto the floor and her body shuddered as she did so.
I continued thrusting away and I could feel Chrissie's pussy grip my cock tighter when Hazel was jetting her cum onto the floor.
Hazel walked over and stood watching us fuck and she rubbed some of her juices onto her boobs, making them glisten. I could feel that moment when the nerve along the length of my cock tingled, sending me the message that I was soon to be emptying myself and I twitched and then felt my cum being shot deep inside Chrissie as she gasped and gripped the end of the bed harder.
I pulled my cock out and Hazel didn't know what to do first, she then decided on kneeling on the floor behind Chrissie and running her tongue in and around her pussy which had some of my cum dripping out of it. Hazel looked up at me and I could see my cum round her mouth and on her lips. She smiled and winked at me as she savoured the drops of my hot cum. I moved round and Chrssie then moved so that she could suck the end of my cock which was starting to go limp. Placing her lips round my cock she licked any remaining cum from it and in no time my cock was hard again as Chrissie teased and pleased it.
Hazel had moved away from licking Chrissies pussy and she was clearly enjoying watching Chrissie suck my cock.
"Ok, Chrissie you've enjoyed his cock for too long, now its my turn."
Chrissie looked up, almost scowling at being told to stop and slowly pulled her mouth away from my cock and she stood up. I stood there with my erect cock jutting out. Hazel came over and initially got down onto her knees so that she could then start sucking my cock. Her mouth was tight round it and she had one of her hands clamped on it as well as he head bobbed backwards and forward and her salvia was making it glisten in the light. Chrissie was watching intently, if a little angry at being stopped from sucking my cock as Hazel allowed my cock to fill her mouth.
Chrisse then squatted down and started to rub her pussy as she watched Hazel working her mouth on my cock. I could see Chrissie's fingers as she teased her pussy lips and I smiled at her. She smiled back and seemed encouraged to rub her pussy more. I must admit I could watch Chrissie play with herself all day. She had a way of gently rubbing herself and occasionally sucking her wet fingers. She seemed to speed up as Hazel wanked and sucked my cock. Which ever way this day was going to go I still wanted to find my cock buried deep inside Hazels pussy.
Hazel then gripped my ball bag which made me wince as it was quite rough.
She then stopped and stood up, again looking me in the eye before she turned round and lent over the end of the bed. Chrissie stood up and walked over, stopping her playing session and she licked her fingers before sliding two of them into Hazels waiting pussy. She started to then slowly push them in and out as Hazel seemed to push her backside back towards Chrissie as if her pussy wanted her fingers deeper inside. Chrissie seemed to be enjoying finger fucking Hazel who was gasping and moaning with every thrust of Chrissies fingers. I was entranced by it and started to stroke my cock, nice and slow, I wasn't rushing anything.
Chrissie then glanced over at me and smiled and I wondered what she was up to or at least what she was thinking. She then took her fingers out of hazels pussy and stuck them in her mouth, before turning back to Hazel who was still bent over the bed. Chrissie playfully smacked Hazel's backside and then she sucked her right index finger. I was intrigued and wondered what was going on. Chrissie then took her finger and gently slid it into Hazels puckered arse hole.
"You dirty bitch Chrissie, I was waiting for one of you two to play with my arse."
"My pleasure and it's so fucking tight I don't think Pete will be getting his thick cock in there."
With Hazel gripping the end of the bed, Chrissie was gently fucking her arse with her index finger which was making hazel gasp and moan.
"Come on Chrissie finger me harder, make me squirt, you know you want to."
Chrisse started to move her finger in and out faster and then stopped and took her finger out. I thought the show was over until Chrissie then licked another finger and then slid two fingers into Hazels puckerd arse hole.
"Oh fuck Chrissie you're stretching my little arse hole but don't stop."
Chrissie carried on and Hazel then took one of her hands off of the bed and started to rub her pussy as Chrissie finger fucked her arse. This was something to not miss and I was still slowly wanking my cock watching these two play. Chrissie was pushing her fingers in deeper and harder and Hazel moaned as she rubbed her swollen clit faster.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum."
Before Chrissie knew it Hazel was jetting warm cum onto the floor boards again.
Chrissie removed her fingers and Hazel fell forwards onto the end of the bed.
I was still stroking my cock when the two girls looked at me and almost in unison said.
"OK, what now?"

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