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tagGroup SexA Weekend With The Flatmates

'Morning Matt.' Lucy said as she breezed into the kitchen, heading for the kettle.
'Good morning.' I replied, shovelling another spoonful of Cornflakes into my mouth.
'I hope we didn't wake you up when we got back last night, Nina's rather noisy when she's had a few.'
'Oi!' Nina said from the doorway. 'I resemble that remark!'
'It's fine.' I said. 'I was still awake anyway.'
'I thought you were still asleep.' Lucy said as Nina kissed her lips.
'No chance with you crashing around in the bedroom.' Nina replied.
'You two are like an old married couple.' I laughed.
'We are an old married couple.' Lucy said.
'Speak for yourself.' Nina replied. 'I'm only twenty-nine!'
'We're still old compared to Matt.' Lucy said.
Lucy and Nina were a lovely couple and had been a massive help to me since I'd moved into their spare bedroom after I'd split with my girlfriend six months earlier.
I was devastated, Amy and I had been childhood sweethearts and were talking about getting married until I found out that she'd been sleeping with other guys. She tried to claim that it was a phase and that she'd only done it to find out what it was like to sleep with someone other than me. She even suggested that I should do the same but I just couldn't do that. Amy was the only girl I wanted to sleep with and she was the only girl I ever wanted to sleep with.
By rights, I could have asked her to leave our rented flat but I couldn't do that to her, despite her transgressions, so I moved out and answered Lucy and Nina's ad for a lodger.
Of course, moving into a flat with tow married women had it's drawbacks, especially given that I was young enough to still have a residue of schoolboy humour. It helped that their bedroom was at the other end of the corridor from mine so any noise of a sexual nature didn't filter through to my room although that didn't stop me from using my imagination and a box of tissues on the odd occasion.
'Did you say you were out this evening Matt?' Nina said as she sat opposite me with a mug off coffee.
'Yeah.' I replied. 'Just meeting a couple of mates for a drink, shouldn't be too late.'
'We're your landladies, not your mum.' Lucy laughed.
'Sorry, old habits die hard.'
'Aah! He's so young.' Nina said.
'I'm twenty-three!'
'That's very young compared to Lucy.' She grinned at her wife.'
'Hey, I'm only thirty-six!' Lucy protested.
'You look great.' I replied before my brain had a chance to stop my mouth.
'Thank you Matt.' She said. 'You see Nina, Matt finds me attractive.'
'I didn't say…'
'Oh, so you don't find me attractive?'
'Stop messing with me, the pair of you. You're both gorgeous, not at all like….'
'Like what?' Nina said. 'Like stereotypical butch lesbians with shaved heads and tattoos?'
'I'm going to work before my mouth gets me into any more trouble.' I said as I finished my coffee and stood up.
'We can shave our heads if it makes you feel more comfortable.' Lucy called out after me.
'And I have a tattoo on my arse!' Nina added as I opened the front door.
'So, how's it going being shacked up with a couple of lesbians.' Pete said as he put his emptied pint glass in the table. Pete's inner schoolboy was still a dominant part of his personality. 'Have you asked if you can watch yet?'
'Pete!' Andy said. 'It's your round, get 'em in.'
Pete sniggered and got up, fishing his wallet from his jeans.
'He doesn't change.' Andy said once Pete was out of earshot.
'He means well.' I said.
'He need a woman in his life.' Carol said.
'You volunteering?' Andy replied.
'You had enough of me already?' She said. 'We've only been married six months!'
'Yeah but we've been together eleven years.'
Andy and Carol were also childhood sweethearts, the four of us had been inseparable at school. I was genuinely made up for them when they got married.
'Have you spoken to Amy recently?' Carol asked.
'No.' I replied. 'Not since I moved out of the flat.'
'She's not been doing very well since you left.' She said.
'And who's fault is that?' I snapped.
'Hey, don't shoot the messenger.'
'Sorry Carol.' I said, feeling instant remorse. 'My head's all over the place at the moment.'
'You need to get back in the game.' Andy said.
'Not so easy.' I replied. 'I've only ever had one girlfriend.'
'Do you still have any feelings for her?' Carol asked.
'Of course.' I replied. 'You don't just stop loving someone but she hurt me. If it had just been a one off, then there may have been an outside chance that I might have forgiven her but three?'
'Er, six.' Andy said.
'What?' I said, almost spitting beer all over the table.
'Andy!' Carol punched his arm.
'Sorry, but he has a right to know.'
I slumped in my seat. Six! I felt sick. 'So she lied on top of the lies.' I muttered.
'Sorry mate.' Andy said, putting a hand on my shoulder.
'It's alright.' I said. 'It doesn't really change anything, just means she's even more of a slapper!'
'She really isn't.' Carol said, she just went wild for a couple of months.'
'I know she's still your best friend.' I said. 'But please don't make excuses for her. At least not in front of me.'
'So, what about those lesbians?' Pete said as he placed a tray of drinks on the table.
'I think I'll head home.' I said. 'Don't think I'm really in the mood.'
'Oh god, I'm sorry Matt.' Carol said. 'I shouldn't have brought it up.'
'No, it's not your fault.' I replied. 'As I said, my head's all over the place at the moment.'
'Getting back to your lesbians.' Pete said, grinning as if someone had shoved a plate into his mouth.
'Fuck off Pete!' Both Andy and Carol said in unison.
'Ok, ok.' Pete replied. 'I'm just having a laugh. Sorry Matt.'
'It's ok mate.' I said. 'Think I might just go home and crash.'
'What about your pint?'
'You have it.'
Six! Amy had fucked six men behind my back! That though had stuck in my head for the entire twenty minute bus journey home.
I opened the front door and the flat seemed quiet, I thought that maybe Lucy and Nina had gone out for the evening.
I headed for the kitchen. A glass of water and back to my room was the plan. As I got to the kitchen door, I heard a moan. Turning towards the sound, I noticed the Lucy and Nina's bedroom door was ajar and realisation dawned as to what the sound was.
My brain was desperately trying to tell me to quickly pour that glass of water, get back to my room and shut the door. My feet, however, were already moving in the opposite direction.
The door was only open a little but the angle was enough for me to be able to see their bed. Both of them were naked, Lucy was nuzzling Nina's neck as she gently brushed her finger tips over her nipple. Nina's legs were wide open, her hand between them, fingering herself.
They were both stunning. Lucy looked nowhere near her thirty-six years. Not a day older than Nina and she could have passed for someone no older than me.
Lucy began to work her way down Lucy's body, gently kissing her breasts and stomach until she was between her legs. Nina's fingers were replaced by Lucy's tongue.
Nina arched her back and gasped as Lucy probed her pussy with her tongue. She began to squeeze her own breasts and nipples as she writhed and cried out in pleasure.
I suddenly felt discomfort below as my cock began its attempt to get out of my pants and I decided that this would be a good time for a tactical retreat. I made my way along the hallway towards my room, accompanied by the sound of what I could only assume was Nina creaming out her orgasm.
I got to my room and quietly closed the door before sitting on my bed.
'Shit!' I muttered as I realised that I'd forgotten my water. I'd have to go without, there was no way I was going to go back to the kitchen.
I looked over at the box of tissues on my bedside table and hope there would be enough. I'd watched many girl on girl videos but they paled in comparison to witnessing it first hand.
This discomfort was still there so I undid my trousers before pulling at the waistband of my pants. When I looked down after feeling the relief of my cock springing free, it was almost purple!
I quickly discarded the rest of my clothes, threw the duvet back and climbed onto the bed. Laying on my back, I closed my eyes and began to stroke my cock, my other hand feeling the reassuring presence of the box of tissues.
'Did you enjoy the show?'
'SHIT!' I grabbed a handful of duvet and yanked it over myself as I looked up to see Nina standing in the doorway, in a blue silk dressing gown. 'I, er, sorry, I wasn't, er sorry.'
'It's ok.' She said, laughing at my clumsy attempts to cover my modesty. 'It was my fault for not closing our door properly. We weren't expecting you home so early.'
'Yeah.' I replied. 'I wasn't really enjoying myself, especially when people started talking about my ex.'
'Oh dear, that must have been awkward.'
'Indeed. Especially when I found out that she'd cheated on me with six blokes!'
'Bloody hell!'
She sat down on the edge of my bed and her dressing gown opened a little, revealing the swell of her breasts. My erection, which had receded when she surprised me was raging once more under the duvet.
'So you've not met anyone new yet?' She asked.
'It's only been six months.' I replied.
'Any one night stands then?'
'Ouch! I don't think I could go six moths without sex.'
'Me neither but here we are.'
'Would you like to have sex with me?' She asked.
'Wh-what?' I was convinced I'd misheard.
'Would you like to have sex with me?' She repeated.
'But you're….'
'A lesbian?'
'I was going to say gay to be more PC but…'
'It doesn't define me and anyway, both Lucy and I had boyfriends before we met.'
'Well what about Lucy?' I asked, fearing I was talking myself out of my first shag in over six months.
'Lucy!' She shouted.
'What!' Lucy shouted back.
'Is it alright if Matt and I have sex?'
'Go for it, I'm too knackered!'
'You're serious?' I asked.
'Of course.' Nina replied as she got up and closed the door. 'That's if you want to of course.'
''Well, er…'
'Unless you don't fancy me.'
'Are you kidding? I'd have to be dead not to fancy you!'
'Well that's settled then.' She said as she untied her dressing gown, slid it off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I thought she looked incredible laying on the bed earlier but she looked even more stunning close up, her beautiful face framed by her long, dark hair, her hazel eyes boring deep into me.
She whipped the duvet off and climbed onto the bed. 'Oh my.' She said, looking at my engorged cock. 'It looks as though it's about to blow.'
Before I could do anything, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and took me into her mouth.
'Oh god!' I said as I felt her lips and tongue go to work on my tongue. 'Oh fuck.' After what I'd seen, I knew I wasn't going to last long. 'I think I'm gonna come!' I cried out but she made no attempt to lift off and just stroked my shaft faster.
'Nnnnggg!' I grunted and my cock throbbed as I came into her mouth and she swallowed my semen hungrily.
'Was that good?' She asked.
All I could do was nod.
'Excellent.' She replied. 'Let me go and get some water and I'll be right back.'
I watched as she got up, opened the bedroom door and head down the corridor towards the kitchen. She looked every bit as good from behind as she did from the front.
The door at the other end or the corridor opened and Lucy stuck her head out. 'How's it going? She asked, a huge grin on her face.
'Go back in and shut the door.' Nina replied, giggling.
Nina returned to my room carrying two glasses of water. 'She's so nosey.' She said as she closed the door and put the glasses down on the bedside table. 'Now, where were we?' She climbed back onto the bed and on top of me. Our lips met and she quickly found my tongue with hers.
Instinct kicked in and I wrapped my arms around her as I rolled on top of her. 'That's more like it.' She said as I cupped her breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. 'Suck my tits!'
Nina moaned as I rolled my tongue around her nipple and gently sucked on it. As I moved on to the other one, I reached down and began to stroke her thigh. It had the desired effect and she opened her legs. I moved my hand between them and stroked her moist pussy before inserting two fingers inside her.
'Oh god!' She said. 'That feels so good, don't stop.'
As I moved my fingers in and out of her, I lifted my head and put my tongue in her ear.
'Oh yes.' She whispered. 'Your tongue feels so nice, I want to feel it in my pussy.'
'I'm not sure I can compete with Lucy there.' I replied.'
'No man can but give it a go anyway' She said as she pushed me down the bed until I was between her legs.
She gasped as my tongue brushed her labia. I felt the pressure, knowing that Lucy's tongue had been here only a short while ago.
She squealed as I pushed my tongue deep inside her. She tasted wonderful. Different to Amy, a more intense taste but no better, no worse.
'Oh fuck!' She cried out. 'You're fucking good, for a man.' She was breathing heavily as I continued working her with my tongue. 'Ooooh! You found my clit, you wonderful man!'
She was panting and screaming, I couldn't help but wonder if Lucy could hear her and what she was thinking.
'Fuck me.' Nina said. 'I want you inside me, now!'
I moved back up her body kissing her stomach and breasts before my tongue found her mouth and she sucked her juices from it. She sucked in a breath as I entered her before wrapping her legs around me and digging her nails into my buttocks.
I slid in and out of her, each time she moaned and panted.
'Oh yes, your cock is so thick. Keep fucking me!'
'As I fucked her harder, we both breathed faster.
'Oh god, I'm so close!'
She was panting so hard now as I thrust myself in and out of her.
'Oh fuck, yes! Yes! YES!'
I felt her body go rigid as she bucked and convulsed before screaming as she came. There was no doubt that Lucy would have heard it.
'Don't come inside me.' She puffed. 'Come over y tits!'
I pulled out of her and lifted myself onto my knees as she lifted herself up onto her elbows. I began stroking my cock and she stroked my balls, this wasn't going to take long.
'Come on.' She said. 'I want your cum all over my tits!'
That sent me over the edge and I grunted loudly as I shot my load over her gorgeous breasts.
'Oh wow!' She said, looking down at thecum dripping off her breasts and onto her thighs. 'Have you been saving it up?'
'Sorry.' I replied.
'That's quite alright, you obviously needed to get it out of your system, quite literally!' She reached out her hand as I passed her the box of tissues.
'Would you mind if I ask you a personal question?' I said.
'Sweetie.' She replied. 'You've come in my mouth, fucked me and come on my tits, you can ask me anything you want.'
'What's the deal with you and Lucy?'
'Yeah, this. Is it an open marriage sort of thing?'
'Ah, with you now. No, not an open marriage exactly. Remember when I said the we both had boyfriends before we got together?'
'Well, just because we're married to each other, doesn't mean we don't like having sex with guys.'
'So you're bisexual then?'
'I suppose so but I'm not too keen on labels. We just made the choice that we'd commit to each other but, if he opportunity to have sex with a man came up, we could do so as long as the other knows about it.'
'So I was an opportunity?'
She finished wiping my cum off and looked me in the eye. 'Of course, that isn't a problem, is it?'
'No, of course not.'
'Good.' She kissed me softly on the lips. 'As long as you understand that tonight was just meaningless sex.'
I nodded.
'Right.' She said, climbing off the bed and picking up her dressing gown. 'Id best get back to the wife.' She put the dressing gown on and opened the door.
I watched as she opened her bedroom door to reveal Lucy laying face own on the bed, still naked.
'Now can you tell me how it went?' She said as Nina shut the door.
I slumped back onto the bed and tried to make sense of what had just happened. I'd just made love to a gorgeous woman. A gorgeous bisexual woman who's wife was is the other bedroom. It was all so surreal!
'Morning stud.' Lucy said as he walked into the kitchen.
'I, er…'
'Yeah, Nina told me all about it. Looks like I might have some serious competition.'
'Oh, I would never…'
'Relax, I'm just kidding.'
She was dressed in her running gear. Leggings, sports top and a headband, her blonde hair tied in a ponytail.
'Good morning gorgeous wife, good morning hunky lodger.' Nina said as she walked in. She was dressed similarly to Lucy. 'Coming for a run with us?'
'I refer the honourable lady to the answer I gave last weekend and the weekend before that.'
'One day you might say yes.' Lucy said. 'So we'll keep asking.'
'You do that.' I replied. 'I'm off to the gym.'
'Working on the abs?' Lucy said.
'I should be so lucky.' I replied.
'Well I had no complaints last night.' Nina said.'
'Stop it.' Lucy said. 'You're making him blush.'
As they left the kitchen, I poured myself a cup of tea and sat at the table. I hadn't got much sleep because of so many thoughts running around my head from the conversation in the pub to the sex with Nina.
Carol had asked me if I still had feelings for Amy. I wasn't lying when I said that I had but what I didn't say was that those feelings were still deep. I still loved her and a small voice kept telling me that, last night, I cheated on her.
I shook my head. Not only had she lied to me, she'd lied about the lie. Why on earth was I feeling guilty? I decided to leave the tea and grabbed my gym bag, I needed to work out my frustrations.
As I opened the front door, I could hear music. I dumped my bag on my bed and headed into the kitchen.
'Hello.' Lucy said. She was stood in front of the kettle with one towel wrapped around her chest and another around her head. The radio was on the window sill, playing some pop music. 'How was the gym, any abs pop up yet.' She smiled.
'Not yet.' I replied. 'I'll just have to keep trying.'
'Hey big boy!' Nina called from their bedroom.
'Hi Nina.' I called back. I stuck my head around the door. She was sat on a chair in just a thin lilac camisole and white knickers. Her foot was up on the edge of the chair and she was painting her toe nails.
'It's ok.' She said. 'You can come in.'
The whole dynamic of the flat had changed literally overnight. In the six months since I'd been there, I'd never seen either of them in their underwear or in just a towel.
'How was your run?' I asked.
'Hot and sweaty!' She replied. 'The gym?'
'Did you shower there?'
'Should have come home for a shower, could have had a wank.'
'Nina!' Lucy said as she walked into the bedroom.
'What?' Nina replied. 'All blokes wank in the shower, don't they?'
'I suppose.' Lucy said. 'Do you, Matt?'
'Er, yeah, sometimes.' I replied.
'See?' Nina said to Lucy.
'Anyway.' I said. 'I'm going to go and get changed.' What I really meant was that being in their bedrooms with them in various states of undress were having an effect on my nether regions and my tracksuit bottoms made it difficult to hide the fact.
I was feeling awkward by the evening as Nina was still only wearing her vest top and knickers and Lucy was in similar attire.
'You're quiet.' Lucy said as she walked into the lounge. 'Is something bothering you?'
'No.' I replied. 'Well yes, a little, maybe.'
'Spill.' She said.
'Well, everything's changed.'
'Changed? In what way?'
I held out a hand to indicate her attire. 'I've never seen you in your underwear before and I've been here six months.'

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