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This must be her.
I was in a local coffee shop, seated in the darkest corner of the shop, my back against the wall. I had been nervously fiddling with the cardboard sleeve on my coffee cup for almost 20 minutes, having arrived much too early.
At exactly 4:00, she walked through the door. As she entered, she slid her large sunglasses up to the top of her head, pushing back her sleek, almost black hair. Her outfit was simple. Dark skinny jeans, loose fitting lavender sweater, and simple wedges that added 3 inches to her short stature.
I couldn't help but stare, and I observed that her body was in stark contrast to my own. We're both short, but while she has an athletic frame, with lean limbs and slim hips, I have an ample hourglass figure with a bit more weight than I would prefer, and soft curves my boyfriend loves to hold.
She quickly noticed her audience, and I realized that my staring was anything subtle. She gracefully walked toward my table.
"Charlie?" she asked.
I nodded and stood to shake her hand.
"You must be Vanessa," I said shakily.
She smiled warmly, clearly not surprised or bothered by my nerves, and sat down across from me. I sat back down and took a deep breath. I could not believe what I was doing.
Two weeks ago, I had a few too many margaritas with my friend Abby. Abby is a talented artist who danced at a local strip club on the weekends to make ends meet. We were discussing my boyfriend Noah's upcoming birthday. It was his 40th and I had yet to come up with a gift that felt special or personal enough.
Marriage was not a priority to either of us, but we were married in all but name. We co-owned our home, and had been in a committed, monogamous relationship for almost 9 years.
Abby had always been my most open and sexually adventurous friend, so I wasn't particularly surprised when she asked if he had any sexual fantasies that I could fulfill as his birthday gift. Noah and I had never been afraid to experiment in the bedroom, so there wasn't much on our wish lists we hadn't already tried, but one fantasy that he had mentioned came to mind.
"Well, it's not exactly original, but he has always wanted to have a threesome."
Abby's eyes lit up and, with a mischievous grin, said "Just tell me when to be there, and I will happily be of service. You're sexy and you know I've always thought Noah was hot."
I burst out laughing.
"Well, you're a very good friend, but I could never do it with someone I know."
"Wait. You're actually considering it? I'm so proud of you!"
She hugged me, and I realized that, to my surprise, I was truly considering it. Maybe it was the tequila, Abby's influence, or both, but despite the fact that I had never felt much sexual desire towards women, I was thinking of inviting one into my bedroom.
Even in the dark bar lighting, I knew Abby could see me blushing.
"Maybe," I said. "But I don't even know where I would find someone."
"I might be able to help with that. Some girls at the club do escorting, too, and this girl Vanessa is super nice, gorgeous, and I would totally trust her to make you comfortable and not do anything out of bounds with Noah."
Oh my God. Not only was I considering it, but there was an actual candidate. This could really happen. I downed the rest of my margarita, and looked at Abby with wide, nervous eyes.
"Will you talk to her for me?", I asked quietly.
Vanessa and I shared some small talk, and I was surprised at how quickly I became comfortable with her. We talked about Abby, how long she had worked at the club, and what I did for a living. She had a warm smile, and bright, pale eyes, that put me at ease.
"So. What exactly did Abby tell you?", I asked.
"Well, I've heard her talk about her friend Charlie, so I already knew you were smart, funny, and sexy. And she told me that you were thinking of giving your man a threesome for his birthday. So I guess you're generous, too."
She winked at me, and once again, I was blushing. I felt the familiar flutter deep in me. Vanessa was seducing me right here in a coffee shop.
"Well…uh…yeah, that's pretty much it. Is this something you've…done before?"
I could tell as the words came out of my mouth that I had lost any composure and cool I may have had five minutes ago.
She nodded, ignoring my awkwardness. "Yes, it is. I don't know how much Abby told you, but for my work outside the club, I am very selective, and this is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy. Helping nice, attractive people make their fantasies come true."
Vanessa sat across from me patiently as I absorbed our situation. Finally, I shyly smiled at her.
"I think you're exactly what I'm looking for."
"Thank you again for dinner, babe. I'm looking forward to dessert."
Noah and I were returning home from his birthday dinner, and as he clumsily initiated sex, he pinched my ass, making me yelp. He looked so handsome in his dark blue suit, his short dark hair just starting to turn to salt and pepper.
I playfully swatted his hand away, and gave him a sexy smile. "You give me 10 minutes and meet me upstairs."
I hurried up to our bedroom as he grabbed a beer from the fridge.
"Vanessa?" I whispered.
Vanessa emerged from the master bathroom, as we had planned. We had spent the last week emailing and texting, figuring out a fee, and hammering out details like boundaries, likes, dislikes, etc. At each step of the way, she and I were on the same page, and I had already thanked Abby several times for the excellent referral. Vanessa had come over the day before to see the house and I had lent her a key for the occasion.
She was stunning. She was wearing a satin bustier and satin thong, both in deep purple. The color looked stunning on her pale skin, and the bustier accentuated her slim frame and modest, perky breasts.
"You look amazing," I told her honestly.
She smiled as if she didn't already know. "Thanks Charlie. Go put on your favorite lingerie. I can't wait to see how sexy you look."
I hurried to the closet while Vanessa opened the bag she had brought with her. I slipped off my dress and put on the lingerie that made me feel sexiest: a black, strappy see-through lace bra, and black see-through high-waisted panty. I finished the look with black platform heels, similar to the ones Vanessa was wearing.
I crossed to the vanity to touch up my hair and makeup, and I saw that Vanessa had arranged all the tools and toys we had discussed on my dresser. Blindfolds, handcuffs, wrist and ankle cuffs, rope, silk ties, floggers, riding crops, nipple clamps, glass anal plugs, and a variety of vibrators.
My hands shook as I glanced at the clock. The 10 minutes were up. I looked at Vanessa and she slipped back into the bathroom and left the door open just enough to hear us in the bedroom.
John opened the door to bedroom and gave a low whistle when he saw me.
"Damn, sweetie, you look fucking sexy. Are you my birthday present?" He slid his arms around my waist, resting his hands on my ass, and kissed me.
I leaned back and looked deep into his chocolate brown eyes.
"Noah, I did get you a present. Before I give it to you…you know that if you ever slept with someone else, we would be over, right?"
His eyes suddenly looked panicked, and his arms stiffened around me. "Charlie, I would never, ever cheat on you. I don't know-"
I put a finger to his lips, "Shh, baby I know."
I smiled guiltily at his panic and confusion.
"I just wanted to say that before I told you that tonight is the exception."
Right on cue, Vanessa opened the bathroom door and leaned against the doorway, giving him a moment to absorb her presence.
"Hi Noah," she said sweetly with a little wave.
If Noah looked confused before, he looked positively dumbfounded now.
"Hello….." he replied slowly. He turned back to me. "Charlie, who is your friend?"
Suddenly not being the most nervous person in the room gave me a rush of confidence. I walked over to Vanessa and took her by the hand, walking back towards the wide-eyed Noah.
"This is Vanessa. She is your birthday present."
"We're both your birthday present," she corrected. "You're a lucky man, Noah".
"Tonight, and tonight only, you have my full permission to enjoy both Vanessa and myself however you would like." I glanced at Vanessa, making sure she was still on board, and she winked at me, and gave Noah a sparkling smile.
Noah's confusion turned to joyful shock.
"Oh my god. Oh my god!" He took my face in his hands and kissed me hard. "Baby, you're amazing. But you didn't have to do this. You know I'm happy with just you, right?"
I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. "I know that, and I love you. But this is a treat. For both of us." I gave him a mischievous smile.
He chuckled, and glanced at Vanessa.
"It's nice to meet you," he reached out to shake her hand, which she did, giggling. I think both Vanessa and I found this act of professionalism adorable and slightly ridiculous.
Noah glanced between us, clearly unsure what to do next. Vanessa, the only experienced player among us, knew this was her moment to lead the newbies.
"Noah, let me start by saying happy birthday. Your beautiful and generous girlfriend Charlie reached out to me to give both of you a very special evening. We are both here for you. If you would prefer the ladies run the show, we are more than happy to take the lead and spend the evening pleasing you in any way we can. If you would like to take control, we are here to serve you."
She grinned and walked over to my dresser, where Noah appeared to notice the variety of props for the first time. Vanessa gently ran her fingers over each of the items, and Noah was practically salivating at the ideas running through his head.
As I had told Vanessa, Noah enjoyed being dominant when we were alone, and at my request, she had brought some of his favorite toys. But like me, he seemed unsure of himself in this new scenario, and as we had discussed, Vanessa had done an excellent job of giving him the choice of being the driver or a passenger in this new experience.
We both waited patiently as Noah's brain tried to catch up the situation he was in. He took a few deep breaths and walked toward the dresser. He mirrored Vanessa's motions and ran his fingers lightly over the props. His hand stopped on the flogger and he turned towards us with an evil smirk, gripping the flogger tightly with both hands.
Vanessa smiled and stood directly in front of him.
"Before we begin, I have discussed my boundaries with Charlie, and they are very similar to her own, so if you treat me as you do her, we will be fine. My safe word is red. If I say red, you must stop immediately and release me from any bondage or restraint I am in. If I say yellow, it means slow down, I am reaching my limit. Do you understand and agree?"
"Yes and yes," Noah replied.
"Charlie, do you understand and agree?" Vanessa asked.
"Yes, I do."
Vanessa smiled slyly.
"Ok, let's have some fun."
Noah smiled and I saw his body change into the dominant posture I have seen so many times in this room. I could already feel myself getting wet.
"Vanessa, you're a beautiful woman, and as you said, so is my girlfriend here. I would love to see the two of you makeout."
Vanessa slowly walked towards me until we were inches apart. We were roughly the same height in our heels, and she looked directly into my eyes. I had had two weeks to get comfortable with the idea of getting intimate with a woman, but this was the first physical step and I suddenly felt paralyzed.
Vanessa gently leaned in and softly pressed her lips to mine. I closed my eyes and breathed her in. Just like when we first met, I was quickly more comfortable with her than I expected. I let her take the lead and parted my mouth slightly. She took the hint and her tongue started to explore mine. Her hands started to graze my back as her tongue massaged mine, and I heard myself let out a soft moan.
She felt amazing.
It had been years since I had kissed anyone but Noah, and Vanessa was so much softer, her touch so much lighter.
Suddenly I felt a swat from the flogger on my ass. My head instinctively jerked back. Noah had been circling the two of us, fingering the flogger.
"Don't stop," he calmly commanded.
I turned back to Vanessa and kissed her. Moments later I felt her jerk slightly as Noah lightly flogged her ass as well. I was getting more turned on my the second. My tongue entered Vanessa's mouth for the first time, massaging her tongue, and I heard Noah breathe heavily behind me. His hands grazed my laced covered ass before I felt a swift whack from the flogger again.
Noah continued to circle us, using his flogger occasionally, for the next few minutes as Vanessa and I kissed. He once again stopped behind me, and I felt the flogger handle lightly grazing my lace covered pussy.
"Is this making you wet, Charlie?" he whispered in my ear. I nodded slightly without removing my mouth from Vanessa's. He began kissing my neck, and replaced the flogger handle with his hand. I gasped, my head tilting back. Vanessa took the opportunity to turn her head and place a gentle kiss on Noah's lips. Noah glanced over to me, and I could tell that despite everything I had said and done, he was making sure I was ok with him getting intimate with another woman.
I smiled at both of them, and Vanessa kissed him again, more passionately. I could feel Noah's cock hardening against my back as he kissed this gorgeous creature, his hand on my moistening pussy.
Noah moved his hands to Vanessa's waist as they kissed, pulling her closer, squeezing my body tight between them. His hands then moved north and began to explore the four breasts at his disposal. He pinched my lace covered nipples tightly, then squeezed Vanessa's satin covered handfuls. Vanessa leaned her head back and moaned as our breasts rubbed together and were handled by Noah's large hands.
As my pussy moistened and my nipples hardened under his hands, Noah stepped back, breathing hard. I could tell he was trying to regain control of himself. He took a deep breath, pulled his shoulders back, and stood up straight, reaching his full 6 foot stature.
His dark, lust-filled eyes looked at Vanessa. "Grab the handcuffs."
She took the handcuffs from the dresser and wait for further instructions.
"Charlie, turn around. Hands behind your back."
I did as I was told, and Vanessa took the hint. I felt the metal around my wrists and heard the click as she locked my arms behind my back. We both turned back to Noah, who had remained fully clothed up until now. He removed his suit jacket, and Vanessa strolled over to help him undress. She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it to the floor as he switched back and forth between watching the beautiful woman undressing him, and the half-naked, handcuffed woman waiting for his next instruction.
Vanessa removed his belt, pants, shoes, and sock, leaving him in just his boxer briefs. His cock, which I had spent almost 9 years getting to know, was as hard as I had ever seen it.
"Thank you, Vanessa" he smiled at her and turned back to me.
"Kneel, baby."
I slowly knelt down in front of our bed, my eyes locked on his cock, trapped behind the fabric of his underwear. He slowly slid it out as he sauntered towards me. He looked down at me, and I knew exactly what he wanted.
I kissed the purple tip gently then grazed it with my tongue. His smile grew wide, and he turned to Vanessa. "As she makes me feel good, I want you to do the same for her. And I'll give you a hint. She loves to have her nipples pinched."
Vanessa smiled devilishly and knelt down behind me. I could no longer see her, but I could smell her sweet perfume and I could feel her long hair grazing my back.
I took the head of Noah's cock into my mouth as Vanessa kissed my neck. Her hand passed lightly over my right breast, skimmed down my stomach, and landed on the front of my panties. I moaned as I took more of Noah's cock into my mouth and he groaned deeply. Vanessa's talented fingers started to slide back and forth across my slit and my pussy felt as though it would catch fire. I loved the feeling of lace against my wet lips, but I couldn't help but wish her fingers were touching them directly.
Right as Vanessa's lips latched onto my earlobe, her finger found my clitoris and I let out a high-pitched whine around Noah's shaft. Both Noah and Vanessa chuckled.
"I think she's enjoying herself," he said as he looked down at both of us. "Take off her bra. I want to see you play with her tits. She loves that."
Vanessa resumed kissing my neck, but her hands moved to my breasts. She lightly grazed my ample cleavage, then dipped her right hand into the left cup, squeezing my breast.
"Charlie, you have amazing tits," she breathed into my ear. I blushed and smiled as she undid the front clasp. My large breasts sprang free and she let my bra slide down my arms, landing on my cuffed wrists.
My lips swirled around Noah's cock as Vanessa began to pinch and roll my nipples, and I looked up at Noah with wide eyes. Each pinch felt like a lightning bolt that travelled directly to my pussy.
I leaned forward the final inch and Noah's cock hit the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, Noah reached down and gently ran his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and leaned back onto his cock, deep throating him as Vanessa took my breasts in her soft hands and pushed them together.
Vanessa's left hand stayed on my left nipple, stretching, pinching, and her right hand travelled south, slipping beneath the top of my panties. Her middle finger slipped between my pussy lips, and I moaned loudly on Noah's cock. Her moist finger starting twirling on my clit and I knew it wouldn't take much for to find climax.
"Make her cum," Noah instructed Vanessa breathlessly.
His eyes met mine with a fierce intensity. "Baby, I want you to cum while you swallow".
I tightened my lips around his cock as Vanessa's fingers increased their speed. Noah was now thrusting his hips, controlling the speed, and I could feel his cock pulse against my tongue. I was losing control as Vanessa abused my nipple and clit and my tongue went crazy trying to push Noah to his own release.
My cuffed hands were balled into tight fists as I peaked, my entire body quivering, pulses of pleasure traveling through my core. I let out a garbled curse around Noah's cock, and Noah placed his hands on either side of my head, gripping my hair. He thrust two more times before he started spilling cum into my throat.
I instinctively swallowed as my orgasm began to subside. I looked up at Noah and his eyes were closed tight, his mouth agape as his grip on my hair tightened.
Noah slowly opened his eyes, breathing as heavily as I was. He stepped back, sliding his cock out of my mouth, and knelt down in front of me and Vanessa. He put his hand on the back of Vanessa's head, pulling her toward him, and gave a soft kiss.
"Remove her cuffs."
Vanessa leaned back behind me and released my wrists. She got up to place the cuffs back on the dresser.
As I rubbed my wrists, Noah gently massaged my shoulders and kissed my cheek.
"Are you ok, baby?" he asked quietly.
I nodded and returned his smile. "That was amazing. You have never cum that hard in my mouth."
He laughed, "I know! When you had an orgasm with me in your mouth, fuck, that was so hot."
He kissed me hard, his hands cradling my head.
"I love you," I whispered when he released my mouth.
"I love you, too. But I'm not done with you, or our new friend, yet."
We stood up and he turned to Vanessa. "Vanessa, do you like wine?"

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