A Wet Night in the lodge

Beep Stories
 Now I’m going to tell you about my first experience with a man who give me most satisfaction. This also happened in the same year after enjoying with Shameer. This is with my Mama. He was 41 then. I’ve to attend a Psc test in Thiruvanthapuram. This was my first public test. So I’m very much interested to attend it. But my parents disappointed that it is too far. Parents are unable to accompany me. At last I suggested asking my Mama. He agreed to accompany me. The test was at 2 pm. So we have to spend at least two days there. Mama made arrangements for travel. He suggested that better to go through the train. We traveled in general compartment. So it was a tedious journey. We reached Thiruvanthapuram in the evening. Enquired about the school where test take place. It was just 5 km from the town. One person suggested residing in a lodge there because it is difficult to get lodging facility near the school. We gone two three lodges. The rent is too much. At last we decided to stay in a lodge where rent is moderate. Mama opt a single room as it is affordable. From childhood itself I like mama very much. He never shows that he was old and I’m a kid. He joins in our play and other engagements. He is a friend also to me. He also behaves as a friend and a guardian. So I’m not bothered about traveling and staying with him alone. I’m tired very much after the long journey. Mama suggested me to take bath to get some relief. I took a bath under the shower. I stand below the shower for a long time because it was my first bath in the shower. I enjoyed the shower spray. After bath I feel some freshness. Mama also took a bath. We changed dress and get out of the room. We walked through the city. How fantastic the city in the night. After a few walk we had our supper from a hotel and returned to the lodge. Mama told me to go early for bed because I’m tired of long journey. He asked me to wake up early so that I can do some preparation for test. I like his suggestion. I’m so tired. I changed my dress into nighty. I fell in the bed and slept quickly. I was in hard sleep. I feel something moving on my thighs. I think I’m dreaming. Within seconds I understand that it is not dream. I opened my eyes. Then only I understand that I’m in a lodge with my mama. I astonished when knowing that mama’s cock was trying to enter between my thighs as I’m lying on a side. I feel my thighs are wet. My head rest on his right hand and his palm rest on my left boob. The nighty was unzipped and the bra unhooked. In my sound sleep I’m not aware all about it. His left hand is on my thigh. He is trying to enter his cock fully between my thighs. Now it is partially inside. His cock was very hot and hard and trembling. A shiver goes through my body. My left leg gently moved and gives his cock to enter full. With a push the cock fully entered. The cock hair touched on my thighs. He rests a while. I don’t know what to do. My body has a new feeling. My boobs began to respond. My nipples began to erect, my pussy have an irrigative feeling. His left hand moves on my thighs and moved to the front of panty. His finger tries to insert into the panty. His right hand is moving on my boob. Now I can’t resist. I lost my control. My pussy began to leak. Suddenly I changed my side and lay face to face with him. I encircled his neck with my hands. He also hugged hard. My boobs are crushing on his chest. He kissed on my lips. I also responded positively. He sucked my lips and tongue. He kissed on my cheeks. At the same time his hand works on my boobs. It is pressing and squeezing them. His left hand moved downwards and began to remove the nighty upward. I also helped him to remove the nighty upon my head. He laid me on my back. My hand moved all over his body. His chest is hairy. I liked it. His body is healthy. He is nude. I feel the softness of his hips, the hardness of his cock. It is wet. How big it was! It was trembling in my hand. It was hairy. I moved my hand up and down on the cock. He continued his kiss, lick and suck. His tongue began to raid every nook and corner of my body. On my neck, boobs, nipples. He sucked my nipples. I can’t control myself something bursting inside. OOOHHH…. I’ve a strong orgasm. His tongue moved downward. Kissed and licked my belly and naval. Same time he removed my panty. His hand is playing with my pubic hair. He touched my clits. I shivered. He is pressing the clits using two fingers. I’ve a giggling feeling. His tongue is playing with my naval. He is trying to insert in it. He moved down. Instead of fingers his tongue began to play with my pussy. He began to suck my clits. AAAAAHHHHH….. I feel that my clit is enlarging. OOHH… what can I do! He began to lick my pussy. He inserted his tongue into the pussy and moved inside like a fish. His tongue go to depth, my hips began to move up. I want more insertion. OOOOHHH…. I pressed his head to my pussy. He moved his tongue to and fro fast. I can’t resist more. I need something more hard inside me. I’m murmuring. I lost my control. I pull his head from pussy. I pull him to my top. I hugged him hard. Kissed him. He crushed my boobs. I caught his cock and put near my pussy. He gently pushed. OHHHHHHHHH… what a pain! I cried. But he stopped the cry with a hard kiss. He pulls back his cock and then pushed little hard. OOHHHH…. UMMAAA… He rests a while and then pulled the cock a little and pushed inside. UMMMMMM…… The cock touched the end inside. I have suffocation. I feel that the cock reached to my throat. Oh, what a huge cock! I think that my pussy may split. Mama rest a while on that position. Then his action started. He began to pump his cock inside the pussy. He started slowly. Then the speed began to go up. He is massaging and squeezing my boobs and nipples so hard that some times I feel pain. The pain also gives me an enjoyment. The Pain inside the pussy comes down. A new feeling. A new pleasure. I’m in a new world of enjoyment. I can’t describe it. His cock movements get fast. The bulging of his cock tip feels inside. How hot his cock was! The heat of his cock passes through my pussy and body. My pussy is encircling his cock. My hips are moving upwards. He slowed the movements. He slowly pulled back his cock up to the entrance of the pussy. Suddenly a hard thrust inside. OOOOHHHH… The cock touched so deep so hardly that my whole body shivered. Slowly pulled back and another hard push. He repeated this 5-6 times. A blast took place inside my pussy. A flood was inside my pussy. I came. OOOOHHH….. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH………UUUUMMMMMM…. He also lost his control. He fucked fast. His strokes are so speedy that sound came from my pussy. He stopped. Quickly took his cock from my pussy and hold it on my belly. He caught it tight. The cock pumped a large amount of juice on my belly, naval. I first see a man’s juice. We both are gasping as if run fast long distance. He lay on my side resting his hand on my boob. My hand moves on his hairy chest. After a while he cleaned my belly and naval with his lungi. I sleep with my mama at that night naked with a great pleasure. We both enjoyed the return journey also. After the test we returned in the evening by bus. As it was a week day the bus was mostly rush less. We got a three seat. It is around 6.30. It was a super fast, so only limited stops. In the night the passengers are in a sleeping mood. So the driver switched off the light. I’m also in a sleepy mood because yesterday’s play with mama is tedious. I began to sleep. My head began to hang this side and other when bus turns. Mama told me to put her head on his lap and lay on the seat. I do so. Within minutes I feel that a bulging is touching on my cheek. I little pressed my head. Yes, it is his cock. It is growing. I pressed more. Knowing this he placed his hand on my face. With his left hand he hold my head up and with the right hand he open the front of his dothi and remove down his front side of underwear. Now his cock is on my cheek. He pushed me to lie on my belly. He directed his cock to my mouth. I licked its top. It was wet. I feel its hardness. His right hand moved to my churidar and unhooked it. He inserted his hand inside the panty. He began to squeeze my hips. I’m getting hot. My pussy began to leak. My legs go apart. He removed my churidar and panty downward a little. He inserted a finger into my pussy. His cock is now fully in my mouth. It enlarges there. I can’t hold so big one in my mouth. I feel suffocation. But he is pushing my head. His hip is moving up. His finger is playing on my pussy. He is trying to insert more, but impossible in that position. He caught my clit in his two fingers and crushed it. His cock is moving in mouth to and fro. He was in double action. We both came in the same time. This time he filled my mouth with his juice. I swallowed that salty juice. My pussy juice flowed to my panty. I can’t ever forget these experiences with my Mama because he teaches me the original lesson of a great sex. Two nights are very different ones.