A Wife Hesitates to be Watched

tagIncest/TabooA Wife Hesitates to be Watched

Laura stretched her slim, 28-year-old body as her husband kissed his way from Laura's breasts to her navel. They were both naked, in their bedroom beside the pool of the rented holiday villa. It was midnight. Laura looked up at the ceiling and allowed herself to relax, even though she wondered if Matt was cheating on her again. She knew the first time he'd fucked the woman, a neighbour in the next street back home. Laura had smelt the women's perfume on him.
She hadn't said anything. Laura reckoned, though, that Matt had done it again many times – screwed the same neighbour – and Laura wondered if she ought to have a showdown or quietly ignore it and hope Matt would get bored of her.
Matt kissed the beginning of Laura's pubic hair, a hark neatly trimmed strip that ran to her clit. He whispered, ''Imagine we're being watched, Laura. There's someone we know who's in the room.''
She fantasised aloud who it might be. ''Another man? Is he naked?''
''Yes. A man who fancies you. He wants to undress. Shall we let him?''
As Matt spread Laura's legs, she murmured, ''I want to see his cock.'' Matt kissed the fold of skin that protected her clit. She juddered.
''Is my wife sure?''
''Yes.'' She paused while Matt ran his finger along her pussy lips. ''I want his cock.''
Matt was ready. He climbed on top and eased his hips between her outstretched limbs. Matt's cock pushed into her pussy. His words were breathless, ''It's our friend who's fucking you. Does he feel nice?''
''Oh, yes.'' Laura kept her voice low. ''He's big.'' She let her finger make contact with her clit which felt good. Matt wouldn't last long, she knew.
In under half a minute, her husband emptied his load into his condom. It was a little too fast for Laura to have her orgasm although she didn't mind. Sometimes she had a climax but not tonight. Five minutes later, Matt fell asleep.
After Laura showered she was aware of the pool lights, their green sparkle behind the bedroom curtain. She stood naked and looked through a gap in the curtain at Guy. Her stepfather lounged beside the pool, still dressed, and gazed at the water. He and Laura's mum had come on this holiday as well. Suddenly, Laura didn't feel like sleeping. It looked so inviting to chill out in the stillness of the night on a holiday island with no need to get up early the following morning.
For some reason which she couldn't understand she began to get dressed. Without thinking, she selected the sexiest knickers and bra together with her dark holdups.
As she sat on the edge of the bed, Matt woke and stared. ''Why are you getting dressed like that?'' He propped himself up on his elbow.
She mulled over her reply as she pulled on her holdups and adjusted the lace top to about 6 inches from her pussy. ''I want to sit alone outside by the pool.'' She paused while Laura stepped into her flared skirt. ''Actually, Guy is out there and I want to chat with him.''
''I'm wearing these clothes because I want to feel sexy and for him to fuck me.'' She smiled in the dark at the fantasy words. She had no intention of doing anything with her stepfather. She stood and smoothed her loose summer skirt.
By the tone of his voice, Matt wasn't sure. ''Do you fancy Guy? He's 40. Too old for you.''
''He's only 12 years older than me. If he were mum's age, 48, it might feel different. But mum captured a younger second husband and I can see the attraction.'' Laura was telling the truth – Guy was attractive – and she decided to tell a lie to stir Matt up. ''I've seen Guy naked, in the shower, and I loved the look of his body especially his big cock.''
''You're joking … right?''
It appealed to Laura to get back at Matt for cheating on her. She wasn't going to have sex with Guy but her words came tumbling out, ''I know you've screwed that blonde neighbour with the ponytail. More than once. So now it's my turn. I want Guy and his big cock.'' Laura fought back her laughter at the shock on Matt's face as Laura clipped her bra at the back.
He watched Laura select a cotton shirt which, instead of doing up the buttons, she tied in a knot above her navel. It left her slim belly bare. She switched a sidelight on to inspect herself. Friends said she looked like the actress Kiera Knightly. The dark features, dark eyes and the celebrity smile by moving her upper lip to show her teeth.
Laura waved at Matt and stepped out through the sliding glass door onto the terrace. Her low heels made a small sound which made Guy turn his head. She walked the 20 yards slowly to his side. Guy reclined on the lounger with his hands clasped behind his head. His twisted devilish smile made Laura grin as she came to a halt and looked down at him. As a film director, he always assumed his family would agree with him and if you didn't agree he'd laugh and hug you. Guy had built-in charm.
He said. ''I love you, Laura, and I've been thinking of you.''
Her heart missed a beat. In a deliberate examination, he ran his eyes over her, starting with her shoes, moving his gaze to her skirt hemline which just covered the lace top of her holdups, then Laura's naked tummy, the knot in her shirt, followed by a slow trail of examination of her face. Laura held her breath for as long as she could before her knees became weak.
Guy withdrew his nearest hand from behind his head and held it out – a welcome sign. She extended her left hand to clasp his. He said, ''Interesting that you should offer me your hand with your wedding ring. A signal may be that you're very happy with your marriage?''
She couldn't think what to say and squeezed his hand instead.
''Ah,'' he smiled, ''as you didn't confirm your happiness, it could mean you want to talk?''
How did he know? she wondered.
''Sit.'' Guy gave a slight pull of her hand downwards as he shifted his body to make space on the edge of the lounger.
By sitting next to his hips and facing him, Laura was mindful that her skirt had risen and would be showing the top of her holdups. He wore a linen jacket, open with a black T-shirt underneath, faded beach shorts and bare feet in deck shoes.
''You know …'' he said, ''I could cast you as a look-a-like to Kiera because you are so similar.'' Guy stroked her wedding ring and then enmeshed his fingers into hers.
Laura tried to calm the flips that her stomach was making. Without thinking, she replied, ''My breasts are slightly larger than Kiera.'' She bit her lower lip.
''Really. You've been my stepdaughter for 8 years and I can't say I've done a comparison. Let me see!''
Did she hear it correctly? Was Guy asking her to reveal her boobs? ''Um. Not sure.'' The words to completely reject his request wouldn't come out of her mouth.
The silence lasted 10 long seconds before Guy used his spare hand to undo the knot on her shirt. It now hung loose. She managed to say, ''I can't do this, Guy. To take my shirt off and then my bra would not be appropriate.''
''Why so formal?''
''Because you're my stepfather.''
''But that makes me the best person to have a look at your beautiful breasts.'' He reached for his white wine, took a sip and offered the glass to Laura. He released her hand.
She drank as Guy sat up. He discarded his shoes and brought a leg around the front of Laura and let his leg rest on her lap. It meant he used both hands to peel off the shirt, to let it slide from her shoulders while Laura swapped the wine glass from one hand to the other. He unclipped her bra and sat back.
Laura took another drink. She didn't mind being trapped by the casual leg that hung across her lap. Her thoughts were more about whether she should take her bra off. ''I wouldn't do this for anyone else … you know that don't you?'' She handed the wine to Guy and took her bra straps off her shoulders. The cool air felt good. She looked down. Were her nipples hard due to the air or due to her desire? she reflected.
Guy took her bra and ran his fingers over the thin lace. ''This matches your panties?'' His smile relieved the tension inside her and he didn't wait for her reply. He said, ''Tell me about your marriage.''
Laura forgot about her nakedness as she related the events that lead her from suspicion to certainty that Matt had a mistress. Then her discovery of who it was. In telling her story she became weepy a couple of times but each time Guy hugged her before Laura carried on.
''Come here,'' he said and manoeuvred his position to spread his legs to enable her to tuck her legs in on the lounger facing him. They now sat with his back against the lounger and her back to the pool.
Without saying anything, Guy took her hands and gently pulled them towards him and up to his shoulders. By instinct, Laura let her body move to a kneeling position as she placed her hands on the back of the lounger to steady herself. Guy looked up into her eyes.
They gazed at each other, their faces 9 inches apart. He'd freed up his warm hands to stroke her naked ribs, a caress which moved up from her waist to her armpits. His thumbs almost touched her nipples before they circled the hollow space under her arms.
Laura held her breath, the shift of her torso up seemed so natural, her mind in a blur as her body took charge. Her new kneeling position, her knees together, put her head above his, her eyes looked down on Guy's forehead. She didn't move. Guy continued with his caress. She knew his eyes were staring at her breasts. If she moved slightly downwards, Laura's nipples would contact Guy's mouth.
''This is not right, Guy.'' Her voice sounded husky. ''Don't fondle me like that.''
''It's not fondling … it's touching.''
Well … I'm your stepdaughter and …'' She shivered as his thumbs grazed the edge of both nipples. ''And you must stop.''
Guy lifted her higher and kissed her left armpit. A lingering kiss which he combined with a stroking motion of his thumb before he transferred his attention to Laura's right underarm. The transfer was so smooth that she had no time to resist. His chin, unshaved since the morning, scrapped her top ribs like light sandpaper. Her body turned into goosebumps. He murmured, ''You taste divine.''
Laura got her face in front of his. ''No, Guy. There are all sorts of reasons why I can't do this. My mum is married to you. Matt is asleep. the whole taboo thing is …''
''No he isn't.'' His warm breath touched her lips.
''What do you mean?''
''Matt isn't asleep.''
Laura blinked and relaxed a little into his chest, his jacket scraped her hard nipples. ''How do you know?''
''I want you to stay absolutely still and not move your head. Agreed?''
She nodded and their noses touched. She felt his arms circle her back to hold her to him.
He whispered, ''Matt is watching us.''
Laura tensed but then went limp because she couldn't move. ''Don't believe you.''
''You pretend to kiss me and I'll move your body so you can see him.''
It seemed to her it might be a hoax from Guy. She said, ''Pretend? Lips touch only?''
He nodded. Laura put her hands on either side of his face and let their lips touch. She still knelt between his outstretched legs and as he slowly changed their position, to move her to his side, their lips engaged more and Laura unexpectedly opened her mouth. A feeling shot to her breasts and Laura found it difficult to shut her mouth. The message from her body said it didn't matter and the French kiss was okay. She lingered until Guy broke their kiss and he said, ''In the shadow of the pool hut on the other side.''
From her new position, her bum on Guy's hip, his arm around her waist, it took a few seconds to adjust but Laura saw a movement. ''What the fuck!?'' she said. ''He's spying on me. Why won't he come over?''
''Two reasons,'' said Guy who ran his thumb over her lips. ''Matt can't stop you having some fun because he's been a naughty boy. He cheats on you. And the other reason he won't come over … he wants to observe.''
''We sometimes play a sex fantasy game of a man watching us. A voyeur.''
''Not unusual.'' Guy brought her hands down to his chest. ''Let's give him something to look at. Take my jacket and top off.''
It didn't seem unreasonable to do as Guy suggested. He helped pull his jacket off. She pushed her hands under his polo shirt and, while he leaned forward, pulled it over his head. She sank back down. Their chests made contact. Guy palmed her cheek and she found herself kissing him. As their tongues fenced each other, she told herself this wouldn't go any further. They kissed for 5 minutes, at the end of which she wondered if Matt was still looking. A quick glance confirmed he was.
She murmured, ''I don't want to cheat on Matt.''
''Cheating on your partner is having sex without your partner knowing. So you're not cheating because Matt is agreeing to this. Put your hands on the back of the lounger again.''
She knew it would put her breasts just above his face again. ''I mustn't do this.'' But her body was already getting into position with his hands holding her ribs. She spoke into the top of his head. ''A father and daughter like this … it's taboo … listen to me, Guy.'' But her right nipple had entered his mouth and Guy sucked.
She gasped. ''Guy. Stop. Pretend.'' Her voice trailed off as her nipple became even longer and more sensitive. Her body spasmed. In the fog of her sensations, she heard a buzzing sound.
Guy released one hand from her side to retrieve his mobile. He listened and said into the phone, ''You want to speak to her?''
Laura felt angry at being interrupted by Matt. Laura took the phone and her husband said, ''Are you okay?''
''Yes, I'm enjoying being with Guy. I don't feel guilty, Matt. You've had your fun with that bird in the next road … several times.'' She felt her other nipple being sucked and it took her breath away.
''Sorry,'' mumbled Matt.
Laura ignored the cartwheels that her body was making to concentrate. ''It's my turn, Matt. If I want to make love to Guy you can't object.'' Laura slipped on her last word – object – which meant she had to say it twice because Guy's strong hands were now in contact with the top of her holdups.
''Want to make sure you don't come to any harm.'' Matt sounded like a small boy.
Although this annoyed her, Laura kept calm. ''You know we play these bedroom games … where a man is watching us … and then you tell me he's fucking me. Well, you can watch us, Matt, but you need to stay out of the way. And if you're good I'll make sure you're satisfied at the end.'' She didn't recognise herself as so dominant.
''Okay.'' Matt sounded relieved.
Laura could feel her pussy was moist and Guy's fingers were close. She said to Matt, ''If Guy takes me into our bedroom, make sure … '' Guy had let his fingers stroke along the crack of her bum which sent a shock wave through her. ''make sure you're out the way.'' She clicked the phone off and kissed Guy.
Although her body was enjoying the sensations, Laura forced her brain to make decisions. ''Just kissing you,'' she said into Guy's mouth, ''and no more. We must stop after that.''
Guy broke their kiss. ''You were 20 when I came into your life. You're so like your mother and I completely love her. It's no surprise to me that I love you also.'' He paused to move his hand to her waist. ''And I'm not cheating on your mum because she knows somehow, I don't know how, a sixth sense perhaps, that Matt is having sex behind your back.'' Guy's hand caressed her leg and up under the hem of her skirt. ''Your mum and I talked about it and I said I'd see what I can do. She wants me to do anything to help get your marriage straight. Mum said to me, 'if you have to step in for Matt, then do it.'
Laura blinked to help her absorb this revelation. ''Mum wants you to make love to me?''
''If necessary. And I'll tell her that Matt looked on and hopefully, he will regret his dalliance with another woman.''
''You'll tell mum!?''
''Yes.'' Guy had edged his fingers into her panties.
Laura couldn't help her body take over and she spread her legs a little. ''Can I call you Daddy?'' The words just came out. Was this a deep need to sleep with a father-figure? she wondered but she rejected this immediately before it could take hold in her head.
''Call me daddy when you want me in bed,'' said Guy as he fingered her pubic hair which made her groin loosen in a need for more. ''Confidentially,'' whispered Guy, ''we have a liberal sex life, your mum and I, meaning we have a friend, a man, who often joins us.'' His twisted smile made him look like a boy caught with his fingers in the biscuit jar.
This information had her wishing for a similar arrangement. ''Two men fucking my mother?'' He nodded. ''Lucky mum!'' Laura hitched her leg up and glanced at the shadows to make sure Matt was still there.
''Lucky me as well.''
''Because my man friend likes also sucking my cock.'' There was a few seconds of silence. ''Does that shock you?''
''Oh my …'' Her mind grappled as daddy fingered her pussy lips. ''Oh … you're bisexual. Matt will suck you if I tell him to.'' She couldn't believe how bold she had become.
''That would be nice,'' murmured Guy. ''Mum likes to see me ejaculate into our friend's mouth. You may like to see it as well.''
She put her arm around his shoulders and said. ''I need to take this slowly, Daddy. I can play with you, masturbate you with Matt watching and have him suck you off. I'm not sure mum would want my daddy to make love to me. I can talk to her first.'' Her words were tumbling out. ''It's a big step to allow a father to fuck his daughter. Incest. It would shock Matt.''
''Susssh,'' whispered Guy. ''I'm not doing anything without your say-so.''
''Can we pretend?'' Her mind was wrestling back control from her body which felt his finger stroke the side of her pussy. ''That's far enough with your hand. Please?'' Her question seemed like she was pleading. ''Please.''
''Relax Laura darling. I can make it look like it's real to Matt. Can I ask a favour though? Will you suck my cock before telling your husband to finish me off? It's just that my cock is on the big side and I want to show you how to deep-throat me. Is that alright? Can you cope with that? And then my darling daughter can watch while Matt finishes me off.''
The image bounced around her head and she kissed him. ''How do I pretend to suck you, Daddy?''
He gave a little shrug. ''I'll do whatever you want.''
''I may need your help … to support me.''
''I'll take us back to your bedroom,'' he said, as he helped her stand. From the corner of her eye, she saw a movement from the shadows in the far corner and was sure it was Matt going quickly back to their room. She gave him time by putting her arms around her daddy's neck and kissing him deeply for a minute.
They strolled hand-in-hand to the sliding door. Inside, the sidelight was on, the top bed-sheet discarded into the corner but no sign of Matt. They kissed. She held back the question for as long as she could and whispered, ''Is he here?''
''He is. The door to the hallway is ajar.''
''Are you sure he won't stop us?'' Laura remained confused about the erotic vibes that dominated her body. ''Is this okay, Daddy? To have my husband watch us? Is it right?'' She needed reassurance. His palm cupped her jaw and he ran his thumb along her lips.
''It's strange perhaps but sometimes a man likes to see his wife taken,'' he said. ''So long as Matt feels you still love him, then he's willing to look. A threesome is bordering on this. With Matt, though, he has to sit this one out, especially as he's been naughty.''
Guy's caress came to her swollen nipples. They ached. As he held her, Laura felt his hard erection under his shorts. ''And mum will be okay with us?''
''Yes, my darling daughter. I know your mum will want to know why we only pretended.'' He chuckled. Guy knelt to undo the zip of her flared skirt which fell to the floor.

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