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It was Saturday night, I was sitting in my local pub having a quiet drink. The only other people there were four young men, in their early 20's, playing pool and the bartender.
A woman walks in, I'm guessing late forty's or early fifty's, she orders a drink and sits at a corner table opposite me. I nod my head and give her a smile to greet her. Ignoring me she drops her eyes to the table, staring at her drink. She's an attractive women, but is looking sad.
After about half an hour her glass is nearly empty, she is still alone, I thought it might be worth approaching her to see if she wants company. Going to the bar I order another drink, telling the bartender to give me a drink for the lady as well. I walk across to her table, pulling out a chair, I sit down and put her drink in front of her. "Hi, I'm Terry, may I join you?"
She introduces herself as Mary, I try to start a conversation but she only gives yes or no answers if any at all, her attention is on her glass which she stares at as she plays with it. Glancing at her hand I notice that she is wearing a wedding, nodding towards her ring I say, "Oh sorry, I didn't realise you were married, are you waiting for your husband, should I go?"
"That bastard, he's off fucking that slutty blonde bimbo he calls a secretary," Mary cries. Everyone is looking in our direction having heard what Mary said, I reach across the table placing my hand on hers.
"Sorry I didn't mean to create a scene, I better go," Mary said.
"No don't, you came here for a reason, at least finish your drink," I said.
She had a couple of sips of her drink, Mary said "I did plan to come out and get fucked tonight, teach that cheating bastard a lesson, show him he's not the only one that can do it!"
As she finished her drink and I ordered another round, Mary continues, "Every place I've been to tonight was full of young, hot girls, no one would have been interested in fucking an old married woman like me."
She was feeling very sad and sorry for herself, we chatted over a couple of more drinks, I tried to cheer her up but she just kept going on about the hot little thing her husband was fucking. Whenever she mentioned this she raised her voice, I was sure everyone was half listening to what she was saying. Nodding toward the group playing pool I said, "I bet those four blokes would love to fuck you in a second," she froze staring at me, mouth half open, it was hard to tell in the light but I'm sure she started to blush.
Before she could say anything I got up taking her hand, pulling her to her feet. I walked, dragged her towards the pool table, stopping at the end of the table. She was shaking, ready to run away except I firmly held her hand, the game stopped and the men stood staring at us.
"Hi guys, this is Mary, her husband is off screwing a cheap whore and she thinks she is too old to be fucked, any of you men willing to prove her wrong?" I said.
They just stood there for a couple of minutes looking Mary up and down, turning to each other they mumbled somethings we couldn't hear, turning back toward us "Fuck yes," they said in unison.
I lived nearby and arranged that we will all go back to my place.
As we leave the pub walking to my flat, Mary is still in shock, whispering in my ear Mary asks, "Is this really happening," I just gently squeeze her hand and nod. I see a smile appear on her face.
Mary was no super model but definitely a hot Milf and by the look of the bulges in the pants in front of her the four men agreed. She was wearing an ordinary dress with a zipper up the back, when we entered the lounge room I let the four men go in first and they now stood watching Mary.
I stood behind her, unzipping the dress, I pulled it off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, leaving standing only in her underwear. I then unclipped her bra, pulling the straps down off her shoulders, it falls to the floor. Reaching round I cupped a hand under each breast lifting them up, giving them a squeeze as I point them at the men, leaning forward I whispered to her "Keep your hands at your side."
Mary was about 5"10 tall, she had shoulder length blonde hair, her breasts quite large and firm, she had large brown areolas with firm, protruding nipples. Her legs were long and slender, looking down at her ass it was firm and well rounded.
We found out on the way here that our new friends were call Tom, Bill, Mark and Andrew. Tom appeared to be the leader of the group and he was the first one to step forward, taking a hold on one of Mary's tits he licked her nipple before taking it in his mouth sucking it, Bill came up joining Tom playing with Mary's other tit.
I whispered in her ear "Reach down and rub their cocks."
She hesitated for a moment before stretching out both arms toward their pants, her fingers running along the front of her pants tracing the outlines of their hard cocks. Her hands move up and down rubbing their cocks, her grip tightening as she started to get excited. They continued to suck her tits but their hands were now roaming over her body, rubbing and squeezing it.
I whisper in her ear, "Get on your knees, suck their cocks."
This time she didn't hesitate, dropping to her knees she unzips their pants, reaching inside she pulls each of their cocks out, stroking them, working her mouth back and forward between them. By now Mark and Andrew both had their cocks out, stroking them as they watched Mary sucking their mates off, moving up they stand beside them for Mary to start working on their cocks also.
It was quite a sight seeing Mary on her knees, four cocks in her face, her mouth and hands moving from one to another, saliva dribbling down her chin on to her tits.
"Fuck I'm going to cum," Bill said.
Mary moved her mouth to Bill's cock, sucking on it until he came in her mouth, his cock half in her mouth throbbing away, cum dribbling out.
Tom was next, opening her mouth he aimed his cock at it, his first load hitting her eyes and nose before he pumped his cum into her mouth. Hearing Andrew groan she turned her head as the last of Tom's cum landed on her face, she took Andrew's cock in her mouth just as he came.
She now turned to Mark, taking hold of his cock she ran her tongue around his nob before opening her mouth and resting his cock on her tongue, she grabbed his shaft feverously working her hands up and down his cock, within a couple of minutes he came, she keep her mouth open showing everyone Mark's cum covering her tongue, filling her mouth. Closing her mouth she swirled his cum around before swallowing it.
I helped Mary to her feet, her face and tits covered in cum, as she stood in front of the guys she ran her finger over her face scooping cum into her mouth. I slide my hand inside her panties, they were soaking wet, I rubbed her pussy before slipping my fingers inside her, four sets of eyes stared at my hand moving around inside her panties. Pulling my hand out, my fingers were sticky with cum dripping from them, "She's ready for you to fuck her now," I said.
I pulled down her panties, unlike many girls Mary didn't shave her pubic hairs and we were greeted with the sight of a very lush bush, the hair near her pussy were stuck together by cum. I took Mary's hand walking her to the lounge, lying her down, I positioned her ass on the arm of the lounge with her legs dangling over the side. They watched her as we moved across the room, stroking their cocks, getting hard again.
Tom was the first to come forward again, lifting Mary's legs up he spread them wide, moving up between then he slide his cock into her wet pussy, she groaned softly as he entered her. Holding her legs he began fucking her, his cock moving in and out of her pussy, slowly at first but then faster and faster, making her tits bounce back and forward.
Mark is standing beside Mary's face, she turns her head, I see her eyes opening wide as he pushes his cock in her mouth. Mark reaches forward grabbing the back of Mary's head, pulling it towards himself as he pushes his cock into her. She is gagging as he holds her head tightly, his cock slamming into the back of her throat.
Andrew is playing with Mary's nipples, pinching them as he twists and pulls them. One hand playing with Mary, one hand stroking himself. Mary reaches out, removing Andrew's hand she grips his cock, running her hands up and down the shaft, stroking it.
Bill has been stroking his cock as he watched the others, stepping forward he moves in beside Tom spreading Mary's legs even wider, he presses his cock against Mary's anus, rubbing the cum dribbling from her pussy over her hole and his cock. He then slowly presses himself against Mary, the head of his cock pushing inside her ass.
Mary's eyes open even wider as Bill enters her, she chokes on Mark's cock as she lets out a squeal, her grip on Andrew's tightens. A muffled moan escapes from her mouth "Fuck."
I stand there watching Mary being used by these hard young cocks, she has a glazed look on her face as her holes get pounded, muffled moans can be heard as the boys near orgasms. Tom and Andrew cum first with nearly simultaneous orgasms.
Mark has taken his cock from Mary's mouth and stands slowly stroking it as he watches her, Bill is also watching as Tom gets ready to cum.
Mary pumps Andrew cock faster as he groans, he cums over her tits and stomach.
Mary keeps working Andrew's cock, her hand sliding up and down his shaft, rubbing his nob as cum now dribbles from it over her hand. Taking her hand off Andrew's cock she licks the cum off it.
Meanwhile Tom has been thrusting his cock as far as he can inside Mary's pussy, his hands squeezing her thighs as he pulls her body toward his thrusting cock. As Tom groans he cums, his cock pulsating inside her pussy filling it with cum. Mary is moaning loudly, her body shaking with her own orgasm.
As Tom backs away Bill takes hold of Mary's body turning her over on to her stomach, sticking her ass in the air, he moves in behind her and with one movement shoves his cock deep into her ass, she squeals, her whole body jumps as he enters her. Bill is pounding his cock into her, nothing gentle about this fucking as he thrusts himself as hard as he can into her, slapping against her ass with each thrust. Grabbing her hips he groans as he cums, he tries to push his cock deeper into her as his fingers dig into her hips.
Looking a Mary's face I see a smile on her face as Bill pulls his cock from her ass, cum flowing out over her pussy on to the lounge.
I realise Mark hasn't cum yet, he has moved towards her ass, continuing to slowly stroke his cock. This is when I really notice how much bigger it is compared to everyone else, he would be a good 4" longer and nearly twice as thick, his stroking has it rock hard.
Mary's in for a surprise.
Mary has propped herself up on an elbow and the other three are standing beside the lounge as her mouth moves from cock to cock licking cum off them. Suddenly she stops, her hands grip the lounge, she screams "Fuck," her eyes stare at them in amazement.
Tom laughs, "That's Mark, we call him horse, looks like he's ready to mount you."
Mark has only put half of his cock inside Mary slowly moving it around, he slowly pushes himself deeper into her, Mary moans "Oh my good, it's so big, oh fuck." Inch by inch he moves inside her, stretching her pussy. She forgets about the other men, her mind was possessed by this monster cock, she keeps moaning "Yes, yes, fuck, give me more, yes."
Mark starts to pound her pussy, his cock moving back and forward, pulling it out, showing her gaping pussy then driving it back in. "Fuck me, fuck me hard," Mary kept begging, her hands clenching tighter as fists with each thrust.
After a few minutes Mark pulled his cock out of her pussy, leaving it gaping, he pressed it against her anus forcing himself into her, Mary screams, "Oh my god." Tears flow from her eyes as he forces himself deeper inside her. Mary screams, "It's hurts, on my god, it's so big, stop, no keep going, oh fuck me."
He pushes his cock into Mary's ass, slowly stretching her hole until it was fully inside her. Leaving it there for several seconds before he withdraws it from her ass, reinserting it he repeats the process, get faster and harder each time he thrusts into her.
With both her hole gaping he swaps between ass and pussy, driving his cock deep into one than the other, faster and harder, he started slapping her ass as well. All Mary could do was moan, her hands permanently clenched as fists, tears streaming down her face.
The others are still standing beside her, watching tits swaying as Mark pounds away, her eyes rolled back into her head, mouth open as she moans and groans. Exciting them as they stroke their hard cocks, the occasional one shouting a word of encouragement to Mark.
As I watch I thought she won't be able to walk or sit down for a week, Mark continued to pound her gaping holes, her ass cheeks red from his body and hand slapping against them.
"I'm going to cum," Mark announced as he shoved his cock deep in Mary's pussy, you could she her stomach move as his cock thrushes into her, with a loud groan he cums.
Mary groans loudly as she has multiple orgasm, her body trembling violently "fuuuck …,." is all she say as Mark's massive cock throbs and pulsates inside her, pumping her full of cum.
Just then the other three jerked themselves off shooting cum over her face and hair.
As Mark removed his cock from her pussy she collapses, panting for her breath, drop dripping off her face and out of her pussy over the lounge.
Helping her up I say, "See you are sexy, desirable and a great fuck," she gave me a smile, "Now come with me and I'll show you where the shower is." I took her to the bathroom. Returning to the lounge room I heard the shower turn on, the men were getting dressed, I thanked them and showed them out,.
Going back to the bathroom, Mary's still in the shower, her back towards me, water flowing over her head down her back and ass on to the floor, her hands resting against the shower wall as she recovered from her fucking. I undress stepping in behind her, my hands reach round her pulling her back towards me, I kiss her neck whispering in her ear, "Happy birthday darling."

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