Abused Girlfriend body swaps with Abusive Boyfriend and get’s revenge

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By Marshian Grace wakes up feeling good, she realises that she’s swapped bodies with her abusive boyfriend, and suddenly she has all the power. Karma is a bitch.

(CONTEXT: This story takes place from the perspective of Grace (F26), a girl whose been with her boyfriend, Alex (M33) for 8 years. She feels trapped and unrespected in their relationship, Alex is using her for nothing but sexual gratification. Please note: This story is completely fictional)

Alex had always been a bit of an asshole. I wasn’t to sure why I ever really stayed with him, just got use to it I suppose. The pattern, the familiarity, it would be harder to break that pattern than it would to just cope with him. Truthfully, Alex did have a couple likeable qualities, the main one being, the money. I could pretty much do anything I wanted from 9-5, since he’d be at work all day. All he wanted was for me to look pretty, the house to be clean and for dinner to be ready on the table by the time he got home. Oh then of course, the most important thing, the real thing he wanted me for, the ‘stress relief’. He’d push me to my knees everyday, and assault my mouth with his cock. He would drill it into me over and over, not letting me breath for even a second, grabbing my hair and thrusting his pelvis into my face, until my nose touched his crotch, making my makeup, that i worked all day trying to make look nice, run. He’d berate me with names like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’, he insisted I call him ‘Daddy’ and say that he ‘owned me’. Then he’d ‘claim’ me by pulling his cock out my mouth and shooting his cum all over my face, all over my make-up that I worked hard over. Then once he’s done he leaves me on the floor, and tells me to clean-up. I always, every time, without fail, obeyed him. Going, cleaning up, and putting on a new lacey dress, until he did it to me again. It could be a matter of hours, or could be just minutes, usually he does it at least 4 times. Whilst i’m gagging and desperately clawing for breath he’s always grunting and panting about how hard his work is and how he’s got it so difficult. Calling all his female employees ‘sluts’ and ‘bitches’, claiming they were all giving him blue-balls then once again he’d drown me in his semen and call me ‘lucky’ that he didn’t cheat on me with these other girls. He also complains a lot about his secretary, a guy named Brandon. Having met Brandon at a work doo once, I can confidently say that Brandon is the most sweet gentle guy I’ve ever met. He was incredibly nice to me, despite the fact that my husband, his boss is constantly bullying and berating him at every turn. However, after my husband saw that he was talking to me, he gave Brandon a huge chunk of extra work to do over the weekend and was extra mean to him. As for me, he led me to the bathroom where he made me kneel down in the disgusting bathroom floor and take the full length of his cock, he ripped my beautiful dress that I had picked especially for the event claiming that I looked too much like a ‘common slut’ and then came on my face. Before leaving he stole the toilet paper, meaning I had to sit with his cum of my face, dress ripped open, nothing underneath, in a men’s bathroom stall, crying, waiting for the party to end and for everyone to go home, before I could come out of the bathroom, clean myself up and raid their lost property for some decent clothes.

However, one day, a day when I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom. I woke up and felt different. I was taller? No- I was lot taller, but not just that, there was a weight off of my chest… Literally, my tits, they felt so light. I felt for my breasts, but found nothing but a hairy chest. Astonished and appalled and got up from my bed, and realised, this isn’t where I went to sleep, this is the master bedroom, Alex must of moved me for whatever reason, doesn’t seem like him. Quickly I ran to the bathroom, stared at my reflection back in the mirror. Staring back at me, in the mirror, was Alex. A little confused I began to contort my face, to my surprise my reflection did the same, every time I opened my mouth, Alex did the same. Where once there were heavy round tits there was a hairy chest, where once there was long brown hair (usually done up in a ponytail, or bun for the convenience of making a handle for Alex to facefuck me), there was short dirty blonde hair, that didn’t make it past my neck. My face had changed from my big longing eyes, my small rosey nose, perky cheeks and my full lips to a rugged, chiselled jawline, instead of being pretty, I was handsome. I was a different kind of sexy.

Suddenly the though occurred to me, if this is what happened to me, what happened to Alex? Pacing out of the master-bedroom I walked straight into the guest bedroom to find, me, my slim curved body laying against the mattress, asleep. Something I never thought I would observe was me, asleep. I admired how sexy I looked in my lacey nightgown, just covering my ass. I suddenly felt a strange sensation, a feeling downstairs. I felt what I could only assume was my cock getting harder. My first boner. And it was caused by me, how vain. Well, technically that’s not me, that’s Alex. Curious, I reached my hand down my boxers and was surprised to find my long stiff shaft. I winced as I grabbed it and held it in my hand, just as I thought about maybe going a little further the sound of a feminine groan stopped me. It was Alex getting up. I figured it would be easier for him to work it out on his own rather than seeing himself standing at the foot of his bed. So I slowly slinked out of the room, listening in from the corridor. He slumped out of bed, and instantly said “Ugh my back”, the weight of my heavy breasts would definitely be a noticeable change. He walked straight into the en-suite bathroom and began brushing his teeth, after a couple seconds the brushing sound stopped, he must of finally looked in the mirror. The sound of a toothbrush clattering to the floor only confirmed my theory. Following that was a high-pitched feminine scream, then a sexy female voice said wearily “Grace… what are you doing?”. I crept into his room and peered in at the en-suite bathroom where he was staring at himself “weird…” he said like he was staring at a dinosaur. Instantly he started groping his breasts, squeezing them, he let out a little moan that caught me off guard. I was so used to hearing Alex’s grunts as he forced his cock down my throat, I never could of imagined him letting out a squeamish moan, then again I could never imagine staring at myself squeezing my tits. His hand goes down his trousers, pretty quickly, I tutted and said aloud to him “What suddenly makes you so interested in that area?”

He quickly turns around almost scared, his heir of superiority is lost as my muscular, strong, tall physique stands above him, I move closer to him cornering him in the bathroom. I feel his gaze up at me, if fills me with a despicable sense of joy, finally this guy whose dominated me day after day is scared of me. Of course, I’m not as bad as him, am I?

“Grace- Is that you? what the fuck is going on?” He trembles

“You never wanted to touch my pussy when it was on my body” I say getting slowly closer towards him “Suddenly when it’s on yours it’s your first priority”

Realising he looks foolish and weak he straightens up and says “Grace- Tell me now-”

“You look like shit” I interrupt him a deep voice, a wave of adrenalin rushing over me as I see him squirm.

“What’s going on Grace?”

“Where’s my breakfast” he looks baffled and straightens up again trying to deny that he can be intimidated by me, I walk even closer so now I’m towering over him, my chests practically touching his huge tits.

“Breakfast?” he starts to tremble as his looking right up at me certainly doesn’t make him look very threatening

“Breakfast. I need breakfast before work” I hesitate, but ultimately feeling empowered decide to add “bitch.”

“Bitch!? Grace, come on…” he lets out a nervous giggle

“You’re right. I’m being ridiculous”

He lets out a sigh of relief “Exactly Grace, we’ll call work to say I take the day off and then we can find the solution for whatever this is”

“You can’t make breakfast without looking pretty first.” I hold back my smirk as he fully deflates and goes back to feeling pathetic again.

“Grace- come on”

I push my body into his, pushing him against the bathroom tiles, placing my hand above his head, pinning him into place. His tits pressed up against my chest. “Do you need Daddy to help you”

He sees weakly in a pleading tone “Grace?”

“Hurry up bitch” I let go of him and slap him on his exposed ass as he walks over the master-bedroom to get the make-up. We sit in silence for a while as I apply his make-up, eventually he breaks the silence by saying “You’re not going to go into work, are you?”

“Maybe?” I respond “You don’t need to worry about that”

“I do. You won’t know what to do. You’ll make everyone think I’m stupid”

I ignore him and instead order him to “pucker your lips” whilst I apply the lip-gloss to his lips.

“Grace, please”

“What did you call me?”

“Come on-”

“You call me Daddy- I’ll let this one slide, but if you fail to call me Daddy again there will be consequences”. He doesn’t say anything just looks away shamefully “I’m feeling nice today, I won’t go into the office”

“Thank you Gra-” he stops himself, however not correcting himself

“There will be a price.”

“A price?”

“The price for not going into work today, in your place is… a date”


“We have to have a date, Alex and Grace, or should I say Grace and Alex.”

“Grace- really a date?”

Silence follows as I look at him shamefully, he flutters his eyebrows and looks irrestiblely sexy “You know the rules” He remains silent “I’ll get an outfit for you, and we’ll go out tonight”

“Go out! Like this, no!”

“No- you won’t be like that- you’ll be wearing something far sluttier than that”

“Grace- why?”

I grab him by the neck “You’re mine now, and you will call me Daddy understand…” with my hands around his neck, he looks desperate “I understand Daddy” he just manages to get out- I let go and he gasps for air “Good girl”. He squirms like he slightly enjoyed that, not that he wants me to know that.

I make a reservation an extremely fancy restaurant, the kind of place that he would never splurge out on for me. We get a seat right in the middle of the restaurant. We both enter, me wearing one of his super expensive suits that he would normally be fuming if I even touched, never mind wore, and him dressed a light blue dress, low cut to show loads of cleavage, the material was partially visible so you could see the lingerie he was wearing underneath, the black panties, stockings and lacy bra and corset. He looked like he was dressed for the met-gala. On the walk over, that’s right, the long walk in high-heels he had to do, we walked past a group of boys who gawked and wolf-whistled at him and he went red, from that point on he clutched my arm tight like he was my handbag and every man that looked his way (and it was pretty much every man) looked like they wanted to fuck his brains out, he was scared. We walked into the restaurant and much to his disappointment sat in the most visible area in the restaurant, everybody was staring. We ordered drinks and I ordered for him, “A rose for the misses” I said trying to act like I hadn’t always unironically been wanting to say that. I also made him eat a side-salad whilst I devoured a full steak paid for by him.

After I finished, I grabbed him by the hand led him to the men’s bathroom, he stopped right outside the door and gave me a small little shake of his head as if to say, “Please for the love of god don’t make me do this”.

I simply responded by saying “If you don’t do this the punishment will be even worse.” Afterwards he walked in with his head hanging low. I locked the door to the bathroom, not just a stall, the whole bathroom. I turned to face him, he was shaking he looked so scared, I placed a hand under his chin and said “I’ve had a stressful day”

He swallowed the lump in his throat and with that I tore off his dress in one foul motion with my much stronger figure. He yelped in surprise as the dress was torn of his body revealing his lacey black lingerie. I arched his back and bent him over my knee “What the fuck are you doing” He cried- Fuck it- She cried. She’s a fucking she now, she’s, my slut.

“Take you punishment slut!” I shouted, not caring who heard from in the restaurant

“Stop it Grace please!” She started crying like a little bitch

With one motion my hand came down onto her perfectly firm buttcheak, echoing through the bathroom, followed by a pleasurable moan from Alex, then a continuation of her sobs.

“I’ll do anything Grace please!”

“You’re only making it worse you whore!” and my hand came down hard again, slapping her ass-cheek leaving a red hand-print on it. Then another, followed by a large moan

“Daddy stop!”

“You have to be punished bitch” the fourth and final slap came down and jiggled her ass as it made collision. She screamed a pleasurable moan, load enough that everyone in the restaurant could hear

“Daddy please. I’m Alex, I’m your boyfriend” She pleads as I yank her up to her feet by her ponytail and then push her back down to her knees. “Ow my knees”

“Do the knee soars hurt, now you know” I spit out bitterly “Take it out” I saw thrusting my pelvis into her face.

“Daddy. It’s me” mascara running down her face from all her crying

“Now” I interrupt. She undoes my fly and flinging out eagerly is my fully erect cock. She looks utterly disturbed as she begins to lightly kiss the tip of my cock. With no patience I grab a knot of her hair, not caring about how much it used to hurt when he pulled my hair. Without any warning I force her deep down on my cock until her nose is buried in my curly pubic hair. Her eyes start watering and she starts moaning, grabbing my waist desperately hoping that that will help her gain more control over the situation. “It feels so fucking good” I grunt as a release my tension into her face, I let her go for a minute she’s panting and sobbing

“Please Grace please! Have-”

I ram her down back on my cock and try and recollect on things she used to say to me back when she could to stop myself from feeling bad, one springs to mind “You had it so easy” I begin to recite “If you were ever failing any classes you could just offer your teachers a favour and it would all go away, unfortunately for me being a slut wasn’t an option, I had to work hard. Do you remember saying that me Alex?” I saw grabbing her hair tighter and shoving my cock further down her throat as saliva pools onto her tits “Well now being a slut is an option, your only option”.

I let go of her face and she rips herself away “You’re a monster” she says “Karma’s a bitch” I respond as she grasps my cock and starts jerking me off, feeling that I’m almost at the point of completion I instruct her “Open your mouth and stay still or I’ll let the whole office gangrape you” (another direct quote from Alex), without arguing she presents her face opens her mouth and stinks out her tongue. I start jerking hard and fast and eventually paint her slutty whore face with ropes o hot sticky cum, she moans much to my surprise, and I instruct her “clean me off”, she does so, swallowing the later bits of cum that she missed. She wipes her eyes clean of the jizz that splatters all over her face and slowly started leaking into her titties, right in the cleavage and says “What now Daddy?”

“Now, I’m going to leave” she looks terrified as she realises what’s happening “You can either make you’re own way home and walk 3 miles covered in my jizz and wearing nothing but a black lingerie and hope that you don’t get gangraped by some street thugs, as well as everyone in the restaurant knowing that what happened in here, did in fact happen, or you can wait until 6pm tomorrow, where I’ll drive here, with a spare change of clothes.” He looks scared a starts sobbing, busy sobbing I grab the toilet paper, unlock the door and walk out to see everyone in the restaurant staring at me. A couple guys look at me like I just finished the Olympics. Which to be fair, is exactly how I felt. I walked home thanking god that today happened but knowing that if I woke up tomorrow and the roles were reversed that my life would be over. So I lay in bed that night thinking. Hoping. Praying. And come the morning I wake up, sun shining and look down to see a dick still between my legs. Oh revenge is sweet.

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By Marshian #Abuse #Cuckold #Rape #Trans