Abused Girlfriend body-swaps with Abusive Boyfriend and takes Revenge (Part 2): The secretary

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By Marshian An asshole boyfriend body swapped with his girlfriend who took revenge, she now shares her revenge with his old employees…

(For context go read Part 1 on my page)

I honoured our promise. I went into the restuarant at 6pm the following day with a skimpy little tank top that would push up her heavy breats and a pair of booty shorts that would cling tightly around her bubble-butt. She was lucky that she was even getting that with the way she behaved. I walked into the men’s bathroom to find no one there “Alex- Alexa” I said with a smirk, Alexa, that was good, that’s her new name.
“Yes Daddy” I heard a defeated sombre voice cry from within a bathroom stall.
“Open the stall for me baby” I commanded in a slightly caring tone, the stall door clinked and swung open “Good girl”. I peered in to find Alexa sitting on the floor in her lacey black lingerie, with little remains of my dried semen all over her. She’d clearly made an attempt to clean it off in the sink. “How did you sleep?” I joked. She shot me a dirty look, fair enough. I tossed her the clothes and closed the stall door, waiting.
“These clothes are…”
“Beggers can’t be choosers” I retorted. A few minutes later she came out holding her lingerie in a heap in one hand and wearing her casually sexy clothes. I bit my lip as she walked ahead her hips swaying and her curvy ass teasing me relentlessly. She stared back at me. “How did you get here?” she asked with a slightly concerned tone.
“I drove.”
“You drove? You haven’t driven in 8 years.”
“I didn’t forget. I never forget.” fearing that she might rile me up to much and getting the sense that I was referring to her prior abuse of me, she quited down and walked out of the bathroom door quickly. She sped outside the restuarant and to the car, I watched as she attempted to open the door to the car, but quickly realised she wasn’t the one with the keys. She looked slightly embarrassed as if she nearly forgot about her situation. I slowly strolled over to the car, opening the passenger door for her. She looked up at me in a tone that I assume was meant to be agressive but just looked desireable. I closed the door and walked over the drivers side. As I got in she stared at me desirably again, she clearly didn’t realise that her pissed off face looked like she was saying “Fuck my face again Daddy”.
“Did you have to take the porsche?” she asked
“I want to treat you well baby”. She kept staring at me with those fuck me eyes as I started the car. “I’m going into work today.”
“What? No, you can’t”
“It’s either that or I take your mouth all day” she quited down quickly after that. I looked down at her hand which was placed by her side, and I slowly touched it. She looked at me slightly scared, as I grabbed her hand and placed it on my crotch. She sighed deeply as she felt my hard cock through my jeans
“Yes baby. You know what to do, you know what feels good. Or else.” She looked slightly pissed again, which only made me harder, but eitherway she started rubbing my cock through my jeans. Feeling my balls up and down. “Take it out” I instructed her. Quickly she undid my fly and belt and got out my thick firm cock. She looked at it in almost awe. If I didn’t know any better, she almost looked at it longingly. She started stroking my cock with her hand, ocassionally pretending not to be interested, pretended like she was disgusted, staring out the window for a brief second before glancing back at her pristine hands gliding up and down my cock. As she did so, I changed the GPS to add an extra unesscary 20 minutes to the journey, to make sure that we could properly finish the job. She didn’t notice however, too busy gliding her hand up and down my hard dick. I sat back with my hand clutched against the steering wheel moaning out “Good girl” as I did so, she looked at me with almost a sense of achievement across her face. Besides from yesterday, she had never pleasured me, always the other way round, I never got my orgasm. She went to rap her other hand around the base of my cock, but the seatball tugged against her. Without a second thought she undid her seatbelt and apologised for having to let go of my cock for a second there. She grabbed my cock with both hands, and started pumping up and down. Her face started edging closer to my cock and when I moaned out “Good slut” she pulled out her tongue and licked the bottom of my cock. She stared up at me with those eyes. “Fuck yes slut” I cried out in pure ecstacy, clutching the wheel tightly. She licked my balls and then opened her mouth rapping her mouth around the tip of my cock “Take it!”. She spaced out for a second, her cock in my mouth, and said “What am I doing. This isn’t-” I pushed her head back down onto my cock making her gag and moan. I let her go and she gasps for breath. I was about to place my hand back on the back of her head but she got back to work sucking my cock. Taking it’s full length, using one hand to rub it and the other to gently tickle my balls. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock. We pulled to a stop at a red light where a biker pulled up next to us, he briefly peered in at her deepthroating my cock, then he took a double-take and started staring, I pulled the window down and he yelled “Good work man!”, she tried to pull away from my cock as soon as she realised someone was watching, but I stopped her by pushing her back down on my cock. The light went green and the biker zoomed off, but we stayed stationary. “Get ready bitch” I said whilst grabbing the back of my head and humping into her face she moaned loading as my grunts filled the car. Cars honked at us from behind but I didn’t give a shit. “You ready slut” her head still in my lap I unleashed my full load straight down her throat. Wads and wads of cum pumped down her throat. She stayed on cock, swallowing it all down as I fell back into my seat. Slowly I started driving again with her still cleaning me off. “What do you say?”
“Thank you Daddy” she said shamefully as she wipes her mouth and sits back in her seat.
I dropped her off at the house and told her to search up a makeup tutorial, I had everything she needed in my old cupboard. I ordered her that when I got home I wanted her to be wearing something classy but sexy, I wanted her makeup and hair to look perfect and I wanted dinner to be ready. Then I zoomed off. Something in the back of mind was keeping me confident that he wouldn’t run off.

When I walked into Alexa’s work I was greeted with both an heir of respect, but also complete anomosity towards me. This anomosity came from everyone, I mean, everyone hates their boss, expect seemingly Brendan… Brendan, Alexa’s secretary who had the most right out of anyone to hate her. Alexa had once sent her a large ammount of work during his honeymoon, which as a result caused her to eventually cheat on him with her gym instructer. I greeted Brendan respectfully, he seemed surpised and updated me on what I had to do that day. Alexa works at- used to work at a company that makes glasses, an opticians, he ran me through what I had to do, and frankly it was easy. I was finished all my tasks in about 2 hours. At which point I had time to recollect and let my mind start to wander. I started thinking about everyones attitudes towards me, how it would be a real kick in the balls- well the pussy I should say, for Alexa to see me having a good relationship with all his coworkers, the ones he used to complain about constantly, complain about whilst thrusting my head into his hips.
“Brendon.” I said poking my head around the door “Would you mind coming into my office for a moment?”
He looked slightly rattled but despite it he got up and politely responded “Of course sir”.
I held the door for him as he entered “Please call me Alex.” I said closing behind him.
“Umm- Certainly Alex.”
“I’ll be quite honest Brendon. I called you in here about the demotion I gave you last summer-”
“Yes sir- I mean- Alex. I believe you were right- I fit better there than in my old position.”
“I actually called you in here to say- I disagree.”
“-Oh, of course sir- Alex-”
“Brendon.” I said candidly “You don’t have to try and please me.”
“Umm- well-” He looked completely shocked.
“The demotion I gave you was unfair and unjust and I want to make it up to you”
“What!” He announced loudly, I simply laughed “Is this some kind of joke Alex?”
“Nope. I’m promoting you. Not just promoting you back to senior manager, but to COO”
He looked like he was about to faint “Are you feeling quite alright sir?”
“What if I told you-” I toyed with the option of telling him, he could sense my hesitation and was so utterly confused he tried to drag it out of me.
“Told me what sir?”
“What if I told you- that I am in fact Alex’s wife, Grace”
“I beg your pardon?”
“I know this is going to be hard to believe, but, I am in fact, Grace.”
“Umm- Okay- Grace?”
“We body swapped. Don’t ask how. I have no idea. Karma I suppose.”
His head perked up “Karma? How so?”
“Well he’d always been a jerk to me through-out our relationship, so I treated him how he treated me”
“And how’s that”
I spoke long and drawn out “I fucked him.” He choked in surprise. “That’s right. It’s karma.”
“He umm-” he hesitated “He did that to you?”
“Everyday. He would treat me like I was nothing. When you showed me geniune kindness at that work event last year, it changed my life. I started to realise he was nothing but a piggy bank. I didn’t love him.”
“And you what-”
“I didn’t instantly fall in love with you Brendon-” he looked flushed as I said this “I simply realised what a real man looked like. A man who looks after his wife, and I saw what an asshole looks like, a man who punishs people for being kind, or accepting kindness”
“Did he punish you?” Brendon asked timidly “Punish you for my advances?”
“Yes. Badly. But i’ve made those ammends. But you haven’t. You’re ‘advances’ was just you being nice, and to my husband being nice is a fucking sin.”
“Oh my god. It really is you isn’t it.”
“Yes Brendon, you seriously think my stupid husband would ever treat you with any ounce of respect or admit that he was an ass for a second. No.”
“What have you done to Alex then. Where’s he?”
“You mean her. She’s my whore now. My personal fleshlight”
“Oh christ.”
“Don’t worry Brendon, she never had mercy on me. This isn’t immoral, he’s a bad man. However, I understand if you don’t want to accept my offer. You can have the job, you don’t have to have your revenge.”
“My revenge?”
“Brendon. Isn’t it obvious. You get to fuck her.” He blushed and his skin became redish “I know you found me attractive”
“Well I-”
“It’s okay Brendon, every straight guy within 20 feet of me wanted to fuck me. Or at least, they did whenever I tried a little. Which Alex made sure I did.” I continued “Don’t worry I thought you were sexy too, I understand your not gay so fucking you right now wouldn’t really be satisfying for you, I mean personally I was always bi-” I had never admitted that to anyone until now, I guess the confidence of being a powerful man gave me the ability to say whatever I wanted. Brendon was as red as tomato by now and was making no noise, so I continued with my sales pitch “You got punished for ‘flirting’ with me, and he made your life hell. This way you get to punish him for giving you so much work whilst also fucking the girl you supposedly were flirting with in the first place. That asshole is probably so vain that he actually enjoyed getting fucked by himself.”
After a short while Brendon sat down in my armchair and pondered as I was about to walk out and go home early he said “Wait. I’ll do it.”
“Great. Let’s go now.”
“Right now?”
“Yep. I’m the boss remember.”
Brendon admitted to me that he had looked through my Instagram after we first met and my fuck-head of a husband gave him 10x more work, he revenge jacked his cock off to completion to photos of our wedding. He said he liked the way the tight corset of my wedding-dress pushed my cleveage together. Which gave me a good idea.

I unlocked the door, instructing Brendon to keep quiet, I didn’t need her hearing. I pushed Brendon into one of the many rooms of the house “Honey I’m home”. Walking down the stairs prim and proper in a red sundress and long blonde hair in two plats that ended just below her heavy breasts, breasts which were pressed together with a tight fitting pink bra, just poking through the sundress. Her makeup was done immaculately, it was obvious that she had spent hours on it, blood rushed to my cock just looking at her. “You’re early” She said slightly peeved off “You’re supposed to stay at work until 5”
“I finished the work”
“Then you probably didn’t do it proper-”
I interupted her fearing that she was over-estimating the amount of power she had in this situation “You look beautiful”. I could tell from the way her face moved that she was annoyed that I used such a feminine word to describe her. “How long did you spend on it?”
“Well I-”
“Be honest.”
“3 hours.”
“Perfect. Well as much as I love that slutty little sundress I’ve got a better idea.” She winced again at the word ‘slutty’. She clearly hasn’t fully migrated from the mindset of being handsome and dominent, she still flinches at the idea of being a subby little whore. Which she is. I escorted her up the stairs, slapping her firm ass.
“Hey” She objected. I merely smirked and continued leading her, I led her into my old walk in cupboard and pulled out my old wedding dress. “This? You want me to wear this?”
“Do you remember our wedding Alexa?”
She gulped. “Yes- it was a…”
“A lovely day. Agreed” I continued for him. “However that night when I thought we would be together, you decided to invite all your frat boy friends into them, and you fucked me. If I remember right, you and you’re buddies spit roasted me. However, before each of your friends got their nut, you charged them, they all thought you were joking at first, but no, you made them pay. They had already come this far, so naturally, they all paid and then came on my beautiful dress and all over my beautiful face. You made $850 that day I think. And I didn’t see a penny of that. Of course I did have to get my dress cleaned and it was tailor made and hand crafted, unfortunately they couldn’t get some of the stains out. Such is life I guess… But you’re going to wear that dress. You’re going to feel that uncomfortable corset that I had clinging around me all day and then you going to feel the horrid feeling of having your beauty ruined and jizzed on. Being filled by a huge cock, but not being allowed to take the dress off, you claimed that you didn’t them to get the full experience, so I had to wear the dress the whole time. Do you remember that?”
“-Yes.” Alexa said with her head down. She carefully took the dress out of my hands and began taking off her clothes. Slowly and somberly changing into the dress. I made Alexa look exactly like I did on my wedding day, It was a little harder to make that beautiful braid in my hair with the manly hands of Alex, but I did it none the less. I added more layers of make-up making her look like a princess, a flower in her hair. Once this was all done I took one long look at her. Her blonde hair was done into a beautiful spiral braid with the hair flowing out in curly blonde waves. The white dress had a beautiful floral pattern running across it and flowed out from a tight white corset pushing in the waist to very thin, the dress also held her perfect breasts in position, pushing them up. The floral shoulder straps hung low showing off her shoulders. She looked stunning “How do I look?” She said almost like a proud woman on her wedding day.
“Like a wife.” She blushed, she didn’t enjoy the power dynamic, but she couldn’t deny that it feels good to be pretty.
I took her by the hand gently leading her down the stairs and into the living room, I instructed her to close her eyes. As she did so I ushered Brendon into the room with her, he stood in complete awe of her beauty, I could see his cock straining against his trousers. “I have a surprise for you Alexa-” she remained silent “Open your eyes”
She opened her eyes and they went wide, she attempted to run but I blocked the door “Please no! Not him!”
I got close to her and whispered in her ear “You will do as Daddy tells or Daddy will punish you”
“But- But no! Not him please!”
“Beg.” I said mercilessly
“Please Daddy. I’ll give you anything you want. I’ll suck you dry. I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll wear and say anything you want!”
“You’re already going to do all those things you worthless slut. You have nothing. No power. No leverage. I’m making Brendon COO”
“Brendon’s a real man. A man who knows how to treat sluts like you.” He was standing in utter disbelief, gently coressing his own crotch.
“Brendon don’t do this.” She turned to him, realising I was a lost cause, she preyed on his kindness, like so many times before.
“Do you remember what you’re wife did to you. Do you remember how she treated you because this worthless little cock-sucking bitch gave you over time for being DECENT!” I egged Brendon on. Brendan uttered something inaudible.
“Pardon?” Alexa said desperate for her freedom.
He spoke loudly and more pronounced straight to her “On your knees”. A wave of adrenalin rushed over me. I was so happy I could punch a whole through a wall.
Alexa crumbled. “Brendon.” she said pleadingly one more time, I rushed over and pushed her down onto her knees.
“Do as your master says!” I loudly pronounce to her “You will refer to both of us as your Daddy, do you understand?” she remained silent “Do you understand?!”
“Yes Daddy” she submitted
“Good. Now unbuckle his belt and get to work.” She started fumbling around with his belt, Brendon couldn’t help but help her out, undoing his fly. His cock was hard that when it came out it sprung out and hit her in the face, she looked so pissed off that she had to do this “I know you’re dreaming about the day when this all changes, it changes back. Well, let me assure you that if that day every come, I have a plan. You want to hear it?” Without waiting for her answer I continue. Just as she slowly grabs the base of Brendon’s impressive “8 cock and starts extremely resentfully jerking him off, looking up at him with that pissed off face she does that she doesn’t yet realise looks even more lustful and desirable than just her normal face. “If we ever switch back, I’ll activate my Plan B protocol, all I have to do is send this prerecorded voicemail to the board, saying that I’m retiring due to mental deficency, then I’m going to say a bunch of other awful things to make sure the board never hires you again. My last act as boss would be to put Brendon in charge as CEO. Then I, Grace, would divorce you and gladly live with Brendon and be his personal fucktoy, I would do it with glee, because he has basic fucking respect and would treat me as a human, like a real man. You think a real man would be jerking off his former assistant, cos I don’t”
“Fuck you! Once I get out of this which I know I will!” She take her hand off of his cock “I’m going rape you every second of everyday” She get’s up and attempts to get up in my face “I’m going to use you in front of everyone, and let everyone use you, so they know that Grace is a HUGE SLUT and she-” With that a easily grab her by the back of the neck, forcing her back down, she starts screaming, and I pull her hair, she’s now on her knees, attempting to escape my grip. I force her head straight down onto Brendon’s cock. I throw her head up and down his huge cock as she gags spits and begs for mercy, not letting her breath, the sound of her gagging fills the room “Gluck- Gluck- Gluck”, with the occassional and rapidly increasing grunt of Brendon as he felt the overwhelming pleasure of using the expert head techniques of Alexa. I show Alexa no mercy as I bend her over, throat still being filled by Brendon’s shaft. I let Brendon take control of her head, letting him determine how much air she gets and how far down she goes on my cock, Brendon, to my surprise is fairly ruthless grunting out “FUCK YOU SLUT”, as she’s bent over I rip the back of the dress revealing her plump ass in lacey panties with garters leading to tight white tights that go all the way down to the beautiful white high-heels. I slap her ass firmly “Rape me every minute!” I repeat to her whilst slapping her ass hard. With each slap her head goes further down onto Brendon’s thick cock. With that I hurridly unbuckle my belt pull down my trousers and easily find the opening, I know my own body. I place my cock at the purchase of her vagina uttering to Brendon “Let her breath.”
He let’s go of her head and she whips off of his lap and starts panting heavily “You two are fucking monsters” she manages to get out
“You ready for me to fuck your virgin pussy you whore!”
“Wait- please-” with that I violently slid my cock deep into her opening she screamed out “YOU FUCKS- YOU CAN’T GET AWAY WITH THIS-” Brendon slams her head back down onto his cock without warning, she attempts to protest but can’t. She’s getting fucked in her wet pussy by her wife and getting facefucked by her underling. Whilst this wasn’t the first cock that her body had ever taken in the pussy, this was the first cock that she personally had taken in the pussy. With each thrust she moaned like a lustful slut only muffled by the fact that Brendon’s cock was 7 inches down her throat. After about 3 minutes of roughly fucking her, Brendon occassionally letting her breath where she would abuse his kindness by saying “You fucks!-” but was always interupted by Brendon slamming her back down. After my very audible grunts turned into more degrading comments to her personally, Brendon got the hang of it and felt comfortable to join in “You know you love it you fucking slut” “You always wanted to be my whore!” these were comments that she had said to me when I was Grace. But now I was her Daddy, and she was the little fucktoy, the rape pet who we could spit roast and fuck at our own pleasure. Brendon grabbed a tight knot of her beautifully done up hair and pushed her face deep down onto his crotch, until her nose was tickled by his pubes, her absolutely stunning makeup was running making her look like the stupid little street whore that she deserved to be. With that Brendon grunted loudly and pumped gallons of his creamy jizz straight down her throat, moaning out as he came “THIS IS FOR THE OVERTIME SLUT”. I couldn’t resist but quickening my pace when I saw Brendon give Alexa that treatment, shortly after I was about to cum too. My strong hands gripped her waist which was being pulled in by the dress’ sexy corset, and I took hold of her body, controling it, slamming it up and down my long stiff cock, over and over again. I heard her shreak, she’d swallowed the cum, and now was moaning out loud “OH-OH- OH FU- FUCK OH FUCK YES!” she said throught straining voice, her body was shaking as she came at the same time as me, my cum coating her pussy and leaking out like a little slut. I pulled out loudly, panting, as I did she fell to her side, cum dripping out of her sweet pussy and running along the side of her mouth. Brendon and I stood over her menacingly she stared up at us, guilt in her eyes, she’d cum.
“Did you think it was over?”
“I-” she began.
“Apologise to your Daddies!” Brendon finally chimed in. “Show us that you deserve our forgiveness”
“I- I’m so sorry Daddies!” She looks desperate but ashamed “I’ll make it up to you”
“Oh you’ll make it up to us.” I assured her. With that we took her again, I took her mouth and Brendon took her pussy this time, it lasted a little longer and she came again. Eventually she swallowed my cum and took Brendon’s cum deep inside of her. Once again, she feel down and we stood over her. “Clean us up slut!” I commanded.
“Yes daddies.” She made quick work of licking and sucking Brendon’s cock whilst fondling my balls
“Oh you were made for this weren’t you Alexa” Brendon said throwing his head back and letting the pleasure run over him.
She started taking one of us and jerking the other off, we man-handled her and threw her head around from cock to cock and verbally abused her “slut!” “whore” “just a little brat!”. Eventually she started jerking both of us off, with our cocks just above her face, “We’re going to coat you little rape doll. To prove your loyalty to us. You have to take it”
“Yes Daddies.”
“What do you want us to do?” Brendon egged her on
“I want you to coat my face in piping hot cum, cover me, ruin me”
“Tell me more-” It became harder to talk as the ectasy of the god like handjob run through me.
“You were right. I thought I was a real man, but I’m nothing more than you’re little slut! I was made for this! I love being your cumdump! I fucking love cum. I deserve this for what I did to you. I was a fucking pathetic excuse of a man, I got a second chance, and the only way I can make it up to you, you real men, is to take your load, after load. I want to spend hours of looking pretty just for you so you can ruin me!” she sped up and she could tell we were about to bust, I noticed the old dried cum on the dress from before and knew that she deserved it “Cover me! CUM! COAT ME DADDIES!” with that ropes of hot jizz erupted from our cocks and straight onto her face, her tongue was stuck out and caught some of it, other little bits got caught in her beautiful hair and other bits splattered against her hand crafred dress. Cum pooled in between her breasts and she was left staring up at us, covered in cum and looking like the best whore in the world. She cleaned us off and went away to clean herself up. When she went up, I told Brendon that that wouldn’t be it for her today, she would still have plenty of cum she was yet to extract from me, I offered that Brendon come live with us. He accepted eagerly and said “I need to get my stuff. Don’t go to hard on her whilst I’m gone”.
Little did Alexa know that I had a lot more planned for her than that…

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