Abuser becomes a girl and gets used

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By Marshian After an unexplainable world changing event changes everyone’s gender: the rapist, now a powerless girl gets cornered by her victims who want revenge.

Steve hadn’t been gentle with the girls he’d fucked, and he’d fucked a lot of girls. Mostly, he did it when they were super drunk and couldn’t really say no. He fucked and filled them when they were too ditzy and weak to say otherwise. Then he would take photos of them with jizz on their faces and send them to his buddies, they eventually made their way around the whole campus and soon everybody knew that they were a slut and weren’t to be treated with respect.

It didn’t make much sense, but after a while scientists observing confirmed that a wave of energy was going to pass over the earth altering everyone’s bodies in some way. People were terrified, panic in the streets, looting and rioting, but there was nothing to be done. Steve was right there too stealing a TV from a random store. When the wave passed over the earth, people froze and braced for impact, it was a strange feeling for everyone, it didn’t necessarily hurt, everyone just felt a little woozy and realised “Oh shit” as they looked at their bodies. They had swapped gender completely. Steve realised his strong muscular body had gone and in it’s place was a perfect curvy sexy woman’s body, he could no longer lift the TV, he was too weak. It smashed against the ground as he stood staring at his reflection in a shop window. His clothes had changed too, it’s like the wave had changed everybody to an alternate reality version of themselves, a world where Steve wasn’t an asshole jock but a sexy cheerleader. He looked at himself wearing a tight red summer-dress with a floral pattern on it, the dress ended right at the top of his legs so if he moved in the wrong way his ass would be on full display, a pink push-up bra pushed his heavy breasts up making them look perfect, soft and round. Steve’s face had been beautifully painted in make-up, lush pink lips and rosy cheeks, his long brunette hair was carefully done up into two plats that stopped just before the bottom of his breasts. He panicked and screamed like a woman, running into a nearby alley.
“Steve” He heard a masculine voice say.
Steve whipped around to see 5 men, strong and muscly walking towards him “Who are you?” He said on the verge of tears. His life had been changed forever, he felt weak, vulnerable.
“I thought it was you. It’s me Alexa”, Alexa was one of Steve’s more recent victims
“Oh- Well um- I’ll just be going now-” He said attempting to barge past Alexa and what he could only assume was a group of a bunch of other girls he’d raped and recorded. Alexa however simply placed a hand on his chest, pushing him back into the alley, Steve chuckled nervously “What are you doing?”
“Do you know who these guys are Steve?”. Steve remained quiet, he looked up at Alexa with menace, hoping that would stop her. “These are some of the other girls you dated- sorry- not dated, just fucked.”
Eager to leave Steve again tried slipping past them saying “Oh- that’s nice-”
Once again Steve was pulled back into the alley, “These girls- or should I say boys and I have been wanting to get back at you for a while” Steve gulped. “But we couldn’t figure out how. Luckily for us, life made things a lot easier for us”
“This is karma bitch” Another one of the girls chimed in. “She’s so… small and…” another one said. “Sexy.” Agreed another.
“My penis is getting all stiff” they all chimed in agreement, marvelling at how odd it felt, Steve couldn’t help but notice them ogling at his boobs. Steve knew that if the tables were turned he would be doing the same.
“This feeling inside of me is… so good” Alexa said with a grinning joy “I feel powerful. Like I could tear you apart.” She grabbed Steve by the hair “I’m going to call you Stevie from now on” Stevie screamed and whimpered as Alexa grabbed hold of her hair, tugging, pushing her to the floor with all of the men surrounding her.
“Do you like you’re new name Stevie?” One of them said patronisingly
“A little bitch name for the little bitch” Alexa added.
“I’ve got a better name- How about slut!” They all erupted into laughter “Or whore!”. Stevie scrambled to his feet and attempted to run off, but, on the guys grabbed her by her tight plat “OUCH” she moaned out like a little bitch. “I’m sorry did that hurt, looks like your cute little slutty plats were your downfall”. Stevie turned around to see all of the other men dropping their heavy pants down to reveal long, stiff, 9 inch cocks. Way bigger than he ever was.
“I’ve got a feeling your going to enjoy this” Alexa assured “But first” and she grabbed Stevie’s little sundress and ripped it open revealing her beautiful spotless body, no panties, just a tight uncomfortable bra. Stevie screamed “HELP! HELP!” Alexa placed a hand over his mouth “Somebody fill this bitchs mouth. We’re going to use those pretty little plats as sex handles.” Stevie’s screams muffled behind Alexa’s hand, she was pushed down to all fours and her head was just inches away from one of their cocks “PLEASE! I’LL GIVE YOU MONEY- PLEASE!”, they weren’t listening and grabbed her by the back of the head forcing her down onto his cock. She slobbered, moaned and gagged as her eyes watered and her pretty mascara ran, making her look like the slut she was “The only thing I want is revenge” they said as they took a tight grip on her plats using them to force their cock even further down her whiny throat.
“She’s wet!” One of them added. Stevie tried to escape from the grip of the person who was currently skull fucking her, but to no avail.
“I want to be her first-” Alexa said with menace. Taking a position behind her, her muffled screams into a cock got louder, and they used her harder in return. She placed her rock hard 9 inch cock behind her, so the tip kissed the entry of her wet pussy “Remember what you said to me- It’s like god made you to be fucktoy.” With that she slammed in hard and Stevie let out a loud whimpering moan. “You’re going to be my bitch!” Alexa repeated from memory “My little cumdump”.
After a while the first cock exploded in her mouth, before she even had the time to swallow and breath, it was quickly filled by another, even harder cock who went even rougher. Alexa eventually pumped her fresh womb fill with hot white jizz, Stevie moaning all the while. As it leaked out, another person came over and filled it back up with another cock. Eventually her plump ass was penetrated too, it took a couple spankings from all the people who had been raw-back fucking her like the little slut she was. Saying things like “TAKE IT WHORE!” and “It’s like your slutty mouth was made for this.” After several rotations of about 20 orgasms later they all gathered around her, making her beg for their cum, then they splattered her face, getting in her pretty hair and leaking into her cleavage. They took photos and shared them all around, inviting everyone from all around to come us her. Once they were all done Alexa took her home, dressed her up in all the sluttiest outfits, and pimped her out, by the end of the first week, every girl, well now man, in town had used her at least once. She gave countless face, titty, foot, ass and pussy fucks, and the whole thing was recorded and sent to them. So her word got around even faster. Stevie quickly became one of the biggest sluts in town, and Alexa quickly became one of the richest people in town. She shared the money with all those who had the misfortunate of ever being humiliated by Steve, back when he could.

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By Marshian #Abuse #Rape #Trans #Virgin