Accidentally Screwing my Mom Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooAccidentally Screwing my Mom Pt. 02

Accidentally screwing my mom had been a real game-changer for me. Even now, weeks after that first time, and I sometimes questioned that it had happened. Yet, now I had screwed my mom many times pretty much everywhere in the house, and it was impossible to question that I was having the most amazing sex possible with my mom.
Since that first time, I'd screwed her in dads bed, over the back of the sofa, over the kitchen table, on the washing machine, up against the freezer, in the shower, pretty much everywhere I could think of. But there were a few unspoken rules to our "game."
Rule #1: Never talk during sex.
Rule #2: Never about talk the sex afterwards.
Rule #3: (MOST IMPORTANT) Never look at moms face while we're doing it. ALWAYS take her from behind.
It was pretty simple, every time I wanted her, I pretty much just took her from behind and she let me in every time. But this time I was looking to do something a little different.
This time mom was working away, making some food, at the kitchen counter between the dining room and the living room. Mom always wore a cute pink, flowery apron over her short skirt and blouse when she prepped food.
Undoing her apron at the back I slipped off her skirt and panties and then undid her blouse and undressed her, before finally unhooking her bra and leaving her naked except for the thin apron which I tied back up around her waist.
Unlike other times mom was a little more shocked and reluctant as I indulged in our sex games. I'm not sure what the main cause of the reluctance was but I was sure the fact that this time, instead of sliding my hefty cock into her vagina, as usual, I instead teased her ass with my lubed up middle finger, prepping her for her first anal.
As my finger slid deep into her ass I could feel her body tense and shake like never before. I knew she was ultra-excited by my new twist to our already incestuous taboo relationship. I also knew she would love the twist just as much as I. Sliding my finger deeper into her ass, going as far in as I could, bent over the front of the counter, the feel of moms tight anus on my finger felt amazing. As I fingered her horny ass all I could think about was eventually sliding my hard hefty shaft inside her and the tightness on it that would surely make me cum before I even got the chance to fuck her in the ass with it.
It was so hot fingering my mom's ass while she was dressed in nothing but an apron, her ass hanging out the back and her big breasts heaving and loose at the front for me to explore at my pleasure.
As I ploughed her ass with my finger, mom did her best to continue preparing the food. Her ass, legs and breasts quivered with my movements and the extreme sexual gratification she was receiving, I pulled my hand free from inside her apron and started to line up for the main event. Moms ass-fucking.
Rubbing the lube into my cock from head to shaft, I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass and used it to rub some more lube around her anus, ready to allow me to slide into her like a knife in butter. The more pleasure and the less pain the better.
Now ready for action, I lined up my cock with moms ass, and slowly slid into her, making sure to be as gentle as possible. The fact that I was about to fuck my mom in the ass wasn't even the highlight of this crazy incest fest, even hotter than that, another tiny little special thing I had arranged.
"How's the sausage coming on hun?" Dad asked, his eyes glued to the TV. As he sat just feet away from us on the sofa, totally oblivious to what was going on behind him. Oblivious to the fact that as he watched the game his sons cocked had slid into his wife's asshole as she prepped his game food.
"Oh it's great hun," mom shot back, hearing the word sausage, I couldn't help but start pumping her ass hard with my own thick sausage.
"There's nothing better than a fat juicy sausage while the games on," mom continued. Wow, mom is a hot horny bitch, I thought as I started to plough her tight ass.
"Can't watch a game without a thick juicy sausage to make everything just perfect," Mom said. Yet by the sound of her voice, I could hear my hard pounding in her ass was starting to make it difficult for her to speak. With Dad concentrating on the game, I figured I'd need to keep her quiet for when the real pounding started and I was ready to rev up my hard pounding in her ass and shoot my cum in her.
On the counter beside us was a fruit bowl that was always there, taking an apple from it I got mom to bite down on it. That would help her to keep quiet as she was ready to start making the kind of noise a woman makes when a guys thick hard cock is rammed up her ass and pounding her with all his power. Now, mom looked a little like a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth. And wow, she sure did look hot, stuck on my spit, getting the anal roasting of her life.
"Is the sausage ready hun," dad shouted from the sofa, his eyes still glued to the screen.
"I'm getting it, hun, any minute now," mom shouted back, taking the apple out of her mouth for a few seconds. All the while my hips pumping her ass as hard as I could, fucking deep inside her, getting off on this crazy incestuous voyeuristic ride I'd taken us both on. Mom was right, I'd be there any minute now, and moms Twinky would receive its first-ever filling of cream.
Then, just as I was heading into the home run, on the TV, bases were loaded and it was looking like dads team were about to hit a home run too. The ball was high and heading close to the stands, all the while my balls banged hard on moms vagina, my cock heading for home. The batter was halfway around the bases but the ball was heading just short of the stands, yet just below it, as it dropped, an outfielder was there, ready, waiting to catch it.
Slamming my mom's ass as the ball fell, I came. My cum shooting deep into her ass, her legs buckled beneath her, and at that exact moment she bit through the apple in her excitement and it fell out of her mouth banging to the countertop below. Yet as the sound should have filled the room, dad exploded as the ball touched down, just avoiding the outfield and as the batter touched down on home.
"Home run," dad shouted, as my cum filled moms ass.

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