Across the street from us there were two young black women standing at the corner.

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“Jesus, it’s a bit seedy round here, isn’t it?” I said to my wife as we walked out of the movie theatre and headed towards a row of cabs at the end of the street. I hadn’t noticed when we entered the theatre early in the evening, but now that it was dark things seemed very different.
“Yeah, I guess so,” my wife replied. “It’s always had a bit of a reputation, this place.”
Across the street from us there were two young black women standing at the corner. They wore very short skirts, stockings and high heels. They were obviously prostitutes. A few yards in front of us another girl dressed the same way was leaning into the window of a car that had just stopped by the side of the road. Seconds later she was inside and I expected to see the car drive off so they could find somewhere deserted to conduct business. As my wife and I walked past I glanced inside the car to see the girl’s hand reach for the driver’s lap. She unzipped his cock and bent over him, enveloping it in her mouth. I turned rapidly away only to find my wife had stopped walking with me. She was stood beside the car, brazenly staring at what was going on inside. I grabbed her arm, and pulled her alongside me.
“Sally. What do you think you’re doing?” I asked her.
“Did you see that? Oh my God,” she began to laugh, holding her hands over her face.
“I think we’d better get out of here.”
“How about we go for a drink?” she asked.
“Okay,” I said. “Let’s get a cab somewhere,”
“What’s wrong with somewhere around here?” she asked.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I said. Apart from the hookers, there was also what looked like a gang of drug dealers hanging around at the end of the street.
“Oh, come on Tom. Where’s your sense of adventure? Let’s go somewhere with a bit of life for a change.”
This wasn’t the first time that my wife had commented on my lack of spontaneity and the fact that we always went to the same places all the time. I had even argued about us coming to the cinema here tonight, instead of our usual multiplex, but Sally had insisted, saying she was bored and wanted to try somewhere different. My wife telling me that she was bored was becoming a frequent topic of conversation lately. I am almost ten years older than Sally and there were times when the age difference became all too apparent.
“Where do you suggest?”
“Um, I don’t know. How about over there,” she said, pointing to a shady lounge bar across the street, with a bright neon sign displaying the words “Jake’s Bar”. There was loud music blaring from inside. My first instinct was to laugh and say no chance, but I could see that Sally expected me to do that. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of knowing me too well, and anyway we wouldn’t have to stay too long if it was really bad.
“Okay,” I said. “Let’s go.”
She looked a little surprised that I didn’t argue about it, but she said nothing and took my arm as we crossed the street. As we entered the bar, everybody inside stopped talking and turned to look at us. We looked really out of place there, just as I knew we would. All the other patrons were black apart from two young white girls standing by the bar, who were both dressed in a mini skirt and boob tube combination. It made me feel really uncomfortable, especially as the people didn’t look to be too welcoming of strangers. I was about to tell Sally that we should leave, but she held my arm and dragged me towards the bar.
As soon as we had ordered a couple of beers from the bartender, the raucous laughter and loud conversation started up again. Sally and I took our bottles and sat down in one of the empty booths at the back of the bar.
“So you like it here, huh?” I asked.
“It’s okay. At least the people are having a good time,” she said. But I noticed that she seemed to be on edge, and kept looking around her nervously.
I followed her eyes. There was no-one sitting near us and the only people visible were the ones standing near the bar. A large bearded black man was trying to get one of the girls in mini skirts to dance with him, but she just pushed him away and began laughing hysterically with her friend.
“Excuse me,” I said standing up from the booth.
“Where are you going?”
“To the rest room. I won’t be a minute.”
It was the filthiest toilet I’d ever seen in my life. The floor was all wet, there was tissue paper everywhere, and the washbasins had what looked like bloodstains all over them. I tiptoed over the wet patches on the floor and positioned myself in front of the urinal. When I had finished I tiptoed back to the washbasin and turned the tap on with one finger, avoiding the bloodstains at the edge. After washing my hands I walked over to the electric dryer and pressed the button. The hot air lasted for about two seconds before switching off again. I pressed it again and the same thing happened. In the end it must have taken me about five minutes to get my hands dry.
As I walked out of the toilet I decided that we’d have the one drink and then go. I didn’t fancy having to use the facilities here again. As I approached the booth I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. There were two men sitting with my wife. One had pulled up a chair, while the other was actually in the booth with her. I could see one of them peeking down Sally’s low cut dress and staring at her cleavage while he talked to her. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked to me like the other man had his hand on her thigh. To my surprise, instead of looking distressed, my wife was actually giggling and smiling at them.
I quickly rushed over and stood in front of them. As I did so I saw the one in the booth place his hands on the table. I was pretty sure he had been touching Sally’s legs until he saw me coming.
“What’s going on?” I asked giving a piercing look to both guys.
“Oh Tom, this is Mike and Eddie. They thought they knew me from here before.”
“Before?” I asked.
“Yeah,” the one named Mike said. “Anyway, it was good to see you again Sally.”
As they walked away I sat back in the booth.
“Come on, let’s get out of this dump,” I said.
“What for? What’s the problem?”
“Jesus, you’d think they’d come up with a better routine than that. As if you used to be a drinking buddy in the good old days or something. I saw that guy pawing you, while his friend stared at your tits. Why didn’t you tell them to get lost?”
“Hey, first of all no-one was pawing me at all. That must be your imagination. Secondly, I can’t help it if someone looks at my tits. Hell, it happens every day. When I’m at work, when I’m out shopping. That’s just what you men are like.”
“Well, you didn’t have to encourage them like that, laughing and smiling at them.”
“Why not? They were pretty funny. It was just a laugh. Come on, you remember what that’s like, surely.”
Something in her tone made me back off slightly. I didn’t want to turn this into another generation gap argument. I guess she was right, they were just having a bit of fun. I used to do the same sort of thing when I was their age, so what was the problem? They probably didn’t know she was married and they did leave quietly when I came along. When I first saw them there I thought I might have had to get physical with them.
“Okay. Fair enough. But I still think that if someone’s trying to chat you up they could have come up with a better line than the old ‘haven’t I seen you somewhere before’ routine.”
“Well, actually I think they had. They might have done, anyway.”
“What? Where?”
“Here, a few years ago.”
“Here? What were you doing here?” I couldn’t believe my wife had ever been in a sleazy dive like this place before, especially as she didn’t have any black friends that I knew of.
“It was years ago, before we were married. I only came in once or twice.”
“Yes, but why?”
“It was when I was in college, I came with Tina. You remember Tina.”
I remembered Tina all right. I was so pleased when she moved out of town shortly after we were married. I knew right away that she was a very bad influence. I never once saw her when she wasn’t wasted on drink and drugs, and she always seemed to have a new boyfriend every week. It was as if she just chewed them up and spit them away.
“So why did you come here though? What’s so special about this place?”
“Nothing,” she said quickly, too quickly.
“There is a reason, isn’t there?”
She looked intently at me for a moment then seemed about to speak, but she kept her mouth closed. I thought about the way she had looked nervously around her when we first sat down, as if she was worried that someone might recognise her.
“Come on. What is it? You can tell me.” “Maybe if you get me another beer. Maybe I’ll tell you,” she said, finishing off the rest of her beer as she gave me a long lingering look.
I immediately figured that there was nothing in it and that she was just trying to intrigue me so that we would stay here for another round of drinks. Either way, if I told her we were leaving now we would only end up fighting, so I didn’t see a good reason not to go along with it. When I got to the bar I saw the two guys who were pestering my wife were now after the two teenage girls I’d seen earlier. Mike was rubbing his hands against the ass of the blonde, who kept trying to push him away. Eddie had his arms around the other girl and was pulling at her boob tube, while she tried to step back from him.
I looked at the bartender, expecting him to do something, or at least say something to stop them molesting the girls, but he simply stared at the goings-on with a big grin on his face. By now Mike had pulled up the blonde’s skirt from behind and I could see the firm cheeks of her ass, barely covered by her skimpy panties. I hate it when men treat women like that and I thought about stepping in to push him off her. I stood there looking at them for a few seconds. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her ass. I felt an erection stirring in my pants. It was disgusting, loutish behaviour on the guy’s part, but I couldn’t deny that what I was seeing was turning me on.
Just as I had made up my mind to break it up, the girl managed to get free of his grasp. To my surprise, instead of being angry or afraid, she just giggled and told him not to be so naughty. I should have known that they were probably going out together. It was just that I thought they had been flirting with my wife, and why would they do that with their girlfriends nearby? Perhaps it was true, and they did know Sally from before. I quickly ordered a couple of beers from the bartender and hurried back to the booth, carrying the bottles low in front of me to hide my erection.
“I didn’t realise those two guys were with their girlfriends,” I said to Sally as I sat down opposite her.
“Are they? I didn’t see any women in here apart from those two teenagers.”
“Yeah, that’s who I mean. The teenagers.”
“Are you sure? Eddie told me he’d never seen them before.”
“What? Why were you talking about them?”
“Oh, well, I just said something about me being about their age when I was last here. He said that they’d tried it on with them earlier, but that they didn’t seem to be ‘up for some fun’, as he called it.”
“Oh, so they thought they’d try it on with you instead.”
“No, well, maybe. He was probably getting me mixed up with Tina.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, what do you think I meant? I guess he remembered that one of us used to be ‘up for some fun’ when we used to come here, and he probably thought it was me.”
“So you weren’t, but Tina was?”
Sally nodded slowly.
“And what were you doing, while Tina was having some fun?”
“I just used to sit at the bar and drink really.”
“Nothing else?”
“No, not really.”
I knew she wasn’t telling me the whole story, but I decided to change tack.
“What did Tina do then exactly?” I asked.
“Oh, you know, she just flirted with the guys a lot. The usual sort of thing.”
“Yeah? Well, I’ve just seen the way those guys like to flirt with girls. It wasn’t just sly winks and a bit of banter. They had their hands all over them.”
“Did they?” she asked, and suddenly giggled. “Lucky girls.”
I couldn’t believe she had just said that. I also couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to hear it. I pictured in my mind her and Tina as teenagers in this bar, dressed in skimpy clothes like the girls who were here tonight. The men would have been swarming over them like flies. Would someone have tried to lift her skirt as well? My erection became even harder than before.
“Did the men in here do that sort of thing to you too?”
Sally paused for a second, as if pondering her response. “You mean grope me?”
“Tell me what they did,” I asked.
She took another gulp of beer and then sighed heavily.
“They didn’t really do much to me. It was mainly Tina. She would let them get away with anything. The first time we walked in here a guy came up behind us and patted her on the ass. She just laughed and said it was a really nice friendly place. After that the guys were all over her.”
“And over you as well at the same time.”
“Yeah, I suppose so.”
“So did they feel up your tits, your ass, what? What did they do?”
“Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” she said, but I could see in her eyes that she was lying.
The funny thing was that she was scared of telling me, fearful that I would think less of her, when really I was dying to hear her tell me. My heart was beating very fast and my cock was throbbing hard.
“Come on baby,” I pleaded. “I really want to know.”
She looked down at her dress, as if trying to remember, or perhaps she was working out exactly how much she would let on to me.
“Well, sometimes they’d get fresh with me. You know, grab my ass, that kind of thing.”
“Is that all?” I asked, with disappointment in my voice.
“It turns you on, doesn’t it? The idea of all those strange men touching me.”
I didn’t want to admit it, but she was right. My cock was hard and I was dying to fuck her. I couldn’t wait until we got home. Hell, I felt like doing it right now. I almost suggested us going into the rest room and doing it there, like we did once or twice in the early days of our relationship. Then I remembered how dirty it was in there.
“Listen, why don’t we go home?” I asked, begged almost. I would have thrown her on the bed and ravished her as soon as we got in, but Sally had other ideas.
She grinned at me. I knew that she could sense she had some power over me now. Her eyes lit up and she reached under the table, reaching for my crotch. She firmly squeezed my cock, then looked up at me.
“So it’s true. You got all hard thinking about me getting my ass felt up. ”
“I can’t help it. The idea that you used to let all those black guys touch you, it really turns me on. Did it happen a lot?”
“Mmm, yes. Every time we came in. Sometimes they played with my tits as well. They’d rub their hands against my nipples until they started poking out of my T-shirt.”
“So they didn’t just grope your ass? They felt your tits as well?”
She nodded and was about to say more when the dark haired girl suddenly came into view as she headed for the jukebox. The girl was leaning over, choosing her selection, when Eddie suddenly pressed into her from behind. He was actually grinding away at her ass while he held her by the hips. They both had their clothes on, but it was almost as if he were fucking her right here in a public bar.
“Was he one of the ones who used to grope you?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe. I do remember seeing him and Mike in here a couple of times, so he might have been. I can’t remember all of the ones that did it.”
“What? You can’t remember? How many were there?”
She took a long drain at her bottle of beer and looked down at her hands.
“Look, there was quite a lot, okay.”
“How many? Ten? Twenty? A hundred?”
“Tom, it was a long time ago. Before we were married. Before I’d even met you. Does it really matter how many of them there were? It was only a bit of flirting and petting.”
I looked over at Eddie dry-humping the girl at the jukebox. The girl was trying to push him off her, without much success.
“Is that the kind of flirting and petting you’re talking about?” I asked.
“Look, I used to let them fondle me a little, through my clothes. They would touch my ass and my tits, but that was all. I never let them take off my panties.”
“Did you let them kiss you?”
Originally she had only admitted that they used to pat her on the ass. Now they were kissing her and playing with her tits. I couldn’t help imagining that there was more involved, more that she wasn’t telling me. I wanted to take her home, strip her naked and force the truth out of her.
“God, I can’t wait to fuck you,” I said. “Let’s get out of here.”
“You go if you like. I want another beer,” she said, taunting me with her eyes as she lifted the bottle to her lips and finished it off. “Do you want another one?”
“You took us here on purpose tonight, didn’t you?” I asked, suddenly thinking about the way she had acted distracted throughout the movie, as if she had other things on her mind.
“Maybe,” she replied with a teasing grin.
“But why?”
“Well, you know, I’d sort of been thinking about it lately. I just wanted to see if it was the way I remembered it.”
“And is it?” I asked.
“Pretty much. So are you going to stay, or are you going home alone?”
I looked at her. What would she do if I left her here? Did she want to be left alone?
“I guess I’m staying,” I sighed as I watched her walk to the bar.
There was a noticeable sway to her walk. Partly it was down to her drinking so fast, but she also seemed to be swaying her hips, being deliberately sexy. Eddie turned away from the girl at the jukebox and followed my wife up to the bar. He stood behind her and said something making her turn around, smile and reply to him. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but they were definitely flirting with each other.
The girl turned away from the jukebox and looked daggers at my wife. The girl may have been younger and dressed more sexily, but Sally had something special, something that always made heads turn. The girl sauntered up to Eddie and my wife and interrupted their conversation. Eddie said something to her and she stormed off, dragging the blonde away from Mike as both girls left the bar.
After a few moments Sally returned to the booth and passed me a bottle of beer.
“What happened there?” I asked.
“Oh, that silly little girl got jealous, for some reason. I guess she thought Eddie wanted to get in my panties rather than hers.”
“She was right though, wasn’t she?”
“I don’t know,” she replied, lifting the beer bottle to her lips and drinking from it slowly, eyeing me across the table as she did so. “Why, do you think he wants to? Do you think he wants to get in my panties? Do you think he wants to fuck me?”
“Yeah, I bet he does. I bet he wants to fuck you. I know I do,” I said, my erection straining against my pants. I looked over to the bar. Mike and Eddie were standing there staring at us.
Sally grinned at me then lifted her leg to rub her foot against my cock under the table.
“Is this the way you used to tease the men back then?” I asked.
“You used to touch their cocks?”
“Maybe,” she replied coquettishly.
“And they didn’t try to fuck you? You let them kiss you and grope your tits and your ass, but they didn’t want more?”
“I never said they didn’t want to fuck me. I’m sure they did. That doesn’t mean I had to let them. What do you think? That I lay out on the pool table and let them all take turns?”
“I don’t know. Did you?”
“You don’t believe me then.”
I don’t know what I was about to answer but before I could reply Eddie and Mike had approached our table again.
“Mind if we join you?” Eddie asked. “Looks like our dates have gone home for the night. Seems like they’re a little pissed off with us.”

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