Addicted Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooAddicted Pt. 01

This segment includes Chapters 1-6. More chapters to come in future segments.
This story contains dark elements of addiction, mild obsession, dubious-consent, breeding, violence, criminal activity, and crude language. Read at your own risk.
All characters engaging in sexual acts within this story are 18+ years of age.
Chapter 1
Desperation. It was the one thing that could drive people to do the unthinkable. To choose an option they'd sworn they would never choose. London Miller was beyond desperate. The proverbial wolf wasn't just at the door anymore, the beast had torn it from the hinges and was ready to rip her to shreds.
There were debts. BIG debts. Debts owed to the kind of men the boogeyman checked under his bed for. They didn't even belong to her, but her recently deceased father. To say the man had a gambling addiction was the understatement of the century.
Problem was, these men didn't care about his vital statistic update. They wanted their money-with interest-and they were more than willing to carve it out of London's innocent flesh.
She had nothing to give, aside from herself. But she already knew what they would do with that. London might only be 19, but she was completely disenchanted when it came to things like fairness and justice. There was no mercy in a world these men ruled. Her father and older brother had already shown her that a long time ago.
In truth, London had lost her rose-colored glasses at age eight, when her mother split town without a single goodbye and no forwarding address. Not long after that, London's 15-year-old brother, Les, had forced their father into giving him emancipation, and he'd taken off just as quickly.
Her mom never came back, but Les did. Three years later, he'd returned with a whole new name and purpose. He was already making good money by then, working for the same kind of men their father always borrowed from. Bookies, loan sharks, mobsters. Lex Blackwood, as he was now called, wanted to take London away to live with him, become her sole guardian. Their father had laughed his ass off and told him to get the hell out.
London had been 11 at the time, and just starting to develop breasts and hips. But she was still having to squeeze into the same clothes she'd been wearing for a year. There was barely money for food or rent, so she had no choice but to go without.
Lex had slipped her a hundred bucks and told her to spend it slowly. He'd advised her to buy one article at a time from the local thrift store. That way if their dad noticed, she could claim she'd gotten them from the clothes drive at church.
The following week, London had started her period for the first time and had to buy herself tampons. Her dad found out and took the rest of the money, raging about Lex giving it to a kid who didn't need it, yet couldn't spare a dime for the father who'd given him life.
London took her brother's unintentional advice and went to the nearest church where she found better fitting clothes in newer condition.
Every year, Lex showed up with the same demand. He wanted London and was waiting for their father to become desperate enough to hand her over.
By the time that happened, London had already turned 15 and she no longer recognized the man her brother had become. He was rich and intimidating; a hardened criminal. He made her nervous in the same way the bullies at school did-those boys who liked to trick girls into doing things they didn't want to. So, she'd refused to go with Lex and her father had backed her up, even if it was just to spite his son.
Lex wasn't deterred. He kept returning, only it was to convince London, not their dad. But she wasn't stupid. Her brother wasn't the good guy if he'd ever been. He'd long since become one of the very loan sharks that sent his thugs out to bloody his own father up when he couldn't pay fast enough.
And there was something else. Something that had never been spoken out loud or even hinted at. It was just an intuition. An instinct thriving inside of London that had always known what her brother's real desire was. Lex didn't want to be her guardian. He had no intention of taking care of or providing for her the way an older brother should.
He wanted to own her. He wanted to possess her the way a man would possess a lover-not a sibling.
And she knew that because it was alive in her blood, the way it would heat up and sparkle whenever he was near. It was there, whenever she would fantasize about someone coming to save her, and Lex's image would appear in her mind. London would dream of him taking her far, far away, loving her the way he wanted to, and never letting her be cold or scared ever again.
When Lex failed to show up after her 18th birthday, London had been so relieved, she'd cried her eyes out and made herself a promise. She would do whatever it took to escape her father's addiction and the shameful things her brother made her feel.
She'd already started stashing money away from her part-time job at the roller skating rink. Her goal was simple: to celebrate her 21st birthday in a whole other state.
But fate would ensure that never happened. Her father found her stash and took every last penny, then had the indecency to die of a heart attack, leaving her with all of his gambling debts.
Now, London had to choose between two evils.
She could give herself to the men her father owed money to without a single thing to barter with. They would put her to work as a stripper and a prostitute, and she would die before her debt was ever paid in full. Of that, she was certain.
Or, she could give her brother what he'd always wanted in exchange for his help.
Neither of those choices promised any mercy. There wasn't a single ounce of faith in her that Lex was the better option. It merely boiled down to knowing that she had something he wanted. London didn't have anything the other men wanted, only everything they were willing to take.
The Vault was an exclusive club owned and operated by the nefarious Lex Blackwood. It was also the well-known headquarters for his entire criminal empire. Wearing the same black dress and heels she'd worn to her father's funeral a week prior, London approached the bouncer at the front entrance.
The burly man let his eyes slide over her from the blond hair she'd painstakingly straightened to the 3-inch heels peeling around the edges. Her second-hand dress was faded, but the clingy material hugged every curve of her body and he looked his fill.
"Members only," he stated before she could speak.
"I need to talk to Lex," she announced.
He humphed in amusement. "You and everybody else."
"It's about London," she said. "Give him that message and he'll want to speak to me right away. If he finds out that you didn't…well, I don't expect I'll see you the next time I come around."
Narrowing his eyes, the man considered her words for a moment before pulling a cellphone from his pocket and sending a text. A second later, he got a reply that had his frown deepening.
With a surly expression, he tucked his phone away and opened the door for her. "Take the elevator to the top floor. Someone will be waiting for you."
"Thanks, Lucky."
"My name ain't Lucky," he scowled.
"Might be now," she pointed out and entered the club.
Chapter 2
The lobby was richly carpeted and wallpapered in silk. It was probably some kind of gentleman's club or illegal casino. London wasn't sure, and she cared even less. Another bouncer was blocking the only entrance into the rest of the club. She hardly spared him a glance on her way to the elevator.
Once inside, she selected the button for the top floor, which was only level 4. The building was wider and deeper than it was tall.
When the doors slid open again, London found herself face-to-face with her brother unexpectedly. It had been two years since the last time she'd seen him, and wouldn't have thought he could change that much in such a short time. But he looked aggravatingly better than she recalled.
Lex's medium brown hair was short and professionally styled. His piercing green eyes fringed in thick lashes. He had facial scruff that wasn't overly groomed or too unruly but looked perfect for the hard lines of his handsome face.
He'd always been handsome, that was the problem. He was one of those men who knew how to use his looks to get whatever he wanted. At seven years her senior, Lex was only 26 but appeared older and thoroughly experienced in his gray suit. It was the kind that was tailored with a vest and everything, not some off-the-rack number.
He stared at her, emanating power, wealth, and control at intimidating levels. London felt the tell-tale nerves, the uncomfortable heat stirring to life in her veins. She hated the way he made her feel so vulnerable without even saying a word. Her nipples pearled under the thin material of her bra and there was a mild ache of longing at the apex of her thighs. Those were new reactions. They increased her shame and had her doubting her choice, but it was too late.
He was there. He saw her. Lex knew she'd decided.
Taking his cellphone out, he selected a number and put it to his ear. "Bring the car around," he ordered, then hung up.
When he entered the elevator with her, London shied away from being touched by his sleeve. He selected the lobby and continued to stare at her.
"When I was told someone was here with information about my sister, I hadn't expected it to be my sister," he remarked. "Are you still in mourning?"
Her face heated. "I didn't have anything else to wear to your fancy club," she muttered.
"Well, that's certainly not going to be a problem anymore, is it?" he commented.
"How am I supposed to know?"
He looked forward as the elevator slowed to a stop. "You're right, you wouldn't," he conceded.
Lex took the lead when they entered the lobby, crossing to a metal door in the wall opposite the elevator. It opened into a single-level parking garage where a driver waited to open the back door of a town car for them.
Her brother gestured for her to enter first, then swiftly followed. London made sure to leave distance between them. He didn't close it per se but sat with his legs relaxed open the way men usually did, which took up some of the space. If it didn't have the potential of amusing him, she would scoot over more, but she suspected he got off on her discomfort.
"You came to this decision a lot faster than I expected," he said, once the car started moving.
"Yeah, well, dad's debt collectors aren't exactly the patient type," she replied. "But you would know that already since you're one of them."
Lex was looking out the window with his elbow resting on the door, his finger rubbing over his chin. "It's funny that you've always been quick to judge me while remaining loyal to a man who would see his daughter starve before giving up a chance to gamble."
"I wasn't loyal to him, Lex," she returned. "He was just safer."
He made a humorless sound. "I wouldn't be so sure about that."
London glanced at his profile but didn't respond. He'd always chosen to blame their father for his addiction, rather than try to help him. That was another reason why she'd never planned to give him what he wanted. For years, Lex had been building his empire. He could have gotten their dad the treatment he needed at any time. Instead, Lex had become one of his enablers, lending him money he knew their father could never pay back.
London fully believed her brother had done it on purpose, to get what he wanted that much faster. Now that plan was paying off for him, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop it because she'd already made her choice.
The driver pulled into another parking garage further downtown, only this one was under a skyscraper. It was probably where Lex lived, and it didn't surprise her that he'd want to claim his prize right away. That didn't keep her anxiety from rising or her nerves from growing shaky. When they entered the elevator, she watched him select a button marked P4, then he was required to enter a security code.
The lift started rising once he was finished. London crossed her arms and leaned against the back wall, staring down at her worn heels. For the first time in 19 years, she had no idea what her life was going to be like in the next five minutes, let alone tomorrow. The sheer uncertainty was a strange experience. It was hard not to nurture hope in that head-space, yet equally as difficult to keep her fears from circling.
London was a little surprised when the doors opened right inside of her brother's apartment, rather than a hallway. She reckoned that was why he'd needed to enter a security code. No one would ever be able to show up at his house uninvited. It made sense that a crime boss like him would desire that kind of benefit.
She'd known her brother had money, but the luxury and size of the place both awed and intimidated her. Dark gold marble floors, walls, and columns opened to a sunken, formal living room. There was a fireplace to the right with a large, flatscreen mounted above it. The furniture and plush carpeting were all white with pale gold accents.
They had to step up on the other side where the dark marble picked up again. An eight-person table was centered between the living room and a wall of windows that soared two stories high while spanning the entire back of the penthouse. A fancy bar took up the right-hand corner, and a sweeping staircase leading to a loft was to the far left.
Seamless French doors stood on either side of the table, leading out to a rooftop terrace with an actual swimming pool and cabanas. Staring out at the pristine blue water, London felt completely gobsmacked.
"You have all this, but you couldn't send dad to rehab?"
Lex came up behind her, stopping a half a foot away. "You have no idea what I've done to try and help that man, nor what I've done to keep you safe from his addiction. You'd be wise to save your judgment for after you learn the truth," he warned. "Now, take off your clothes."
Chapter 3
Gasping, London whirled around to face him. Her heart started beating faster at the thought of being naked in front of him, even though she'd known it would happen sooner rather than later.
"Everything," he cut her off. "Empty your purse on the table and take everything off. I want every last piece of filth from that fucking house gone right now."
So, he didn't want to have sex? London was too doubtful to find any relief in his words. The idea of her brother seeing her naked for the first time was uncomfortable at best. Her knees threatened to knock together.
"Can't I change in a bathroom or something?" she asked.
"No," he answered. "You knew what showing up at The Vault meant, London. Say it. Tell me what it meant."
Heat rose to redden her chest, neck, and face. If only her discomfort was all him, then she could stand against it with some kind of conviction. But Lex wasn't the only one feeling unnatural desire. The chemistry between them was undeniable and so outrageously wrong. Shame brought tears to her eyes, but her mind was already working against it.
Maybe, he was wise to make her go through these difficult steps right away instead of dragging out the anxiety and dread. London would never be truly prepared to become her brother's lover, so wouldn't waiting just make it worse?
"It meant that you would have me," she whispered. "For…whatever."
He lifted a brow. "'Whatever' is a broad spectrum," he said. "My plans for you are a bit more precise."
"Yet it all comes down to the same thing, Lex, so I really don't care how you word it," she said honestly.
"In that case, let me enlighten you," he said, grabbing the purse from her hands and tossing it on the table. "You know when I was emancipated, I changed my name. No one knows who my family is. More specifically, they don't know who you are to me, so no one will question our involvement."
Stepping into her, Lex grabbed the hem of her dress and yanked it up over her head. London gasped and tried to cover herself. The bra and panties she wore were her only matching set, yet far from fancy. They were a faded baby blue and plain cotton.
It shamed her to know that she'd stood in front of the mirror, examining the way she looked, wondering if her brother would like what he saw. Her breasts weren't large or small. The perfect handful, that's what one of the perverts in the neighborhood had said about them once. Her stomach was flat and narrow before her hips rounded out some. They weren't as wide as other girls her age. But then, she'd spent a lot of years hungry and malnourished, so that was probably why.
There was a faint dusting of freckles over her shoulders that matched the lighter spattering over the bridge of her nose and she'd always hated them. They made her look like a kid still when she'd prefer to look like a full-grown adult. People never took kids seriously.
Blushing even more, London looked away when her brother grabbed her hands and pulled her arms open. She could feel his gaze traveling over her body and that only increased her sinful lust and discomfort.
"Take those shoes off," he demanded.
She slipped them off, her feet and toes instantly relieved to be out of the worn, ill-fitting shoes. When Lex stepped right into her, she had no choice but to look at him. His eyes were dark with lust and staring at her mouth. All of her body heat increased and her pulse went haywire at the base of her throat.
"Lex, please? I'm your sister," she pleaded quietly, not for his sake but for hers.
His mouth curved up on one side, and the look he gave her was the confirmation of everything she'd always known instinctively. It was pure hunger, longing, and possessiveness. He already owned her, that's what the look said. She'd been fighting a losing battle all along.
"Knowing you're my sister is the best part," he said.
"It's sick," she said, but even she heard the lack of genuine disgust behind it.
"Yes. But you're the one selling yourself to your own brother, so I don't think you have any room to protest," he pointed out, tracing his finger over the curve of her jaw to prompt her chin higher. "And you want to be here, London. That's why you've been fighting this so hard. It's not me you're afraid of. You're ashamed of the way you feel about me, and you always have been."
It felt like her throat was going to close up, his words shoving her right into the worst of her dark secrets where everything felt uncomfortably raw. He exposed her wrongness, the sinful needs that clashed with what her mind said was right.
When he leaned forward as if he might kiss her, London's lungs stopped working. She felt his breath on her lips and then his teeth slammed together and he growled, pulling his head away.
"I can smell that place on you," he seethed. "Go upstairs right now and take a shower."
London was too happy for the escape to care about his bossy commands. She slid away from him as fast as she could and made a beeline for the stairs. The open loft at the top held an extravagant master bedroom with an unobstructed view through the tall windows.
There was a custom size bed on a platform frame with a large, quilted headboard of silvery-blue material. Matching furniture in charcoal gray with black hardware consisted of a large chest of drawers, a vanity table with a padded bench, and two nightstands.
There was a sitting area with Victorian influenced furniture around a gas fireplace, and a reading nook on the other side with shelves of books tucked around a chaise lounge looking out toward the windows. The doors on either side of the bed and night tables probably led to separate closets, she surmised.
The bathroom was all cream-hued marble with black cabinetry and accents. Just inside the door, she saw a wall-mounted rack with two robes. She eyed the shorter one in dark pink and her chest squeezed with unexpected jealousy. Did her brother already have a live-in girlfriend? Why would he have any need for London, then?

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