Admin Manager Wins Lover’s Cousin

tagIncest/TabooAdmin Manager Wins Lover's Cousin

My partner, Samuel, while a strong-willed character who had attracted me at a HIV support seminar the previous year, had proved to possess a short stout cock. Although it allowed him to give me quite powerful clittoral orgasms, he never reached my depths. I still hungered for his cock to titillate my cervical entrance and make me come. I enjoyed those orgasms more but Samuel could never supply me with them.
But when I was introduced to his cousins, almost all whom were much taller than he, I began to wonder about stories I had heard that a tall slender man had a long cock. I became an ardent crotch-watcher at these family events, but this neither confirmed nor contradicted this theory of mine.
One August Jasper was at the gathering. He was yet another cousin of my partners who had been in America for ten or so years and had returned. I was told that he had gone on the grounds that his wife had played and won the green Card lottery so they had all gone as a family. But for some years there had been tremendous strain between himself and his wife. Now he was back home without any hope of going back there. He was therefore single again, which normally would have been of no interest for me.
What caught my eye was his crotch as he sat legs wide apart, a stance he seemed to like. I caught sight of his cock lying against his left thigh. It seemed to come a long way down. I began to think that my theory was indeed true; he was taller than most people I knew, even among his cousins. The scientific side of my mind wanted to test the theory on Jasper, though logic said that to be a completely reliable test, I would have to look at quite a few cousins. I felt, nevertheless, that I had to do Jasper whatever the cost.
Then suddenly without warning, he delivered himself into my hands. Taking my phone number from Samuel, he called me with a simple request.
"Sam tells me you are a big thing at the Railways?"
"Oh, I only run the admin side of things," I said.
"That could be very good for me. You know, my father worked for that corporation for many years. I think of myself as a railway kid. I would like to volunteer my services to the Railways, at the same time helping my new cousin out."
"What are your strengths?" I fell into my HR groove effortlessly.
"I worked in the IT industry for many years in training and support. I also did a spot of programming."
At that point in time we were in the process of upgrading our traffic scheduling systems to accommodate the newly completed SGR line all the way from the coast. We needed to schedule the arrival and departure of goods trains on both the century-old meter gauge line and the SGR one. The container terminals at both ends had the two lines run through them. Additionally the inland depot recently completed had both lines running through it. Thus there was need to harmonize traffic flow, calling for additional programming.
"I would have a problem with payments since everything has to go through the scrutiny of the finance people. 'Bean counters' I call them."
Jasper chuckled at this then reminded me that he had said 'volunteer'. "No cost to you or to the Railways. I am giving back since I was brought up on Railway money. Besides I start off with a rich heritage of knowledge about the running of the Railways."
I could see immediate advantages of having him on my team in the office. Then of course he would be within my clutches for seduction. "Allow me to look over my project oversight. I can already see a few slots where I can fit you."
"Superb!" He rang off.
Within a few days I had set out an anteroom in my office with a desk and chair. Jasper preferred to work on his own iMac rather than our computers. Little did I know what effect this was to have on the systems project.
He arrived one morning, connected his computer in such a short time that the systems people I had asked to come and assist him were only needed to configure the network after he had set it up. They could not believe that a computer could come out of the box and be up on the desk ready to work in that kind of time. Once he had access to the network he dipped into the Oracle databases. The version of Oracle on his Mac appeared so advanced that he could build code much faster than on the one our systems people used. He explained to me that we would need to upgrade to the latest versions and offered to help us. The 'bean counters' proved to be our undoing, saying the budgets could not absorb such an expense. I was infuriated at this, yet there was nothing I could do. I encouraged him to pop in to my office at any time if he had any query.
Meanwhile Jasper was running rings around the programming guys, much to their embarrassment. To mollify the head of software development he offered to show the junior programmers some tricks within Oracle to ease their work. He spent two mornings running a short seminar on PL/SQL and Forms showing them features that they may have known existed but had never used. Now he showed them how these gave them new ways of performing their jobs more efficiently.
One morning the said head came to my office to give me these tidings. "I could accomplish double the work in the same time if only I had two people like this man," nodding in the direction of the anteroom, "rather than the six I now have. Think how much we would save in salaries."
So it seemed Jasper had lied to me about having done "a spot" of programming. He was a veritable guru!
During this time I would take him to lunch at the staff canteen, enjoying his company both on the way there, during the lunch and on the way back. I found that he had so many fun facts at his fingertips about many places in the world. But he could also regale me with stories about the early days of the Railways. For example during its construction there was a faction in parliament in London who were deathly opposed to its building, saying it was going nowhere and as to its use nobody could see. They were to christen it the Lunatic Express, a phrase I had heard, but did not know its origins or meaning. One morning for some reason he came to tell me he needed some information about the container terminal in the port of Mombasa. "Who can answer a few questions I have?"
There proved to be nobody in HQ and even when we phoned Mombasa people nobody could give him all the information he wanted.
"Sorry, buddy you have to go down there yourself." I inclined my head. "I can arrange tickets and accommodation at our hostel."
"Wonderful! I need to see the flow of containers from shipside to being loaded on the train."
"I go down there fairly regularly myself. We might be able to synchronise both visits." I caught a gleam in his eye.
We set out on a Monday to the coast in the first-class coach. I was beside myself with joy that I would have him to myself nearly all week. Samuel did not yet know that Jasper was doing anything for us, so when I told him I was going to be away at the coast he saw it as merely routine, which it was in every respect except that I was taking Jasper with me. I had done countless trips all over our rail network much like this one; it was nothing out of the ordinary.
Every time I looked over at him in the seat facing mine I could feel my excitement building. I felt deep down that he would not be able to resist my blandishments when I started on him. In fact since there were so few people in a first class coach, there was no one in the seat opposite, only in the one behind us. I took the liberty of fondling his knee as we talked.
"I am feeling drowsy," I announced somewhat after the midpoint of our journey.
"Come and lay on my lap," he said though I could tell he was joking.
You can imagine his evident shock when I got up and joined him in his seat. I kicked off my shoes and pulled my legs onto the seat, lying sideways on his chest. My notion that he was not really joking was reinforced when he threw his arm around my neck. We sat in that position for some minutes before I slid down to put my head on his lap. His arm slid until was resting on my torso. Maybe he felt it was uncomfortable because then he slid it lower but that action caused it to come into contact with the bottom of my breast. I twisted my torso slightly to bring the breast into his palm. He sucked in his breath violently. But I made no other movements and allowed myself to drift off to sleep, leaving him with one breast in his palm.
I woke up some time later to find he was still sitting with his hand in the same place. As soon as he felt me stirring he gave me a little shy squeeze. I did not encourage him to go any further for at that moment I pushed myself to a sitting position.
"I needed that. I have had so many late nights this last half of the month. I have a sleep debt to pay, though I do not know when I shall do that."
"That is exactly why I asked you to let me help you out wherever I can. Ok, I realize that some information is classified, but there must be some mundane ones that require half a brain but are time consuming which you could farm out to me," he said.
"Well, now that your computer is in my office it should work out better, not like when you may have needed to take documents out of the office," I conceded.
The train was now pulling into the Terminus. I had never slept in the Railway guest house, but had resolved that was the best way to be near Jasper and conduct my experiment on the relative length of a cock compared to the height of its owner.
We were picked up by the office driver and deposited at the guest house. We went about our separate duties and did not manage to meet in the restaurant at dinner time.
I saw him again, not at breakfast for I had to leave very early, but in the restaurant the next evening.
"Hello stranger," I heard his voice as I felt myself hugged from behind.
"Where have you been hiding since the train ride?" I laughed. I turned around, my body crying out that this was the night I will get the results of my experiment. I hoped that they would not contradict my theory, forcing me to put forward another one that will need further experiments. I kissed him full on the lips, getting the immediate reward of a deep moan. We broke off to sit at table so that the waiters could serve us, but I felt the stage was already set.
"Will you escort me to my room? There is something I need from there," I begged him as we left the restaurant towards the rooms. He looked at me with a puzzled frown, but by that time I had his hand in mine as we walked. That seemed to remove any need for words on his part.
I took my toiletry bag with me and we headed to his room. I could see in his eyes that he had understood that I had invited myself to his room, and as a man he fought against the desire to protest my having taken control from him.
In his room we stripped, took to the bathroom and showered together. Again he was in no position to question my actions, not wanting to scuttle the chance that he saw building up right before his eyes. I snatched the small bar of soap from his hand and scrubbed him vigorously back and front, paying special attention to his cock and balls. At one point I took the cock between my fingers and stroked him, causing him to moan like a tortured beast. It was as thick as my Samuel's but quite a bit longer. I was fairly sure it would reach into my cervical entrance and give me that powerful orgasm. I would not need to frame another theory to be tested further; I had confirmed it in my mind.
We finished off our shower in the regular manner and tripped over into the bedroom amidst hugs and groping. He kissed me powerfully, bringing my level of lust to quite another level. He wanted to lick me but the overriding need was to have him inside me giving me those strong strokes leading up to that thunderous orgasm I was now sure he was going to give me.
In a second, his cock would be parting my lips and delving deeper and deeper into me. God knows how long I have wanted him to take me to the heights. I felt his helmet nosing at my outer lips and I desperately twisted myself to let him enter me urgently. I felt him parting me insistently and burying the whole stem inside. I could feel him deeper than I remember anyone having gone. He paused for a second or two, letting me savour that feeling of being filled so completely. Then he made two or three gentle movements before drawing out. I gulped and my hand rushed to his buttocks to stop him leaving. Yet if I knew anything about the male spirit, he was not going anywhere. He had not reached his Everest, so he was going nowhere.
Instead he pushed himself back in, a long stroke that made me scream in delight. He pulled out again and drove all the way in to me, dragging another scream from the depths of my throat. He increased his speed of advance and retreat making mine a long howl.
Then came my destruction. I felt him curl himself like a bow and on his downward stroke drove further than he had hitherto done. He must have knocked onto that three-fingertip cervical entrance. He pulled back slightly and butted that entrance again with his helmet. I was ready to die and meet my maker in a state of pure delight. When he did it a third time I flew into a thousand fragments. I yelled, whether in languages of men or of angels, I have no idea.
I bucked all over the bed nearly throwing poor Jasper from his perch, my legs in a demented dance all by themselves, my hands gripping the bedclothes as if ready to tear them to shreds. He, too was in the throes of orgasm, pouring his hot semen into my depths.
We knew deep in ourselves that in that moment our working relationship had been altered forever. So had family gatherings; even if Samuel was to make good his promise to take me to the altar and make a decent woman of me, I would be nothing of the sort with respect to my attraction towards Jasper.
We then collapsed beside each other and fell into a deep slumber.

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