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I’m a widower (2018) and my 2 children are out on their own making their own lives. At 50 I run my business and kept to myself, and I didn’t date or go to many if any social events. I would talk to people I knew but was not interested in mixing too much. A friend of my late wife I had seen from time to time, didn’t talk to her, she was always across the street. I only found out by chance she was having a hard time, lost her job and was working whatever she could get. She had never been married and was totally career centered person, so I realized it would hard for her. But I left it at that, I wasn’t going to see her or anything. Then there was a thunderstorm late in the day and I decided to close slightly early as nobody would be coming in due to the storm. I let my 3 staff go home and was finishing up my work and then was going home myself. I noticed someone standing the doorway of my business, thinking it might be a client I went to let them in. It wasn’t it was my late wife’s friend 49, and she was just getting out of the wind and rain. Anyway, I invited her in and made her a coffee and we talked. I found out the pandemic had destroyed her career and she lost most of her investments and was trying to rebuild her future. Fashion was her career path, and it wasn’t going great at the time and with loss of her fashion business she lost her home as it was all in with the business. I found out she was living in a seedy hotel and had sold just about everything she had. The town hadn’t yet recovered from the pandemic lockdown and fashion wasn’t high on the lists of wanted things by the locals. She got by working whatever was available and even that was getting harder. She said she couldn’t even sell herself as there were too many already doing that and they were younger than her. Being a lifelong smartass, I said I would just to see her reaction. To my surprise as she knew my nature, so when she said if your serious how much you willing to pay. I didn’t realize straight away she was serious and took it as her playing along. Replied how much you want, she said 50 or 100 for the whole night in a bug free bed. Suddenly I realized she was serious and so had my cock which responded by getting stiff. I said OKAY the whole night and my place, it couldn’t hurt. So, we head for my place stopping at her place where she got a plastic bag with everything she owned and then at a diner and had our dinner. Getting my place, I remembered I had no condoms. I said while you get ready, I go and get some and she said no need I’m passed get pregnant and I know I can’t catch anything from you. So, we had a night of passion and fucked again in the morning, she then offered me regular sex in return for a safe to live. I said she was welcome to stay and didn’t need to fuck me, I wouldn’t take advantage of her like the last night. She then said she knew I was being a smartass before but had decided to press the point to get a better place to sleep at least for one night. Anyway, she decided to stay with me and also decided to stay in my bed as well. Nothing was ever paid by me to her sex and after living together for almost 2 years we married in March this year. I decided we should as I was very happy with her being with me and being with me and the locals doing better started wanting fashion again. She is slowly building up her business and works from the same building as mine. I own the building and it allows us to go to and from work together. My children are happy I’m married again and love their stepmother. Who took advantage that first night together, I prefer to think we both did.

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