Adventure Coordinator Pt. 01

tagGroup SexAdventure Coordinator Pt. 01

Trev shifted his duffel from one hand to the other, trying to find a less tired arm. The sun was disappearing beneath the treetops. Why did they have to have the parking lot so far from the freakin' camp?
Trev's best friend, Ash, groaned under the weight of their own bag. "I can already smell the mosquitos. I haven't even been bitten yet and I can feel the blood draining out of me."
Trev's other best friend, Chris, pointed. "We've made it, folks."
Peeking over the next hill was a long, squat building with a few trimmings meant to give it a whiff of rustic log cabin. This was the place, alright. This was where the three of them had first met, years ago.
It looks smaller now, he thought, and silently savaged himself for thinking in such a feeble cliche.
"Inside that Mess Hall are a couple dozen of your fellow camp counselors, preparing to spend the next three months stuck in the woods with nothing to do after the obnoxious tweens are in bed but get high and smooch."
He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.
"C'mon, we're freakin' nerds," Trev opined. "We're going to wind up playing D&D while the hot young ladies sit around frustrated."
"Fine by me," Ash said. "D&D rules, smooching drools. That's why I hang out with a coupla dum-dums like you two."
"Hopeless." Chris shook his head and pushed open the door to the Meeting Hall.
Inside, a handful of other counselors were lounging at mess hall tables, under a big painted banner that read, not very grammatically, "Welcome Camp Wilderness Staff Training Session."
The banner promised two weeks of calm, during which the counselors would learn the ropes and plan out their programs before the hordes descended on them.
Chris was saying hi to a woman who must have been, like him, a returning counselor from last year. She appeared not to remember his face, but made a valiant effort.
Ash was staring. Trev followed their gaze, and then he was staring.
Those bright eyes, set in sandy brown skin, topped with a cloud pyramid of dark wavy hair. Reina.
He tapped Chris on the shoulder.
She was chatting with the camp director. She had changed since he had last seen her in this same place…what, six years ago? Chris, Trev, and Ash had been shitty little hormone-addled 14-year-olds. She had been, he was pretty sure, fresh out of high school. Younger than he was now, he realized.
"Holy shit, dude!" Chris stage-whispered, nudging Ash. "Remember what a crush you had on her?"
For all that he and Chris had made Ash's crush a running joke, Trev wasn't so sure Ash was the only one. Reina had been the kindest, sweetest counselor they'd had during their time here as campers.
Trev wondered if he and Chris and Ash would ever have become such good friends without Reina's presence to make that cabin a golden refuge from the whirling adolescent hellscape outside.
Back then she had been, in retrospect, skinny, awkward, and zitty. Of course it would have been the height of hypocrisy for him to hold any of that against her. To Trev, she had been a glowing goddess, and he saw no reason to revise his opinion.
The acne was mostly gone, replaced by some tattoos that he definitely wanted a closer look at. She had gained weight, particularly in the most distracting places. And, oh god oh god, she was coming right towards him for a hug, and it was soft and warm and perfect.
* * *
Reina grinned and as she tossed her duffel onto the bed. "Welcome back to Camp Wilderness! It's been a minute, huh?"
Working with kids, you really remember the handful who aren't totally obnoxious little fucks unable to communicate except through cruelty.
As teens, Chris, Trev, and Ash had been quiet, curious, and respectful, apart from a natural tendency to stare at her boobs when they thought she wasn't looking. They had become inseparable that summer, and it was gratifying to see that they had remained so.
"Chris," Trev smirked, "You've been holding out on us! You didn't tell us Reina still worked here."
"She didn't!"
"I hadn't worked here in a couple years," she said. "After college, I was trying to make it as a freelance illustrator. Still trying, I guess, but I need the money so here I am."
Summer camp wasn't exactly a gold mine, but at least her pay grade had gone up slightly from mere Counselor to lofty Adventure Coordinator.
Part of her job at the opening night staff mixer had been to set the temporary bunk assigments for the two-week training session, and the trio had turned on the charm in an effort to get a cabin to themselves. On an odd nostalgic impulse she hoped she wouldn't regret, she'd assigned them to her cabin.
"What made you wanna try this place from the other side?"
Trev shrugged. "We've been going to different colleges. We thought it would be a nice way to, y'know, keep it tight."
"And Ash was gonna spend the summer re-united with their long-distance girlfriend," Chris began. "But…uh…yeah, that's not a thing anymore."
"Aw, I'm sorry," said Reina.
"It's OK," Ash said unconvincingly.
"Meaning, they're available," sang Chris, mugging and waggling finger-guns at Ash.
"Oh my god," Ash almost shrieked, "Shut up, fuckface!"
"As is Trev, of course," said Chris conscientiously.
There was a general bustle of unpacking, shoe removal, bed choice negotiation.
Reina held a brief war in her head between propriety and itchiness, before reaching back under her Camp Wilderness t-shirt to unclasp her bra and — ahhh! — sweet release. She expertly slipped the offending support wear off and out from under her shirt and stretched like a satisfied cat.
She became aware of three pairs of eyes on her. Well, that was nothing new. She gave them a gentle smirk and shuffled so she was sitting against the wall on her bed, arms dangled over raised knees.
They were a far cry from the weedy little boys she remembered. For one thing, Ash had a revised name and gender identity. They had grown into a strong jaw and nose elegantly set off by dark winged eyes and a tied-back puff of hair.
Chris was tall, blonde, a little pudgy in a way that gave him a pleasant solidity, with a red face that seemed to reflect his energy level.
Trev wore chunky dork glasses but he was broad-shouldered and athletic, with well-manicured brown hair and stubble.
In other words, cute, in a new and very grown-up way that made her lizard brain sit up and look a bit closer. Especially when Chris — perhaps taking her cue that it was time to strip down to casual nightwear — was suddenly down to just a t-shirt and skintight boxers that, she couldn't help but notice, showed not just bulge but provided a detailed topography of his cock.
She tore her thoughts away from a number of possible recreational uses for that cock. She'd made her bed, so to speak, and she'd better get used to being in close quarters with them for a while.
"So what are y'all going to be working on?"
"Baseball," said Trev with a shrug. His boxers were roomier, she noticed, with a pang of disappointment that she chided herself for.
You're not here to get laid.
"I really wanted to run the Rope Challenge Course." Chris rubbed his hands together like a mad scientist. "I've got some ideas that will blow their tiny minds."
"I thought…I might try to DM a campaign for some of the kids," said Ash.
"Oh, badass!" said Rianna. "You still play D&D?"
Rianna had taught them the game, back in the day. She was pleased to hear that her turn as Dungeon Master had paid dividends beyond that summer.
"I'm not very experienced, though," said Ash. "As a DM, I mean."
"Well, that's why we do a mini-session just for us adults!" she said, rummaging in her bag. She produced a set of glittery, translucent polyhedral dice. "Why don't you run a mini-campaign for us, to work out the kinks?"
* * *
There was a whole day of annoying orientation stuff, but on the second morning, they got to take their first jump in the lake before a dry training lecture on the basics of not letting children die under your supervision.
Reina had worn a swimsuit that made it difficult for Trev to breathe properly, especially when she rose up out of the chilly late-Spring water like Aphrodite, water running down her amazing figure.
At one point when they were laughing and splashing around, he was pretty sure her thigh had brushed against his erect dick, and she had thrown him a friendly smirk with what he would have sworn was a hint of smolder behind it.
That look was the kind you could live off of for weeks, he was sure of it.
She seemed to Trev to have the kind of mature, easy friendliness that he'd been led to expect he would find at college and had totally whiffed on. His college classmates had seemed just as cliquey and unwelcoming as his high school classmates.
Reina was like their big sister, he told himself.
Yeah, but you're not supposed to picture your big sister the way I'm picturing her right now.
* * *
"The orc has his crossbow pointed at your chest. What do you do?"
"What's this guy like? Is he hot?"
"Uh…sure," Ash allowed, raising one eyebrow. "He's got on, like, a see-thru mesh shirt. You can tell that he's ripped. And he has a cool scar over his eye."
"I want to roll to try to seduce him." Reina started jiggling the d20 in her cupped hand.
"He's going to shoot you," said Trev.
"I'm a bard," she said, giving him her most innocent expression as she rolled the die. "Charisma is my best weapon."
"Well I'll be. That's a nat 20," Chris practically hooted.
"What are you doing? To seduce him." said Ash.
"Well, you know I got game," she said, grinning widely. "I sort of…"
She gave them a goofy duck-face look.
"You call that seduction?" Ash said. "Boooo!" chimed in Chris. They dissovled into giggles.
"Okay, okay. I'm not a super-charismatic bard, but she gives him a really sexy look and is like, 'Hey hunky stuff. Why don't you put down that bow and we can talk about this like civilized people. Dinner, perhaps?'"
She made a slightly more sincere effort at a sexy expression, raising her arms above her head and thrusting out her chest like a pinup girl. She was certain that counted as seductive, especially since she had only a thin nightshirt on up there.
From the looks on her friends' faces, she was right.
"And I know it's going well, because I rolled a nat 20, so I lean in close and push the crossbow aside and rub a hand along his chest muscles and down to his rippled abs, and he's obviously into it."
"Gross!" said Ash.
"So what, we hang around while you and orc go on a hot date?" Trev grinned.
"I'm preparing to cast Magic Missile on the orc's dick," Chris sniffed.
"'Now now, boys, there's enough of me to go around.' And I wink," Reina said.
"Wait, are you saying…" Trev trailed off.
Ash laughed. "Trev, Chris, if you horndogs want to roll for seduction as well, you can all try to bang the orc together."
Roll. Roll. A low whistle from Reina.
Suddenly there was a heightened energy in the room. She looked around, feeling a creeping shyness, and a bit of something else.
"So you all take the orc back to the inn?" Ash prompted. "Show him a lovely evening? Or whatever Chris does when he attempts to show someone a lovely evening?"
"Yeah. We…wind up in our room?" said Trev.
"I'm getting his clothes off," said Reina, "And I want to roll an investigation check to see if I can find if he has anything on him. Like, about why he was sent after us, maybe?"
"What are you two doing?"
"Oh, I'm joining in," said Chris. "I'm helping distract the orc with my sexy caresses while Reina searches."
"Same." piped in Trev.
"Okay, I was gonna make you roll a stealth check first, but he's so distracted that I think you can just roll a straight investigation."
Reina rolled.
"You find a letter and grab it, but I don't think you can examine it in the midst of…whatever this is. The orc starts undressing you. He's gonna notice that you've taken his papers. What do you do?"
Reina turned to Trev. "I give the orc a sexy look as I turn away so he can unlace my bodice. I lean in to Trev's fighter, and…" She put her hand under his shirt. "I slip him the letter, like this." His face was inches from hers.
"Then I…"
She leaned forward, and let her lips almost touch his. Her heart was pounding.
She pulled away. She looked back at Chris and Ash, who were frozen. She felt like she could feel all their hearts pounding. She leaned towards Chris.
"Then I whisper in Chris's wizard's ear, 'Get the crossbow away from him.'" She brushed her fingers along the stubble of his jaw.
She felt Trev's hand touching her waist, very lightly.
She turned towards Ash. "Then I make sure the orc is very distracted." She touched their chin with a finger, and planted another air kiss just shy of their lips. She felt lightheaded. Ash reached a hand up to brush her hair. Trev's hand was trailing down her hip.
A pleasant warmth surrounded her, spread through her, down between her legs, where she had visions of dicks, plural, soft, pretty dicks rubbing against her, filling her.
Abruptly, she backed off, trying to pull herself together. Her words rushed out. "Sorry it's getting late why don't we call it for tonight?"
They just stared at her for a moment, and then the spell broke.
"Yeah, of course," said Trev.
Chris was looking at his watch. "Yeah. We're gonna have to get used to…christ…7 am reveille again."
"Anyway, I need to think a little about what this orc's deal is, now that you horny idiots have re-cast him into a sexy spy or something." Ash grinned, beginning to clear away the D&D paraphernalia. "Till next time, adventurers!" they warbled in an outrageous dungeon-masterly quaver.
They all laughed, maybe a little too hard, Reina thought, but she was glad that she hadn't made things too weird with her defective impulse control.
She knew all too well that camp counselors were always fucking like rabbits at these things. She had some fond memories of her own in that area. She really shouldn't be joining in now that she was a Adventure Coordinator.
It had been a long run of celibacy for her. She had been so wrapped up in the hustle of trying to launch her illustration career, she'd set dating aside. Her last real relationship, with a finance bro 15 years her senior who had poor cleaning habits and weird drama-laden relationships with every single member of his family, had left a sour taste in her mouth.
The closest thing she'd had to sex in the last six months were the X-rated drawings she'd done for the followers of her less proper online persona.
Later, as she snuggled into her bunk, she thought back to a particularly spicy piece she'd worked on featuring an elf princess. Her real love life might be a string of disappointments, but in a drawing she could bring out the desires she could barely imagine speaking to another human being.
She'd devised a little backstory to accompany the series of drawings, about how her princess, tired of hundreds of years of faking being a perfect little paragon of Good, had given in to her deepest, darkest lusts. This elf had left her home and found a band of rowdy orcs wearing nothing but jewelry and war paint. She had asked them to ravish her, insult her, tear her beautiful gown, put her on display, reveal all that she had kept hidden beneath her pristine exterior.
Reina found that, under the sheets, her hand had made its way to a very compromising position. She pulled it back, absent-mindedly wiping some of her slickness onto the sheets. She really shouldn't be jerking off, here in this room surrounded by the soft breathing of her cabinmates.
What would they do if they caught her?
She rejected that captivating thought. She turned over and tried to think about something unsexy.
Green dicks danced in her dreams that night.
* * *
The next morning there was lifeguard training at the lake, led by the swim coordinator and Reina.
Trev noted that she had selected a less revealing swimsuit today, though whether it was a matter of trying to re-establish a tone of sober, non-randy professionalism, or just the fact that almost any swimsuit would be seem modest after that other one, he couldn't say.
In truth, he found her almost painfully sexy in this stylish Godzilla-print one-piece, which showed less skin but certainly flattered her figure, and it was clear that Ash and Chris felt similarly.
Laying in bed last night, still tasting the almost-touch of her lips on his, it had not been easy to get to sleep. The image of Reina's breasts in that thin cotton nightshirt, molded to the shape of her pierced nipples and showed a hint of their dark color, was burned into his retinas.
His imagination had been all too eager to extrapolate further. Had she just been goofing around, getting into character as the oversexed D&D bard? Or was there something more to it?
Those thoughts rolled around his head as the full staff got together for a Group Get-To-Know-You Hike. Bagged lunches and water bottles were distributed as they gathered at the south trailhead. The sun was beating down hard today, announcing the arrival of Summer in sadistic fashion, and a couple of the guys were going shirtless. There was even a girl wearing just a sports bra and tiny gym shorts.
Trev spotted Reina moving among the counselors, making introductions. She had a big loose blue Camp Wilderness t-shirt, cut out so it hung off one shoulder, showing off a vivid red bra strap. For a moment he thought she was pooh-bearing, although as she shifted he could see a pair of shorts peek out from under the long shirt. There was already a sheen of sweat on her legs.
She waved the three of the over to meet a cluster of returning counselors she had worked with in the past. Trev wound up talking to a square-faced blonde with an uninviting smile. When he asked her about herself, her responses were so uninformative that the conversation trickled to a painful death, and he made an awkward exit.
More shirts came off as their circuit around the lake wound up the unimaginatively named Overlook Hill. Chris shed his as he chatted up a tall girl with a septum ring, and she followed suit, stripping down to the swimsuit she'd left on under it. Chris's light frizz of golden chest hair became a glowing halo in the bright sunlight.
At the summit was a much-used firepit ringed by scraggly trees and huge boulders. They stopped for lunch. Trev found Reina and managed to peel her away from Ash, who had gotten her into an animated discussion of the pros and cons of various pen & paper role-playing systems.
Trev and Reina walked towards the edge of the clearing.
"I wanted to say…" he ventured. "Sorry if we made it weird last night. Chris and Ash, I mean. I was obviously a perfect gentleman."
He attempted a smile, and from her laugh he thought that she could hear the real worry under the joke.
"Don't worry about it. Anyway, I'm the one who made it weird if anything. Sometimes I feel like I was designed for manufacturing awkwardness."
Trev was pretty sure he held the awkwardness crown around here, as the guy who'd never even managed to get a girlfriend. He'd come close, senior year of high school. Paralyzed by indecision and pre-regrets and worry that her flirting was not really flirting, he'd lost his mutual crush before they ever found each other.
But, arguing over who was awkwarder seemed like an unfruitful direction for the conversation.
"What kind of illustration work do you do?" he tried.
"Mostly boring stuff for, like, parenting magazines. Ten rainy day activities to do with your kids, that sort of thing."
"You must do more personal art, too."
She paused for a while, as if this was a delicate topic. "All sorts of stuff. Maybe I'll show you later."

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