Adventure Coordinator Pt. 02

tagGroup SexAdventure Coordinator Pt. 02

Trev and the soccer counselor, Charlaine, were making an accounting of the sports equipment.
"That sure was a lot of friendly butt-slapping, huh?"
"Team spirit, I guess!" said Trev, not meeting her eyes.
They had just completed a team-building staff baseball game, with the two sports counselors as opposing managers. At some point, someone on Trev's team had started imitating the mystifying professional-athlete ritual of the celebratory ass-pat, and soon everyone was doing it. Some presumably more innocently than others.
He had tried to keep his mind out of the gutter, with little success. A certain set of naked butts was very fresh in his mind right now.
At one point, Reina sat down next to him on the bench. She had just circled the bases to score, and her ass had passed through a battery of congratulations. She was breathing hard, face red, eyes bright. She had glanced around quickly for onlookers, and then given his straining cock a furtive squeeze.
"You like to live dangerously, don't you?" he had whispered to her.
She had made a faux innocent expression, pausing. Her look went a bit far away.
"You remember last night," she whispered, turning back to him. "When we were hustling off to the Shower House? I can't believe I'm saying this, but…I'm pretty sure I still had jizz dripping down my thighs when we got there. I don't know if anyone noticed, but I was getting horny all over again thinking about it."
Trev was certainly thinking about it as he and Charlaine parted ways. Going back to change for an afternoon swim, he waved to Chris, who was working on his rope course, apparently a collaboration with the septum ring girl, whose name he had learned was Sarah.
Inside the cabin, he found Ash scribbling in a notebook. Trev figured at this point he could throw modesty to the wind, and began to disrobe.
"Working on your D&D campaign?" he tried, kicking off his shorts.
"Oh hel-lo there," said Ash, peeking around at his nude companion's excited state.
Self-conscious? Me? Ha!
"Yeah. Based on how things have been going, I was thinking y'all might like to try a sexy dungeon next time."
Trev's mind wandered. His cock rose a little further. He grabbed for his swim trunks.
"Aw," grinned Ash. "Show's over?"
Trev fiddled with the trunks for a moment, then walked toward the bed Ash was sitting on. "What kind of encore would you like?"
He leaned down and kissed them slowly, placing a hand lightly on the tent in their shorts.
"I didn't get to finish the job last time," Ash said, taking hold of his erection and lowering their lips to it.
Trev stepped forward, letting Ash's mouth engulf him, moving slowly, and then gaining speed.
At some point, he became aware that Reina had made her way into the cabin, advancing with quiet interest.
There came the soft spronk of a woman sitting on the edge of her bed. There were the heavenly sounds of Ash having their way with him. A gentle echo began, that must have been Reina's fingers working on herself.
Putting on a show indeed.
He didn't look around. He hardly looked at anything. His whole world compressed to a tiny space, and then expanded again, forecfully, shudderingly. He almost lost his balance, and then did fall to his knees, but deliberately, breathing hard, looking up at his wonderful tormentor.
"You have got to let me do that for you," he said.
Ash, wiping their chin, looked at him with fire in their eyes. "Fuck yeah."
Trev grabbed Ash's dick. First time for everything, his brain babbled idiotically. He was momentarily self-conscious again, letting his sexual inexperience get into his head.
Now he did glance around at Reina, who was indeed circling her clit with her fingers, her eyes drinking him in.
Maintaining eye contact with her, he licked along the head of Ash's cock, gathering the oddly buttery taste of precum on his tongue.
Ash jerked in his hand. Reina's whole body jerked, and then she tumbled in on herself, shaking, mouth opening.
Trev looked back up at Ash, and inched forward, taking them into his mouth, trying to be careful of teeth, moving back and forth slowly, then with more confidence. Ash's hands stroked his hair.
When the first spurt hit the back of his throat he swallowed without thinking, and then pulled off in surprise a moment later, taking the rest on his chin and chest.
He sank back on his heels, breathing hard, almost light-headed, and grinned up at Ash, who was looking at him awestruck, shuddering.
"That was fucking amazing," they said.
Trev stood up and found himself caught from behind by a hug from Reina, who said, "Hi!"
Her hand found the cum dripping down his torso, and she tasted in on her fingers. She spun him around and, laughing impishly, licked the rest of it off of his chest, nibbling on a nipple as she went.
Raising her face to his, she worked her way up, kissing his clavicle and throat, mopped his chin clean, and then brought her lips to his for a long, lazy kiss.
* * *
That night, there was an interminable ghost story competition, and, straggling back to their cabin, by unspoken agreement they crashed straight into their beds.
The next day, Reina led the three of them to the Arts & Crafts Hut, where she fished out a bunch of drawing supplies.
"I'm tired of the same old lanyards and papier mache. This year I was thinking about trying life drawing."
She pushed newsprint pads into their hands.
"I've never really done art modeling before. Except for myself, in the mirror of course. But I think I can get the hang of it. Help me practice?"
"You're…not thinking of nude modeling, are you?"
"Oh, no," she said. "I mean, not that nude modeling is a sex thing, but best not to go there with a bunch of tweens."
"You could nude model just for us," grinned Ash.
"Anyone could come in here!" she said.
"It's not a sex thing," said Chris unconvincingly.
"Well…" She paused. "I suppose if I can model nude for you, it'll be easy to feel comfortable posing with my clothes on for a bunch of kids."
Chris wasted no time putting his arms around her and lifting her shirt hem. She laughed.
"Wow," she laughed, raising her arms obligingly. "Okay, okay."
She slipped off her bra and shorts, and Trev drank her in. He had seen her nude — actually, was there a level of nude more nude than regular nude? — but here, glowing in the bright daylight streaming in from the windows, it was like the first time.
His cock strained out towards her. He adjusted himself and tried to find a drawing position as she stretched out on the little set she had arranged for herself.
Soon, though, he really did get into drawing, and found himself concentrating on trying to put light and shadow to paper with his charcoal. She had them do a few 1-minute gesture drawings, and then settled in for a couple longer poses.
Then there was a creak as someone barged into the Hut.
"Oh! Life drawing!" It was the pinched voice of Trudy, the volleyball counselor. "Can I join in?"
Trev opened his mouth, and closed it.
"Sure," said Reina, at a bit of an unnatural pitch.
Trev fetched her a set of supplies, and she started into a drawing with apparent gusto.
After another longer one, Reina told them that she would do a few more 1-minute poses.
Trev turned to a new sheet, and then did a double take. Reina had arranged herself in a very provocative way. At least, to him. Heart pounding, he realized that Trudy, sitting across the room, almost certainly couldn't see anything particularly lewd. But he had a direct view of her fingers parting her glistening pussy lips in the honey-tinged afternoon sunlight.
He had a not-very-complete gesture drawing to show for himself when the minute dinged and she shifted to a new pose. This one was less obscene, at least to him, but he had the distinct impression that Ash and Chris were getting a very sexy angle, from the way Chris's face colored as he unsteadily pushed his charcoal.
When they wrapped up, and Trudy waved goodbye, Reina fell into their arms, trembling.
"I can't believe I did that."
"You're incredible," said Trev, shaking his head with a huge grin.
"Do you think she noticed?" said Ash.
"You are a dirty little degenerate, aren't you?" said Chris.
"Yes," she breathed, looking up at him, eyes wide and shining.
Trev ran a hand down her thudding chest, down her stomach to where the fine hairs grew into a dark mass. He slipped two fingers into her arousal, picking up her stickiness, and then raising it up into the light.
Ash put their lips to Trev's fingers, tasting Reina on him. "Two can play at being dirty little degenerates," they grinned like a cat.
"Or four," said Chris.
* * *
"Can you see anyone?" Reina said, glancing nervously at Chris, who was peering around the pier, towards the lakeshore. A few other staffers could be heard in the distance, splashing around in the water.
"No one's coming," he said.
"Except you," said Ash, thumbing her left nipple through her turquoise burgers 'n' shakes-patterened swimsuit.
"Ugh," smirked Reina. "Bad."
At the end of the pier there was a ladder, and Reina was perched on a lower rung, legs dangling in the cool lake water. Ash reached up for the nape of her neck to untie the string, and she shivered at the contact.
Trev, looking up at her from the water, hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her bikini bottom, and she wiggled her butt to allow him to pull them down.
In a moment her body was completely exposed to the view of anyone who happened to come down to the end of the pier. She instinctually started to cover herself, but she checked the impulse.
I can do this.
She locked her arms through the bars of the ladder behind her back, steadying her position. She had never been manacled to any sort of fiendish bondage device — with her exes she had engaged only in the most half-assed efforts at BDSM play — but this position definitely brought the idea of it to mind. She was not truly confined, but she had managed to work herself into a position she could not easily escape.
She almost asked them to help unwedge her, but she set that aside with a surge of determination, and, she had to be honest, heat.
Some of that heat was in Trev's eyes, as he took her in. She must look like a pin-up girl, she thought, with her arms pinned behind her head, thrusting her chest out towards him. He took her knees in his hands and parted her legs, moving towards her, and she obliged him, spreading her thighs wide, and hooking her feet into the underwater bottom rung, completing the pseudo-shackling effect.
She felt deeply vulnerable in this position. It was exciting to let herself be this helpless. There were hands and lips all over her now. Too many hands, in fact. She looked at Chris, who had come over and was no longer on lookout duty.
"Hey!" she hissed at him. "Someone could swim by!"
He slipped a finger into her, as Trev wrapped his lips around her clit. She gasped.
Chris looked up. He grinned. "I know!"
He stared to climb the ladder, stepping onto the submerged bottom rung.
"What?" she said.
He had, she realized, gotten into a new lookout position, with his head poking up over the pier, so he could survey the whole swimming area.
The position just so happened to leave his penis straining against the fabric of his swim trunks, an inch from her face. Ash helpfully reached around from behind her and loosed the cock, guiding it towards her mouth.
She could no longer see Trev, but his lips and tongue and fingers were doing incredible things to her down below, as she sucked gently on the tip of Chris's glans, letting her tongue circle it lazily.
She took more of it into her mouth. Ash began stroking Chris's cock, his fist lubricated by her saliva.
She was finding it difficult to give the cock the attention it deserved, in part because it was difficult to move her head the way she had wedged herself into the ladder, and in part because Trev was making it difficult for her to concentrate.
She decided to just give up on trying to employ her finest blow-job techniques, and let go. She relaxed, and allowed herself to luxuriate in sensation. The cock brushing her lips. Ash's hand caressing her right breast. Trev's fingers finding a rhythm in her dripping cunt. And, oh god, his tongue pressed hard into her clit. She was barely aware, deep in her own stretching orgasm, when Chris began to fill her mouth with his pleasure. She drank him down.
After a long, delicious moment, she was ready to face the world again. Chris had climbed down, and they helped her extricate herself from the ladder. She gratefully slipped into the water, still trembling a little. She took a deep breath, and motioned for Trev to hand over her swimsuit.
He gave her a darkly impish look, holding up the bikini.
"Wouldn't you rather live dangerously?"
Her stomach jumped.
"What do you mean by that?" she said, though she had an idea.
"The coast is clear. I think you should come back to the cabin without your suit."
"There's no way I can make it that far without being seen," she said, almost squeaking.
"We'll cut through the woods," Ash suggested.
She looked at them, mouth agape. Then she cocked her head.
She swam for the shore, feeling the water across her bare breasts. She scanned the beach area. She was still fully immersed. If someone came by, she could just swim back out and make Trev give her back her suit, and no one would be the wiser.
She was very close to the shore now, and it was becoming more difficult to keep all her bits underwater.
There still wasn't anyone nearby. She took a deep breath.
She pushed herself up out of the water and ran for her flip-flops, trying to get into them too fast and winding up taking longer than necessary. She reached for her towel, and hesistated. Then Ash picked it up.
"Let's go!" grinned Chris.
She looked at them, nodded, and dashed off into the trees.
When they reached the cabins, she was beginning to think she'd made it, when suddenly between their cabin and the next was Charlaine, the soccer counselor.
She ducked behind a wall. Had Chrlaine spotted her? She didn't think so. Voices came around the corner.
"Charlaine!" said Trev. "How's it going?"
"Have you seen Reina? I wanted to ask her about putting on a cabin vs cabin World Cup."
She heard a crackle behind her, and her eyes swung around wildly.
It was just a squirrel, running up a nearby tree. She flipped the rodent off.
"That sounds fun. She's probably around here somewhere."
"Hey…isn't that her swimsuit?"
Reina's breath stopped. Ohgod, Trev had her suit slung over his shoulder.
"Oh yeah, she asked me to take her stuff back to the cabin. I guess she had to run off somewhere?"
"Huh. Okay, well, see ya!"
There was the sound of retreating footsteps crunching on the wood-mulch path.
She breathed.
Trev came around the corner. She fell bonelessly into his arms. He led her around to the front of the cabin, and they slipped inside.
She kicked off her sandals and flopped onto her bed, shaking.
Trev walked towards her, eyes dark.
"After what you just pulled," she managed. "You had better fucking…fuck me!"
She spread her legs. She was so turned she could scream. He tossed his swim trunks aside and climbed up over her, entwining his hands with hers and pinning them over her head. He kissed her hungrily, and she tasted herself on his lips. She realized with a start that he'd just been talking to Charlaine with a face-full of her cum.
She purred.
"Y'all have fun," said Chris, across the room. "I'm tired." Glancing over, she saw him pull out a sci-fi novel, flipping to the bookmark. The absurd juxtaposition with her…position…somehow made her feel even more turned on.
When did I become the kind of girl who'd fuck your roommate in front of you while you read a book?
Better than the kind of girl who can't ask for what she wants, that's for sure.
"Get in me," she whispered. And he did.
Ash climbed into bed next to her, and she moaned into their mouth as they kissed her. Trev kissed along her jaw, finding the junction where his lips met hers and Ash's.
After that, the specifics became a little more confusing.
* * *
"I never liked the word pussy," said Trev, gathering a forkful of beans.
Reina had spent the afternoon trying to teach them to make friendship bracelets, primarily because she knew she needed a refresher course herself. The task had been made challenging by a whole lot of flirting, fondling, smooching, and general horseplay.
They had almost skipped dinner to spend the evening having wild sex in the Arts & Crafts Hut, but hungrier heads had prevailed.
"Yeah, I don't love it. How do you feel about cunt?" said Reina.
"It's very strong."
"Powerful," said Ash. "But you don't always want to go that hard."
"Cunny is cuter," said Chris, chewing thoughtfully. "Maybe too cute."
"What about euphemisms, like flower?" said Ash.
"My flower?" Reina tasted the words as she chewed a bite of grilled cheese sandwich. "No, I hate saying that."
"How about your olive garden?"
She threw a balled-up napkin at him as he cackled.
"Hey," Trev swerved. "You said at some point you'd show us your illustrations."
"Oh yeah!" Reina fished out her phone.
They all squished around to the same side of the table to get a look. She pulled up a portfolio site with some quite nice stuff from magazines and a few personal pieces, and there were a few minutes of oohing and aahing.
"Now, that's all great," said Ash, "But where's the stuff you don't want grandma to see?"
Trev saw Reina look around furtively as she tapped. There was no one obviously paying attention to them in the large hall, sparsely populated with no one but staff here yet. A couple tables away, Charlaine was chatting with the swim instructor. Someone walked past with a tray, and Reina quickly put down her phone.
When she lifted it back up to show them, there was a drawing of a beautiful elven princess wearing a golden crown entwined with flowers, and a long white diaphanous dress. She was in what looked like a dark, grimy fantasy tavern. Reina's pen had captured in her smile an alluring mix of fear, attraction, and determination as she sized up a trio of tall, handsome, shirtless orcs.
"This isn't so naughty," said Chris.
"I dunno about that," said Trev.
She paged over to the next drawing in the series.
Well, this one was certainly naughty. Trev saw Ash's mouth form an O.
Now, the elf had joined the orcs at their table, and you could see that they were not just shirtless but also pantsless. One of her delicate hands was wrapped around an orc cock under the table, the other holding a flagon of ale. The lads around her had their hands all over her. One tugged at a nipple that had popped out of her disarranged dress. Another was thumbing her bottom lip, and she looked up at him with eyes wide, mouth parted and cheeks burning.
"Hot," said Trev. Under the table, he rested a hand lightly on her thigh.
She paged forward again. She didn't glance at him, but as the next image loaded, she parted her legs slightly, and he let his hand drift into the space between them.
This drawing was a doozy. Now she was lying on her back atop the table. Her dress was hiked up and one of the orcs was thrusting into her, his big hands gripping her hips.
Trev ran a finger along Reina's olive garden, through the fabric of her gym shorts. She parted her legs a little more.
The elf lady had half-spilled a plate of ribs, staining her dress. She appearing to be gasping in ecstacy. There were droplets of cum on her face, and breasts, and the orc at that end of the table was leaning back, chewing on one of the ribs, looking satisfied. The third orc was feeding her a morsel from the plate. A barmaid was nonchalantly setting down drinks.

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