Adventure Coordinator Pt. 03

tagGroup SexAdventure Coordinator Pt. 03

A final cinch tugged Reina's legs further apart, locked into place far more firmly than she had ever experienced with her limited, giggling previous attempts at rope play.
Chris completed the last knot and admired his handiwork. She saw herself through his eyes: lying on her bed with her wrists bound to her ankles, moisture pooling helplessly where her legs were spread open. There was a look of dark anticipation in him that she knew he could see in her.
"Chris, where'd you learn this kind of ropework?" said Ash, from a position behind her. She was unable to crane her neck to see them.
"It's something I've messed around with a bit in the past, but I've been getting tips from Sarah."
"Whoa!" said Trev. "Are you and her…?"
"Oh, no, she's not into dudes. It's just…y'know, we've been working on this Rope Adventure course together, and it sort of came up."
Trev climbed up next to her on the bed. He caressed her jaw and throat with his thumb, and gave her shoulder muscles a little squeeze. She felt the fine hairs her arms stand up.
When they had talked about trying this bondage thing, Ash had suggested they work it into their D&D campaign.
Chris's wizard had brought them to his old elven professor, the Archmage, to ask about the Dark Lady's amulet.
Now Ash spoke in the throaty voice of the Archmage. "The bard is secured? Good. She may become slightly possessed during the ritual."
"Should we blindfold her as well?" said Trev. "So she can't cast sight-based spells on us if she does get possessed?"
"Hrm. Indeed."
Trev pulled a soft black cloth over her eyes, casting her vision into darkness. She felt a hand…his? Ash's? Lift her head slightly, and other hands gathered her hair, slipping the blindfold around her head and tying it firmly. More fingers adjusted it, making sure it covered her eyes.
"This cursed artifact you wear," Ash said. "It was created in hellfire, and it must be destroyed in hellfire. Now, how do we get our hands on some hellfire?"
Raina felt a hand brushing her inner thigh. Teasing. She writhed ineffectually.
"Uh…" said Chris.
"If you'd paid attention during my lessons, lad, you'd know this. Demon jizz is composed of pure hellfire! That's why I've asked you to paint magic circles around your dicks. During the ritual, your dicks will become demonically possessed, but the circles will protect the rest of you. Saturate your friend with sticky white flame, and the amulet will crumble."
"Is that safe?" said Trev.
"Oh, don't worry, hellfire can't harm a living person."
"I want to roll insight and see if this Archmage is on the level."
Raina felt a 20-sided die roll across her bare stomach. "Hey!" she barked.
"That's a six," laughed Chris.
"The Archmage seems trustworthy to you," said Ash. "They begin to chant the ritual, and you feel your dicks filled with a strange energy. They glow red, they become scaly, ribbed for her pleasure, the whole deal."
She grinned at Ash's goofy image, but right by her ear there was a sound of pants unzipping that went straight to her cunt.
Someone gave one of her nipples a little tweak, and she wiggled. A finger slicked into her folds, and she heard herself give an obscene little squeak.
"Ready?" came Trev's soft voice, as fingers twisted lightly in her hair.
"Yes," she said.
"I'm no good at multitasking," she had told them earlier when she had screwed her courage to the sticking place and asked them to fill her with three cocks all at once. "So don't expect any kind of expert blowjob technique from me. Whoever's in front, I'm gonna need you to take charge and just fuck my mouth."
Since that conversation, she's found it hard to think about anything else, but that desire to let go completely, to be fucked everywhichway and allow herself to be come nothing but softness, wetness, eagerness, to exist for a time as a pure conduit of pleasure.
Now she gasped as she was lifted bodily and set down again in a lap, her ass coming to rest against frizzy pubic hair, and a standing cock. Her head was lowered to the crook of a shoulder. The body under her, which she thought must be Chris, was soft and strong, and his arms snaked around her waist, caressing her up and down.
A lubed-up finger rested against her asshole, circling and then slowly pushing in. She groaned as it withdrew. Then she felt something larger press against her, and she gasped at how huge the cock felt as it replaced the slender digit.
The entry of the cock slowed to a stop, and she just laid there for a moment, breathing hard, feeling thoroughly filled. It pulled out, and pushed back in, and improbably, it went further in than last time, and she realized that what she had thought was the full length buried in her was just the tip, because the next stroke went further still. She had used toys on her ass before, but she now realized she had gone easy on herself. This was like nothing she had ever felt.
A second cock touched lightly against her vulva. Its owner, who in her swimming combination of sensory deprivation and overload she guessed must be Ash, rubbed its head along her slit, drenching it in her juices. The cock slid back and forth, bumping her ringing clit in time with the impossible stretching of her ass.
She bucked her hips, trying to draw Ash's cock into her, but it only wrenched her arms against her bonds. Chris's arms tightened around her waist, holding her close as she sobbed with pleasure and marvelous, tender agony.
She became aware that there was a third cock resting against her face, touching her upper lip, and she reached out her tongue for it, tasting it.
"…please…" she whimpered, not caring how it sounded, and Ash's cock mercifully entered her in one stroke.
Her ecstatic cry was distorted by a finger pulling at her upper lip, as a hand cupped her face, tilting her head back. The sensations of the twin invaders were so overwhelming that she hardly noticed the third cock filling her mouth, going deeper and deeper. The tactile cacophany all blended together. A tiny part of her mind was still keeping things running smoothly, and she tilted her head back a little further, finding the angle at which she could take Trev down her throat without too much trouble.
"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he breathed. And what response could she give under the circumstances, but a low, muffled moan of satisfaction?
At first, he must have been holding back a little, trying not to use her throat too roughly. Now, his breathing was ragged, and she couldn't help gagging a little as he lost control.
"You're doing…so good," he said. Her jaw ached, and she coud feel saliva running down her face, dampening the blindfold. Her arms and legs were beginning to smart from the ropes. Her ass and cunt were taut with an unprecendented strain. She felt a strange pride bloom inside her. She could do this.
You may not like it, but is what peak performance looks like.
She suppressed a laugh that would have had unknown and possibly terrible consequences.
Then Trev began to empty himself down her throat, and into her mouth, and a little down her lips and nose, and she breathed hard, triumphant as he freed her to inhale deeply.
She felt Chris wriggling out from below her, and realized that the action at her other end had finished. Ash's sock was still buried in her, no longer moving, and they finally pulled out slowly with a sigh.
She could feel juices trickling down her ass crack, and a finger swabbed some of them up, smearing them around idly on her belly. Another finger found her clit, and she shook with instant waves of pleasure and need. The touch became more insistent, and she leaned into it with all the strength she could muster against her bonds. She came almost immediately, gasping hard.
As she was coming down, a semi-soft dick touched itself to her lips.
"Clean me," came Ash's soft voice, and she obligingly opened her mouth, licking the mingled fluids from their length, tasting herself, feeling their cock begin to rise again.
A pair of lips nibbled lightly on one of her nipples. A tongue licked along the waterfall of her slit. She sighed contentedly.
* * *
"Okay," said Ash with a deep breath. They had eventually remembered that they were ostensibly playing Dungeons & Dragons. "Reina, the bard has been feeling this growing heat filling her over the course of the evening, and now the amulet begins to glow red. The Archmage has a gleam in their eye. Yes! You fools, you've done it!"
"That sounds bad," said Trev. He ran a hand along Reina's ribcage, feeling her breath filling her lungs. She had insisted on continuing the game in her current state, which was a mess. A very, very lovely mess.
"The amulet begins to crumble. The Archmage says, my dear bard, I hate to do this to you, but someone must become the vessel for the Queen of the Night, and the Society picked you because of your bottomless sexual appetite."
"Oh shit!" said Chris.
"At first, nothing happens. And then suddenly, the bard finds herself in another place. A realm of the soul. And standing before you is a huge demon queen, and she's cackling with glee. Mortal! You have freed me from my prison, and brought about your doom, and the destruction of your pitiful world!"
"Is she hot?" said Trev.
"Oh, you know she is," said Ash. "She's got just a ridiculous body, nine feet tall, bright red skin, muscular, huge hips and boobs, she's wearing a big flowing transparent iridescent cloak, like a fluttering soap bubble, and through it you can see a tiny studded-leather bikini. She's got cool sunglasses, a backwards baseball cap, and a big spiky collar."
"I want to seduce her," grinned Reina.
Ash paused. "Okay. Roll charisma."
"Ahem," said Reina, wiggling helplessly in her bonds.
"I gotcha," said Trev, fishing for the die. He found it and placed it gently between her lips.
She spat the die out. It rolled to a stop somewhere on the bed. Chris whistled.
"That's an 18, plus your charisma modifier…" said Ash. "Yep, she's into you."
"I say, before you destroy me, don't you want to tap this ass? And I strike my best thirst-trap pose."
After that, Trev and Chris were treated to a nice little show as Reina distracted Ash's demon queen, while Trev battled the Archmage and Chris rolled to try to find a scroll of banishment in the Archmage's library.
When it was all over and the ropes were unknotted, Reina fell bonelessly into Trev's arms. For a long, quiet moment, the four of them just cuddled in one big sticky, exhausted mess.
* * *
Trev adjusted his pack, trying to keep his heart from pounding its way out of his chest. Reina, wearing nothing but a backpack, leather sandals, and her friendship collar, walked just ahead of him.
She had done her face up in elaborate fashion — the better to mess up later — and when she half-turned towards him, her brown eyes shone especially bright against the dark makeup, sparkling with a look that could only be called naughty.
With her sun-dappled breasts joggling to the rhythm of the trail, it was all he could do to keep his hands off her.
She scrambled up some rocks, bending over in a rather unnecessarily sexy way, giving Trev quite an eyeful of her bare ass.
"C'mon, slowpokes!" she called down, smirking.
She disappeared through a cleft in some boulders, and when she came into view again, sitting on a high perch above, her legs were spread wide open. Dark curls framed a glistening pinkness between her thighs. Trev adjusted his shorts, which were feeling awfully restrictive, not to mention dampened with pre-cum, in the face of this onslaught.
"Not enough room in there?" she asked sweetly.
She stood again as he hauled himself up, brushing flecks of lichen off of her pale brown thighs, now finely imprinted with a rocky texture. They were approaching Overlook Hill via a steeper, rockier trail now than the gentle ascent they had made with the full group at the beginning of the session.
There were voices ahead.
Reina's head swung around, eyes sharpening, looking for cover. There were some big rocks and scraggly trees she could probably hide behind. But when she glanced back at him she had a more thoughtful expression, and she started to advance again, walking down the center of the trail like she didn't have her titties out.
"Holy shit," mouthed Ash, coming up to Trev's side. Chris walked past the two of them, matching Reina's faux-casual saunter, and Trev started forward again.
Around the bend came a blob of golden hair tied in a loose bun. Charlaine, the soccer counselor, nibbling on a granola bar, wearing a not-all-that-revealing sports bra and track pants. Just behind her was Sarah, Chris's partner on the rope course, in one of those big blue Camp Wilderness t-shirts tied off at mid-torso, revealing another piercing at her navel.
Sarah spotted Reina first. Her eyes widened, and after a moment of what looked like complex internal math, slid into a crooked grin.
"Hey, Reina!" she called.
Charlaine was just goggling.
"Lovely day for a hike, huh?" said Reina.
"Getting lovelier by the minute," said Sarah, her gaze sweeping down shamelessly along Reina's body.
Charlaine caught sight of Trev, and waved to him tentatively. "Oh. Hi!" she managed.
Reina seemed to be enjoying Sarah's attention. She struck a pose, lifting her arms to run her hands through her hair as she passed the blushing Charlaine.
Sarah slowed down. Trev, coming up behind, knew from experience what a spectacular view of heaving bosoms she must be getting, as Reina's posture thrust her chest up and forward.
"May I touch them?" Sarah breathed.
Reina glanced back towards Trev, Ash, and Crhis, shyly. She caught Trev's eyes, and his heart thudded.
Sarah glanced at her collar, and then followed her gaze with a knowing look.
Trev nodded.
Sarah cupped Reina's breasts with a delighted expression. "I knew you you were a babe," she said. "But…wow!"
Charlaine had sidled up to them, and Reina gave her an inviting look. Charlaine touched her fingers softly to Reina's side, finally brushing up across her nipples.
Ash took a drink from a water bottle. "You can touch the rest of her, too."
"One thing though," said Chris. "She's not allowed to come yet."
Sarah dropped a hand between Reina's legs. Reina widened her stance to accommodate her, still holding her arms dutifully over her head.
Among the quiet forest sounds of birds and rustling leaves, a rude shlorping was quite audible as Sarah slipped her finger in and out a couple times. Reina's lips parted, eyes growing dark. Then Sarah stepped away, and Reina gave a tiny whimper.
"Y'all have a fun evening, huh?" Sarah said, suddenly resuming her clomp down the trail as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred. Charlaine followed her, glancing back briefly with a thoughtful expression as they started to clamber down the rocks below.
Trev took a swig from the offered water bottle, and then passed it to Reina, who was smiling softly with a faraway expression. He squeezed her hand, and she quirked an eyebrow at him as she started back up the hill.
At the summit, they set down their packs. There was only another hour or so of light, and Chris went off to collect some firewood. Ash fished a leash out of their pack, and passed it to Trev, who affixed one end to Reina's collar, and tied the other around an overhanging tree branch.
A night on Outlook Hill, just the four of them. When the idea had first been broached around a week ago, it had been fairly innocent.
A couple days later, Reina had brought it up again.
"I've been thinking about that camping trip to the Hill. It's been a fantasy of mine to…to be taken to some out of the way location, to spend a whole night being used as a pleasure doll."
There had been an in-depth discussion of what duties the role of pleasure doll might entail. That Reina would spend the evening nude had been an easy consensus.
"Have you ever heard of Venus Cloacina?" Trev had interjected during dinner last night in the mess hall, as they were putting forth various dirty suggestions.
"Venus, like the goddess of love?" asked Ash.
"That's her. But as Venus Cloacina, she was the patron divinity of Rome's sewers, and the goddess of both purity and filth."
He caught Reina's gaze. She was smirking, but her eyes were hot.
"There was a special little shrine on the forum, with a manhole cover inside," he went on. "They would make offerings there, to thank her for allowing all of Rome to pee in her."
Chris laughed. "I wonder what that ritual was like?"
"Dunno," Trev had said. "But I bet we could come up with one for our own goddess of filth."
* * *
Now, in the pale twilight on Overlook Hill, she knelt before him, knees digging into the dirt, looking up into a shadowed face, intermittently illuminated by dancing firelight.
Her pent-up horniness was currently at war with her stomach, and it seemed that the latter need was going to be satisfied first.
"To our goddess Reina Cloacina, beautiful and kind, I offer this holy s'more," intoned Ash, sliding a gooey toasted marhsmallow from the end of a stick into the sublime meeting-place of chocolate and graham cracker.
She was pretty sure she was drooling, and this time it wasn't because of Ash's hard cock fucking her mouth. That had been a few minutes ago, and the mixed saliva and cum was beginning to dry on her breasts and chin. It had only stoked her raging appetites.
Chris and Trev each broke a chunk off the the s'more with their fingers.
"Bless us with abundant love," said Trev.
"…and drink our piss like a good little slut," said Chris. He presented his piece of s'more to her, and she gobbled it greedily out of his hand. She swallowed down the sweet, hot morsel, and eagerly licked melted dark chocolate from his fingers, which teased her tongue in a leisurely way as she.
Each of them in turn gave her their chunk, and she let out a satisfied burp after wolfing down the treats.
She grinned up crookedly at Trev, and was caught by surprise when a stream of hot liquid hit her in the face.
Dutifully, she opened her mouth wide.
He aimed the stream down, splashing her breasts.
"Please…" she said.
"Please what?"
"Please, let me drink your piss. Sir."
The rule for tonight's game was that she was only allowed to climax if she could get herself off while drinking piss.
Why did I agree to something so ludicrously awful?
The stream rose up her chest towards her mouth. She looked up into the three pairs of eyes above, gazing down upon her humiliation. Her cheeks burned.
Because it's nasty, and degrading, and you fucking love it.
She caught the stream on her tongue, and tasted the acrid flavor of it. She swallowed a little, with difficulty. Then the stream rose again, hitting the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow more, and it became easier.
She realized she was losing precious time. Abruptly she plunged two fingers into her cunt, which was as wet as she could ever remember it. She closed her eyes, rocking her palm against her clit as she fucked herself, sticky juices dripping on the earth beneath her as hot piss ran down her chin. She needed to get more direct. She pulled out her sopping fingers and began circling her clit with them. She was so wound up, it wouldn't take long…
The stream sank lower again, missing her mouth. She obediently paused her hand, and a small whine escaped her throat.
The stream was faltering. Trev tapped his cock against her tongue a couple times, shaking off the final droplets. Then he leaned down and kissed her forehead.
"Sorry!" he said brightly, stepping back. Ash, who had assembled another s'more, offered him half, which he bit into with relish.

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