Adventures of an Estate Agent Ch. 04

tagIncest/TabooAdventures of an Estate Agent Ch. 04

Crossing a line.
At the office the next morning, there was a buzz about the place, lots of chatter about the Jolly Sailor appointment and congratulations on securing the contract. After dealing with things to do with the day to day running of the agency I called Martha Jennings my contact at a mortgage broker we used. I knew her well, personally too, we had the same tastes in women, namely Jessy who had introduced me her. Martha a regular at Jessy's gym being very fit, full of vitality and attractive had been a wonderful sexual outlet for both Jessy and I several times over the last few months. Her forty year old lithe body had been our main obsession till recently.
My call to Martha reignited my desire for her, "we've missed you Martha, Jessy and I were talking last night about you, we need to get together soon …….. " I smiled to myself as I recalled Martha's squeaks as she orgasmed, a high pitched sound that she tried to control but fail every time she reach her peak. Her taste was the sweetest I had ever experienced………. "I may have an opportunity for some business Martha, a new development of apartments all ready to come to market next week."
"Great can I see the site, I could meet you there, I'm fully available any time for you Nester." She suggestively answered.
I briefly described the apartments and sent her details by email as we talked. "Jessy and I want to buy the top floor corner unit jointly, is up for £249k, I'll give you our details via email shortly."
"Wonderful." She exclaimed, "I'm pleased for you both and the business too. Can't wait to see you again." We ended our call having arranged to meet the following day on site to discuss details.
I called Brit into my office. When she appeared smiling broadly she sidled up to me as I was seated at my desk, I put my hand around her and squeezed her pert bum. "Are you feeling as good as you feel to me Brit?" She nodded, I slipped my hand under her skirt and up and between her silky smooth thighs, she parted her legs inviting access to her pussy which was devoid of panties and very wet. "Mmmmmm" was her response as my fingers found and explored the slippery folds of her cunt and her nubin as she bent forward resting her forearms on my desk as she pushed back to insinuate herself on two of my stiff fingers, at the same time as looking directly into my eyes as she did. Her eyes were wide, her sensuous mouth slightly open her breathing ragged as she rode my digits intent on getting off. I didn't take long. Her panting got more ragged as she neared climaxing, moaning between rasping breaths till she shuddered and shook as she came.
We recovered to a semblance of normality just before Suzanne entered my office. "Oh there you are Brit, you've done very well with helping get the Jolly Sailor business, I am giving a reception for Nessie on Saturday at my place, seven for eight, I would appreciate it if you accept Ron and my invitation, bring an overnight bag so you don't need to worry about drinking."
Brit accepted the invitation, smiling as she did. She excused herself muttering "a new dress I think," leaving us to discuss the performance of the branch and the handing over of the managers roll to me.
"Don't forget our weekly meeting at the Rudgley office, shall we schedule it for next Wednesday Nessie?" Suzanne asked me. All agreed and diarised, she gave me a kiss and left me heady with excitement from her perfume and at our arranged trist. Later in the day I offered to give Brit a lift to the party which she readily accepted.
Brit and I met Martha at the Jolly Sailor Apartments at noon to finalise the arrangements for the promotion and selling of the units.
I had put into motion my plan for Jessy and I buying the parking bays and selling on or renting them them out to leaseholders by giving Martha the details earlier in the morning, she had surprised me by suggesting she too got involved by offering to finance the purchase for zero commission at a preferential low interest rate in return for twenty five percent of the profit, our subsequent discussion had us agreeing to twenty percent, a lower rate for dealing with my apartment sale and a dinner with her at the Belfry on me.
Our signboards were being erected prominently by a couple of installers and the sale launch was ready to go the next day Friday, hoping the weekend would set the sales rolling. Our best sales agent, Sally who was very experienced in new properties had been assigned from the office to be on site for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Brit had been very proactive in arranging all this and I thanked her with a kiss in full view of Martha whose eyebrows raised as she picked up on Brits enthusiasm in returning the kiss.
We did a tour of the units and finalised everything. Out of Brits earshot Martha confirmed the mortgage had been approved and passed me the documents for Jessy and I to sign. Martha said she would arrange bridging finance if my apartment was a slow mover, she whispered, "I will cost you ….. and Jessy though" The thought of this had my mind doing somersaults thinking of pimping out Jessy, confirming my perverted nature.
My mobile tone got me back to business mode. The call was from Jason. I moved to another room to answer his call. "Hi Jason how are you and how can I be of assistance."
In his deep voice, which always grabbed my attention in a sexually stimulating way he answered. " Hello Nessie, I'm good, I'm very good actually I'm in the area and I have another project for you if you are interested we've just got full planning consent on a new development, as usual I need to return to London as soon as possible, but I need you to look at the development, I promise it's worth it, I'll send you the address, it's nearby, let me know what time to meet please."
"You are always in a hurry Jason, do you ever relax other than at Christmas in Aldeburgh? Of course I'll meet you, I'm at the Jolly Sailor site and have finalised everything."
"See you shortly then Nessie, I'll send the address now, bye my lovely."
I made my leave of Brit and Martha, asking Martha to give Brit a lift back to the office and getting to kiss both of them goodbye. Martha assure me Brit was safe in her hands, which had me thinking the worse.
In my car I entered the postcode Jason had sent me in my satnav, I knew the address, we had sold the property, the owner a business man had died while he was in bed with a woman who was not his wife, he died on the job. I texted Jason advising him I'd be twenty minutes And set off to the house on the Lichfield to Rudgley road.
I pull into the house drive next Jason's Range Rover, as he was unrolling drawings on the bonnet of it. Holding the drawings down with one hand he wrapped his other around me and hugged me tightly, I kissed him on the cheek. "We'll have to stop meeting like this Jason, people will talk," I flirtingly whispered in his ear, as I inhaled his deodorant.
He chuckled, "yes what would Jessy and Milly say,?" He smiled as he broke our embrace.
"Perhaps they might be up for a foursome, do you think you could manage the three of us." I clapped my hand over my mouth, "there I go thinking out loud, I must control my dirty mind and urges."
I had him embarrassed again, shuffling his feet, blushing slightly. Switching into business mode to further confuse him, I enquired, "what's all this about then," as I took in the drawing his palm still held down on the car bonnet.
I was already like a cat on a hot tin roof. After he briefed me on the full planning approval they had got earlier that morning for one hundred fifty-four houses in two phases, construction being done over nine months, the properties ranging from three to five-bedroom houses, estimated prices achieve able between three to six hundred thousand pounds, I was almost shaking with excitement. I was enthralled with this development.
We spent a hour going over the plans, including the conversion of the house we were standing by, to four apartments, purusng a planner for civics, completions, phasing and landscaping. Two years of work to get to this point, I admired Jason already, I admired him even more having done this project. I told him so.
"I want you to handle the sales Nessie," he said handing me a set of plans and an appraisal of the achievable sales prices. "I need you to confirm you want the contract by tomorrow evening as we are ready to start on site on Monday, I'm sorry for the haste, but as you will understand there's a lot of money involved and time is money, " he paused, "I also want to have a weekend off, I'm taking Millie to Aldeburgh."
I kissed him on the lips, "thank you Jason, this is wonderful, I won't let you down, I will confirm everything by tomorrow before close of play.
I have news for you, Jessy and I are getting married, we are buying an apartment together at the Jolly Sailor, we're buying the biggest one on the corner plot also the parking bays and we expect to sell two more units within the next week or so."
Jason picked me up, kissed me and gushed his congratulations for getting married, putting me down he got his mobile as he walked around the drive smiling he called Jessy and excitedly congratulated her, he even shed a tear. Then he called Milly and told her, who insisted in congratulating me in a somewhat incoherent conversation. I managed to ask her not to tell Jessy's mother and father till Jessy had broke the news, we were all just excited, Jason was smiling as was I.
Jason insisted we three go out to celebrate on his next visit.
"Can I ask your arrangement with Jessy financially with the apartment, I know she hasn't much money, I want to help her and by doing that hopefully help you too, in fact it will help you both by being on equal footing, I will give her an amount to equal your contribution to the deposit, just let me know how much." I understood, he wanted to help his sister, "I think you need to talk to Jessy about this Jason, I realise your reasoning though."
He dangled set of keys before me, indicating I should follow him as he ser off to the house. Once in I followed him in and up to two flights of stairs to the top floor taking in the empty place as we went. Opening a door he showed me into a room that was very bright from daylight spilling in via a large ten-foot-wide dormer window overlooking the site, nearly all of the area for development could be seen from it.
Jason while standing close behind me pointed out the salient points of the area. He stood right against my back, I could feel his body against mine, feel his heat, smell his cologne. His hands gripped my hips as he leaned down to me his head close to me his warm breath on my neck and ear. I held my breath, I could feel his manhood against my bum, he was hard, I could feel it through my dress and panties as he held my rear to him settling his substantial cock between my ass cheeks, very slowly and sensually he rubbed his hard cock up and down my bum crack.
I had got him hard and excited before, while in the company of others, sitting on his lap, wriggling about animatedly, grinding my sex against his cock, brushing my breast against him, always doing it with Millie or Jessy present, I teased him so did Jessy and Millie, it was an in-joke, juvenile teasing by adults.
Never had he turned the cards on me, I was excited I could feel my excitement, my nipples were hard as pebbles, my pussy wet, my breathing erratic. He pointed to something in the distance, his arm above my shoulder, his other circled my waist pulling me hard against his groin as he whispered in my ear, "I want you Nessie." He kissed my ear and neck, slipped his hand over my boob and kneaded it, his other hand slid down over my covered pussy, expertly he rubbed between my legs. My pussy was oozing, my clit pulsing, my nipples aching and my heart pounding. I'd brought this on myself. No more teasing, put up or get out.
Jason was hard and big, I was wet and willing. I spun around in his grip, face to face, panting. He lifted me onto the window board, hoisted my dress up baring my bum as he did, he pulled my legs apart, ripped my G sting off my body, kissed me forcibly pushing me back against the glass, my hot bum cheeks coming into contact with the cold glass making me push forward on to his bulging cock. I quickly undid his belt and unzipped his fly and pushed his trousers and boxers down, his rock hard cock 'found' my hand, I gripped him firmly and positioned it at my wet entrance and pulled him into me. He stretched me wide. Fucking bliss! Filled with cock, wet and wanting, my first cock for about two years, I wrapped my legs around him as he started to pound me. Pushing me against the window, he kissed me hard and then shouted my name "Nessie".
"Fuck me hard" I demanded as he plumbed my depths, I clung on to him with my arms around his neck and my legs pulling his toned body into me, "I've wanted this for so long Jase…… Oh God yes." Every wonderful long stretching stroke of his hard rod racked my frame as my perspiring bum flesh stuck to the painted window board sensitising his pounding of my cunt, hitting my cervix and g spot every time sending me into rolling climaxes every couple of minutes. I was aware of our animalistic grunting, the vision of the sight should someone look at the window from outside, the wanton display of raw lust, the taboo of fucking my future wife's brother, the exquisite feeling he was generating in me, my climaxes, my lust, his urgent fucking of me nearing his primal driven need to come in me, the cold window, my pulsating cunt, my bliss.
He flooded me, pumping six or seven strong jets of sperm in me, causing me to climax again, a final spasm of fulfilment, making me shake and tremble as it did. He pulled out slowly, my breath caught in disappointment, our juices flooded the window board and as it gathered it pooled and dribbled over the edge and dripped to the wooden floor and continued to while we looked as we got our breath back. Jason lifted me to my feet, my dress fell into place making me look semi-respectable, he stood with his trousers and boxers around his ankles, with his cock wilting. I took 'pity' on him and yanked them up, zipped him tidy and kissed him. "Everything I've imagined has just been confirmed, that's the best fucking I've ever had Jase…….. ."
I smiled at him he smiled back, "you're amazing Nessie!"
We left the house locking up after us, on getting to my car he kissed me passionately, we said our goodbye to to each other and I drove off smiling, with his and mine sexual secretions dampening my car seat.

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