Adventures of Insatiable Amy No. 04

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"You guys want to go to the beach?" Gage asked us all. "I know a nudist beach east of town we could go to."
"That sounds like a great idea!" I said eagerly. "I've always wanted to go to a nudist beach!"
The other two agreed, so off we went! It took a little over an hour to get there. It was a nice drive and was spent with the guys telling me all sorts of crazy stories of the shenanigans they have gotten into.
It was a pretty hot day, so when we arrived there were quite a few people there. Having never been to a nude beach before, I wasn't sure how many people to expect. There were more than I anticipated.
We all took our clothes off and got out of the car. As I stepped out, I suddenly felt nervous, covered the front of myself with my arms (as much as I could anyway), and sheepishly walked around the car to Damon, Nick, and Gage. I think they noticed how shy I suddenly felt.
Damon grabbed my arm, pulled me towards him, and in his deep, sexy voice said, "mmmm you look beautiful." Then gave me a deep kiss and slap-grabbed my ass.
"Yes, she does!" Nick said as he pulled me away from Damon to kiss me as well.
Gage grabbed my wrist next, "my turn!" He said as he pulled me in for my third kiss.
They sure knew how to make a girl feel special. With that I had my confidence back and strutted my stuff with three hot men in tow.
The sand was so hot that you had to hop through it quickly. It didn't take long for us to make it to the water and the cooler, wet sand. There were naked couples and groups of people scattered all over the beach. This made things really exciting.
Gage came up behind me and wrapped his hands around me to grope my breasts. He had nice hands and they felt nice touching me. I could feel his breath on the crook of my neck before he began to kiss me sensually there.
"Lets go in further." He whispered in my ear between kisses.
Smiling, I started walking into the water with him still holding me. When we were out deep enough that the water was to my shoulders, we stopped. I turned around, wrapped my arms around his neck, and started kissing him. As I did so, I pulled myself in closer to him. It was such a unique feeling, being up against a naked man in the water. This was a first for me, and hopefully wouldn't be the last. I loved how I could slide and glide over his naked body and graze my pussy along with it. It was so erotic.
His cock was rock hard, so I took this opportunity to slide my outer pussy along it a few times. It was rubbing my clit and the water made everything extra. After a few tantilizing laps up and down his cock, he grabbed my ass firmly to hold me in place, and rammed his cock in my pussy.
"Fuck ya!" He said as I let out my typical gasp from the first penetration (well first in a little over an hour).
The sand made things a tad slippery, but I could wrap my legs around him due to the almost weightlessness the water gave me. We held each other tightly for balance, made out, and he kept pumping away.
Nick came up behind me and started fondling my ass. Then he slowly slid a finger in and then another. He pushed them in deep, slightly moving them in and out. That combined with the fucking from Gage was incredible and of course made my moans louder.
Gage came hard inside me. As soon as he pulled out, Nick pulled me back against himself, and away from Gage.
With his fingers still in my ass, he reach his other hand around and started playing with my clit. As he did so, he nibbled up the side of my neck. It didn't take long to get me close to cumming.
"Shhhhh not too loud," he whispered as my moans got louder.
I bit my lip to try to muffle my moans.
"Good girl. Now cum for me, baby."
That's all he had to say. I exploded with an orgasm. They always felt a little different (in a good way) with fingers in my ass. My muffled moans sounded more like humming as I kept biting my lips.
When my orgasm was over, Nick released me and Damon swooped me up. It's amazing the things you can do in water versus on land.
He grabbed my jaw firmly and kissed me deeply. As he continued kissing me, he pulled me closer and onto his rock hard cock.
I wrapped my legs around him so I was tight against him. While still making out, he thrust in and out of me, which was a bit tricky while he stood on sand, but he managed well enough that it felt amazing.
With every movement, my already-sensitive clit would rub against him, making me cum again. I love cumming with a big, thick dick filling my pussy. Thankfully, the kissing muffled my moans this time, because this orgasm was really intense.
He kept on fucking and kissing me. My clit continued to get stimulated. The next time I came, he held his cock deep inside me, pressing against my cervix, and he came with me. We continued making out, while our sexes twitched and let out everything they had before relaxing. I slowly released him from the grasp of my legs and slid off his cock. Our deep kissing continued as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my tits up against his chest. It was very sensual and enjoyable.
We all decided it was time for a much needed rest. Finding a spot under a cluster of trees, shading the edge of the hot sand, Nick laid out a large blanket and we all laid down on it. I positioned myself smack-dab in the middle, managing to touch all three men with different parts of my body. My head on Damon's chest, ass up against Nick's groin, and feet kept warm between Gage's upper thighs – high enough that I could feel his manly bulge.
It didn't take long for all of us to drift to sleep. I woke up a couple hours later to a chill. It was starting to get dark. I snuggled into Damon more to warm up and he put his arm around me.
My movement must have woken Nick. I felt him rub his hand over my hip and onto my pussy. His hand felt warm on my chilly pussy. I'm pretty sure he could tell I was cold, as he continued to rub the outside of my pussy. After a few warming strokes, he slipped a finger between my pussy lips and included my clit in the rubbing.
Inevitably I started gently moaning. Damon tilted my head up and started kissing me. I put my hand on his cheek and deeply indulged in the kissing while Nick worked his magic on my clit. My nipples were hard as a rock from the simultaneous coldness and arousal, so when Damon started pinching my nipples, it sent shivers down my body and intensified my moaning.
The closer I came to cumming, the louder my moans (muffled by kisses) became. The orgasm made my legs quiver. I opened my eyes, looking deep into Damon's, feeling some kind of extra excitement because someone else was making me come, yet he is the one who gets to bathe in the desire in my eyes.
Once my orgasm was done, Nick pulled my ass further into his crotch-area so he could take me from the side. He slid his cock right in with the help of the wetness he had just caused. I had to stop kissing Damon and brace myself with a hand on the blanket from the force of Nick's fucking. His ability in this position was impressive. He was still able to stuff me deep and hard with his giant cock.
Damon focused on my nipples while Nick had his way with me. Realizing my feet were getting cold, I suddenly remembered Gage and looked in his direction. He was on his knees facing us, watching, cock in hand slowly being stroked. He gave me a wink and I broke focus for a second to smile back.
Nick was getting close to cumming. I could tell by the increase in fucking intensity and how he started gripping my hip. He was gripping it so hard that it was slightly painful, but I loved it in an erotic way. I remember thinking how I hoped it would leave bruises, so I could remember this moment each time I saw them.
With a growl, Nick came deep and hard inside me, making sure to release every last drop before pulling his cock out.
"Mmm your pussy is so damn tight. You make me cum faster than I want to." He chuckled.
"Mmm get over here!" Gage demanded.
He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him while simultaneously turning me onto my back. Spreading my legs open, he leaned his face in and began devouring my pussy.
Damon kneeled beside my head. I reached my hand up, grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. The pleasure I was getting from having my pussy eaten, made me go nuts on Damon's dick. I licked, sucked, and slobbered all over it, all while humming as his cock stifled my moans.
I was close to cumming, my sucking intensified and I gently grabbed Damon's balls and fondled them while taking his cock deep into my mouth,
I came hard and shortly after, Damon shot his load down my throat, moaning and gripping my hair in the same moment.
"Good girl." Damon said.
I laid flat on my back, breathing heavily. What a day.

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