After my Divorce | incest story from Willing Cousin Lover

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I divorced my cheating husband after 5 years of marriage, he thought as was rich he could do anything he wanted. Also, he couldn’t get me pregnant and not from the want of trying. I caught him one affair after another, but when he caught an STD that was it. I was lucky I didn’t catch it from him I was in hospital after having my appendix out and on my getting out he had found out he had caught something and avoided sex with me. Saying he would let me recover fully before we had sex again. Only that he missed a doctor appointment that I found out about his catching. It wasn’t his usual doctor it was a clinic that treated STD cases, they emailed him to make another appointment, we shared the same email address his idea. I saw the email and done some checking online about the clinic. I asked him about it, and he confessed, that was the last straw if I hadn’t been in hospital, he would’ve given it to me on his return. I’d lost all trust of him and filed for divorce, my cousin conducted my divorce for, and she is a very good lawyer. She lives with her brother/lover, and she got me to join them while my divorce was proceeding. My cousins are both my lovers now and I’m pregnant to him and so is she. At least I know it wasn’t me stopping my ex-husband and me having children. It was him.

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