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I got divorce August 2021 and moved across the city from my ex and 3 children, even with alimony and child support I was okay financially and had own apartment. At 39 I wasn’t thinking of dating or marrying again and so didn’t date. I like to read and started visiting the local book shop looking for books to buy and read. I’ve a library in my apartment not huge some 210 books. The shop owner 51 was a spinster by all reports and seemed to take great interest in her male customers. I thought it was just the local gossip and didn’t take any notice. But the stories persisted, and I hadn’t seen her interest in male customers when I was in her shop, nor had she shown any interest in me. So, I it was fake news everything is called these days, I ran into old friends of my parents in the shop, and they enquired how I liked being single again and if I had anyone special. I said it’s okay and no and we had a talk they left; I suddenly became aware the shop owner showed a lot more attention to me after that. From the time she heard I was single, she would be very attentive to me, much more than ever before. I finally realized she was interested in single men and wasn’t interested in having any relationship still. But as time passed, I got restless and decided I wanted sex and not a relationship. One-night stands or friends with benefits type relationships. But I didn’t have any female friends who were single or know any possible women to have one-night stands with. Then the bookshop owner came to mind. She was attractive for her age and had a great figure, another reason I hadn’t believed the gossip. Unsure if she wanted a sexual relationship with any man including me. I decided to show interest and see where it went, I knew from regular visits the times the shop was rather empty of customers and started turning up then. I started talking with her and let her lead the conversation and waited to see how far she was prepared to go. All the way I found out, as each visit to the shop passed the further, she pushed the conversation to toward hers and my sex lives. Finally, I decided it was time to see if she was really wanting sex with me and turned just before closing on Saturday 5 to 1, she closed at 1pm every Saturday. I was lucky the only other customer was just leaving. She said she would close the shop door, but there was no rush for me to leave. I took that as a good sign, she followed me around as I looked at the books, I worked my way towards the back of the shop. Once near the door into her office/storage area, she suggested I check her backroom, so we went into the backroom. Well, she became more excited and started running her hands over my body. I went with the flow as they say, and I fucked her on her desk. She turned out to be a very horny woman and started visiting me for sex regularly and if I was horny, I would drop by her shop at closing time and fuck her on her desk. She not interested in marriage or relationship she just wants regular fucking. Best of all she passed getting pregnant, she is always willing and is the best bed warmer there is on cold winter nights. I’m still not dating, and 3 children refer to her as aunty on their visits to me. Nobody can complain about me teaching my children to love reading books, due to work and my ex-wife sometimes drops the children at the bookshop if I’m going to be a bit late. Aunty watches over them till I turn up, the only change in our lives she now has her own apartment in the same building as mine. Just by pure chance its next door to mine and a connecting door has been installed. Perfect arrangement for us and nobody knows of our sexual activities.

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