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February 14th for all mere mortals is Valentine’s day, but in my family it means “grandmother’s birthday” so it is celebrated since this year grandmother turns 75 years old. As always, there were about 30 of us celebrating our grandmother’s birthday in a very informal way, so not elegantly dressed, it was more an everyday thing, also because we didn’t go out but stayed at home. As always the eye on the aunt. She arrived in a long leopard coat which, when opened, showed a red long sleeved shirt, beautiful hyper tight black leather leggings, which outlined her beautiful legs, white socks and new sneakers. She was beautiful as always and she was already making me horny. Being few people we couldn’t repeat what we did at Christmas so we spoke but we didn’t do anything too risky.The evening went very well and was very enjoyable.Slowly, everyone went home while my aunt and I stopped to clean up, saying that she would take me home. A little more than midnight we left to go home.Arrived in front of the door of my aunt’s house, we stopped to wait for it to open.A “Are you in a hurry?”M “No why?”A “Will you come over an hour?”M”I was hoping you would say that hahaha”A”I figured ahaha”.At half past midnight we entered my aunt’s house and hurried up to her room. I remained in my underwear and saw my aunt lying on the bed. I took off her cute shoes and I started touching her feet until I took off her socks.I started licking her feet. I took off my clothes, remaining naked and ready for work. I got up and my aunt took my cock between her feet starting a beautiful footjob. She had had a pedicure the day before, they were very soft feet.I stopped her, tried to remove her leggings with difficulty because they were too tight. Aunty was still lying in her t-shirt, sweater and coat.She didn’t take them off but I started to penetrate her anyway.We were very excited, moaning and moaning like crazy.I’d give it a few strokes and then step out to pat her cock on her soaking wet pussy.A: “I take off my coat otherwise I’ll die of heat”, she took off her coat.She lay back down and I started licking her again.She lifted her legs keeping them together and I penetrated her ass.She let out a moan of pain that she turned into pleasure in a matter of seconds.I had my aunt’s legs on my shoulders. With one of her hands I was pulling her shirt while giving very strong blows.A:” Enough, enough. You’re destroying me”I took off my cock and gave her a few seconds. Maybe I was a little too rude.I put it in her pussy and we fucked until I cum inside her.I didn’t want to leave her pussy. I stayed inside her waiting for my cock to get hard again.I moved slowly to stimulate the cock and she did too.Aunty felt my cock harden inside her.I touched my aunt a little to stimulate her, I felt her stiffen, I moved and moaning a lot of her she had a very powerful squirt and a long orgasm.Once she caught her breath, she stood up, took off her shirt and took my cock between her lips. She licked the scalp with her tongue as she stared at me. She licked the balls, to move on to the auction and finally return to the chapel, repeating everything for a substantial number of times.She gave me a wonderful titsjob that didn’t last long.I sat on the edge while my aunt rode me like she does.She sat back up and with her feet she took my cock and I really had to hold on not to cum.As soon as I reached the limit I pulled her feet away and went back to licking her aunt’s pussy for another handful of minutes until I managed to control the cumshot.I put my cock in my aunt’s pussy again. I began again with rhythm to move inside her. It took no more than 5 minutes. I was on edge and had to cum.She turned and sat on her back. I gave just two strokes, pulled out of her and came on the soles of her feet immediately throwing my cock back inside her to let the last gush inside her.M” Thanks aunt. You are fantastic “A”Thanks to you. I’m very tired though, you destroyed me”Meanwhile my cock had gone limp and I had gone out to my aunt’s. I dressed, said goodbye while she was still on the bed covered in my cum and went home.

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