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Hello Friends, I am Sandy based from Mumbai working in Bengaluru, I am a typical techy guy working with an IT giant and I love my profession for a lot of reasons. 1 big reason is the crowd I get to work with, beautiful girls and Bhabhis. So coming straight to the sex story, Sapna too works for my company based in Noida, we were in the same project and our project went on for 2 years so we knew each other a bit closely be working with each other for 2 years.

I friend her via facebook and kept fantasizing her as she loves posting her pictures online and she indeed posts hot pictures too. Then came on a good day, our Project reached its destiny and company declared a party for the entire team in Chennai. Our client was hosting the grand bash to sabko aana compulsory tha because of absentee ki saari reputation kharab ho jati.

Client ne Goa mei special 3 days package plan kiya aur sab members Friday morning, Goa pohonch gaye. Sapna too had come and we all exchanged warm greetings. Friday ka din thoda formal raha as all the members from different locations first-time mil rahe the toh comfortable hone mei thoda time laga. In evening we all were gathered at a Beachside restaurant where good Music, booze, seesha, and food was on the platter.

After a few drinks & seesha, everyone was a bit tipsy and dancing. I took this opportunity and asked Sapna to dance with me. Sapna is a beautiful girl, 5.5 height, nice complexion, model figure and very seducing voice. Usne bhi 2-3 vodka shots maare the toh wo bhi mast thi. Humne 30minutes dance kiya aur main kaafi close hoke dance kar raha tha. Uska perfume mujhe aur behka raha tha.

Ab main sapna ke sath beach side walk karne laga aur humne ani personal life bhi share ki. Maine usey kaafi hasaya aur entertain kiya, Sapna ko bhi meri company bohot achi lag rahi thi aur main beech beech mei flirt bhi kar raha tha. Sapna bhi open response kar rahi thi.

After a good 1hour conversation, she said: Sandy, I really liked your company, you entertained me soo well, bohot acha lag raha hai mujhe. I said: toh tum bhi toh mujhe entertain karo, ya akele maza logi? Sapna: acha batao, kaise entertain karun tumhe? What would you like me to do for you Sir? I: uuummmmmm, Striptease karo, I will love seeing you getting in your bikini,hahahaha.

Sapna looked straight in my eyes, very deep. Her eyes were looking drunk and she said: Chalo room mei, tumhe entertain karti hun. I: you are kidding or what? I think you are drunk. Sapna: Chal na Sandy, darr raha hai kya mujhse? I without wasting anytime took her to the hotel and we were in my room, closed door. Sapna took me to bed and made me sit. Then she played some instrumental on her phone and there she was, dancing in front of me.

Sapna’s dance was just fabulous and she was dancing like a real strip dancer with open hair waving in air and she feeling her own curves moving hands up-down pressing her boobs, chewing lips, shaking her perfect round Bootttyyy like Shakiraaa, She came to me and turned around near my face pointing her sleek long beautiful fingers to open her dress’s Zipper at back.

I pulled the zip down and before I could touch her soft back, she went back and took off her dress from both shoulders making it an off-shoulder dress to reveal her feminine shoulders, for next few minutes she was dancing, bending forward and teasing me with her deep cleavage. She then removed her dress from above her waist and keep twisting her slender waist with that deep sweet Navel.

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Her Melons were half covered by that red bra and her bra straps were off her shoulder now. She raised her arms high for a move and Oh-my-God. She had heaven beneath her arms, those cleanly shaved armpits made me skip a lustful ooooohhhhhhhhh Saapppnnnaaa,
She again came close and held my head and dug me into her tummy, I immediately kissed her navel and keep licking till she went back. Her body smell was so aromatic that I was almost leaking in my pants. She too observed my bulge with her thighs when I was licking her. Meanwhile, she was dancing with her back at me and dropped her dress off.

She like a professional dancer threw that dress to me with her heels. I was stunned to see Sapna’s shape, her Hips were soo tempting, I could sleep on them, eat on them and can spend whole night licking and loving them. She was looking like a Goddess in that lush Red lingerie and I was already a slave to her sexiness.

She carried on dancing and in fact with more naughty and sexy moves moving her hands between her legs and often doing squats revealing the gate to heaven between those rosy thighs. She directed me to sit on the floor and then walked to me standing tall with her pussy above my head.

She made more naughty moves and gently sat in my lap. I tried to grop her like a nympho but she restricted me and stood up again, she took a step back and then kept her golden Sandal right on my shoulder and tap my cheek with that.

I understood the signal and took off her heel, she immediately brought her toes to my lips and I like a slave started sucking on them like a baby sucks the nipple. I keep eating her toes and licking her feet, sole until she took off her feet and place her other sandal on my shoulder. I was worshipping my goddess’s feet and legs for around 10 minutes and she enjoyed it too with slight moans and horny actions.

She then stuck her toes under my chin and pulled me up. I stood up and she unbuttoned my shirt then pants and I was in my undies in few seconds. She again turned around and started moving her Ass over my dick and keep rubbing me front body to her Back. But she yet not allowed my hands to touch her body as she keeps pushing my hands away. She then made me sit again on the floor and once again she stood tall overhead from where I could only see her inner thighs and pussy area.

Then something fell on my face and my jaw dropped to find that it was her bra, Sapna turned around and walked back showing me her bare back and that is the silkiest back I have seen. She covered both her boobs with her left hand and pulled down her panties from sides to further tease me with her right hand. I couldn’t hold on anymore and ask.

Me: Sappnnaaaa my goddess, please let your slave caress your body and love this temple of sexiness created delicately my mighty god. You own a body to die for and I can spend my life playing with your assets.

Sapna: You Dog, you call yourself my slave and asking to play with my body. Be a slave bastard and obey your goddess. Like a true follower, you make your goddess happy and I will bless you with your wishes. Now lie down and as in Temples drink my “Charna-Amrit”

I lied down on floor and Sapna grabbing a bottle of water came and stood near my face, then she inserted her left leg toes in my mouth and start pouring water on her thighs, the water flowed down those smooth silky legs and reached my mouth. I found it very erotic and sensual to have such actions. She changed her feet and repeat. I drank around 500 ml water like that. Then I came on my knees licking each drop of water from her Legs and before I could reach her thighs top she held my hair hard and said:

Sapna: Why are you in such hurry your dog. You fucking Asshole, come on the bed now. Now, this mistress needs a good massage from her slave dog. Go bring some oil and massage me.

I bought the oil from bathroom and Sapna was lying topless with her beautiful soft milk tanks waiting for me. I started applying oil and massaging her whole front body. She was moaning initially and I gave her a good massage for around 20 minutes. Then I slid my hand beneath her panties to touch her pussy and she shouted.

Sapna: You mother fucker keep away from my glory hole. You cannot snatch it, you can only earn it you Bastard. She turned around and ordered, Come asshole now massage my back and Hips. Take off my panties and make sure not to oil them. Pull them with your mouth.
I got hold of her panties from the waist and by pulling from either side I removed that last piece of cloth off her body.

Again I started with a massage and massaged her back, hips and thighs for good 15 minutes. She was all oily and each part of her body was now shining and the fragrance of her naked body was further arousing me to rape her. I wanted her Pinky Nipples between my teeth and my Dick in her Pussy now. To make her Hot I pushed my oily fingers into her Pussy and my plan worked.

Sapna: Ohhhh Sandyyyy, Push baby. She pulled me up and dug my head in those milk tanks I was waiting for soo long,

Now my tongue and Teeth started the job they are an expert in, for next few minutes I hardly heard a word/moan she said. I was totally busy eating the Boobs of my Bitch like a cute little Puppy, Then I realized Sapna’s screams,

Sapna: aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Dheereeee, Leave my Nipples you Bastard, aaayyiiiiiiiiiii muuummmyyyyyyy,. aaaaahhhhhhhhh, I stopped for a second and noticed my deep tooth impression and sucking marks all over her Boobs, In fact, I sucked so hard that her Boobs were looking like almost bleeding at spots, She slapped my cheek really hard and shouted, Hat yahan se kuttey, pehli baar choos raha tha kya chuchey? Jaake apni maa ke chuchey khaa, Bloody Maa-dar-chod,

She again pulled my head above her and start smooching me hard, She chewed my lips and bitten me, I was in pain and broke the smooch pulling my lips up. She didn’t let my lips go and that gave me a cut on my lip and it was burning like hell. I in retaliation and Horniness gave her back a slap on her face now,

I: U slut, How dare you slap me and cut my lip, Now you see how am gonna fuck your Randi Pussy, I am gonna fuck you like a Bitch Sapna, I gave her another slap and went down to suck her pussy,
Sapna: Eat my pussy Doggg. Be a puppy and eat your mummas pussy now, Yesss Sandyy, lick me there, Your mumma wants your tongue deep in her pussy, lickkkk bastard, Now give me your Dick and fuck meee,

I too in hurry forced my Dick in her wet Pussy and started stroking her, we both were high and wild,

I: Sapna saali randiiii, take my dick now, Come on Bitch, see your Daddy fucking you, You filthy slut, Take my dickkkkkk, Yaaaa, Ooohhhhh yeaahhhhh,.

Sapna: aaaahhhhhhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhhhhh Ooooooohhhhhhhhh stroke it stroke it Bastard, fuck my pussy, Fuck fuck fuckkkkkkk, aur tez maar aur tezzz, Sandy Choooddd mujhe Kutteeyyyyy, Fuck me hardd, Oooohhhhhhhhmaaaaaaaaaa keep fuckingg, faster sandy show me your Manhood. Make me your slut fuckerr, Fuck hardd, Mother-fucker, Fuckkkk

I: Call me Daddy Sapna, Call me Daddy, Be my bitch and take my Lund,. Come on Randiiii, Le mera lund apni choot mei, bata saaaliii kahan jhadna hai mujhe,

Sapna: ooohhhhhhh Daddyyyyy, fuck your Bitch, Itni jaldi mat jhadiyo, My pussy is still burning, I need you Daddy,. Chod apne Lund se andar tak, Fuck me daddyyyyyyy fuck meeeeee,. Harder daddy, Zor se aur zor se chodo naaaa, We fucked in different positions for about 15 minutes and then I felt the pressure.
I: Tell me Sapna, Where you want me to Cum?

Sapna: Don’t cum sandy, I want to suck your Dick deep, She came on knees and took my Dick in her mouth, Uuuummmmmm, Sluuurrrrppppppp, Ummmmmaaaa,

I was in paradise and keep saying, Suck it Bitch, Suck my dick, Suck me, Suck me Slut, I deep throat her and took my dick out just before spilling my liquids all over her Boobs, We were satisfied and tired.

We slept like that in each other’s arms and pampered our bodies through the night. I woke up next morning and she was looking very cute sleeping with a smile on her face. I slid down and start sucking and nibbling her soft boobs again. She rubbed my hairs saying Good Morning. I asked her: How was last night? She blushed and said: it was electric. I loved it. Thanks for reading my sex story.