After party

Hi! Sapna is back with late night party. It was Saturday and I and urvi had gone to one of our friend’s birthday party. We had lot of fun: played games, sang songs, danced wildly and had lots of eating. We had mix of gender both boys and girls. The party got over at 11:00. We leaved our friends home and were returning home. The roads are very safe and have lights all the way. But, on that day, due to some work going on road, lights were off at certain portions and both sides of the road were covered by trees and it is almost like jungle.

Both sides have large ground covered with trees. While returning home, urvi called me, “sis, I had to piss.” I said, “wait for 15 minutes, we will reach home.” She said, “no, can’t held it more. Or else, it will start flowing it here.” We had wore short skirts and shirts. I said, “ok”. We were at place where no lights were there. It was very dark. But, I put my vehicle on and put its light also on. As it was late night and the road was is of inner road, so at this time you can see almost empty road. I parked the vehicle on side, near to one tree and told, “do it behind tree. No one will see.” She sat behind the tree, lifted her skirt, put off her panty and started pissing. There, two boys, who were partying with us pass through us. They went somewhat forward and then came back. They stopped the vehicle and asked me, “Is your vehicle ok?” I smiled, “Ya, everything is ok. You can leave.” One more question came, “Where is your sister?” I said, “She was not able to stop bathroom, so just behind the tree.” One of the boy bent and tried to see her, but can’t see, but saw the piss, “oh ya.” Other boy told, “see, its late night and this road has no lights, so you should go soon.” I said, “ya. We are leaving.” While there, urvi was still pissing. I went behind the tree, “are you done?” She replied, “ya, just a bit.”

One boy came from back and stand behind me. And, softly said, “She has drunk lots of water, it seems.” I looked at him, “What are you doing here, go there.” He said, “Just relax. We all do it.” I said looking at his eyes, “Ya, but we don’t do in public. And, it’s not for showing.” He said, “Why can’t?” Other boy came in front of urvi. Urvi jumped like anything, putting her skirt down, but her panty was still off, “Hey, don’t you have manners?” He said, “Ya, but just got curious to see a girl pissing.” Urvi with anger, “look at my ass.” He laughed, “Oh yes, that too.” He caught urvi from waist, and pushed her to tree and started kissing her. She first resisted, but as his hand went over her pussy, hairless pussy, she stopped resisting and started responding. They were kissing, sucking each others tongue. While I was looking at them, other boy had already opened all buttons of my shirt and my skirt was already put off. Urvi was half naked, her skirt was off and her shirt was just going to took off. Here, I and other boy had started kissing. He was sucking my boobs and fingering me.

Urvi was pressed against the tree, she was full nude there and boy had also got nude. They were still kissing and boy was fondling with her boobs and her pussy, inserting finger in it and slowly fingering it. Then, he released her and made her sit and suck his cock. She started licking his cock and she was enjoying it. Boy was moaning, “aaaahhhhhh yyyessssssss it’s gooooddd.” Here, I was getting hard fingering and I was moaning softly, “yyyyessssss ooohhhhhh yyyessssss. Deeeppeerrr dddeepppeerrr yyyyyessssssssssssss” And, I climaxed and the boy also shoots his cum in her mouth. Urvi drank all her cum. Boy made her stand and then bent her, made her take rest at our vehicle and started fucking from behind. She was enjoying, “oooooohhhhhhhhh yyyessssssssssss ooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh dddeeeeeeppppppperrrrrrrrr ffffaaassterrrrrrr hhaaaarrdderrrrrrrrrrr.” Other side, me and other boy were also fucking hard. He was pumping his cock from front and I was pushed to tree and he was much strong. I was moaning loudly, “oooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyyessssssssssss fuckck me harderrrrrr yyyessssssssssssss oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh” He was ramming his cock faster. And, he shooted his cum inside me. I was breathing heavily and rested myself on my vehicle. Other side, other boy also emptied himself in urvi and she too rested on our vehicle.

Till, we can gain some sense, the boys exchanged themselves. The one fucking urvi came to me. I gave him smile, and he put his lips on mine, while squeezing my boobs. My legs were spread and due to fuck, my pussy was open and air was passing through it and making me hornier. We were kissing passionately. Sucking each others tongue. He was gentle and pinching my nipples as a soft moan let out my mouth, “aaaahhhhhh” He was doing it more and more and again his cock got erect. I could feel his cock touching my entrance. But, he was rubbing it over my entrance and not entering it and teasing me, while just sliding it and then taking it out. I was getting more aroused. He was rubbing his hand all over my thighs, on my pussy, ass, waist and back. He released my mouth, I said, “I need this thing inside me right now.” He smiled and entered in me at one hard stroke. He pushed so hardly, I felt pain and let out loud moan, “aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh” He slowly started fucking and I too was raising my hips slowly and matching his rhythm, with soft moans, “aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh oooooooohhhhhhhh” and smiling. He started his fucking harder and my moans also, “ooooohhhhhhhh yyessssssssssssss fuccckkk me harderrr yyessssssss oooooohhhhhhhh yyyyyyyesssssssss ddddddddeeeeeeeeeeppppppppperrrrrrrrrrr”. He was ramming his cock harder in me and as he touched my g-spot, I got more excited and splashed my juices and then he also cummed in me.

Other side, urvi too was getting fucked harder and she was moan even louder than me, wanting for more. And that boy had shoot his cum in her. We got exhausted, so as boys. We got dressed and returned home together. Boys dropped us till our home, so we can have safe ride. We said them Good Night and got home.