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Hi everyone!
Sometimes Valentina, my aunt’s best friend, invites me to spend an afternoon full of fun.
Valentina wrote to me one evening asking if I was busy for the following day and if I wanted to drop by.
I accepted immediately knowing Vale, we agreed on a time after the working day.
The following afternoon I settled down and at 5pm I arrived at Valentina’s.
She lives in a series of very nice terraced houses that are not too big.
I went in and immediately noticed the heat in the house, Vale had the fireplace lit.
Vale was wearing a top just below the bust, mid-calf white leggings from which I could see her very imaginative panties and white socks on her feet.
We drank coffee and talked about this and that for a few minutes.
We moved onto the sofa, the atmosphere was very exciting: Vale was very sensual and provoked a lot. Vale showed off and made everything that much more exciting.
She jumped into my arms slamming her boobs in my face and exchanging a few kisses.
Vale took off her top and her fourth generous size presented itself in front of my face.
I grabbed her breast, squeezed it, licked it and kissed it.
Vale got up and took off my pants. Crawling she came between my legs grabbing my cock with her mouth. She began to lick with decision and mastery also alternating some kisses to the balls.
She got down on her knees, took my cock between her tits and gave me one of her wonderful titjobs.
I love slamming my cock on her tits and Vale lets me do it.
She got up, gave me her back and in a super sensual way she took off her leggings and immediately after her underwear.
She sat on my cock, still with her back to me.
Vale has a much faster pace than Aunt when she rides and it is often hard to keep up with her. She fucked me and I squeezed her butt by slapping it.
I got her up, I got up and pushed her onto the sofa. I licked all of her pussy savoring every single flavor and masturbating it with my fingers.
With a sharp stroke I put it back inside her and began to fuck her at a fast pace.
Vale moaned and screamed enjoying a lot. I took off her socks and started licking her feet fucking her.
V: “I feel you’re almost there, sit down” she told me, I sat back on the sofa and took my cock back between my boobs.
A few movements and I came copiously between her boobs and a few streams came near her chin. M: “You are a goddess with boobs”, she winked at me and wiped off the sperm.
We went to Vale’s room and I made her lie down. I started to lick both her pussy and anus, she was still quite wet.
I licked and used my fingers to stimulate her. A few minutes and Vale cum between her moans.
I licked Vale’s feet for a few minutes, I lay down and Vale took it between her soles by sawing it.
We got up and he did doggy style, I banged and I drilled her in the anus. Vale loves anal and gives her best.
She screamed and moaned a lot and we moaned like crazy.
I removed the cock and put it back between Vale’s feet, she quickly sawed it off and I threw it back into her pussy.
I lay down and Vale wanted to do a 69. I had a lot of trouble not coming. I masturbated and painted Vale up. Make her cum for the second time.
We turned around and I penetrated Vale like a madman. She turned to doggy and I gave the last blows
M: “Vale get ready”. I removed my cock and smeared the soles of her feet. Seeing Vale’s long feet with these streaks of cum made me very horny.
Vale was still panting, I threw myself next to her and we soon fell asleep.
We didn’t sleep much, maybe just an hour or so.
The water from the bidet that Vale was using to freshen up and wipe my cumshot off my feet woke me up.
Vale went back to the room and lay down on top of me, it was very hot and the excitement was rising again.
We rotated sideways, I put a hand in her pussy, immediately 3 fingers and masturbated her. To make it easier for me, she put one leg on top of me so I had room to move.
Vale was warm and wet and she was beginning to pant.
With one hand she took my cock from the base and squeezed it and started stroking it.
I returned to my stomach on her with Vale on top of me, with her hand I took the cock and pointed it on her pussy. I started fucking her with pelvis movements. I had her big tits on my face and I could hear her gasp.
She pulled away and turned her back to me, placed her feet on the base of his cock and moved with her ass to rub my cock against her. She pulled away and kicked me with her back to me. With one hand I tried to touch her but she was too far away.
She turned and lay down, I licked her pussy and prepared her anus. A few minutes and it’s ready.
I put her in doggy and forcefully penetrated her ass. She let out a scream and it continued throughout.
She likes anal a little hard and I continued for some time. I took out her cock every now and then to pat her butt and I saw her anus really dilated.
V: “Enough Mat, you’re destroying me”.
I took off and went back to licking and masturbating her. After a while she came for the last time.
She turned and tried to catch her breath.
I wasted no time and penetrated her pussy again.
M: “I’m cuming Vale, I can’t take it anymore”, V: “Fill me, fill me up” she yelled.
I reached down to put her face between her tits and poured it all the way down her pussy.
I stayed inside her until she made me go limp. I kissed her feet and her boobs.
We recovered, I greeted Vale warmly and went home.

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